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Top Plot Thickens Quotes

Plot Thickens Quotes By Kate Atkinson

The plot thickens," he said, and wished he hadn't said that because it sounded like something from a bad detective novel. "I think we have a suspect." That didn't sound much better. "My house has just exploded, by the way." At least that was novel. — Kate Atkinson

Plot Thickens Quotes By William Blackwell

Coffee, creativity, keyboard. The plot thickens. — William Blackwell

Plot Thickens Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

The plot thickens. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Plot Thickens Quotes By Laura Kreitzer

I'm not your boyfriend!" I snapped, trying to gently move her hands away from my body.
"How can you say that?" Sara asked in horror.
"It's shockingly effortless," I replied. "My vocal chords vibrate, and my mouth and tongue articulate. I can even do it without thinking." I had to remind myself to stay calm, and sarcasm was the best way to do that.
"When are you going to give me a key to your house so I don't have to knock like some guest?" Sara asked, coming at me again.
I backed away. "How about never? Is never good for you?"
Sara, undeterred, said, "You're the reason I go to therapy on Fridays."
"The plot thickens!" Gabby exclaimed for comedic relief. — Laura Kreitzer

Plot Thickens Quotes By George Washington

Next Monday the Convention in Virginia will assemble; we have still good hopes of its adoption here: though by no great plurality of votes. South Carolina has probably decided favourably before this time. The plot thickens fast. A few short weeks will determine the political fate of America for the present generation, and probably produce no small influence on the happiness of society through a long succession of ages to come. — George Washington

Plot Thickens Quotes By Thea Harrison

The plot thickens ... I didn't even know we had a plot on this trip. — Thea Harrison

Plot Thickens Quotes By Shadowlands

He comes, he sleeps, he goes. So the plot thickens. — Shadowlands

Plot Thickens Quotes By Bill Hicks

Keith Richards outlived Jim Fixx, the runner and health nut. The plot thickens. — Bill Hicks