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Top Proud To Serve My Country Quotes

Proud To Serve My Country Quotes By Steve Daines

I'm very proud that our country still produces people like my son, who choose the path less traveled; that knowingly step up to serve, even though our country is tearing itself apart with things like political machinations. — Steve Daines

Proud To Serve My Country Quotes By Marcus Luttrell

You seldom see it in the papers. Once in a while some guys get put up for decorations and a ceremony takes place somewhere. You see them in dress uniforms, standing proud. But that's politics and theater. You should see them as I have, downrange, in action. They're amazing to watch, risking their lives to serve their country. I don't like to talk about valor awards. I don't think it's useful to think about them. We just go to work, and it's the work itself that tells us who we are. Our pride is no less without the fanfare. — Marcus Luttrell

Proud To Serve My Country Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

She had been proud of his decision to serve his country, her heart bursting with love and admiration the first time she saw him outfitted in his dress blues. — Nicholas Sparks

Proud To Serve My Country Quotes By Diana Farrell

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve President Obama and the country and proud of the progress we've made toward rebuilding trust in our financial system and moving our economy closer to recovery. It was a privilege to work with such a fine group of people at the White House and across the administration. — Diana Farrell

Proud To Serve My Country Quotes By Safak Pavey

I come from a fragmented society. A country proud to serve as a bridge between Europe and Asia yet unable to bridge its own differences. — Safak Pavey

Proud To Serve My Country Quotes By Henry Williamson

When the soil's fertility is being conserved instead of raped, when village life is a social unity, when pride of craftsmanship returns, when everyone works for the sake of adding beauty and importance to life, when every river is clean and bright, and the proud words 'I serve' are in everyone's heart and purpose. Then my country will be good enough for me. — Henry Williamson

Proud To Serve My Country Quotes By John McCain

I am proud to do so for I know that by supporting George W. Bush, I serve my country well. — John McCain