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Top Real Studs Quotes

Real Studs Quotes By Bella Thorne

I'm really into tall boots. I just got some new ones from Michael Kors that have these little gold studs. I have Valentino ones that I really love. Real, real tall boots! — Bella Thorne

Real Studs Quotes By Studs Terkel

You should have seen the things they were giving babies instead of milk. I remember seeing them put salt-pork gravy in milk bottles and putting a nipple on, and the baby sucking this salt-pork gravy. A real blue baby, dying of starvation. In house after house, I saw that sort of thing. — Studs Terkel

Real Studs Quotes By Studs Terkel

I'd want the human voice expressing grievances, or delight, or whatever it might be. But something real — Studs Terkel

Real Studs Quotes By Studs Terkel

I wanted to be accepted. It must have been in sixth grade. It was just before the Fourth of July. They were trying out students for this patriotic play. I wanted to do Abe Lincoln, so I learned the Gettysburg Address inside and out. I'd be out in the fields pickin' the crops and I'd be memorizin'. I was the only one who didn't have to read the part, 'cause I learned it. The part was given to a girl who was a grower's daughter. She had to read it out of a book, but they said she had better diction. I was very disappointed. I quit about eighth grade. Any time anybody'd talk to me about politics, about civil rights, I would ignore it. It's a very degrading thing because you can't express yourself. They wanted us to speak English in the school classes. We'd put out a real effort. I would get into a lot of fights because I spoke Spanish and they couldn't understand it. I was punished. I was kept after school for not speaking English. — Studs Terkel