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Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Mary Balogh

But I am glad you are not some sort of superhuman pillar of strength. I would not be able to prevail against it. I am too weak, too fragile. In each other's weaknesses, perhaps we can both find strength. — Mary Balogh

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Jolene Perry

Is safe the hands that hold you no matter what?
Or is safe someone hurting enough to fight?
Is safe the one who is strong as a pillar?
Or is safe who wants to use the strength of two, not one?
Is love safe?
Or is it better to find comfort?
Can there be comfort without love?
Can passion come from warmth?
Or does it need to come from fire? — Jolene Perry

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins. Republics ... derive their strength and vigor from a popular examination into the action of the magistrates. — Benjamin Franklin

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Bruce R. McConkie

Prayer is a great tower of strength, a pillar of unending righteousness, a mighty force that moves mountains and saves souls. Through it the sick are healed, the dead are raised, and the Holy Spirit is poured out without measure upon the faithful. — Bruce R. McConkie

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Alan Bradley

A pillar of strength, Daffy had once remarked, was a nice way of saying someone was terminally bossy, — Alan Bradley

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Rumi

It is for that moment when I might steady you so you don't fall, I have added my blood to an inkwell. Indelible now will be my mark on history's canvas and upon any sincere debate of God where reason finally prevails. And when you have the strength, you too may find another to hold up. They lean against each other in a storm, those cypresses grown tall together ... through the years. If they had not trusted and protected one another the way they do, they would not have survived and given us their grace and shade - a place for our eyes to meet. Our friendship can be like this: a needed lift, a sail, a pillar, a springboard to taste the unfathomable. It is to tend you as you come into being, like a new world, that causes me to stay, gives me a purpose. Of course I thank you for that ... for letting me help. — Rumi

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Deeba Salim Irfan

You make the world come alive. You make the world colorful. You are the inspiration behind all that happens. You are the pillar of strength to many around you, the centrifugal force of your own little world, called family. I love being a women and celebrate being one everyday, hope you all do too!! And to all those who battle their various circumstances, the hurdles, the sacrifices and the compromises they make, wish them all inner strength! Happy Women's Day! — Deeba Salim Irfan

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Zygmunt Bauman

The carrying power of a bridge is not the average strength of the pillars, but the strength of the weakest pillar. I have always believed that you do not measure the health of a society by GNP but by the condition of its worst off. — Zygmunt Bauman

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Ama H. Vanniarachchy

A father's tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remains as a pillar of strength throughout our lives. — Ama H. Vanniarachchy

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Harbhajan Singh

Ever since Sourav became the captain, I do not feel like a youngster in the team any more. Everybody is treated equally and Sourav himself is extremely approachable and a pillar of strength. Sourav stood by me when I was struggling. I owe a great deal to him for standing by me at the most important time. I can't express my gratitude to him in words. — Harbhajan Singh

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Yuvraj Singh

I have worked really hard on my game, but I think my mother has been a real pillar of strength. She has prayed a lot, sacrificed a lot for me. You know, she hasn't seen me bat so far. When I am batting, she is praying ... mothers are like that, aren't they? — Yuvraj Singh

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Umar

I will be harsh and stern against the aggressor, but I will be a pillar of strength for the weak.I will not calm down until I will put one cheek of a tyrant on the ground and the other under my feet, and for the poor and weak, I will put my cheek on the ground. — Umar

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Jenna Morasca

Being a caretaker is, and never will be, an easy job; in fact, it is that hardest job in the world and many times a thankless job. You have to be the pillar of strength even when you feel like you are crumbling to pieces inside. — Jenna Morasca

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Jamie Kennedy

I'd like to be a wounded leading man. Instead of a pillar of strength, I'd be the scared one. — Jamie Kennedy

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By Herbert Hoover

I was not able to work up much enthusiasm over the ball game, and in the midst of it I was handed a note informing me of the sudden death of Senator Dwight morrow. He had proved a great pillar of strength in the senate and his death was a great loss to the country and to me. I left the ballpark with the chant of the crowd ringing in my ears, 'We Want Beer!' — Herbert Hoover

Pillar Of Strength Quotes By F. Sionil Jose

The Japanese bureaucracy is unique. It is also very powerful, although it is now the object of so much criticism. Many of Japan's brightest made it a pillar of strength and continuity. — F. Sionil Jose