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Push Over The Edge Quotes By David Deida

In any given moment, a man's growth is optimized if he leans just beyond his edge, his capacity, his fear. He should not be too lazy, happily stagnating in the zone of security and comfort. Nor should he push far beyond his edge, stressing himself unnecessarily, unable to metabolize his experience. He should lean just slightly beyond the edge of fear and discomfort. Constantly. In everything he does. — David Deida

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Juliette Cross

I let myself feel everything. Just this once, I wanted it all. I let him push our passion to the cliff, let my body synchronize to his in perfect harmony. Just this once, I let more than my body fall over the edge. With him. — Juliette Cross

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Barbara B. Rollins

admitted I was powerless over food,
that my life had become uninhabitable.
Sure, there are folks who speak of lives
unmanageable, but my life was always that!
It took more to push me to the admission.
I had a Hell Year when I turned 50
and it took me another ten to reach the crevice,
to fall off the edge, to give up and go
where a counselor had directed me for years,
to the rooms of recovery. I knew she was right
but I wasn't broken enough to go. Unmanageable,
I could life in. Uninhabitable I couldn't.
I fought it for nigh on sixty years
but when I finally couldn't keep on pretending,
continue making do, I found what I needed,
what I could finally accept, and soar out of there
to recovery. — Barbara B. Rollins

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Huntley Fitzpatrick

I sit up, edge over close to my window, and push it open, slipping one leg in, then the next, turning back to Jase. "Come on."
His smile flashes in the gathering dark as his eyebrows lift, but he climbs carefully in as I lock my bedroom door.
"Be still," I tell him. "Now I'm going to learn all about you. — Huntley Fitzpatrick

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Lance Armstrong

What athletes do may not be that healthy, the way we push our bodies completely over the edge to the degrees that are not human. I've said all along that I will not live as long as the average person. — Lance Armstrong

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Stephen King

I love my life and my wife and kids, but I've always been somewhat quasi-suicidal, constantly wanting to push things past the edge. — Stephen King

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Veronica Roth

You think my first instinct is to protect you. Because you're small, or a girl, or a Stiff. But you're wrong."
He leans his face close to mine and wraps his fingers around my chin. His hand smells like metal. When was the last time he held a gun, or a knife? My skin tingles at the point of contact, like he's transmitting electricity through his skin.
"My first instinct is to push you until you break, just to see how hard I have to press." he says, his fingers squeezing at the word break. My body tenses at the edge in his voice, so I am coiled as tight as a spring, and I forget to breathe.
His dark eyes lifting to mine, he adds, "But I resist it."
"Why ... " I swallow hard. "Why is that your first instinct?"
"Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up. I've seen it. It's fascinating." He releases me but doesn't pull away, his hand grazing my jaw, my neck. "Sometimes I just want to see it again. Want to see you awake. — Veronica Roth

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Karen Hesse

The work of one author or artist may stimulate another author or artist to push the edge, to take the risk, to go where the field hasn't gone before. The result -very exciting children's literature and art ... exciting both for the professional and for the intended audience, the children. — Karen Hesse

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Anita Shreve

I wonder this: If you take a woman and push her to the edge, how will she behave? — Anita Shreve

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

One word can give someone the strengththey needed at the moment or it can shred them down to nothing. A single smile can turn a bad moment good. And one wrong outburstcould be that tiny push that causes someone to slip over the edge of destruction. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Amy Jarecki

Opening her eyes, Eva placed her palm in the center of William's chest. "You're next." With her wee push, he obliged her and sat on the edge of the bed. Kneeling, she untied his shoes and removed his hose. When she stood, William had already untied the lace of the arming doublet he wore atop his shirt. Eva held up her finger. "Tsk, tsk. You don't want to spoil my fun do you?"
He shrugged out of the doublet with a look of defiance. "It canna hurt to help a bit."
"Come here." She pulled him up by the cord of his chausses. Fingers working quickly, she untied them and his braies, and let them drop to the floor. Then, with a sultry giggle, she slowly tugged the tie on his linen shirt, staring at his eyes while she tortured him, pulling oh so very slowly. "This bit of linen is all that's left between us, William."
He growled though straight white teeth. "And it will be torn to shreds if ye dunna haste to rip it from my torrid flesh. — Amy Jarecki

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Ferran Adria

If you go off the edge, it's not cooking anymore, so you have to push it to the limit ... What are the limits? — Ferran Adria

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Donald Murray

The longer I write, the more important I believe it is to write the first draft as fast as possible. In drafting, I push myself so I am at the edge of discomfort ... Later, it will be time for consideration and reconsideration, slow, careful revision and editing. But on the first draft I have to achieve velocity, just as you do if you want the bike to balance. — Donald Murray

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Ron Ben-Israel

'Sweet Genius' viewers will be on the edge of their seats as we continue to push the limits with inspirations and ingredients, while showcasing the talents of some of the best pastry chefs around. As a result, the desserts that the chefs create are truly outrageous. — Ron Ben-Israel

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Sarah Castille

I'm guessing you don't have to share a bathroom at your house,"

I say with the casual tone of someone who isn't waving her half-naked

bottom in the air in front of a hunky, semi-stranger and soon-to-be-

boss. I push myself to my feet and edge my way back to the dresser, this

time keeping my back to the wall.

He snorts a laugh. "No. Nor do I have a back door in my bedroom

or a collection of random people walking around my house. — Sarah Castille

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Claire Cameron

I like situations that push a character to the edge. — Claire Cameron

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Michael Chabon

One night the month before, back on the other side of the Belgian border, Aughenbaugh had delivered a lecture on the etymology of the word war. He said that he had looked it up and it came from an ancient Indo-European root signifying confusion. That was a foxhole night, bitter cold. The 5th Panzer Army was making its last great push west. You had to hand it to those Indo-Europeans, my grandfather thought, rolling through Vellinghausen. Confusion shown on the faces of the townspeople. War confused civilians every bit as surely as it did the armies who got lost in its fogs. It confounded conquest with liberation, anger with heartache, hunger with gratitude, hatred with awe. The 53rd Combat Engineers looked pretty confused, too. They were milling around at the edge of town, contemplating the long stretch of road between and beautiful downtown Berlin, trying to figure out if they ought to mine it or clear it of mines. — Michael Chabon

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Shirley Jackson

The beautiful clarity of all marked outlines occurred to her--there would be a deep satisfaction in strengthening fences, for instance, going along on the inside of a strong fence enclosing a large land, leaning outward to push towards the extreme limit of property; too, what about the lovely definition of a sheet of white paper alone on her desk, oblong and complete, the tightness with which the sky fitted onto the earth at the horizon, the act of caressing the spine of a book? Irresistibly, she thought with a shiver of a razor sharp edge slicing horizontally through her eyes, into her mouth, and then coming around the hard corner of a building, saw again the campus and its lights and heard its sounds. — Shirley Jackson

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Jenny B. Jones

If I'm going to be your bloomin' tour guide, I'm gong to do it right." He held out his hand."Do you think I'd take you somewhere dangerous?"
"You bite people for a living."
"Don't be a chicken."
"If you push me over the edge, my parents will be seriously ticked."
He grabbed my hand and pulled me along. "They'll probably send me a thank-you note. — Jenny B. Jones

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Joss Whedon

Come a day there won't be room for naughty men like us to slip about at all. This job goes south, there well may not be another. So here is us, on the raggedy edge. Don't push me, and I won't push you. Dong le ma? — Joss Whedon

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Martha Stout

In northwest Alaska, kunlangeta "might be applied to a man who, for example, repeatedly lies and cheats and steals things and does not go hunting, and, when the other men are out of the village, takes sexual advantage of many women." The Inuits tacitly assume that kunlangeta is irremediable. And so, according to Murphy, the traditional Inuit approach to such a man was to insist he go hunting, and then, in the absence of witnesses, push him off the edge of the ice. — Martha Stout

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Loretta Napoleoni

Now, I am not saying that there is one single type of individual who is a better type of terrorist than another. What I am saying is that the circumstances that push certain individuals over the edge, to become terrorists, are generally very, very similar. — Loretta Napoleoni

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Paula Stokes

I dream of a small room and a man with one eye. Blood seeps like scarlet tears from his empty socket. I turn away and the room becomes a hallway that becomes a stairway that becomes a roof. The wind tugs at my body; the sky tries to wrap me in stars. Below me, a gazebo glows with red light. A line of black cars crawls like cockroaches through the streets.
An air conditioner exhaust fan chitters angrily near the roof's edge, one of its blades bent just enough to scrape against the side of the casing. For a second I let the wind push me close enough to the fan's razor- sharp blades that a lock of my hair gets snipped and sent out into the night. As it twists and flutters toward the gazebo, I think about just letting go, letting the breeze carry my body into the whirling blades, the wind scattering pieces of me throughout the city. Blood and flesh seeping into the cracked pavement. Flowers blooming wherever I land. — Paula Stokes

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

People aren't just ants rushing around over a crust of bread. Every life, no matter how isolated, touches hundreds of others. It's up to us to decide if those micro connections are positive or negative. But whichever we decide, it does impact the ones we deal with. One word can give someone the strength they needed at that moment or it can shred them down to nothing. A single smile can turn a bad moment good. And one wrong outburst or word could be the tiny push that causes someone to slip over the edge into destruction. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Sarah Pinborough

Something is building, bubbling in my stomach, flaring into white heat, and I don't know if it will explode out of me in anxiety or whether it will meet with the dark spots at the edge of my vision and push me out to pass out. I want it to come out in words that I don't have. I want it to make sense. To not just be mine. And then just when I am about to combust, it appears in the night. Out of nowhere. — Sarah Pinborough

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Nick Hornby

Look at the statistics. You're more likely to top yourself if you've just gone through a divorce. Or if you're anorexic. Or if you're unemployed. Or if you're a prostitute. Or if you've fought in a war, or if you've been raped, or if you've lost somebody ... There are lots and lots of factors that push people over the edge; none of these factors are likely to make you feel anything but fucking miserable. — Nick Hornby

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Cynthia Roberts

When you find yourself on the edge and see nothing but darkness ahead of you and fear meeting you head on faith is knowing one of two things will happen ... you will either let your fear consume you or push through and soar like an eagle. — Cynthia Roberts

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Margaret Atwood

Ger says that Kat has a tendency to push things to extremes, to go over the edge, merely from a juvenile desire to shock, which is hardly a substitute for wit. One of these days, he says, she will go way too far. Too far for him, is what he means. — Margaret Atwood

Push Over The Edge Quotes By George Carlin

Do you know why it is that when a rancher fucks a sheep he does it at the edge of a cliff? It's so the sheep will push back. — George Carlin

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Walter F. Mondale

In our system, at about 11:30 on election night, they just push you off the edge of the cliff-and that's it. You might scream on the way down, but you're going to hit the bottom, and you're not going to be in elective office. — Walter F. Mondale

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Tom Bissell

Games such as Mass Effect allow the gamer a freedom of decision that can be evilly enlivening or nobly self-congratulating, but these games become uniquely compelling when they force you to the edge of some drawn, real-life line of intellectual or moral obligation that, to your mild astonishment, you find you cannot step across even in what is, essentially, a digital dollhouse for adults. Other mediums may depict the necessary (or foolhardy) breaches of such lines, or their foolhardy (or necessary) protection, but only games actually push you to the line's edge and make you live with the fictional consequences of your choice. — Tom Bissell

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Pam Godwin

But for us to work, it's vital I push her to the edge, to that place where she both fears and respects me, but not so far that she can't breathe. I — Pam Godwin

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Aden Lowe

Blake." Her pleas are so sweet.

"Shhh, Anne just feel it. I have you." Her nipple is so fucking perfect under my mouth.

Her body tense, she's right on the edge. One more push and she'll explode in my hands. Arching her back more, she lets her legs relax open just a little. An unconscious signal... — Aden Lowe

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Rachel Vincent

He'd hung up.
The words end call printed across the screen on my phone confirmed it.
At least a minute later my bedroom door swung open to smack against my knees and Marc stuck his head around the edge to see what he'd hit. He found me still staring at my phone my robe gaping open across one thigh. "You have to push the buttons to make that work " he said his expression completely serious.
"Thanks smart-ass. — Rachel Vincent

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Terence McKenna

We cannot evolve faster than our language. The edge of being is the edge of meaning, and somehow we have to push the edge of meaning. We have to extend it. — Terence McKenna

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Yvon Chouinard

Doing risk sport had taught me another important lesson: never exceed your limits. You push the envelope and you live for those moments when you're right on the edge, but you don't go over. You have to be true to yourself; you have to know your strengths and limitations and live within your means. — Yvon Chouinard

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Virginia Woolf

Alone, I often fall down into nothingness. I must push my foot stealthily lest I should fall off the edge of the world into nothingness. I have to bang my head against some hard door to call myself back to the body. — Virginia Woolf

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Dannika Dark

What good is an edge if you can't push someone over it? — Dannika Dark

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Rainer Maria Rilke

All the suffering and torment wrought at places of execution, in torture chambers, madhouses, operating theatres, under the arches of bridges in late autumn - all these are stubbornly imperishable, all these persist, are inaccessible but cling on, envious of everything that is, stuck in their own terrible reality. People would like to be allowed to forget much of it, their sleep gliding softly over these furrows in the brain, but dreams come and push sleep aside and fill the picture again. And so they wake up breathless, let the light of a candle dissolve the darkness as they drink the comforting half-light as if it was sugared water. But, alas, the edge on which this security is balancing is a narrow one. Given the slightest little turn and their gaze slips away from the familiar and the friendly, and the contours that had so recently been comforting take the sharp outlines of an abyss of horror. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Farrah Gray

We have to learn to face our fears and push ourselves. If you're living on earth and you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room. When you push past the fear and realize that what you feared was not a big deal, you gain more confidence. — Farrah Gray

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Brad Alan Lewis

If you want to be your best, spend a lot of time exploring what is more than enough. Push yourself until the bar is lying immobile across your chest. Push yourself right off the edge of your capacity. — Brad Alan Lewis

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Luccini Shurod

Now bound by the sudden rush of emotion that reverberates through me as I remain intent on awakening Nadia, I push my fingertips upward over her neck as if pushing a coin from the edge of heaven, waiting to catch where it falls as if I were in all places at once. I then gently attack her pressure points from every side, leaving Nadia completely vulnerable to my wanting her. Nadia now hastens my love as I reveal to her my gentle ways that excite and nourish her every capacity in all mind, body, and soul. I take to her exaggerated lines that press firmly against me with a wet friction that builds between the cold and the heat, tasting and smelling her sweet body that warms my heart to its core. I allow my mind to speak through my gaze as I look into Nadia's rich brunneous eyes where hints of sable shimmer across the reflection that mirrors her heart. — Luccini Shurod

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Anthony Bryan

I want to push every one of your limits. I want to take you right to the edge. Let me take anything I want. — Anthony Bryan

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Sara Poole

The thick murmur of my name on his tongue was almost enough to push me over the edge as I clung to the sweetly strange need to hold him safe within my arms. Even, dare I say, within my body. Is it the conceit of every woman that she can provide such a haven? Is it the dream of every man to find it? — Sara Poole

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Gareth Pugh

The designs are more about the whole thing rather than the details, and if I were to do the big shapes I do, color would maybe be too much. Pink or red would push it all over the edge. — Gareth Pugh

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Elaine Paige

Oh, it was awful, and I vowed to myself I would never, ever push myself to the edge that much again. It was really frightening. Because absolutely everything seemed to be impossible to deal with, just little things became major - noise, if someone had a radio on, or even the sound of traffic, or being in someone's company for longer than 10 minutes - I started to find it all too much. — Elaine Paige

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Patrick Martin

[Magic] can guide people to the very edge of reason - and then push them off. Thoughts collapse for a moment and the mind is free to just experience. Magic is a window to eternity. — Patrick Martin

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Melanie Kay Taylor

It never occurred to me before, but I always thought of time like it was a road, or an empty plane. I could see it and mark it and claim it as mine, but the reason I couldn't travel my own speed was because I was waiting on the present to catch up, I had to wait to get to my destination.
But really, there is no road, or flat plane or anything ... there's just this very dangerous edge ... cliff that we're dangling off of, there isn't a future really, I mean sure we can plan and prepare, but tomorrow may not come.
I'm not saying base your life on that- if tomorrow does come, what you do today will influence it!
But anything can push you off that cliff.
So start living. — Melanie Kay Taylor

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Jillian Dodd

He smiles.
It's a blinding, white-toothed smile.
A push-me-over-the-edge-of-the-love-cliff smile.
And before I can say a word in protest, he's got my hand and is dragging me through the carnival.
Note to self: Do not stare directly at his smile. It holds special powers.
Also: Do not kiss him. His mouth is definitely the source of his power. — Jillian Dodd

Push Over The Edge Quotes By K. Bromberg

I want to take my time with you, Rylee. I want to build you up nice and slow and sweet like you need. Push you to crash over that edge. And then I want to fuck you the way I need to. Fast and hard until you're screaming my name. The way I've wanted to since you fell out of that storage closet and into my life. — K. Bromberg

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Philip Roth

It's the little questions from women about tappets that finally push men over the edge. — Philip Roth

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Tom Robbins

If you take any activity, any art, any discipline, any skill, take it and
push it as far as it will go, push it beyond where it has ever been before,
push it to the wildest edge of edges, then you force it into the realm of
magic. — Tom Robbins

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Ruth Glick

I've always thought that, as a romance writer, I had the best job in the world. I sit around all day making up emotion-drenched, conflict-laden stories that push my heroes and heroines to the edge of sanity. Then I give them a happy ending. — Ruth Glick

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Beverly Pepper

In the end, I feel that one has to have a bit of neurosis to go on being an artist. A balanced human seldom produces art. It's that imbalance which impels us. I often think that all I want to do now is to avoid suicide, accidental or otherwise. Other than that, I think living on the edge is what drives my work and me beyond a certain point. The artist lives with anxiety. When you finally reach a plateau of achievement, there comes a new anxiety - the hunger to push on still further. That angst is what makes you go forward. — Beverly Pepper

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Rachel Hartman

The resolve written in his eyes said no, but I could see exactly where I would have to push, and how hard, to break that resolve. It would be shockingly easy, but I found I did not wish it ... Some part of him would break, along with his resolve, and I did not see a way to make it whole again. The jagged edge of it would stab at him all his life. — Rachel Hartman

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Osbert Sitwell

The artist, like the idiot or clown, sits on the edge of the world, and a push may send him over it. — Osbert Sitwell

Push Over The Edge Quotes By J.D. Salinger

What might happen, though, I might walk up the the edge of it, just to have a look at the bottom, for instance, and my sister might come up and sort of push me in. I could fracture my skull and die instantaneously. That could happen. My sister's only six, and she hasn't been a human being for very many lives, and she doesn't like me very much. That could happen, all right. What would be so tragic about it though? What's there to be afraid of, I mean? I'd just be doing what I was supposed to do, that's all, wouldn't I? — J.D. Salinger

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Buffi Neal

Sometimes when we're standing at the edge, we don't need anyone to talk us down ... we just need a push. — Buffi Neal

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Gotye

I tend to just do whatever I want on an album and try to make it work. I'm just adventurous. It's most exciting to be at the edge of your abilities. I want to see how far I can push things. — Gotye

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Robin Sharma

Push YOURSELF to the edge of YOUR limits. That's how they expand — Robin Sharma

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Madeline Sheehan

GIRL, write YOUR book dammit.
Who cares what people think?
If writers in the past cared what other people thought we'd still be glossing over 'inappropriate' kissing scenes.
Break the fucking rules.
Push yourself to the edge.
Show the world what YOU can do.
This is YOUR book. YOUR blood and guts.
AND, don't you EVER, EVER, write one single line for SOMEONE ELSE. — Madeline Sheehan

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Jon Ronson

Psychiatric diagnoses are getting closer and closer to the boundary of normal," said Allen Frances. "That boundary is very populous. The most crowded boundary is the boundary with normal."
"Why?" I asked.
"There's a societal push for conformity in all ways," he said. "There's less tolerance of difference. And so maybe for some people having a label is better. It can confer a sense of hope and direction. 'Previously I was laughed at, I was picked on, no one liked me, but now I can talk to fellow bipolar sufferers on the Internet and no longer feel alone.'" He paused. "In the old days some of them may have been given a more stigmatizing label like conduct disorder or personality disorder or oppositional defiant disorder. Childhood bipolar takes the edge of guilt away from parents that maybe they created an oppositional child. — Jon Ronson

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Aisha Hinds

There's so many things that people do on a daily basis that they do as a way of defining who they are. But really, what defines who you are is when circumstances push you to the edge. — Aisha Hinds

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Edward Abbey

Light. Space. Light and space without time, I think, for this is a country with only the slightest traces of human history. In the doctrine of the geologists with their scheme of ages, eons and epochs all is flux, as Heraclitus taught, but from the mortally human point of view the landscape of the Colorado is like a section of eternity- timeless. In all my years in the canyon country I have yet see a rock fall, of its own volition, so to speak, aside from floods. To convince myself of the reality of change and therefore time I will sometimes push a stone over the edge of a cliff and watch it descend and wait- lighting my pipe- for the report of its impact and disintegration to return. Doing my bit to help, of course, aiding natural processes and verifying the hypotheses of geological morphology. But am not entirely convinced. — Edward Abbey

Push Over The Edge Quotes By S.K. Logsdon

I push back against him, meeting his forceful pounds with my eager pu*sy. Riding the razors edge of climactic heaven. — S.K. Logsdon

Push Over The Edge Quotes By Greg Norman

I'm a very intense person. When I go after something, I want to go after it with everything I have. I want to push myself to the edge. — Greg Norman