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Top Plasterboard Quotes

Plasterboard Quotes By Joyce Carol Oates

You can't deny Eros. Eros wills trike, like lightning. Our human defenses are frail, ludicrous. Like plasterboard houses in a hurricane. Your triumph is in perfect submission. And the god of Eros will flow through you, as Lawrence says, in the 'perfect obliteration of blood consciousness. — Joyce Carol Oates

Plasterboard Quotes By Guy De Maupassant

There were office-worn gents with yellow faces, bent backs, and one shoulder set slightly higher than the other from spending hours hunched over desks. And their sad, anxious faces spoke volumes about their domestic troubles, never-ending money worries, and all those old hopes which had been dashed for good; for they all belonged to the army of poor threadbare drudges who just about make ends meet in some dismal plasterboard house with a flowerbed for a garden in the rubbish-and-slag-heap belt on the outskirts of Paris. — Guy De Maupassant

Plasterboard Quotes By Len Buckeridge

Windows were the first thing we made ourselves. Other products, such as cement and plasterboard, came later. Some of the factories we actually built because of union blockades trying to stop us getting supplies. — Len Buckeridge