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Top Pursuer Distancer Quotes

Pursuer Distancer Quotes By Ayn Rand

...Opinion without a rational process. — Ayn Rand

Pursuer Distancer Quotes By Amit Abraham

Rape is a more heinous crime than murder since the rape victim dies throughout the period she lives. — Amit Abraham

Pursuer Distancer Quotes By Paul Eluard

I have said three words too many, too bad, I take them back, I add them. I have several times deserved death, especially in Greece, where I sawed up the palette of an old man who stalked my lady friends right up to my camp bed. I messed up the hairdo of the greatest criminal in Chaldea. For all that I did not have to make use of my daughter native to the lower part of her father's vision, all the plains as far as the eye can see which eat hampers full of mother of pearl. — Paul Eluard

Pursuer Distancer Quotes By Shan Sa

Inside its crumbling walls the house is riddled with bullet holes, and in its garden only the crimson dahlias still hold their heads high. Jing is lying on a chaise longue [sic] playing with his bird.
'I thought you were in prison.'
He looks up, his eyes filled with hate and desire.
'You are my prison. — Shan Sa

Pursuer Distancer Quotes By Bruce Catton

What a general could do, Thomas did; no more dependable soldier for a moment of crisis existed on the North American continent, or ever did exist ... Thomas comes down in history as the Rock of Chickamauga, the great defensive fighter, the man who could never be driven away but who was not much on the offensive. That may be a correct appraisal, Yet it may also be worth making note that just twice in all the war was a major Confederate army driven away from a prepared position in complete rout - at Chattanooga and at Nashville. Each time the blow that routed it was launched by Thomas. — Bruce Catton

Pursuer Distancer Quotes By Colley Cibber

Possession is eleven points in the law. — Colley Cibber