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Top Ray Band Quotes

Ray Band Quotes By Ray Davies

Now I'm grown up and playing in a band. — Ray Davies

Ray Band Quotes By Stevie Ray Vaughan

Even though there's reasons to try things that may or may not work, it's still a real intimate way to finish the song with everybody right there in the band just locked in. — Stevie Ray Vaughan

Ray Band Quotes By Amy Ray

At some point I was hanging around with the Butchies - a band I ended up playing with a lot - and it just brought out this thing in me ... and it felt very different from the Indigo Girls. — Amy Ray

Ray Band Quotes By Robbie Robertson

One of the greatest live recordings, I think, in the history of the world is Ray Charles in Atlanta ... And they didn't even have a big mobile recording thing set up. The word on the street was they only had like two microphones, one for the band and one for him. Perfect recordings. I think it's mono. — Robbie Robertson

Ray Band Quotes By Billy Ray Cyrus

I'm hungry for purpose. I'm looking for still that reason that I bought a guitar and started a band, to fulfill a purpose, to manifest destiny as to who I am and why I am the way I am, and what I do. I think it's still about the music, the song and the story. — Billy Ray Cyrus

Ray Band Quotes By Ray Toro

It's kind of dumb; everybody should be able to listen to the kind of music they want and just because you're a fan of a band for a longer period of time doesn't mean you have a greater stake of claim to the band or the music. — Ray Toro

Ray Band Quotes By Ray Brown

[Thelonious] Monk is a subject in itself. I mean, most piano players in most big bands sit down and they play with the band, you know. But Monk would just sit there like this. And all of a sudden there'd be a pause from all the trumpets and everything and Monk would go 'plink!' like that. And everybody would go 'Yeah! — Ray Brown

Ray Band Quotes By Ray Manzarek

You want a showman, go see rock 'n' roll bands today. You want to have a shamanistic experience, get psychedelic, then you watch The Doors. — Ray Manzarek

Ray Band Quotes By Ethan Hawke

The kindest compliments I have ever heard are when cops tell me Training Day and Assault on Precinct 13 inspired them to become cops. The funniest compliments I have ever heard are when people tell me that 'I love your band Sugar Ray. — Ethan Hawke

Ray Band Quotes By Ray Manzarek

The Doors really were a band of potheads. — Ray Manzarek

Ray Band Quotes By Karen Chance

Can we just do this?" Ray asked tightly, clinging to Zheng's already slightly elongated arm. Because Louis-Cesare wasn't the only one with a master power around here.
"Let go," Zheng told him. "I'm the rubber band; you're the spitball. And spitballs don't hold on to rubber bands."
"Die in a fire," Ray told him savagely. But he let go. — Karen Chance

Ray Band Quotes By Amy Ray

But the reality is that we are a folk band. — Amy Ray

Ray Band Quotes By Ray Bradbury

At the very moment Mrs. Bentley was smiling down upon them with her yellow mask face, around a corner like an elfin band came an ice-cream wagon. It jingled out icy melodies, as crisp and rimmed as crystal wine-glasses tapped by an expert, summoning all. The children sat up, turning their heads, like sunflowers after the sun. (Season of Disbelief) — Ray Bradbury

Ray Band Quotes By Ray Manzarek

The Doors were successful. It was Jim Morrison as the centre and the figure and the spokesman, the figurehead, but we were all into the same thing. That's why we were a band. — Ray Manzarek