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Pergament Home Quotes By Jeffrey Rosen

I think he's [Louis Brandeis] a great model for progressive justices today who want to answer the originalists. It's not that the original paradigm cases are irrelevant, but you have to focus on the values the framers were trying to protect, not on the means with which those values were invaded in the 18th century. — Jeffrey Rosen

Pergament Home Quotes By Nhat Hanh

When you have a toothache, you think that not having a toothache will make you very happy. But when you don't have a toothache, often you are still not happy. If you practice awareness, you suddenly become very rich, very very happy. — Nhat Hanh

Pergament Home Quotes By Chris Johnson

Anytime I'm on the field and my teammates are on the field with me, I just want them to have fun. — Chris Johnson

Pergament Home Quotes By Robert Frost

One of the lies would make it out that nothing
Ever presents itself before us twice.
Where would we be at last if that were so?
Our very life depends on everything's
Recurring till we answer from within. — Robert Frost

Pergament Home Quotes By Joe Perry

I know that some of the great painters and some of the great artists didn't even start to 'peak', as you say, till they were in their fifties and sixties. And God knows, history is full of artistic people that weren't even recognized till they were dead and gone. — Joe Perry

Pergament Home Quotes By Henry Ward Beecher

It is the color which love wears, and cheerfulness, and joy
these three. It is the light in the window of the face by which the heart signifies to father, husband, or friend that it is at home and waiting. — Henry Ward Beecher

Pergament Home Quotes By Marilyn Manson

I'm not a slave to a God that doesn't exist, and I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit. — Marilyn Manson

Pergament Home Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

You're falling into the trap of believing everything that's in the political handbook, and at the top of the list it says you can't do anything without money. [Donald] Trump has. — Rush Limbaugh

Pergament Home Quotes By Pierce Brown

On distant Luna, buildings rise seven miles high; there the Sovereign Consul, Octavia au Lune, rules with her Imperators and Praetors. The Ash Lord, who made the world of Rhea cinders, is her minion. She controls the twelve Olympic Knights, legions of Peerless Scarred, and Obsidians as innumerable as the stars. — Pierce Brown

Pergament Home Quotes By John Oliver

A Southern accent is not a club in my bag. — John Oliver