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Top Pushing Forward In Life Quotes

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Heather Wolf

Never give up! Just keep on pushing forward and you will break through! — Heather Wolf

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Richard Linklater

I'm living in this world. I'm what, a slacker? A "twentysomething"? I'm in the margins. I'm not building a wall but making a brick. Okay, here I am, a tired inheritor of the Me generation, floating from school to street to bookstore to movie theater with a certain uncertainty. I'm in that white space where consumer terror meets irony and pessimism, where Scooby Doo and Dr. Faustus hold equal sway over the mind, where the Butthole Surfers provide the background volume, where we choose what is not obvious over what is easy. It goes on ... like TV channel-cruising, no plot, no tragic flaws, no resolution, just mastering the moment, pushing forward, full of sound and fury, full of life signifying everything on any given day ... — Richard Linklater

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Robin Sacredfire

Once you start pushing your standards up, demons come out and show themselves behind the mask. I don't oppose anyone by nature but if someone opposes me, they reveal themselves as my enemy and enemies of anyone that wishes to be by my side. Besides, as you improve your life and move forward, the ones that weren't honest with you will certainly disappear. The opposite of this truth has consequences and they commonly come in the form of betrayal, deception, shock, abandonment and trauma. Life does not forgive or sympathizes with the ignorant. It never did. Such fact comes in the form of what many see as bad luck. — Robin Sacredfire

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Larissa MacFarquhar

[Clayton] Christensen had seen dozens of companies falter by going for immediate payoffs rather than long-term growth, and he saw people do the same thing. In three hours at work, you could get something substantial accomplished, and if you failed to accomplish it you felt the pain right away. If you spent three hours at home with your family, it felt like you hadn't done a thing, and if you skipped it nothing happened. So you spent more and more time at the office, on high-margin, quick-yield tasks, and you even believed that you were staying away from home for the sake of your family. He had seen many people tell themselves that they could divide their lives into stages, spending the first part pushing forward their careers, and imagining that at some future point they would spend time with their families
only to find that by then their families were gone. — Larissa MacFarquhar

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Yvonne Pierre

When the winds of life are pushing you back, THAT'S when you push forward the hardest. — Yvonne Pierre

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Patrick J. Adams

I'm really blessed with the people in my life who keep me on track and keep pushing me forward. — Patrick J. Adams

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Justin Torres

The water was tripping over itself, splashing and hypnotizing, and I tried to fix my mind on a chunk of it, like each little ripple was a life that began far away in a high mountain source and had traveled miles pushing forward until it arrived at this spot before my eyes, and now without hesitation that water-life was hurling itself over the cliff. I wanted my body in all that swiftness; I wanted to feel the slip and pull of the currents and be dashed and pummeled on the rocks below ... — Justin Torres

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Edward St. Aubyn

If an artist is good, nobody else can do what he or she does and therefore all comparisons are incoherent. Only the mediocre, pushing forward a commonplace view of life in a commonplace language, can really be compared, but my wife thinks that "least mediocre of the mediocre" is a discouraging title for a prize[.] — Edward St. Aubyn

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Roberto Duran

I am not an animal in my personal life. But in the ring there is an animal inside me. Sometimes it roars when the first bell rights. Sometimes it springs out later in a fight. But i can always feel it there, driving me and pushing me forward. It is what makes me win. It makes me enjoy fighting. — Roberto Duran

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Iyanla Vanzant

The process of life is ever unfolding, guiding you, pushing you, preparing you for the next part of the process. Difficult challenges, bad days, upset feelings, moments of confusion are part of life's process. Perhaps these things are there to keep us alert, to make us stronger, or to test our resolve to keep moving forward. — Iyanla Vanzant

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Jenni Rivera

Whenever I took a step forward, it seemed as though life was pushing me five steps back. — Jenni Rivera

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Jack Canfield

My runs always remind me of what life is: always putting one foot in front of the other, even when I'm exhausted. It's about running up the hill, however daunting, and congratulating myself for not stopping. Life, like running, is about getting up and pushing on ahead, even if I've tripped on a pothole. It's about keeping the rhythm and setting a pace. It's about minding my injuries and allowing myself time to heal, but not letting injuries get the best of me. Running is like life; it is a glorious, albeit sometimes painful, act of always moving forward. — Jack Canfield

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By Joan Halifax

Yes, creation is moving toward us; life is moving toward us all the time. We back away, but it keeps pushing toward us. Why not step forward and greet it. — Joan Halifax

Pushing Forward In Life Quotes By H.V. Morton

What an amazing thing is the coming of spring to London. The very pavements seem ready to crack and lift under the denied earth; in the air is a consciousness of life which tells you that if traffic stopped for a fortnight grass would grow again in Piccadilly and corn would spring in pavement cracks where a horse had spilt his 'feed'. And the squares of London, so dingy and black since the first October gale, fill week by week with the rising tide of life, just as the sea, running up the creeks and pushing itself forward inch by inch towards the land, comes at last to each remote rock pool. — H.V. Morton