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Famous Quotes By Audrey Regan

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Each tear being shed holds a thousand pounds of truth. — Audrey Regan

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I hate that our world makes it look like everyone is perfect but you. Each and every one of us is human. Why are all the flaw that we all have hidden like they're not real? — Audrey Regan

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You can take all the pictures you want, but you can never relive the moment the same way. — Audrey Regan

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Brushing my little teeth every morning of my childhood, I stood on my tippy toes, leaned over the sink and said to myself that when I am a big girl I will see from this high.
Today I did the same thing, but the view from my toes was the same from flat feet.
I'm a big girl now. — Audrey Regan

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Because he is awful and I am not I am over looked. It's perfectly logical if you look at it from a twisted point of view. — Audrey Regan

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Do something you would be proud to have in your obituary, but not something that will haunt you until that day.
Live for now, hope for later, and remember then.
As you grow older always remember to never fully grow up.
This is real.
Stand up and look at the skin you're in.
Don't let the others turn you green, think about it, and make it how you want.
Now you're done reading this, do something that make to make who you are make you happy. — Audrey Regan

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Why can't we repeat 8th grace five times and call that a high school education? — Audrey Regan

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Does the person you're throwing those words at have as much strength to catch catch them as you did to throw them? Would you be able to get the pass back just a powerful? — Audrey Regan