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Random Advice Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

Only the shallowest person believes that they can attain true happiness by maximizing their wealth at any cost. In absence of morality, ethics, and a sustainable philosophy to guide us in an ethical search for happiness, we will always perceive life's random countervailing forces of adversity and unpleasantness as inflicting a great personal injustice upon us. Through application of a deeply embedded personal philosophy, we can push back against the negative implications of a life of suffering. We can use a philosophical stance to gain the perspective needed to say 'yes' to all of life, both its rosy path of ineffable joys and a blackened trail of tears. We must learn to accept life as it truly is and not waste precious time in wistfulness. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Random Advice Quotes By Neale Donald Walsch

Listen to your hunches, pay attention to your intuition, do not dismiss your random thoughts, inspirations or ideas ... They could be giving you the best advice you ever had ... — Neale Donald Walsch

Random Advice Quotes By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

If it doesn't sweat, jiggle, or pant, it's not alive. — Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Random Advice Quotes By Frank Bruni

With a more expansive stretch, there's a better chance that I'll be around at the precise, random moment when one of my nephews drops his guard and solicits my advice about something private. Or when one of my nieces will need someone other than her parents to tell her that she's smart and beautiful. — Frank Bruni

Random Advice Quotes By Jalaluddin Rumi


"You miss the garden,
because you want a small fig from a random tree.
You don't meet the beautiful woman. You're joking with an old crone.
It makes me want to cry how she detains you,
stinking mouthed, with a hundred talons,
putting her head over the roof edge to call down,
tasteless fig, fold over fold, empty
as dry-rotten garlic.

She has you tight by the belt,
even though there's no flower and no milk inside her body.

Death will open your eyes
to what her face is: leather spine
of a black lizard. No more advice.

Let yourself be silently drawn
by the stronger pull of what you really love. — Jalaluddin Rumi

Random Advice Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

But I'm different now than I was then. Just like I was different at the end of the trip than I'd been in the beginning. And I'll be different tomorrow than i am today. And what that means is that i can never replicate that trip. Even if I went to the same places and met the same people, it would'nt be the same. My experience would'nt be the same. To me, that's what traveling should be about. Meeting people, learning to not only appreciate a different culture, but really enjoy it like a local, following whatever impulse strikes you. So how could I recommend a trip to someone else, if I don't even know what to expect? My advice would be to make a list of places on some index cards, shuffle them, and pick any fice at random. Then just ... go and see what happens. If you have the right mind-set, it does'nt matter where you end up or how much money you brought. It'll be something you'll remember forever. — Nicholas Sparks

Random Advice Quotes By Barry Sternlicht

The best advice is often the compliments received, and they are often about an associate who did something exceptional. I tell my teams that it's the random acts of kindness, the unexpected, that people remember most. — Barry Sternlicht

Random Advice Quotes By Cora Carmack

I will call bullshit on that so many times that the word bullshit will lose all meaning. -Milo — Cora Carmack

Random Advice Quotes By Jeff VanderMeer

If someone seems to have changed from one session to another, make sure you haven't changed instead. A warning from his mother, once upon a time, delivered as if she'd upended a box of spy-advice fortune cookies and chosen one at random. — Jeff VanderMeer

Random Advice Quotes By Rick Riordan

If you're heading downtown from Centeral Park, my advice is to take the subway. Flying pigs are faster but way more dangerous — Rick Riordan

Random Advice Quotes By Hazel Cartwright


Kiss a girl if you're a female,

If you're a single male kiss a Guy

It's fun to offend society ~ — Hazel Cartwright

Random Advice Quotes By Kelly Williams Brown

Wise random strangers at bars are modern-day Oracles of Delphi, except drunk and sometimes leaving abruptly when it's their turn for karaoke. — Kelly Williams Brown

Random Advice Quotes By Ethan Zuckerman

I fear that I can no longer travel without technology. Twenty years ago, I loved getting on a bus in West Africa and taking off for a city I'd never been to before, relying on advice from out-of-date travel books and fellow passengers on the bus. Now, I end up using TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Maps. I probably eat and sleep better when I'm on the road, but I miss the mystery of travel when it was more random and unpredictable. — Ethan Zuckerman

Random Advice Quotes By J.R. Rim

The best advice anyone has ever given me, was to never take advice from anyone. — J.R. Rim

Random Advice Quotes By Brian E. Boyd Sr.

It is far better to have 10,000 Facebook friends who are in the same category or aligned with your values or a common inter- est than 100,000 random robot followers from around the world. — Brian E. Boyd Sr.

Random Advice Quotes By Meg Cabot

A random guy I met at a party I went to in high school told me not to study creative writing because in his opinion studying creative writing as a major sucks the love of writing out of you (he was a creative writing major, so he said he would know). I did not want the love of writing sucked out of me, so I followed his advice (however, I did take a few creative writing workshops at IU and I enjoyed them very much). Instead, I had the love of art sucked out of me. Years later I met that guy from the party again in New York City where I moved after college to be an illustrator, and we got married. — Meg Cabot

Random Advice Quotes By Christopher Paolini

Never ask an elf for help; they might decide your better off dead, eh? (Orik) (Eldest) (Page 207) — Christopher Paolini

Random Advice Quotes By Teri Garr

I understand how hard it is to talk to people about MS. You don't want pity or random advice. — Teri Garr

Random Advice Quotes By Diane Arbus

Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice. — Diane Arbus

Random Advice Quotes By Cora Carmack

Each one you take is a commitment. If you break that commitment, the gods of alcohol will punish you with a hangover so bad you'll think Satan himself took a dump on you. -Milo — Cora Carmack