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Quality Over Speed Quotes By Charlie Kaufman

Humans are incapable of securely storing high-quality cryptographic keys, and they have unacceptable speed and accuracy when performing cryptographic operations. (They are also large, expensive to maintain, difficult to manage, and they pollute the environment. It is astonishing that these devices continue to be manufactured and deployed. But they are sufficiently pervasive that we must design our protocols around their limitations.) — Charlie Kaufman

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Brian May

George Harrison was a fabulous, fabulous, fabulous guitarist, and a wonderful example of what a rock star should be. I totally revered him as an innovator. He was always fresh, daring, magnificently melodic, full of spiritual quality, and totally conscious of the chord structure beneath the solo. And he had the courage to play simple. He never took refuge in effects, or tried to impress with speed. I hope he knew how much we all loved and respected him. — Brian May

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Arthur Schopenhauer

The more clearly you become conscious of the frailty, vanity and dream-like quality of all things, the more clearly will you also become conscious of the eternity of your own inner being; because it is only in contrast to this that the aforesaid quality of things becomes evident, just as you perceive the speed at which a ship is going only when looking at the motionless shore, not when looking into the ship itself. — Arthur Schopenhauer

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Cal Newport

Two Core Abilities for Thriving in the New Economy 1. The ability to quickly master hard things. 2. The ability to produce at an elite level, in terms of both quality and speed. — Cal Newport

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Brian Tracy

People love fast. When you're fast people think you're smart, think your products are of higher quality, think your management is of higher quality, think that you're worth more and they're willing to pay more money for it. So, I'm really big into speed. — Brian Tracy

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

My friend Chip Ward speaks of "the tyranny of the quantifiable," of the way what can be measured almost always takes precedence over what cannot: private profit over public good; speed and efficiency over enjoyment and quality; the utilitarian over the mysteries and meanings that are of greater use to our survival and to more than our survival, to lives that have some purpose and value that survive beyond us to make a civilization worth having. — Rebecca Solnit

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Carl Bernstein

The greatest felony in the news business today is to be behind, or to miss a big story. So speed and quantity substitute for thoroughness and quality, for accuracy and context. — Carl Bernstein

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Lilian Thuram

He's a wizard with his feet and is blessed with a gift for scoring goals. His best quality is his speed while the ball is at his feet. He may be the fastest man ever to lace up a football boot. No defender in the world can keep up with him. — Lilian Thuram

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Daniel Kahneman

Whether professionals have a chance to develop intuitive expertise depends essentially on the quality and speed of feedback, as well as on sufficient opportunity to practice. — Daniel Kahneman

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Robert Stone

The term [Americanization] invokes the transformation of the landscape into unnatural mechanical shapes, of night into day, of speed for its own sake, an irrational passion for novelty at the expense of quality, a worship of gimmickry. — Robert Stone

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Clare Short

One must strike the right balance between speed and quality. — Clare Short

Quality Over Speed Quotes By James M. Wallace

Speed, quality, price. Pick any two. — James M. Wallace

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Adrian McEwen

your first idea is unlikely to be the best, so you should be optimising for speed of iteration rather than quality of prototype. — Adrian McEwen

Quality Over Speed Quotes By John Katzenbach

A demanding performance challenge tends to create a Team. In any situation requiring a combination of multiple skills, experiences and judgments, a team inevitably gets better results than a collection of individuals. Teams provide the kind of responsiveness, speed, on-line customization and quality that is beyond the reach of individual performance. — John Katzenbach

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Eric Schmidt

In the inevitable showdown between speed and quality, quality must prevail. — Eric Schmidt

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Nonito Donaire

Confident fighters are dangerous fighters. I know that. But there other fighters who said before a fight they were stronger than me, hit harder, were going to knock me out. Walters is a good champion but really how many quality fights has he been in compared to where I have been in my career? We both have speed, we both have power. It's an explosive fight. This is going to end in a knockout. I will go into the ring and do my best. — Nonito Donaire

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Mark Victor Hansen

The quality of the team determines the speed of the dream. — Mark Victor Hansen

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Charles Lindbergh

Is civilization progress? The challenge, I think, is clear; and, as clearly, the final answer will be given not by our amassing of knowledge, or by the discoveries of our science, or by the speed of our aircraft, but by the effect of our civilized activities as a whole have upon the quality of our planet's life-the life of plants and animals as that of men. — Charles Lindbergh

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Gyan Nagpal

The "quality revolution" in the latter half of the 20th century has taken us to a point where all products that reach a
supermarket shelf work. The competitive differentiators of the future will be products which are the most innovative, even though they may not be the best — Gyan Nagpal

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Satish Kumar

Speed is one of the great curses of modern civilization, obsession with speed leads to quantitative approach; we come to believe that more is better. This is very materialistic, we have to realize that it is the quality of life, quality of relationships, quality of food, medicine, education and everything else which matters. — Satish Kumar

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Marc Laidlaw

The trade-off between speed and image quality is a key constraint of first-person action games, and the job of developing a workable engine involves constantly optimizing both elements. Gamers dream of the day they'll be able to haul their arsenals through three-dimensional environments of photographic clarity, playing 'Myst' with a meat ax. — Marc Laidlaw

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Chogyam Trungpa

There seems to be a hypnotic quality to ambition and speed, so that you feel that you are standing still just because you want to go so fast. You might actually be getting close to your goal. — Chogyam Trungpa

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Ben Horowitz

Some employees make products, some make sales; the CEO makes decisions. Therefore, a CEO can most accurately be measured by the speed and quality of those decisions. — Ben Horowitz

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Julie James

You've got this job offer in Charlotte. I know. But if you want, that's something we can figure out together. I made a commitment to Cameron, so I need to stay in Chicago until she's back from maternity leave. But after that, I can - "
"I didn't take the job in Charlotte."
"Oh. Right." He exhaled, trying to catch up to speed. "Well. You should know that I had at least two minutes left on that speech. Really quality stuff."
"Sorry. I just thought this might be a good time to mention that I love you, too." She made a rolling gesture. "But, please - carry on."
He grinned. Sassy as ever. — Julie James

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Daniel Snyder

I look at each day as a chance to move one notch above yesterday - whether it's in service quality, delivery, speed, or any other aspect of the business. — Daniel Snyder

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Jan Koum

We focus a lot on the quality of experience, speed, reliability. It's not sexy from a lot of people's perspective, it's not glitzy in the feature set, but it's what people come to rely on. — Jan Koum

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Amos Gideon Buba

I understand that SPEED is an indispensable quality but I discovered lately that WAITING also works most times with even better results. — Amos Gideon Buba

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Anonymous

As a society we certainly equate speed with smarts. Think fast. Are you quick-witted? A quick study? A whiz kid? Even Merriam-Webster bluntly informs us that slowness is "the quality of lacking intelligence or quickness of mind." But we also recognize something counter-intuitive about accepting full-stop that people who react faster are smarter. That's why, even though athletic training improves reaction time, we wouldn't scout for the next Einstein at a basketball game. Intelligence probably has a lot to do with making fast connections, but it surely has just as much to do with making the right connections. — Anonymous

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Christopher D. Manning

The key utility measure is user happiness. Speed of response and the size of the index are factors in user happiness. It seems reasonable to assume that relevance of results is the most important factor: blindingly fast, useless answers do not make a user happy. However, user perceptions do not always coincide with system designers' notions of quality. For example, user happiness commonly depends very strongly on user interface design issues, including the layout, clarity, and responsiveness of the user interface, which are independent of the quality of the results returned. — Christopher D. Manning

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Robert Fulghum

Speed and efficiency do not always increase the quality of life. — Robert Fulghum

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Pearl Zhu

The multidimensional digital effects provide impressive advantages in terms of the speed of delivery, the quality of information for decision making, and the wisdom of digital workforce. — Pearl Zhu

Quality Over Speed Quotes By Greg Maddux

I try to do two things: locate my fastball and change speeds. That's it. I try to keep as simple as possible. I just throw my fastball (to) both sides of the plate and change speed every now and then. There is no special food or anything like that, I just try to make quality pitches and try to be prepared each time I go out there. — Greg Maddux