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Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

Listen, Harriet. I do unterstand. I know you don't want either to give or to take ... You don't want ever again to have to depend for happiness on another person."
"That's true. That's the truest thing you ever said."
"All right. I can respect that. Only you've got to play the game. Don't force an emotional situation and then blame me for it."
"But I don't want any situation. I want to be left in peace. — Dorothy L. Sayers

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Jeremy Lin

I just want people to respect the privacy of my relatives in Taiwan ... They need to live their lives as well. — Jeremy Lin

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Barbara Ehrenreich

Surely there must be some way to find a husband or, for that matter, merely an escort, without sacrificing one's privacy, self-respect, and interior decorating scheme. For example, men could be imported from the developing countries, many parts of which are suffering from a man excess, at least in relation to local food supply. — Barbara Ehrenreich

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Shelly Crane

To remain in love for a lifetime : listen actively to your partner, ask questions, give answers, appreciate, stay attractive, include your partner, give him/her privacy, be honest and trustworthy, tell your mate what you need, accept his/her shortcomings as who they are, give respect in all things, never threaten to leave, say 'no' to adultery, and cultivate variety in your activities to keep things fresh. You can never say 'I love you' too many times and you should say it every day. Even though you've been together forever it seems, you should still continue to 'date' your mate and find new ways to fall in love with them every. Single. Day. — Shelly Crane

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Gene Roddenberry

Technology would have long ago made privacy impossible, except that this had only made it more precious and desirable
and in the close confines of starship life, respect for another's privacy had become a powerful tradition. — Gene Roddenberry

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By J.K. Rowling

The real Harry thought that this might just be the most bizarre thing he had ever seen, and he had seen some extremely odd things. He watched as his six doppelgangers rummaged in the sacks, pulling out sets of clothes, putting on glasses, stuffing their own things away. He felt like asking them to show a little more respect for his privacy as they all began stripping off with impunity, clearly much more at ease with displaying his body than they would have been with their own. "I knew Ginny was lying about that tattoo," said Ron, looking down at his bare chest. "Harry, your eyesight really is awful," said Hermione, as she put on glasses. — J.K. Rowling

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Khalil Gibran

For a love to grow through the test of everyday living, one must respect that zone of privacy where one retires to relate to the inside instead of the outside. — Khalil Gibran

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By John Howard Griffin

They don't deal with any basic difference in human nature between black and white ... , they only study the effects of environment on human nature. You place the white man in the ghetto, deprive him of educational advantages, arrange it so he has to struggle hard to fulfill his instinct for self-respect, give him little physical privacy and leisure time, and he would after a time assume the same characteristics you attach to the Negro. These characteristics don't spring from whiteness or blackness, but from a man's conditioning. — John Howard Griffin

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By John Irving

Jenny Fields discovered that you got more respect from shocking other people than you got from trying to live your own life with a little privacy. — John Irving

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Phil Crane

I certainly respect privacy and privacy rights. But on the other hand, the first function of government is to guarantee the security of all the people. — Phil Crane

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Demi Lovato

You don't owe anybody the present other than yourself. Take time for you. Respect yourself and your privacy. Set boundaries. — Demi Lovato

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Richard Bach

Respect for sovereignity, for privacy, for total independence. Gentle alliances against loneliness, they were, cool rational love-affairs without the love. — Richard Bach

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Britney Spears

You have babies at home. And you have a life. And if you don't, you have to realize that we're people and that we just need privacy and we need our respect. And those are things that you have to have as a human being. — Britney Spears

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

People will always want intimacy with one chosen person and you cannot have intimacy without privacy, which is why couples draw circles of privacy around themselves. They demand that family, neighbors and the law respect their union, and that is why we have marriage. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Emma Goldman

In taking out an insurance policy one pays for it in dollars and cents, always at liberty to discontinue payments. If, however, womans premium is a husband, she pays for it with her name, her privacy, her self-respect, her very life, until death doth part. — Emma Goldman

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Jane Yolen

For it began to occur to him that one way to become private was to respect another's privacy. — Jane Yolen

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Jan Brett

Teachers have to respect the privacy of students' creative life, but at the same time give them a chance to express themselves. — Jan Brett

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Susane Colasanti

An admirable quality of parenthood is the ability to respect your kid's privacy. — Susane Colasanti

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Raheel Farooq

The missing link between humans and apes? It's certainly those brutes who haven't yet learned to respect privacy. — Raheel Farooq

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Anna Kendrick

Oh my god, I just made out with Legolas!' Again, I'm not going to name that actor, as I wish to respect his privacy — Anna Kendrick

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Terry Gross

I respect someone's right to privacy and I want them to know it. — Terry Gross

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Ben Lerner

Maybe that's the way I'm private - I respect the privacy of "my" characters? Anyway, we're getting close to the whole "relatability" and "likability" thing. — Ben Lerner

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Mark Twain

No man, deep down in the privacy of his heart, has any considerable respect for himself. — Mark Twain

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Margaux Hemingway

I love France. The French respect your privacy. — Margaux Hemingway

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Jim Carrey

I need privacy. I would think that because what I do makes a lot of people happy that I might deserve a little bit of respect in return. Instead, the papers try to drag me off my pedestal. — Jim Carrey

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Bruce Schneier

Privacy is an inherent human right, and a requirement for maintaining the human condition with dignity and respect. It is about choice, and having the power to control how you present yourself to the world. — Bruce Schneier

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Friends will be much apart. They will respect more each other's privacy than their communion. — Henry David Thoreau

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Bertrand Russell

Life cannot remain tolerable unless we learn to let each other alone in all matters that are not of immediate and obvious concern to the community. We must learn to respect each other's privacy, and not to impose our moral standards upon each other. The Puritan imagines that his moral standard is THE moral standard; he does not realize that other ages and other countries, and even other groups in his own country, have moral standard different from his, to which they have as good a right as he has to his. — Bertrand Russell

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Britney Spears

I'm very, very blessed. But my safety, my privacy, and my respect are three things that I feel like are trying to be taken away from me right now. As a mother I have to speak up and say something. I have to speak up. — Britney Spears

Please Respect My Privacy Quotes By Diriye Osman

My eldest daughter, Suldana, is in love with another woman. She is eighteen and she spends her days working at our kiosk selling milk and eggs, and at night she sneaks out and goes down to the beach to see her lover. She crawls back into bed at dawn, smelling of sea and salt and perfume. Suldana is beautiful and she wraps this beauty around herself like a shawl of stars. When she smiles her dimples deepen and you can't help but be charmed. When she walks down the street men stare and whistle and ache. But they cannot have her. Every day marriage proposals arrive with offers of high dowries but I wave them away. We never talk about these things like mothers and daughters should; but I respect her privacy and I allow her to live. — Diriye Osman