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Top Really Sad And Depressing Quotes

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Nikita Gill

People aren't born sad; we make them that way. — Nikita Gill

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Rebecca McNutt

Truthfully she felt incredibly miserable, seeing university students and tourists bustling in and out of the place with their cell phones in hand, texting like there was no tomorrow. Living behind a screen, they'd likely text with their last breath. — Rebecca McNutt

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Alissa Johnson

After Mrs. Culpepper, Max probably knew more about her than any other person in her life. They were the only two people who knew of her dream to buy a country cottage. And he was the only one to know of her silly wish for a hound.

Which, now that she thought on it, was a sad state of affairs, indeed. She had no better claim to friendship outside of Mrs. Culpepper than a man with whom she'd spent such a nominal amount of time? And who had been read to toss her bodily from Caldwell Manor only yesterday?

Surely she had more depth of character than what could be mined in the course of an evening. She did not begin and end with her dreams of a thousand pounds, a hound, and a home. She was vastly more complex, far more interesting than that. She had to be. The alternative was too depressing to entertain. Almost as depressing as never having known a friend who'd not been paid to keep her company. But that, at least, could be changed. — Alissa Johnson

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

And I didn't think even eternity would be long enough to fix me. — Sarah J. Maas

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Daniel Tosh

Every video from Russia is depressing, it's like they have their cameras set to sad. — Daniel Tosh

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Edwyna Hughes

Sometimes I feel so alone in the world. A tiny speck of nothing in a sea of emptiness. — Edwyna Hughes

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Steph Campbell

Does it ever make you sad?"
"Does what?"
"The Sunset,"
"Sad? Nah, I think it's peaceful."
"Not to me. I've always found it depressing."
"How so?"
"I guess because it's the end. I hate endings."
"Not all endings are bad though. I think of sunsets more as a clean slate. Besides, they're beautiful ... like you"
"Beautiful things never last. — Steph Campbell

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Derek Landy

I wasn't always who I am now. No one ever is. I've spent my entire lifetime becoming who I am. Finally, I'm here and I'm old. It's depressing, it really is. — Derek Landy

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Manny Farber

'Sunset Boulevard' - the story of Hollywood movies draped on a depressing sex affair - is an uncompromising study of American decadence displaying a sad, worn, methodical beauty few films have had since the late twenties. — Manny Farber

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By David Bentley Hart

What makes today's popular atheism so depressing is neither its conceptual boorishness nor its self-righteousness but simply its cultural inevitability. It is the final, predictable, and unsurprisingly vulgar expression of an ideological tradition that has, after many centuries, become so pervasive and habitual that most of us have no idea how to doubt its premises or how to avert its consequences. This is a fairly sad state of affairs, because those consequences have at times proved quite terrible. — David Bentley Hart

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Ann Demeulemeester

Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me. They're so ... empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not. — Ann Demeulemeester

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Tanya Byrne

It was like this blackness that crept into the corners of my life until everything was grey and dirty. My insides felt burnt out, like if you cut me open, all you would find would be smoke. No heart. No bones. There was nothing left, just the anger. It followed me everywhere. It sat on my bed and watched me sleep and when I had to eat, it looked at me across the table. — Tanya Byrne

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Dave Matthes

So you mean to tell me you won't fuck anyone you don't share some kind of deep emotional connection with? What a sad, depressing, truly horrible life you must lead ... — Dave Matthes

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Adam Silvera

Time doesn't heal all wounds. We both know that's bullshit; it comes from people who have nothing comforting or original to say. — Adam Silvera

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Anne Lamott

You've heard it said that when all else fails, follow instructions. So we breathe, try to slow down and pay attention, try to love and help God's other children, and - hardest of all, at least to me - learn to love our depressing, hilarious, mostly decent selves. We get thirsty people water, read to the very young and old, and listen to the sad. We pick up litter and try to leave the world a slightly better place for our stay here.
Those are the basic instructions, to which I can add only: Amen. — Anne Lamott

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Lord Chesterfield

Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness is its poison. — Lord Chesterfield

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Hannah Arendt

It is quite gratifying to feel guilty if you haven't done anything wrong: how noble! Whereas it is rather hard and certainly depressing to admit guilt and to repent. — Hannah Arendt

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Roland Barthes

From the terrace of the Flore, I see a woman sitting on the windowsill of the bookstore La Hune; she is holding a glass in one hand, apparently bored; the whole room behind her is filled with men, their backs to me. A cocktail party.
May cocktails. A sad, depressing sensation of a seasonal and social stereotype. What comes to my mind is that maman is no longer here and life, stupid life, continues. — Roland Barthes

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Warren Ellis

Aleister Crowley told a friend he could make any random fall over without touching them. To illustrate, he walked behind a stranger for a block or so, matching his footsteps precisely to the stranger's. He then scuffed his heels, as if stumbling and falling. And the stranger fell over. The stranger had heard himself fall, and so he fell. If Facebook tells you that everything around you is sad and depressing often enough, you get sad and depressed. All hail the Great Beast 666 of black marketing. — Warren Ellis

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By John Green

Where is my chance to be somebody's Peter Van Houten?' He hit the steering wheel weakly, the car honking as he cried. He leaned his head back, looking up. 'I hate myself I hate myself I hate this I hate this I disgust myself I hate it I hate it I hate it just let me fucking die. — John Green

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Amy McNamara

And that's just it. This is how it is. Always. To pay attention to things. People. It's too easy to fail other people. And the good-byes. You never have the time you think. It brings tears to my eyes. I blink them away. — Amy McNamara

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Dave Guerrero

I no longer pursue happiness, for it alludes me in every occasion. It is as if I'm trying to find something that is invisible, and sometimes I can't help to wonder if I'm the only one who it is oblivious to — Dave Guerrero

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Jack Nicholson

The way I reacted to 9/11 was I decided I didn't want to do any movies that are sad or critical. I decided I didn't want to make my living depressing people or making them go home sick, so I just decided I wanted to do comedy for a while and study it for a while. It doesn't mean everybody should do that, but that was my reaction. — Jack Nicholson

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

Maybe I'd always been broken and dark inside. — Sarah J. Maas

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Natalie Imbruglia

I like singer-songwriters, and I find sad songs comforting rather than depressing. It makes you realise you're not alone in the world. — Natalie Imbruglia

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Olly Murs

I don't really do sad, depressing songs. — Olly Murs

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Thalia Chaltas

I got an A on the third quiz in American history,
an A,
Last time I got a B
up from a C
and my father said,
"if you can get a C
you can get a B,
if you can get a B
you can get an A."-
I got an A
and my father said,
"grades don't mean anything. — Thalia Chaltas

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Dan Savage

My dad was a homicide cop in the gay neighborhood in the city when gay neighborhoods were desperate, depressing, sad places run by the mob. The only gay people he'd met when I came out to him were corpses. — Dan Savage

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Dean Koontz

The thing about me loving Harry is I'm twelve and he's maybe thirty or thirty-five, whatever, so he'll have to wait like six years for me to grow up. I mean if he kills Hiskott and sets us free, he'll have to wait. He'll never do that. As kind and sweet and brave as he is, he probably has a girl already a hundred others chasing after him. So what I'll have to do is always love him from afar. Unrequited love. That's what they generally call it. I'll love him forever in a deeply, deeply sad kind of way, which maybe you think sounds pretty depressing, but it isn't. Being obsessed about a deeply sad unrequited love can take your mind off the worse things, of which there are thousands, and sometimes it's better to dwell endlessly on what you can't have than on what might happen to you at any moment in Harmony corner. — Dean Koontz

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Edith Wharton

It's more real to me here than if I went up, he suddenly heard himself say; and the fear lest that last shadow of reality should lose its edge kept him rooted to his seat as the minutes succeeded each other. — Edith Wharton

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Alamvusha

The sound of life, Everyone has got their own song playing in the background of their life , some has melody and some has depressing music and some extra ordinary people are standing their choosing the type of music that they want to play - Be that kind of people. — Alamvusha

Really Sad And Depressing Quotes By Johnathan Jena

There is no greater despair, than to tread with care upon ice that is already broken — Johnathan Jena