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Top Posing For Photos Quotes

Posing For Photos Quotes By Goldy Moldavsky

There could not be pictures of Apple posing with our kidnappee.
There were a dozen photos of Apple posing with our kidnappee. — Goldy Moldavsky

Posing For Photos Quotes By Emma Healey

Sometimes, when I'm having a sort-through or a clear-out, I find photos of my youth, and it's a shock to see everything on black and white. I think my granddaughter believes we were actually grey-skinned, with dull hair, always posing in a shadowed landscape. But I remember the town as being almost too bright to look at when I was a girl. I remember the deep blue of the sky and the dark green of the pines cutting through it, the bright red of the local brick houses and the orange carpet of pine needles under our feet. Nowadays - though I'm not sure the sky is still occasionally blue and most of the houses are still there, and the trees still drop their needles - nowadays, the colours seem faded, as if I live in an old photograph. — Emma Healey

Posing For Photos Quotes By Nicole Kidman

I find standing and posing for photos very awkward. — Nicole Kidman

Posing For Photos Quotes By Miranda Hart

Obviously I love the fans, and it's beyond lovely that people like my work, and I love saying 'Hi,' shaking a hand, doing a high five. All that's fine. But the posing for photos is so time-consuming and frankly a bit weird. — Miranda Hart

Posing For Photos Quotes By Mary Mallory

Posing for these photographs was all part of the publicity machine - anything they could do to get people's names and faces in front of the public. They did all kinds of photos - swimsuit, people playing sports, cooking - that could be used in different sections of the newspaper and magazines. — Mary Mallory