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Re Energize Quotes By Robin S. Sharma

Sixth letter : Choose your influences well

We do not move through our days alone or apart from the world around us. And we must always be aware of the things and the people we allow in our lives. It's a mark of wisdom to choose to spend time in those places that inspire and energize you. Whether in our work or within our personal lives, these most positive friends and peers will inspire us to be our greatest selves and to lead our largest lives. — Robin S. Sharma

Re Energize Quotes By R.A. Salvatore

We are all dying, every moment that passes of every day. That is the inescapable truth of this existence. It is a truth that can paralyze us with fear, or one that can energize us with impatience, with the desire to explore and experience, with the hope- nay, the iron-will!- to find a memory in every action. To be alive, under sunshine, or starlight, in weather fair or stormy. To dance with every step, be they through gardens of flowers or through deep snows. — R.A. Salvatore

Re Energize Quotes By Delmer Eugene Croft

Make your purpose brilliant. Keep it clear. Seek to energize it with positives. Do not lumber up your plan. Centralize it. Modify it. Create it as a necessity. Form into it the indispensable. Then embody yourself into it. See that nothing about you defeats, or neutralizes attraction. Have a burning interest in your proposition. Look for fulfillment. Anticipate success. Make the world feel that you know you are right. Stop asking folks if they think you will succeed. Of course they do not, because they have not. Hold your mind relaxed in Silence. Make your desire active. Set your wishes in motion. Confidence attracts confidence. Positives attract positives. Bring out your latent forces, they only need arousing. THINK AND ACT. — Delmer Eugene Croft

Re Energize Quotes By Jon Gordon

Every morning you have a choice. Are you going to be a positive thinker or a negative thinker? Positive thinking will energize you. — Jon Gordon

Re Energize Quotes By Roger Ebert

Sarah Palin lacked the preparation or temperament to be one heartbeat away from the presidency, but what she possessed in abundance was the ability to inflame political passions and energize the John McCain campaign with star quality. — Roger Ebert

Re Energize Quotes By Gary Rohrmayer

Father, help me focus on my strengths and trust others to fill the gaps of my weaknesses"

Every leader knows the skills in which they excel. They also are aware of those tasks that they maintain a certain level of competence along with those duties they struggle in accomplishing. In my experience there are "want to's" and the "have to's" of leadership. The "want to's" energize a leader and the "have to's" zap the leader's creativity and time. The quicker a leader can find those around them that will fill the gaps of their weaknesses, the more effective they will be in achieving God's mission. — Gary Rohrmayer

Re Energize Quotes By Adam Braun

We all have those things that even in the midst of stress and disarray, they energize us and give us renewed strength and purpose. These are our passions. — Adam Braun

Re Energize Quotes By Gabriel Cousens

Using this same principle, we can also use specific gems or gem elixirs to energize and rebalance the individual chakras. Dark opal and tiger's eye help to rebalance the base chakra. Fire agate works on the second chakra. The solar plexus and third chakra are aided by quartz and pearl. Ruby and emerald stimulate the heart chakra. Lapis lazuli is good for the throat chakra. Quartz resonates with both the pituitary and pineal glands, or sixth and seventh chakras. Diamond is beneficial for the crown chakra.18 — Gabriel Cousens

Re Energize Quotes By J.D. Robb

Business crises energize me. Personal crises devastate me. The doctors call it an avoidance tendency. (Mirena to Eve) — J.D. Robb

Re Energize Quotes By Adrian Tan

Find that pursuit that will energize you, consume you, become an obsession. Each day, you must rise with a restless enthusiasm. If you don't, you are working. — Adrian Tan

Re Energize Quotes By Jennifer Megan Varnadore

It's sad when you realize that people you've loved (whether friends, family, or loved ones) are going down paths you know you can't take. It's especially sad when you realize that it's because you don't want to take it, because you two are too different. It's sad when people who used to energize you with their presence, now only drain you with their mere words. — Jennifer Megan Varnadore

Re Energize Quotes By Tony Dungy

Engage, educate, equip, encourage, empower, energize, and elevate. Those are the methods for maximizing the potential of any individual, team, organization, or institution for ultimate success and significance. Those are the methods of a mentor leader. — Tony Dungy

Re Energize Quotes By Eli Manning

I go crazy trying to energize people, 'cause that's what I am. I'm a battery. If you're down, you can plug into me and get charged up. — Eli Manning

Re Energize Quotes By Thom Yorke

I think no artist can claim to have any access to the truth, or an authentic version of an event. But obviously they have slightly better means at their disposal because they have their art to energize whatever it is they're trying to write about. They have music. — Thom Yorke

Re Energize Quotes By Brian L. Weiss

For you know that you can get nothing more out of this lifetime. When you have time, when you have had the time to rest and re-energize your soul, you are allowed to choose your re-entry back into the physical state. Those people who hesitate, who are not sure of their return here, they might lose the chance that was given them, a chance to fulfill what they must when they're in physical state. I — Brian L. Weiss

Re Energize Quotes By Jack Welch

As a leader, your job is to energize people around the mission and vision you've articulated. — Jack Welch

Re Energize Quotes By Jackie Warner

DON'T GO LOW-CARB! CARBOHYDRATES ENERGIZE your body and brain. So if you cut back on carbs too much, you will feel horrible. Low-carb diets deplete your body of glycogen, the muscle fuel it makes from carb-rich foods. Strange things start happening to your body when it's deprived of glycogen. Without it, your body makes a less efficient fuel from fat. That fuel is called ketones. Ketones are nasty. They give you bad breath, make you feel dizzy and tired, and make your system slow to a crawl; some research shows they may also cause acid buildup in the bloodstream - which can be lethal. Low-carb eating lowers brain levels of serotonin, a chemical critical to controlling depression and anxiety. So you want to make sure you're eating enough carbs. — Jackie Warner

Re Energize Quotes By David Warlick

I am a teacher at heart. My goal is to inspire and energize audiences with ideas and possibilities that will challenge them to expand their perceptions of teaching and learning and dare to consider our professional future with optimism and excitement. — David Warlick

Re Energize Quotes By Tony Robbins

Every decision in your life is controlled by your beliefs and values. You may not realize it, but you have the power to choose what you believe about your life, people, money and health. You can either choose beliefs that limit you, or beliefs that empower you to move toward success. Your beliefs energize you to create the world you want to live in right now. The key is to be aware of them because what you value determines what you focus on. — Tony Robbins

Re Energize Quotes By Jeffrey K. Zeig

This is a magical and inspiring metaphor through which adult readers will identify anger issues and discover practical methods to energize enduring change. — Jeffrey K. Zeig

Re Energize Quotes By Eric Scigliano

Ambivalence and contradiction energize nearly every figure Michaelangelo carved, from the adolescent Madonna of the Stairs onward...But the four allegories atop the sarcophagi raise them to a symphonic crescendo. Each is a battleground of conflicting emotions and motives, in which will and paralysis battle for supremacy. — Eric Scigliano

Re Energize Quotes By William James

Positive images of the future are a powerful and magnetic force ... They draw us on and energize us, give us courage and will to take on important initiatives. Negative images of the future also have a magnetism. They pull the spirit downward in the path of despair.. — William James

Re Energize Quotes By Martha Graham

We look at the dance to impart the sensation of living in an affirmation of life, to energize the spectator into keener awareness of the vigor, the mystery, the humor, the variety, and the wonder of life. This is the function of the American dance. — Martha Graham

Re Energize Quotes By Martin Guevara Urbina

Over the years, I've discovered that as the years go by, sometimes we are energized and enlighten and sometimes we are demoralized and disheartened to realize that in some situations our beginning is our end and in others our end is our beginning. — Martin Guevara Urbina

Re Energize Quotes By Arnold Bennett

The manner in which one single ray of light, one single precious hint, will clarify and energize the whole mental life of him who receives it, is among the most wonderful and heavenly of intellectual phenomena. — Arnold Bennett

Re Energize Quotes By Warren W. Wiersbe

Opportunities energize the faithful and paralyze the fearful. — Warren W. Wiersbe

Re Energize Quotes By Nancy Pelosi

We will energize America by achieving energy independence — Nancy Pelosi

Re Energize Quotes By Charlize Theron

You have to discipline yourself and not carry the character with you. You need to switch it off and take time to re-energize. — Charlize Theron

Re Energize Quotes By John Welch

The world of the 90s and beyond will belong to managers or those who make the numbers dance, as we used to say, or those who are conversant with all the business jargon we used to sound smart. The world will belong to passionate, driven leaders
people who not only have an enormous amount of energy but who can energize those whom they lead. — John Welch

Re Energize Quotes By Patricia A. Knight

Yes. I know all about soul-wraiths." Ramsey frowned. "How did you avoid them in the past?"
"Set a perimeter of energized diaman crystal. That will keep them at bay." Hel smiled without humor. "I have the diaman crystal in my saddle pack. I lack a sexual partner to energize them. I had intended to return with a magistra but a magister will work as well. Care to volunteer?"
"Only if I top," Ramsey snapped.
"You'd have to kill me first," returned Hel.
"With pleasure."
Steffania took a breath. Ram cut her off. "No. I don't share you, Vixen."
Fear of the unknown almost froze Adonia's tongue, but she was the obvious answer. She could do this, and the opportunity might never present itself again. "I'll be your partner. — Patricia A. Knight

Re Energize Quotes By Judson Cornwall

God, the object of our worship, also becomes the inspiration of that worship. He has imparted His own Spirit into our hearts to energize that worship. All that is due Him comes from Him. — Judson Cornwall

Re Energize Quotes By John P. Kotter

Motivation and inspiration energize people, not by pushing them in the right direction as control mechanisms do but by satisfying basic human needs for achievement, a sense of belonging, recognition, self-esteem, a feeling of control over one's life, and the ability to live up to one's ideals. Such feelings touch us deeply and elicit a powerful response. — John P. Kotter

Re Energize Quotes By Jerry Falwell

Nothing will motivate conservative evangelical Christians to vote Republican in the 2008 presidential election more than a Democratic nominee named Hillary Rodham Clinton - not even a run by the devil himself ... I certainly hope that Hillary is the candidate. She has $300 million so far. But I hope she's the candidate. Because nothing will energize my [constituency] like Hillary Clinton. If Lucifer ran, he wouldn't. — Jerry Falwell

Re Energize Quotes By Noel Tichy

Leadership is accomplishing something through other people that wouldn't have happened if you weren't there ... Leadership is being able to mobilize ideas and values that energize other people ... Leaders develop a story line that engages other people. — Noel Tichy

Re Energize Quotes By Eckhart Tolle

The more attention you give to the past, the more you energize it, and the more likely you are to make a "self" out of it. Don't misunderstand: Attention is essential, but not to the past as past. Give attention to the present; give attention to your behavior, to your reactions, moods, thoughts, emotions, fears, and desires as they occur in the present. There's the past in you. If you can be present enough to watch all those things, not critically or analytically but nonjudgmentally, then you are dealing with the past and dissolving it through the power of your presence. You cannot find yourself by going into the past. You find yourself by coming into the present. — Eckhart Tolle

Re Energize Quotes By Jack Welch

Stretch targets energize. We have found that by reaching for what appears to be the impossible, we often actually do the impossible; and even when we don't quite make it, we inevitably wind up doing much better than we would have done. — Jack Welch

Re Energize Quotes By T.F. Hodge

Reclined legs don't get fed, they get limp like boiled spaghetti. Walk it out! — T.F. Hodge

Re Energize Quotes By Alfred Bester

It's obvious we can't all be a Gully Foyle, but most of us energize at such a low level, so far short of our real capabilities, we could all be more, do more. — Alfred Bester

Re Energize Quotes By Jack Welch

A leader's role is not to control people or stay on top of things, but rather to guide, energize and excite. — Jack Welch

Re Energize Quotes By Jennifer Chrisler

Once again, we are thrilled to be hosting this amazing gathering for LGBT families from across the country. Our families are an important part of the LGBT civil rights battle and they are on the frontlines of educating Americans about the reality of our lives. It is important to give parents and their children a safe place to gather, an opportunity to re-energize and access to the tools we need to create a more just society. I invite everyone who cares about equality for all families to be a part of this historic week. — Jennifer Chrisler

Re Energize Quotes By Yogi Berra

It's 90% mental. The other half is physical — Yogi Berra

Re Energize Quotes By Jay Woodman

Affirmation: What most fulfils & energizes me - mind, body, spirit - is what manifests in my life. — Jay Woodman