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Penny Coin Quotes By Caleb Crain

Jacob thought about going home. He still had some American change, which he kept in an empty matchbox in his sock drawer, and one night, after he had finished his pancakes and jam, he took the coins out, spread them on the kitchen table, and admired the burnt sienna patina of one of the pennies, which in the candlelight was iridescent with violet and green where people's touch had salted it. The portrait of Lincoln was ugly and noble, and Jacob took off his glasses to look more closely. On the other side, an erratic line of shrubbery was engraved beside the Lincoln monument's steps. The idealism seemed to be in Lincoln rather than in the coin's design, which was homely. It was so homely, in fact, that there was a kind of democratic grandeur to it. It was the most beautiful currency in the world. Jacob was on the verge of tears. — Caleb Crain

Penny Coin Quotes By Celso Cukierkorn

The first money memory that many of us have as children is finding a coin on the street, in the park, or while walking to school. Then when we picked up the penny or nickel and showed it to our mother or father, and they immediately told us to go wash our hands saying, That is dirty! — Celso Cukierkorn

Penny Coin Quotes By Exurb1a

Until that hungry black god eats me up. Now I spend the centuries circling into it like a penny in one of those coin spirals at an arcade; — Exurb1a

Penny Coin Quotes By Wayne Dyer

Every time I see a coin on the street, I stop, pick it up, put it into my pocket, and say out loud "Thank you, God, for this symbol of abundance that keeps flowing into my life" Never once have I asked, "Why only a penny, God? You know I need a lot more than that." — Wayne Dyer

Penny Coin Quotes By Tessa Dare

I need a penny," Pauline said. "Quickly, give me a penny." He fished in his pocket and produced a coin, then dropped it in her outstretched hand. She peered at it. "This isn't a penny. It's a sovereign." "I don't have anything smaller." She rolled her eyes. "Dukes and their problems. I'll be along in a moment. — Tessa Dare