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Premier League Football Quotes & Sayings

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Top Premier League Football Quotes

Premier League Football Quotes By Peter Shilton

I mean no disrespect to Scottish football, but the Premier League is the biggest stage and highest profile league of all. — Peter Shilton

Premier League Football Quotes By Pete Gill

But before Derby go, would they mind telling the rest of the Premier League - the league which it has debased with its pathetically-inadequate presence for the past 12 months - where the money has gone? You know, the £30m or so in prize money that every team, even the one at the bottom of the table from August to May, automatically receives by being in the Premier League ... So what happened to that money? Or put another way, why was such a meaningless fraction of it spent on recruiting new players? It's one thing not to compete; it's quite another not to even attempt to do so. — Pete Gill

Premier League Football Quotes By Mesut Ozil

Of course the Premier League is the most difficult league in the world because it's so even. I think you can't really compare other leagues with the Premier League. In the Premier League, every team can beat every team, and in football, that's something where you can have surprises. — Mesut Ozil

Premier League Football Quotes By Henry Winter

Imagine a pantomime directed by Quentin Tarantino, where villains are booed, heroes are blood-stained, the body-count is high, the entertainment pulsating, the language filthy and the audience screamed behind you' as tackles hurtled in like boulders crashing down a mountain-side. Such was the epic drama that gripped the Emirates yesterday. A derby crammed with sound, fury and significance ended with everyone grasping for breath, with Arsenal regaining the high ground of the Premier League ... This was the Premier League at its raw, mistake-filled, mesmerising best. Utterly compelling. — Henry Winter

Premier League Football Quotes By Fernando Torres

The Premier League is very difficult football and very different to when you play in Europe, but the player has to have experience to adapt, and this is the key point. — Fernando Torres

Premier League Football Quotes By Xavi

I don't actually watch many shows. I will either watch movies or football. I enjoy to watch games in the Premier League and will also watch movies a lot as well. That is how I relax. — Xavi

Premier League Football Quotes By Michael Owen

The bottom line is that I wanted to come back and play in the Premier League again and wake up on Saturday morning and really fancy getting out there and playing in front of this fantastic support, scoring goals and enjoying football.
(on returning to the premiership) — Michael Owen

Premier League Football Quotes By Gordon Taylor

The Football Association have always acted more as a referee than a governor. And the FA, aware the Premier League provide players for the England team, have always had too gentle a hand on the tiller. The result is that the Premier League are the tigers in the English football jungle everybody's scared of. — Gordon Taylor

Premier League Football Quotes By Rafael Van Der Vaart

You have to believe in yourself. Belief is one of the biggest things in football. If you believe you can win the Premier League then of course it can happen. — Rafael Van Der Vaart

Premier League Football Quotes By Graeme Souness

If you're going to win the Premier League, you're going to have to finish ahead of Chelsea and Manchester City. — Graeme Souness