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Top Piss Me Off Again Quotes

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By J.D. Robb

What are you drinking?" "Number fifty-four; it's supposed to be a chardonnay." Experimentally, Eve sipped again. "It's at least three steps up from horse piss. I recommend it. — J.D. Robb

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Jana Oliver

Beck finished his call. Once he was paying attention again, she pointed downward with the pipe. Peering over the edge of the building, he blinked at the sight, then grinned.
"Good job. Remind me not to piss ya off. Ya might think of usin' that on me sometime."
"So tempting," she said. Except I'd aim for your knees. Your head's too hard. — Jana Oliver

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Sahar Abdulaziz

From a short distance, the few attending mourners under the blue tarp looked on silently as each ritualistic movement necessary to properly complete the last rites of the dead were respectively adhered to. Not surprisingly, only the constant raindrops marred the utter silence of the occasion, and
not a single teardrop fell. Not a whimper or a shudder. Not for this man. Not today. Not ever again. It took all Skye had not to walk over to the hole, lift up her skirt, and piss on the man who had repeatedly raped her as a child. Good riddance, you nasty bastard. Now you are in God's hands. Have fun with that, you piece of garbage. — Sahar Abdulaziz

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

You! You tricked me! I never want to see you or that bottle of liquid arsenic again!"
I chucked the empty moonshine jug at him. Or tried to. It missed him by a dozen feet.
He picked it up in astonishment. "You drank the whole bloody thing? You were only supposed to have a few sips!"
"Did you say that? Did you?" He reached me just as I felt the ground tip. "Didn't say anything. I've got those names, so that's all that matters, but you men ... you're all alike. Alive, dead, undead - all perverts! I had a drunken pervert in my pants! Do you know how unsanitary that is?"
Bones held me upright. I would have protested, but I couldn't remember how to. "What are you saying?"
"Winston poltergeisted my panties, that's what!" I announced with a loud hiccup.
"Why, you scurvy, lecherous spook!" Bones yelled in the direction of the cemetery. "If my pipes still worked, I'd go right back there and piss on your grave! — Jeaniene Frost

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Rachel Vincent

You deserve better than me," I whispered, and the selfish part of me hoped he wouldn't hear.
He heard.
Marc spun me around so fast I would have slipped again if he weren't holding me up. We were so close drops of water from his chin fell onto my chest, and I had to crane my neck to see him.
"You are perfect for me, Faythe, just like you are, because you're not perfect. You're headstrong, and impulsive, and outspoken, and I'm possessive, and overprotective, and too easy to piss off. We're both wrong for a lot of things, but we're right for each other. Do you understand?"
I nodded. I didn't know what else to do. — Rachel Vincent

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Mark Lawrence

Jesu, Rike, you been gargling rat piss again? — Mark Lawrence

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Abigail Roux

Zane was starting to piss him off again. Which was good, he supposed. It meant the urge to lick him all over was passing, at least. — Abigail Roux

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Richard K. Morgan

But I won't watch them go to war again. I've been to war, you know, to save civilization from the reptile hordes. I bled for it, I saw friends and other men die for it. And then I watched men like you piss it away again, the civilization we'd saved, in squabbles over a few hundred square miles of territory and what language the people get to speak there, what color their skin and hair is and what kind of religious horseshit they get crammed down their throats. — Richard K. Morgan

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By K.B. Alan

Richard laughed at Caleb's obvious attempt to not tell them what to do and piss
Taryn off again. — K.B. Alan

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Remind me," he paused, drawing in a stuttered gasp, "to never piss you off again. Christ, are you secretly a ninja? — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

You planning on getting in our way again when we take him down? (Justin)
Boy, you better take that tone and flush it. I'm not a Squire you're talking to; I happen to be one of the guys you answer to. It ain't none of your damned business why I'm going. You just don't move until I tell you to or I'm going to show you how I once made Wyatt Earp piss his drawers. (Jess) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Larissa Ione

Piss me off again and I'll rip you a new asshole and then fuck it. And that's just the foreplay. — Larissa Ione

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

I take it you didn't get the permits ... again. (Brian)
What was your first clue? (Geary)
Oh, I don't know. That stomping stance as you walked down the street, clenching and unclenching your fists like you're already choking someone, or maybe it's that way you're looking at me like you could claw out my eyes when I haven't done anything to piss you off. (Brian)
Yes, you have. (Geary)
And that is? (Brian)
You don't have a gun. (Geary) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Sandra Kring

Now, when you piss off a guy, you don't gotta say you're sorry even after you shoot 'em in the head with bird shot, but when you piss off a girl, saying 'I'm sorry' ain't even good enough. You gotta say it about a hundred times, and you gotta yammer on and on about how dumb you are and how you don't blame 'em if they never speak to you again. — Sandra Kring

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

I thought you were disgusted by the people that come to my club." "They're still people." He presses the button again. "If you go outside, you will be killed. If you make noise, you will be sent outside. Don't piss me off." Just like that, Chester's goes completely silent. — Karen Marie Moning

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Shuli Barzilai

There are four on whose pots the Holy One, blessed he, knocked, only to find them filled with piss, and these are they: Adam, Cain, the wicked Balaam, and Hezekiah.
Again, an abrupt transposition from the divine to the domestic, from upper to lowly spheres, occurs in the midrash. The homely image of the Holy One knocking on pots apparently derives from the practice of tapping on a clay or earthen pot to hear its ring in order to decide if it is worthy of holding wine. In current Hebrew usage, the expression 'to assess or gauge someone's pot' still denotes taking in the measure of a person's character. From Adam's answer to God, we learn that he turned out to be a pisspot. — Shuli Barzilai

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Katy Regnery

Boy, you don't know when the hell to shut up!" Lance sat back miserably, staring up at Asher, every bit of piss and vinegar gone. "Listen up, Lance. This is the last time I'll talk nice to you before I make your face look like a copy of mine. You're not filing anything. Not against me. Not against her. If you ever dare to bother Savannah again, I will find Serena Shepherd, and I will pay whatever it takes to bring her back to Danvers and have her corroborate every word Savannah Carmichael says about you. So unless you want to be known as the county rapist and be taking it up the ass in lockup for the next decade, you will leave this alone and you will never go near Savannah Carmichael again. You hear me, you goddamned rapist?" "I hear you. I hear," Lance mumbled, slumping back in his chair, utterly defeated. — Katy Regnery

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Suzanne Wright

He dropped his forehead to hers. I know I'm a little fucked up. Don't give up on me baby. I'm not saying that things will suddenly be perfect. I'm a guy, and guys can be stupid. I admit I need the room to mess up a little. I can't promise I won't piss you off again, but I can promise you that I'll never deliberately hurt you. Nothing is more important to me than you. Nothing. — Suzanne Wright

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Susannah Scott

His own dragon roared in turmoil in his head: protect her, crush her. Her kind is evil. Protect your mate. Slippery is the water dragon. His dragon roared the ancient saying, and the tips of his wings pushed again at his back.
You are starting to piss me off, he said to her. — Susannah Scott

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Tucker Max

5:16 I shotgun two beers, piss out the bedroom window, catcall passing girls, burp violently, put cage fighting on tv, play with myself. I feel manly again. — Tucker Max

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By George R R Martin

Have you noticed that the rain stopped the instant I had a roof above me? It will start again now that I'm back out. Gods and dogs alike delight to piss on me. - Dolorous Edd — George R R Martin

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Ken Follett

I went to the doctor," said the woman next to Ethel. "I said to him, 'I've got an itchy twat.'"
[ ... ]
She went on: "The doctor says to me, he goes, 'You shouldn't say that, it's a rude word.'"
[ ... ]
"I says to him, 'What should I say, then, doctor?' He says to me, 'Say you've got an itchy finger.'"
[ ... ]
"He says to me, 'Do your finger itch you all the time, Mrs. Perkins, or just now and again?'"
Mildred paused, and the women were silent, waiting for the punch line.
"I says, 'No, doctor, only when I piss through it. — Ken Follett

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Charles Sheehan-Miles

Did I piss you off somehow? Because I'm having some trouble figuring you out."
Crank shrugged and looked out the window again, then said, "I'm not an easy guy to figure out."
"I'm not interested enough to try. It's just that last night you were all, stay the hell away, and this morning you were friendly, and now I'm sitting in a car with an ice cube. I don't do moody."
"I didn't ask you to," he responded.
"Are you always such a dickhead?"
His eyes widened, and he looked over at me. Then he smirked and laughed out loud. We were still sitting at a red light, so I glared at him.
"You're actually really hot," he said. The smirk on his face widened a little.
"You're actually really an ass," I replied. — Charles Sheehan-Miles

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Katie Kacvinsky

Hey, God, did I do something to piss you off? Because I'm starting to think you enjoy twisting the knife in my heart every chance you get. If too much happiness dares to encroach on my life, does some siren go off up there? Uh-oh, Gray's too happy right now. We can't have that. Time to shit all over his life again. — Katie Kacvinsky

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Jamie McGuire

Travis walked in and shut the door behind him. "I was mad. I heard you spitting out everything that's wrong with me to America and it pissed me off. I just meant to go out and have a few drinks and try to figure some things out, but before I knew it, I was piss drunk and those girls ... ," he paused. "I woke up this morning and you weren't in bed, and when I found you on the recliner and saw the wrappers on the floor, I felt sick."
"You could have just asked me instead of spending all that money at the grocery store just to bribe me to stay."
"I don't care about the money, Pidge. I was afraid you'd leave and never speak to me again. — Jamie McGuire

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Steve Coogan

People come up to me in supermarkets and demand humour. And the less amusing I am, the more they piss themselves. So I say, "I'm doing my shopping, mate, OK?" and the guy will be on the floor in hysterics. Quite odd. Eventually I do have to say something funny so I usually go for something pathetic like, "It's a nice place to shop but I wouldn't like to live here!" and they roar again. Wet themselves. I'm lucky though that I am not massively famous, I can get the Tube without much bother. Must be awful being the Beckhams. — Steve Coogan

Piss Me Off Again Quotes By Scott Lynch

Feeling human again?" said Locke.
"this brew could make a dead eunuch piss lightnign" said Jean. — Scott Lynch