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But what does the "greatest good" mean when it comes to medicine? Is it the number of lives saved? Years of life saved? Best "quality" years of life saved? Or something else? — Sheri Fink

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A patient healthy enough to undergo a kidney transplant might someday no longer need dialysis. That would free up a slot for a new patient. — Sheri Fink

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Is the care of the dying man truly robbing care from the poor man? How reliably can we know when someone is in the last ten days of life? — Sheri Fink

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There is a tomorrow after a disaster, and it's sometimes hard to remember that in the midst of it. — Sheri Fink

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I don't know . . . there's just something about him. You radiate joy and sunshine, and he seems like more of a wet blanket who wants all the attention for himself. Everyone loves you here. I'm just looking out for you," she shares apologetically as she comfortingly cups Julie's hand. — Sheri Fink

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Concepts of triage and medical rationing are a barometer of how those in power in a society value human life. — Sheri Fink

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Despite the request, and the fact that executives from some Tenet hospitals, like Atlanta, had already expressed a willingness to provide evacuation support, Tenet officials continued to rely on governmental resources to respond to the emergency. — Sheri Fink

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Often in life, the most important question we can ask ourselves is: do we really have the problem we think we have? — Sheri Fink

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Alignment = Magic & Miracles ... Keep your standards high. YOU are worth it! — Sheri Fink

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Before journalism, I had worked doing medical aid work in conflict zones. Then, as a journalist, I had written about hospitals in war zones. — Sheri Fink

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I'm just tired of being disappointed by guys. I don't understand it. A breakup via text??!!" "I know. He's not playing the game of life on the same level as you. He's not even in the same sport. And it's better to know it now. — Sheri Fink

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Don't be anyone's firefly in a jar! A lot of people are attracted to the light. Some are also intimidated by it. They selfishly try to keep it for themselves. Sometimes it happens so fast, you don't even realize you're being captured. There is magic within you that will suffocate in a jar. If you wake up one morning and realize there's a lid above you, do whatever it takes to free yourself. Life is much better beyond the jar. The world needs your light! Shine, Baby, shine! — Sheri Fink

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Rather than thinking about exceptional moral rules for exceptional moral situations," Harvard's Dr. Lachlan Forrow, who is also a palliative care specialist, wrote, "we should almost always see exceptional moral situations as opportunities for us to show exceptionally deep commitment to our deepest moral values. — Sheri Fink

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When deciding whether or not to go for your dream, remember that you don't need a bigger net, you just need bigger wings. — Sheri Fink

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The moral values, ethical codes and laws that guide our choices in normal times are, if anything, even more important to help us navigate the confusing and disorienting time of a disaster. — Sheri Fink

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It is human nature to be shortsighted and to lose momentum to make changes once the story is out of the headlines and there aren't financial incentives or political rewards. We owe to ourselves to learn from the past so we can try to do better. — Sheri Fink

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If you ever face a significant disaster, do your best to keep up the spirits of those around you, act flexibly and creatively to help, try to sort rumors from truth, and remember that the decisions you make will have repercussions after the disaster has passed. — Sheri Fink

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When Katrina struck in 2005, roughly 300 deaths were recorded at hospitals, long-term care facilities and in nursing homes, according to a recently published study of death certificates and disaster mortuary team records. Many of them might have been saved if they had been evacuated sooner. — Sheri Fink

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Good should be done regardless of the difficulties of the time and regardless of the level of power or importance that one possesses. (Dr. Boro Lazic) — Sheri Fink

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Be an advocate for your loved ones in the hospital. Ask tough questions of your local hospital and health system about preparedness for the likeliest emergencies, and express your views on how medical resources should be allocated in case they ever fall short. — Sheri Fink

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Always be open to inspiration. You never know where it may come from. Begin with an open mind, end with an inspired heart. — Sheri Fink

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In the United States, Western Europe and Japan, there is widespread access to dialysis, most of it publicly funded. But in many countries, the majority of patients who need dialysis die without it. — Sheri Fink

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Emergencies are crucibles that contain and reveal the daily, slower-burning problems of medicine and beyond - our vulnerabilities; our trouble grappling with uncertainty, how we die, how we prioritize and divide what is most precious and vital and limited; even our biases and blindnesses. — Sheri Fink

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They made a beautiful couple, with personalities as different as their heights. — Sheri Fink

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Ever since Katrina, there has been a proliferation of efforts at the state level and among hospital administrators to come up with guidelines that would help professionals stuck in a situation like this to prioritize patients. These are questions of values much more than they are of medicine or nursing. They're the province of everybody. — Sheri Fink

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But we have gone so far in the direction of over treating terminal patients that we've failed to recognize when we're doing more harm than good. — Sheri Fink

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Having worked in disasters, I have seen that, in those critical first few hours, those first few days - so much ends up riding on you and your neighbor and whoever is around. The official response always comes later, and it always feels like it comes too slow. — Sheri Fink

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Laundry? What's wrong with this guy? He's the only man on the planet who would choose laundry over going out with you. He's so lame. — Sheri Fink

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Of course, no matter how hard we try to be objective as reporters, our life experiences and personal circumstances influence our journalism, including the choice of topics we pursue. — Sheri Fink

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She keeps herself busy by hitting the gym, meditating, and volunteering at the local women's shelter. And at first, Julie's writing schedule is sporadic as she takes the time necessary to grieve over her lost relationship. But she realizes she feels best when she dedicates most of her time and energy to her novel. — Sheri Fink

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She laughs a little and admits to him, "I've never eaten in the bathtub before." He smiles. "Feels fun and a little scandalous, huh? — Sheri Fink

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Our dreams are expressions of our inner beauty. I've learned that it's completely okay to want whatever you want. — Sheri Fink

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Soon after a disaster passes, we tend to turn our eyes away and focus our resources on the day-to-day, rather than on preparing for the rare, but foreseeable and potentially catastrophic disaster. It's another form of triage, how much we invest in preparing for that, a very important question for public policy. We are a short-sighted species. — Sheri Fink

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The threat from extreme weather events highlights the importance of investing in preparedness. — Sheri Fink

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It remains to be seen the extent to which the critical needs of seniors in low income high rises, people with home medical needs and those with disabilities have been adequately planned for and met during widespread power outages. I fear the answers. — Sheri Fink

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While Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the dangers of failing to evacuate hospitals from the path of a storm, Hurricane Gustav demonstrated that moving thousands of sick people has its own risks. Gustav also highlighted a critical vulnerability of American hospitals - an inability to withstand prolonged blackouts. — Sheri Fink

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Don't let other people's limitations limit you. Go for what you really want ... You just might get it! — Sheri Fink

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Because I've been around guys like that my whole life. He will always be a little boy who acts like a dog. Guys don't really change who they are at their core. Even if he wanted to, it would be a completely uphill battle, and he's not man enough for the journey. — Sheri Fink

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The journalistic code of ethics governing the broadcasts requires that opposing views be presented, and that journalists' personal opinions or judgments be left out of factual reporting. — Sheri Fink

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Sometimes the ethical - the most important ethical question sometimes is the one you ask not at the moment of crisis, but the duty you have to anticipate certain kinds of crises and avoid them. — Sheri Fink

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Pour yourself completely into you and what brings you joy and moves you toward your goals. No one deserves your beautiful love and attention more than you! — Sheri Fink

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Every day is a great day to give love, spread joy, and SPARKLE! — Sheri Fink

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When I made my mother a DNR, I did not know it meant do not rescue. — Sheri Fink

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Life and death in the critical first hours of a calamity typically hinged on the preparedness, resources, and abilities of those in the affected community with the power to help themselves and others in their vicinity. Those who did better were those who didn't wait idly for help to arrive. In the end, with systems crashing and failing, what mattered most and had the greatest immediate effects were the actions and decisions made in the midst of a crisis by individuals. — Sheri Fink

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That being said, even if we cannot achieve it, journalism that strives toward objectivity and fairness has an important place in our society. So, too, does being honest and open when presenting our own opinions, as you do so well in your book — Sheri Fink

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Being your authentic self is the ultimate secret to happiness in life! — Sheri Fink

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There are places in the world that the power goes out in hospitals, and there isn't clean water, and it's horrific. — Sheri Fink