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Top Peer Group Pressure Quotes

Peer Group Pressure Quotes By Mike Lofgren

The pressure to conform to an authority figure or peer group can cause people to behave in shocking ways. — Mike Lofgren

Peer Group Pressure Quotes By Mark Barrowcliffe

I was aware that he was laughing at me, but I told myself I didn't care what other people thought and would dress how I liked. Of course, like many self-consciously wacky people, I was in fact paralyzed by fear of the opinions of others and made the effort to appear as the maddest of the mad headbangers just in case anyone had the slightest lingering doubt as to the depth of my devotion. In fact, I think my disguise felt so fragile I couldn't allow it a single crack. If I did it might fall to bits and leave the real me shrivelling under the evaluating gaze of my peer group. — Mark Barrowcliffe

Peer Group Pressure Quotes By Alexandra Robbins

When a child sees herself through the prism of her peer group, the resulting self image can be distorted. — Alexandra Robbins

Peer Group Pressure Quotes By Lauren Greenfield

The people in the popular group say there is no peer pressure because they are at the top of the food chain. Really what they are doing is just eating away at everybody else. — Lauren Greenfield

Peer Group Pressure Quotes By Trish Mercer

Group pressure is also a fascinating process to watch. Given enough arguments, time, and stress, even the most resolute and determined man can be made fearful enough to completely reverse his ideals to conform with everyone else. — Trish Mercer

Peer Group Pressure Quotes By Evita Ochel

Societal peer pressure to conform runs strong, but as more of us continue to think and act for ourselves, rather than be under the influence of group-think, we begin to make more effective choices. — Evita Ochel

Peer Group Pressure Quotes By Mark Sayers

In the democratic, egalitarian spirit of our day, we hold in suspicion positions of social authority, yet we submit to the power of peers. Social anxiety, peer group pressure, and competition all dictate our lives. Many are more afraid of offending their friends than they are of offending figures of authority. We have moved from a culture based upon hierarchy to a peerarchy. Ironically we flee from relational distinctions and boundaries, yet without these traditions and boundaries we become mired in codependency. — Mark Sayers

Peer Group Pressure Quotes By Tony Orlando

A real friend is someone who does n0t give you expectation about delivering on some kind of peer group pressure. — Tony Orlando