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Top Penguins Quotes

Penguins Quotes By Milton Jones

I've just finished my book, I wrote it on penguins. Come to think of it, paper would have been better. — Milton Jones

Penguins Quotes By Lili St. Crow

It wasn't exactly dangerous to be out during the day ... but the Council, every one of them, up to and including August, would have kittens and penguins and little baby narwhals, too, probably, if they knew what I was up to. — Lili St. Crow

Penguins Quotes By Brittany Murphy

I got a phone call from George Miller [the director] asking me to play this role. We sat down and he showed me on his computer a documentary-type montage sequence of real penguins swimming, in an Esther Williams synchronized sort of way, and doing things I have never seen them do. Then he explained his vision of the film, asked me to read the script and to voice the character. I was cast a little bit later, and he let me do the singing as well! — Brittany Murphy

Penguins Quotes By Oliver Markus

Only about 3 percent of animal species are monogamous. A couple of penguins, some otters and a few other oddball critters. To these select few it comes natural to mate for life and never look at another member of the opposite sex. Humans are not part of that little club. Like the other 97% of species, humans are not monogamous by nature. We just pretend that we are. — Oliver Markus

Penguins Quotes By Maria Semple

The penguins that spent most of their time fighting were the ones with no chicks ... It's like they're supposed to be taking care of their chicks. But because they don't have any, they have nothing to do with all their energy. So they just pick fights. — Maria Semple

Penguins Quotes By Shia Labeouf

I think penguins are the most human of all the birds, which may be why people love them. They're cute, they stand upright and they look like they're wearing tuxedos. — Shia Labeouf

Penguins Quotes By James Ellroy

My dad was always snoozing on the couch, like Dagwood Bumstead. He was a lazy motherfucker. God bless him. He was always working on some kind of get-rich-quick scheme. This is what my dad was like: I'd say, Hey, Dad, we studied penguins today in school. He'd say, Yeah? I'm a penguin fucker from way back. Dad, I saw a giraffe at the zoo today. Yeah? I'm a giraffe fucker from way back. That's my dad. My dad was a giraffe fucker. — James Ellroy

Penguins Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

You let him touch you," Todd observed idly. My eyes widened. "I do not." "Yes you do. Just little touches here and there. He puts his hand on your arm or back, he stands close to you, getting you used to him . . . it's a mating ritual. Like March of the Penguins." "It has nothing to do with mating rituals. It's a Texas thing. People are touchy-feely here. — Lisa Kleypas

Penguins Quotes By Paul Nicklen

The penguin doesn't know it's cute, and the leopard seal doesn't know it's kind of big and monstrous. This is just the food chain unfolding. — Paul Nicklen

Penguins Quotes By Phoebe Damrosch

I hear you're a writer,' said 2040..."What are you writing about?'

Not liking to discuss my writing with strangers, I had been privately auditioning possible conversation stoppers, but I didn't think that I would ever have the nerve to use one. But now, in the most awkward of situations, it seemed appropriate.

'Actually, I'm writing a biography,' I responded casually. 'About a man in Alaska who makes foie gras from penguins. — Phoebe Damrosch

Penguins Quotes By Jonathan Maberry

When giant violent albino penguins are the least extraordinary issue of the day, then your day has slipped a gear. — Jonathan Maberry

Penguins Quotes By Terry Pratchett

There have been better attempts at marching, and they have been made by penguins. — Terry Pratchett

Penguins Quotes By Mario Lemieux

This arena is a special place. Everybody loves it. To be able to stand behind the bench and be a part of a great tournament for the '96 Elite is fun. The kids, having a chance to play in the building where the Penguins play, it's a special feeling for them. — Mario Lemieux

Penguins Quotes By C.B. Cook

Antarctica. You know, that giant continent at the bottom of the earth that's ruled by penguins and seals. — C.B. Cook

Penguins Quotes By Jeremy Clarkson

Asking the front wheels of a car to do their normal job of steering while handling more than 170hp is like asking a man to wire a plug while juggling ... penguins ... while making love ... to a beautiful woman while on fire, on stage ... in front of the Queen. It's all going to go wrong. — Jeremy Clarkson

Penguins Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Jordan followed, buttoning his jeans and muttering about how there was nothing strange about having a pattern of dancing penguins on your underwear. — Cassandra Clare

Penguins Quotes By Wendy Mass

What do you have against penguins?' he asks. 'They're like really big birds in tuxedos. They're always ready for a fancy dance. — Wendy Mass

Penguins Quotes By Tracey Alvarez

Kezia looked down her nose at him - the haughty school-teacher stare less devastating when the school-teacher in question wore penguins. — Tracey Alvarez

Penguins Quotes By A. L. Kennedy

If ever the difficulties of your life seem overwhelming, consider the prospect of being eaten alive by savage penguins and rejoice that such horrors are unknown to you. — A. L. Kennedy

Penguins Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

Penguins mate for life. Which doesn't really surprise me, because they all look exactly alike. It's not like they're gonna meet a better-looking penguin someday. — Ellen DeGeneres

Penguins Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

Everyone has their weaknesses. Some people smoke. I collect stuffed penguins. If you won't tell, I won't. — Laurell K. Hamilton

Penguins Quotes By Jacob M. Appel

Now I know how to make it as a pedophile. Forget lollypops. Antarctic wildlife is the ticket. — Jacob M. Appel

Penguins Quotes By Jacob M. Appel

Know your load. That's rule numero uno in this business, which is why I make them count the penguins out in front of me one at a time. I'm not going to be the schmuck who shows up in Orlando two
birds short of a dinner party ... I know I'm pulling out of Houston with exactly forty-two Gentoo penguins, seventeen Jamaican land iguanas, four tuataras from New Zealand, and a pair of rare, civet-like mammals called linsangs. No more, no less. — Jacob M. Appel

Penguins Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

Again and again we are confronted with the reality - some might say the problem - of sharing our space with other living things, be they dogs, trees, fish or penguins. — Jonathan Safran Foer

Penguins Quotes By Belle Aurora

They say penguins mate for life." He reached up again and jerked hard at his tie. "And I want to be your penguin. — Belle Aurora

Penguins Quotes By Bob Saget

I'm fortunate to know a lot of incredibly talented people, and they all want to be a penguin. — Bob Saget

Penguins Quotes By B.B. Taylor

Sleep frees our imaginations from the confines of its imprisonment. Last night I dreamt of penguinsB.B. Taylor

Penguins Quotes By Linus Torvalds

If you think penguins are fat and waddle, you have never been attacked by one running at you in excess of 100 miles per hour. — Linus Torvalds

Penguins Quotes By W.N.P. Barbellion

I felt as lonely and desolate as a man suddenly fallen from the clouds into an unknown town on the Antarctic Continent built of ice and inhabited by Penguins. Who are these people? I asked myself irritably. — W.N.P. Barbellion

Penguins Quotes By Anatole France

The Christian state," said St. Cornelius, "is not without serious inconveniences for a penguin. In it the birds are obliged to work out their own salvation. How can they succeed? The habits of birds are, in many points, contrary to the commandments of the Church, and the penguins have no reason for changing theirs. I mean that they are not intelligent enough to give up their present habits and assume better. — Anatole France

Penguins Quotes By Donald Finkel

I have taken the liberty of quoting at length throughout from the gospels of the Emperor penguins. To them I owe a special debt of gratitude for their remarkable patience. — Donald Finkel

Penguins Quotes By Jasmine Jean

Our wings serve as flippers that carry us across the ocean; not in the sky!
Why, us penguins have so much fun time in the water, we don't even want to fly! — Jasmine Jean

Penguins Quotes By Lili St. Crow

I've talked to Bruce about it. He'll have kittens, and Hiro will have penguins, and August will completely throw a fit, but I've made up my mind. It's up to you — Lili St. Crow

Penguins Quotes By Diane Ackerman

For better or worse, zoos are how most people come to know big or exotic animals. Few will ever see wild penguins sledding downhill to sea on their bellies, giant pandas holding bamboo lollipops in China or tree porcupines in the Canadian Rockies, balled up like giant pine cones. — Diane Ackerman

Penguins Quotes By H.P. Lovecraft

All the birds had flown away, save only the great, grotesque penguins. — H.P. Lovecraft

Penguins Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

If I'd been alone, I wouldn't have eaten at all. I'd have taken a shower, thrown on an oversize T-shirt, and gone to bed surrounded by a few select penguins. Now I had a fancy dinner to eat, by candlelight nonetheless. If I said I wasn't hungry, would he be insulted? Would he pout? Would he yell about all the work going to waste and tell me about starving kids in Southeast Asia? "Shit," I said softly and with feeling. Well, hell, if we ever were going to cohabitate, he'd have to know the truth. I was unsociable, and food was something you ate so you wouldn't die. I — Laurell K. Hamilton

Penguins Quotes By Elisabeth Naughton

Your penguin. You know, penguins. They mate for life. Penguins are one of the only animals on the planet that do that, like humans. It's sweet. You've got yourself a little penguin, Uncle Mitch. — Elisabeth Naughton

Penguins Quotes By Anna Banks

The penguins love Emma. They waddle around, dive in and out of their pool, call out to her. She laughs. "They sound like donkeys!"
"Maybe you can talk to donkeys, too," Dr. Milligan smiles.
Emma nods. "I can. Sometimes Galen can be a jackass. — Anna Banks

Penguins Quotes By L. H. Cosway

She said seals sexually assault penguins and deserved to be clubbed. That woman is nuttier than a Snickers bar. — L. H. Cosway

Penguins Quotes By Zooey Deschanel

I think penguins are cute. — Zooey Deschanel

Penguins Quotes By Ian Barker

Graham glared him into silence, his eyes cold enough to make a penguin wish it had stocked up on thermal underwear. — Ian Barker

Penguins Quotes By Anatole France

I see only one solution," said St. Augustine. "The penguins will go to hell." "But they have no soul," observed St. Irenaeus. "It is a pity"" sighed Tertullian. — Anatole France

Penguins Quotes By Roger Tory Peterson

Penguins are an indicator of the health of our watery planet, and if they are unable to survive, we had better take notice or we might find our own survival threatened. — Roger Tory Peterson

Penguins Quotes By George Orwell

The Penguin books are splendid value for sixpence, so splendid that if other publishers had any sense they would combine against them and suppress them. — George Orwell

Penguins Quotes By Anna Staniszewski

Once a penguin finds its perfect other penguin, they stay together pretty much forever. — Anna Staniszewski

Penguins Quotes By Alessandro Boffa

So there we were on that ice floe, just the two of us, adrift in the polar night. Viskovitz turned and said, "I'd like you to get our conversation down in black and white."
"It's not possible," I answered. "I'm not a typist. I'm not a writer. I'm a penguin. As far as I'm concerned 'getting it down in black and white' means making more penguins."
So instead, there I was a month later, standing still with an egg under my belly, remembering...
I was the one who had brought up the subject. — Alessandro Boffa

Penguins Quotes By Unknown

The mind is like an iceberg full of penguins, but when another penguin jumps up, one on the other side falls off. So it is with the mind, if one wants to force bad things out one must keep the good penguins on and force the bad ones out. — Unknown

Penguins Quotes By Arthur C. Clarke

Instantly, there had been cries of protest from the industrial archaeologists, outraged at such vandalism, and from the naturalists, who pointed out that the penguins simply loved the abandoned pipeline. — Arthur C. Clarke

Penguins Quotes By Bradley Trevor Greive

They (penguins) then fall madly in love and live happily ever after.
And so you ask yourself: "If a penguin can have a worthwhile, stimulating relationship, why the hell can't I?"
Or maybe you ask yourself: "Would I be happier if I started dating a penguin — Bradley Trevor Greive

Penguins Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Just a little touches her and there. He puts his hands on your arms or back, he stands close to you, getting you used to him ... it's a mating ritual. Like March of the Penguins. — Lisa Kleypas

Penguins Quotes By Rebekah Crane

I've never been in love, but if a penguin can find a soul mate, I'm sure I can, too. — Rebekah Crane

Penguins Quotes By Rick Riordan

Felix believed that the answer to every problem involved penguins; but it wasn't fair to birds, and I was getting tired of teleporting them back home. Somewhere in Antarctica, a whole flock of Magellanic penguins were undergoing psychotherapy. — Rick Riordan

Penguins Quotes By Niall Williams

It's been well-thumbed, at least triple-read, there's that smell the fat orange-spine Penguins get when their pages have yellowed and the book bulges, basically the smell of complex humanity, sort of sweat and salt and endeavour. Like all the fat orange Penguins, it gets fatter with reading, which it should, because in a way the more you read it the bigger your own experience of the world gets, the fatter your soul. — Niall Williams

Penguins Quotes By Feist

So, I'm on 'Sesame Street,' walking around with all these monsters, Elmo and his buddies, a whole bunch of chickens, a whole bunch of penguins and a number four dancing about. It was just pure joy, simple, ridiculous fun, stupid joy. There's no irony. 'Sesame Street' is just a crazy great place to be. — Feist

Penguins Quotes By Rick Riordan

Egypt is the First Nome. New York is the twenty-first. What's the last one, the Three-hundred-and-sixtieth?" "That would be Antarctica," Zia said. "A punishment assignment. Nothing there but a couple of cold magicians and some magic penguins." "Magic penguins?" "Don't ask. — Rick Riordan

Penguins Quotes By Robyn Mundy

You can never have too many penguins. — Robyn Mundy

Penguins Quotes By Seth Numrich

During my childhood, I played just about every sport imaginable, which became less feasible at Juilliard ... Although I remember our annual dodge-ball game as a highlight. The Juilliard 'Fighting Penguins' are a force to be reckoned with. — Seth Numrich

Penguins Quotes By Kersten Hamilton

Teagan: How long has it been since you read a book that didn't havevampires in it?
Abby: They write books with no vampires? Wait ... the penguins made us read that Shakesrear guy, right?
Teagan: Shakespeare. — Kersten Hamilton

Penguins Quotes By Bret McKenzie

One of the mistakes I made was thinking chickens and penguins could sing, just like all the other animals in the 'Muppets.' But it turns out those animals are not allowed to sing words. — Bret McKenzie

Penguins Quotes By Noah Cicero

I should kill myself. Things would be better if I did. For me anyway. I don't know how it would affect global warming or penguins in Antarctica. But it might help me. — Noah Cicero

Penguins Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Come on, Ella. Sleep green.'
Ignoring him, I got into bed wearing a T-shirt and boxer shorts printed with penguins. I reached over to the nightstand and flipped off the lamp.
A moment of silence, and then I heard a lecherous murmur. 'I like your penguins. — Lisa Kleypas

Penguins Quotes By Jim Butcher

She might be the Archive, but she's still a kid, Kincaid."
He frowned and looked at me. "So?"
"So? Kids like cute."
He blinked at me. "Cute?"
"Come on."
I led him downstairs.
On the lower level of the Oceanarium there's an inner ring of exhibits, too, containing both penguins and
wait for it
sea otters.
I mean, come on, sea otters. They open abalone with rocks while floating on their backs.
How much cuter does it get than small, fuzzy, floating, playful tool users with big, soft brown eyes? — Jim Butcher

Penguins Quotes By Jasper Fforde

I suggest we depict penguins as callous and unfeeling creatures who insist on bringing up their children in what is little more than a large chest freezer. — Jasper Fforde

Penguins Quotes By David S. Atkinson

Anyway, a bunch of penguins were living in a ceramic bowl of cold spaghetti noodles. There was no tomato sauce because it didn't exist yet, but that was okay. As the spaghetti was cold, moisture condensed upon it. This kept the spaghetti from sticking, or from sticking to the penguins, or the bowl. It also kept the penguins from sticking to the bowl, and from sticking to each other.
As I mentioned, tomato sauce did not exist yet. You should realize since this was a beginning, the moisture didn't either. Neither did the bowl. I think you can guess about the penguins. How could there be penguins if nothing existed yet? — David S. Atkinson

Penguins Quotes By Lesley Howarth

I know what nuns are, kind of. It's just I never saw one. I didn't know they looked like penguins. — Lesley Howarth

Penguins Quotes By Brittany Murphy

I would hope with all my heart that people understand this and see it in the film. And there are also other messages in Happy Feet, like racial and environmental ones, but none of them are so overt. George has made a great story about penguins with a lot of humanity in it and audiences can follow a species we don't know that well. — Brittany Murphy

Penguins Quotes By Adam Raider

In February 1999, my wife, who is also a Rangers fan, gave birth to our first child. We named her Destiny and made sure that she was baptized in a Rangers jersey. At her baptism, my wife, myself, and my stepdaughter all wore our Rangers jerseys. Years later, as Destiny learned about hockey, she came to me and said, 'Daddy, I like the Penguins. They're cool!' I immediately called my lawyer friend, wanting to sue the doctor who delivered her. God does have a sense of humor." James Valenzano, Maricopa, Arizona Rangers fan since 1970 — Adam Raider

Penguins Quotes By Russell Brand

All penguins are the same below the surface, which I think is as perfect an analogy as we're likely to get for the futility of racism. — Russell Brand

Penguins Quotes By Jasper Fforde

For a taste that's a bit more distinct, eat a bird before it's extinct. — Jasper Fforde

Penguins Quotes By Paul Watson

In 'Deadliest Catch,' we have men in ships in rough seas catching crabs. With 'Whale Wars,' we have men and women from a dozen different nations going out to sea in rough weather to help save the whales. We also have icebergs, whales, penguins, and dramatic ship-to-ship confrontations. — Paul Watson

Penguins Quotes By Douglas Adams

Insofar as she recognized at all that she was dreaming, she realized that she must be exploring her subconscious mind. She had heard it said that humans are supposed only to use about a tenth of their brains, and that no one was really clear what the other nine tenths were for, but she had certainly never heard it suggested that they were used for storing penguins. — Douglas Adams

Penguins Quotes By Frank Zappa

They tried to make me go to Catholic school, too. I lasted a very short time. When the penguin came after me with a ruler, I was out of there. — Frank Zappa

Penguins Quotes By Carla Gugino

You can't not be happy around penguins. You're unfortunately happy and cold but the happiness makes up for the coldness. — Carla Gugino

Penguins Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

It won't be the same for me," I whispered, half to myself. "You won't let me be like that. We'll live in Antarctica."
Edward snorted, breaking the tension. "Penguins. Lovely. — Stephenie Meyer

Penguins Quotes By Ed Sheeran

If I ever have any back-up dancers, I want the penguins from Madagascar. — Ed Sheeran

Penguins Quotes By Will Cuppy

Male penguins are unfaithful up to an advanced age, a phenomenon sometimes attributed to the sea air. — Will Cuppy

Penguins Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

I swear, Daimons or not, if you don't behave, Z, I'm going to send you to Antarctica and leave you there to rot. (Acheron)
Ooo. I'm terrified. Those killer penguins and hairy seals are really scary. (Zarek) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Penguins Quotes By Richard Atwater

This parcel of penguins really performs! — Richard Atwater

Penguins Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

The tears were back, stinging just behind my eyes. There was blood all over my penguins. I didn't give a damn about the walls and carpet. They could be replaced, but I'd collected those damned stuffed toys over years. — Laurell K. Hamilton

Penguins Quotes By Rich Lowry

You have to check out 'March of the Penguins'. Penguins are the really ideal example of monogamy. — Rich Lowry

Penguins Quotes By Bruce Chatwin

Albatrosses and penguins are the last birds I'd want to murder. — Bruce Chatwin

Penguins Quotes By Serpent's Shadow Rick Riordan

The king tut masks flew off the penguins, revealing them to be -gasp- penguins. — Serpent's Shadow Rick Riordan

Penguins Quotes By Rick Riordan

The answer to every problem involved penguinsRick Riordan

Penguins Quotes By Jack Prelutsky

The BALLPOINT PENGUINS, black and white,
Do little else but write and write.
Although they've nothing much to say,
They write and write it anyway ... — Jack Prelutsky

Penguins Quotes By H.P. Lovecraft

On the barren shore, and on the lofty ice barrier in the background, myriads of grotesque penguins squawked and flapped their fins; while many fat seals were visible on the water, swimming or sprawling across large cakes of slowly drifting ice. — H.P. Lovecraft

Penguins Quotes By Alison Gopnik

Our babies are like penguins; penguin babies can't exist unless more than one person is taking care of them. They just can't keep going. — Alison Gopnik

Penguins Quotes By Roberto Cavalli

In the evening every man looks the same. Like penguins. Women have a special dress for that event; men, the same tuxedo. — Roberto Cavalli

Penguins Quotes By Mary Roach

Penguins can shut down digestion by lowering the temperature inside their stomach to the point where the gastric juices are no longer active. The stomach becomes a kind of cooler to carry home the fish they've caught for their young. Penguins' hunting grounds may be several days' journey from the nest. Without this handy refrigerated mode, the swallowed fish would be completely digested by the time the adults get back - like — Mary Roach

Penguins Quotes By Mark Iacolina

Penguins skate. Penguins spin. Penguins love to make you grin. — Mark Iacolina

Penguins Quotes By William Hurt

I'm not comfortable with walking the red carpet in a tuxedo and seeing all the women with their boobs pushed up and all the men dressed as penguins - particularly when the subject of your film is the nature of violence and humanity. — William Hurt

Penguins Quotes By Apsley Cherry-Garrard

I am glad The Worst Journey is coming out in Penguins: after all it is largely about penguins. — Apsley Cherry-Garrard

Penguins Quotes By Niall Williams

By the end of that summer in Ashcroft my father had nearly run out of stories. He'd almost read his father's full library and arrived at last at Moby Dick. The edition I have is a Penguin paperback (Book 2,333, Herman Melville, Penguin, London). It's been well-thumbed, at least triple-read, there's that smell the fat orange-spine Penguins get when their pages have yellowed and the book bulges, basically the smell of complex humanity, sort of sweat and salt and endeavour. Like all the fat orange Penguins, it gets fatter with reading, which it should, because in a way the more you read it the bigger your own experience of the world gets, the fatter your soul. Try it, you'll see. — Niall Williams

Penguins Quotes By August Krogh

The respiratory mechanisms of birds are definitely adapted to the function of flight, as evidenced by the fact that birds which do not fly (Apteryx, Penguins) show these adaptations in a greatly reduced form. — August Krogh

Penguins Quotes By Tim Burton

My name is Jimmy, but my friends just call me the hideous penguin boy. — Tim Burton

Penguins Quotes By Joss Stirling

Zed : Penguins, such fascinating creatures, but I didn't know you were studying them. What class is that you're taking?
Sky: The 'we-stupid-looking-creature-should-stick-together' class. — Joss Stirling

Penguins Quotes By Quvenzhane Wallis

I love penguins. — Quvenzhane Wallis

Penguins Quotes By Matthew Dickman

I'm not going to / let a little thing like the world stand in my way. / Why should I? I understand it / as much as I understand penguins / and I still go to the zoo. — Matthew Dickman

Penguins Quotes By Judith Hayes

The biblical account of Noah's Ark and the Flood is perhaps the most implausible story for fundamentalists to defend. Where, for example, while loading his ark, did Noah find penguins and polar bears in Palestine? — Judith Hayes

Penguins Quotes By Kendare Blake

Land of the Dead? Is that what you dream about?" she asks. "Boy who kills ghosts for a living?"
"No. I dream about penguins doing bridge construction. Don't ask why. — Kendare Blake

Penguins Quotes By Anatole France

To clothe the penguins is a very serious business. At present when a penguin desires a penguin he knows precisely what he desires and his lust is limited by an exact knowledge of its object. At this moment two or three couples of penguins are making love on the beach. See with what simplicity! No one pays any attention and the actors themselves do not seem to be greatly preoccupied. But when the female penguins are clothed, the male penguin will not form so exact a notion of what it is that attracts him to them. His indeterminate desires will fly out into all sorts of dreams and illusions; in short, father, he will know love and its mad torments. And all the time the female penguins will cast down their eyes and bite their lips, and take on airs as if they kept a treasure under their clothes! . . . what a pity! — Anatole France