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Proudly Served Quotes By Charles B. Rangel

I proudly served in the United States Army during the Korean War as an artillery operations specialist in the all-black 503rd Field Artillery Battalion in the Second Infantry Division. — Charles B. Rangel

Proudly Served Quotes By Thomas Perez

My parents, fleeing a repressive regime in the Dominican Republic, were embraced by this country and taught us to love it in return. After my father served proudly in the U.S. Army, they settled in Buffalo, N.Y., and were able to live the American Dream. — Thomas Perez

Proudly Served Quotes By J.R. Handley

I truly loved the soldiers I served with, in ways that transcend familial or romantic love. Some of them still call me, and for the guys in my fire team I'll be their 'sarge' for perpetuity. And even though some stayed active duty and outranked the E-5 stripes I proudly wore, they'll always be Specialist Joe to me. The lightning rod of combat, the first rounds fired, it solidifies that moment, encapsulating it and preserving the bond. For us, time stopped and Bravo Fire Team will always be as it was. Even though we moved on, it remains. — J.R. Handley

Proudly Served Quotes By Phil Klay

I'm not anti-war. I served in a war, and I served proudly. But just or not, necessary or not, war is the industrial-scale slaughter of other humans. — Phil Klay

Proudly Served Quotes By John F. Kennedy

When asked what I am most proud of, I stick out my chest, hold my head high and state proudly, 'I served in the United States Navy!' — John F. Kennedy

Proudly Served Quotes By Wendy Mass

FMr. Oswald places the telescope on the desk in front of us. "This," he says proudly, "Is a Broadhurst. It was the most powerful telescope for backyard veiwing in its day."
Which was when?" Lizzy asks.
The nineteen thirties," he replies. "Isn't it a beauty? On a clear night, you could see the whole entire solar system with this one."
Unable to stop myself, I blurt out, "My very energetic mother just served us nine pizzas."
Lizzy gawks at me like I have two heads. "He's lost it; he's finally lost it. I knew this day would come."
Mr. Ozwald chuckles. "Jeremy has just given us a mnemonic device for remembering the order of the planets. — Wendy Mass