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Personal Profile Quotes By Jeffrey Fisher

In 2001, a teenager was arrested in Pennsylvania for daytime burglary. The teenager had broken into a local home, by climbing in through a bedroom window. The teenager stole two expensive diamond rings, but instead of quickly leaving the crime scene, he decided that he needed to check his Facebook first. After he checked his Facebook, he finally left. However, not only had he signed into his actual Facebook account, he did not sign out of his account, or even close out the browser. When the police checked the scene of the crime, his Facebook profile was still open, with all of his personal information readily available. — Jeffrey Fisher

Personal Profile Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

When your LinkedIn Profile doesn't sync with your Facebook persona, you are on a verge of sinking your brand — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Personal Profile Quotes By Iain Sinclair

The poet he was escorting into Wales was a Horus-headed dud of some personal magnetism. The hair was feathered gell, the nose hooked. He stared at me and he didn't. His eyes belonged to a magician; one bored into you, right through the lens into the depths of the vitreous humor - while the other popped and wobbled in the style of Ben Turpin. He folded in on himself, profile sharp as an axe. A labrys. This man would have no problem seeing around a corner. — Iain Sinclair

Personal Profile Quotes By Kurt Warner

I believe that the Lord has a plan for each of us that's better than anything we can imagine, even if that plan isn't obvious to us at every stage. He prepared me for this over a long period of time - in lower-profile locker rooms and the grocery store and in Europe, through all the personal tragedies and in spite of the people who doubted me along the way. — Kurt Warner

Personal Profile Quotes By Stacy Hudson

Tips for Facebook These tips are equally valid for Twitter, Tumblr, G+, and any other time-hungry Social Networking. Keep business and recreational separate. Run two profiles so you can demarcate the different activities. Business Social Networking fits in 'Time-Out'. Personal Social Networking belongs in 'Down-Time' Keep your beliefs and prejudices away from your Profile. Be a good Digital Citizen. — Stacy Hudson

Personal Profile Quotes By James C. Collins

Compared to high-profile leaders with big personalities who make headlines and become celebrities, the good-to-great leaders seem to have come from Mars. Self-effacing, quiet, reserved, even shy - these leaders are a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will. They — James C. Collins

Personal Profile Quotes By Melanie Pinola

How do you want the world to see you professionally? What kinds of work do you enjoy doing? Why are you on LinkedIn? Those are the questions you should think about when creating your LinkedIn profile, so it's aligned with your personal brand. While marketing-speak like 'personal brand' feels fake to many of us, we're really just talking about setting the right tone for your profile and positioning yourself for the kinds of opportunities you're interested in. — Melanie Pinola

Personal Profile Quotes By Douglas Rushkoff

In the digital universe, our personal history and its sense of narrative is succeeded by our social networking profile - a snapshot of the current moment. The information itself - our social graph of friends and likes - is a product being sold to market researchers in order to better predict and guide our futures. — Douglas Rushkoff

Personal Profile Quotes By Thomas Hardy

The man was of fine figure, swarthy, and stern in aspect; and he showed in profile a facial angle so slightly inclined as to be almost perpendicular. He wore a short jacket of brown corduroy, newer than the remainder of his suit, which was a fustian waistcoat with white horn buttons, breeches of the same, tanned leggings, and a straw hat overlaid with black glazed canvas. At his back he carried by a looped strap a rush basket, from which protruded at one end the crutch of a hay-knife, a wimble for hay-bonds being also visible in the aperture. His measured, springless walk was the walk of the skilled countryman as distinct from the desultory shamble of the general labourer; while in the turn and plant of each foot there was, further, a dogged and cynical indifference personal to himself, showing its presence even in the regularly interchanging fustian folds, now in the left leg, now in the right, as he paced along. — Thomas Hardy

Personal Profile Quotes By Brian Chesky

When you start a company, it's more an art than a science because it's totally unknown. Instead of solving high-profile problems, try to solve something that's deeply personal to you. Ideally, if you're an ordinary person and you've just solved your problem, you might have solved the problem for millions of people. — Brian Chesky

Personal Profile Quotes By Simon Mainwaring

The launch of Google+ apps sends a powerful signal - the personalized web has begun. What this means is that the way information is structured and accessed will turn on the individual, or rather their personal profile which is a composite of all the data collected on the basis of what they have searched for and shared. — Simon Mainwaring

Personal Profile Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

Genuinely support people in ways you can. If you build great relationships and people get to like you for you, they will eventually promote what you do and would want to do business with you. The bottom line is that people love to do business with those they love and trust. Learn to understand people, your audience, their needs, and their real problem. If you are using a Facebook page or even your own profile, involve your friends in a fruitful discussion. Don't just make a post and leave to expect likes and comments. Take time to leave a note for a friend, ask about their business and what interests them. — Bernard Kelvin Clive