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Pal Quotes By J.D. Robb

I can handle it. But it stinks, if you ask me, really stinks, that you get to go out somewhere drinking beer while I'm stuck at Baby Central. Just because you have a penis."
"We'll think fondly of you over beer, me and my penis."
She ate a little more, then smiled slowly. "You've still got to be in the birthing room when she pushes it out."
"Shut up, Eve."
"Your penis won't save you then, Pal. — J.D. Robb

Pal Quotes By Pal Benko

There is no doubt that Bronstein's shrewd understanding of chess psychology was crucial to his success. Without it, his impetuous style and technical flaws might have relegated him to a minor career. — Pal Benko

Pal Quotes By Joell Ortiz

You owe dough? You ain't give up that cheese? Hey ...
Sooner or later, you'll Pay, Pal (no eBay). — Joell Ortiz

Pal Quotes By Jim Brown

Act your age. Students do not look upon you as a buddy, pal, or peer. They expect you to be a mature adult ... Many young teachers have a tendency to seek popularity, resorting to tactics that can create endless problems. — Jim Brown

Pal Quotes By Avi

Pal, if you don't take some wrong turns, you aren't going anywhere. — Avi

Pal Quotes By David Sedaris

Thanks stadium pal! — David Sedaris

Pal Quotes By Al Capp

Don't be a pal to your son. Be his father. What child needs a 40-year-old for a friend? — Al Capp

Pal Quotes By Pal Brekke

Anyone who claims that the debate is over and the conclusions are firm has a fundamentally unscientific approach to one of the most momentous issues of our time. — Pal Brekke

Pal Quotes By Pal Benko

I remember being with a girlfriend who asked me to look over some chess openings with her. I instantly fell asleep. I found that I could always take a nap in any situation by just looking at some opening variation - my eyes would shut right away. — Pal Benko

Pal Quotes By George A. Romero

The guy that made me wanna make movies ... and this is off the wall-is a guy named Michael Pal, the British director. — George A. Romero

Pal Quotes By Allie A. Burrow

About the only good thing about being sex-starved and hornier than the blue wildebeest in mating season she'd once had to write an essay on, was the vast improvement on her pen-pal repertoire. Phone sex? Pah! Any schmuck could talk dirty and get off on it. The art of airmail sex, however, presented a much greater challenge and one she'd excelled at, if Mark's responses were anything to go by. It was a wonder the planes didn't catch fire. — Allie A. Burrow

Pal Quotes By Bob Edwards

The radio was my pal. I was just crazy about it. — Bob Edwards

Pal Quotes By Elizabeth Berg

...And indeed it did take me a long time for me to find someone I wanted to marry. But I'm so glad I waited. What I know about Pete and me is that the flame will never go out. I do not look up from tossing the salad and think, Oh, God, how the hell did I ever get here? I do not look a the back of his head and think, I don't know you at all. I wake up with my pal, and go to sleep with my lover. He still thrills me, not only sexually but because of the way he regards the life that unfolds around him. I am interested in what he says about me and the children and our respective jobs, but I am also interested in what he says about the Middle East and the migratory patterns of monarchs and the amount of nutmeg that should be grated into the mashed potatoes and the impact that being a thwarted artist had on the life of Hitler. I believe he is a truly honest and awake and kind individual. If we live more than once, I want to find him again. — Elizabeth Berg

Pal Quotes By Edward Douglas

services as a tree trimmer.92 In the fall of 1975, while still promoting Cuckoo's Nest, Nicholson played a very small part in his pal Sam Spiegel's production of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon, based on the life of MGM wonder boy Irving Thalberg, who made Metro the dominant — Edward Douglas

Pal Quotes By Mary Karr

Having a great dad probably permitted me to pal around with guys in a way that some women don't. — Mary Karr

Pal Quotes By Pal Benko

Agreeing to draws in the middlegame, equal or otherwise, deprives you of the opportunity to practice playing endgames, and the endgame is probably where you need the most practice. — Pal Benko

Pal Quotes By David Gerrold

When I was a kid, my favorite movies were the George Pal version of 'War Of The Worlds,' 'Them,' and 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers.' Those movies were scary! They haunted my nightmares for years, so when I started writing, I wanted to write a story that was just as big and just as scary. — David Gerrold

Pal Quotes By Ann Robinson

George Pal had total control, and he was there on the set every day. You never met a more charming man in your entire lifetime - what a lovely gentleman. — Ann Robinson

Pal Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

As for your back rubs ... Study an anatomy book, pal, because what you've been rubbing isn't my back. — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Pal Quotes By Stephen King

Many writing texts caution against asking friends to read your stuff, suggesting you're not apt to get a very unbiased opinion[.] ... It's unfair, according to this view, to put a pal in such a position. What happens if he/she feels he/she has to say, "I'm sorry, good buddy, you've written some great yarns in the past but this one sucks like a vacuum cleaner"?
The idea has some validity, but I don't think an unbiased opinion is exactly what I'm looking for. And I believe that most people smart enough to read a novel are also tactful enough to find a gentler mode of expression than "This sucks." (Although most of us know that "I think this has a few problems" actually means "This sucks," don't we?) — Stephen King

Pal Quotes By James O'Barr

Funboy: Pal, something is seriously wrong with you.
The Crow: Atrocity has that effect on me. — James O'Barr

Pal Quotes By John Grisham

They, the lawmakers, were hoodwinked by the insurance companies who are still funding the national tort reform movement, a political crusade that has been wildly successful. Virtually every state has fallen in line with caps on damages and other laws designed to keep folks away from the courthouse. So far, no one has seen a decline in insurance rates. An investigative report by my pal at the Chronicle revealed that 90 percent of our legislators took campaign money from the insurance industry. And this is considered a democracy. — John Grisham

Pal Quotes By J.D. Robb

She sat down, grinned - and made her lip throb again. "I love you."
"Excellent news. You can prove it with lots of sex."
"We had sex a few hours ago."
"No, we made love a few hours ago - angels surely wept. I want sex for this job, as it's given me a buggering headache trying to straddle your far-famed line. I want mad sex, with costumes - maybe props - and an intriguing story line."
"Milking it, pal. — J.D. Robb

Pal Quotes By Dave Eggers

You know what I think? I think everyone should be able, just once, to make an inanimate object come to life and be his pal. Like an orange. Or a hammer. — Dave Eggers

Pal Quotes By Joey Bishop

One time we were having dinner and some guy came by and took a potato off of Frank Sinatra's plate. And Frank said, "Hey pal, are you hungry?" The guy says, "yeah." Frank said, "Sit down." And he gave him his dinner. I thought for sure there was gonna be trouble from the guys surrounding Frank, but Frank says, "Jeez, relax, the man's hungry." — Joey Bishop

Pal Quotes By Olivia A. Cole

It's the typical hungry-vagina fodder, written in the same cotton-candy verbiage: "To really wow your guy pal, wait until he's almost there" - this is written in italics, an editorial nudge-wink - "and then put him in your mouth for a mind-blowing climax." Tasha is always annoyed by the use of "him" in place of "penis." What if she didn't know any better? What if she thought "him" meant him? All of him? She imagines herself an anaconda of a woman, her jaw unhinged, swallowing her lover like a reptilian black widow. — Olivia A. Cole

Pal Quotes By Don Henley

Lennon's was one of the first voices I emulated when I began to sing. When we held tryouts in my pal's dad's living room for the singer in our band, I sang a Beatles song that Lennon sang. There is something about the timbre of his voice, something that it conveys, that still gets to me. The quality and the poetry of his lyrics. The wry sense of humor. And the boyishness, in the beginning. There are a great many things that touch me about him ... Lennon was, to put it in his own words, a 'working-class hero.' — Don Henley

Pal Quotes By Ellen J. Barrier

An awesome friend is everything. — Ellen J. Barrier

Pal Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Oh yes, I don't deny I married you because I was sorry for you. And then-I found you the best and jolliest and dearest little pal and chum a fellow ever had. Witty-loyal-sweet. You made me believe again in the reality of friendship and love. — L.M. Montgomery

Pal Quotes By Denis Leary

I'm the enemy because I like to think. I like to read. I'm into freedom of speech and freedom of choice. I'm the kind of guy that could sit in a greasy spoon and wonder, gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the jumbo rack of barbecue ribs or the side order of gravy fries? I want high cholesterol. I would eat bacon and butter and buckets of cheese. Okay? I want to smoke Cuban cigars the size of Cincinnati in the nonsmoking section. I want to run through the streets naked with green Jell-O all over my body reading Playboy magazine. Why? Because I might suddenly feel the need to. Okay, pal? — Denis Leary

Pal Quotes By Tobe Hooper

I noticed the dudes in the ambulance were staying put; I hoped they were calling for backup, or maybe somebody who could do an exorcism, or maybe my pal Stephen King, because if anybody on earth could figure a way out of this mess, it'd be Uncle Stevie. — Tobe Hooper

Pal Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

I remember when I was probably about ten years old I had a pen pal, and writing letters back and forth with him was one of my favorite things to do. His name was Steve and he lived in one of those huge mansions that's so big it has a name. It was called the Louisiana State Penitentiary, and he told me it was even bigger than the mayor's mansion. We'd send letters back and forth and he'd ask me to send him my favorite books and small pieces of metal or wood that were lying around and all the money I could find in my house. And I'd gather them all up and put cute little stickers of cats on the packages and send them away. It was so fun. Eventually we stopped writing because I moved to another city and he moved out to live on his own. He called it "solitary confinement." I was always so impressed by his vocabulary. — Ellen DeGeneres

Pal Quotes By Alex P. Berg

Hold on there, pal. Why don't you take a deep breath and tell me what you know. And keep in mind most of us prefer sentences over stream-of-consciousness word vomit. — Alex P. Berg

Pal Quotes By Devin Townsend

The thing that kills me is all these bands that use huge words in their lyrics, 'I'm swimming in a vortex of apathy.' I'm like, 'What?' I don't walk up to a friend and go 'That's a stylin' looking vortex of apathy you've got there pal. I was swimming up a river of deceit myself.' — Devin Townsend

Pal Quotes By Ed Engle

When the word began to get out, the idea of tying imitations of aquatic worms was not met with universal approval in the fly-fishing community. It seems that worms had somehow gotten a bad name. I think a fishing pal of mine hit it on the head when he said, It just pisses them off that you can catch trout, I mean really big trout, on a fly that a five-year old can tie in twenty seconds! — Ed Engle

Pal Quotes By James Dashner

You're going to shoot me? Old pal? — James Dashner

Pal Quotes By Joe Frazier

My family's support and the negative environment of the day toward blacks in South Carolina became the forces that led me out of the South - first to New York, then to Philadelphia, where I found opportunity in the form of a PAL gym and my trainer, Yank Durham. — Joe Frazier

Pal Quotes By Oscar Wilde

Anybody can sympathise with all the sufferings of the pal, nevertheless it involves an extremely great mother nature to sympathise by using a friend's achievement. — Oscar Wilde

Pal Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Even in a dream, even at a posh ball, the Nac Mac Feegle knew how to behave. You charged in madly, and you screamed ... politely.
"Lovely weather for the time o' year, is it not, ye wee scunner!"
"Hey, jimmy, ha' ye no got a pommes frites for an ol'pal?"
"The band is playin' divinely, I dinna think!"
"Make my caviar deep-fried, wilya? — Terry Pratchett

Pal Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Someone asked me if I would like to write a man on death row, be a pen pal, and I was like, sure. I volunteered. I had been in a place in my life - a relationship had ended; my parents were getting elderly - I was kind of adrift. The name that was given to me, just randomly, was Todd Willingham. And he wrote me a letter, and in this letter, he thanked me for writing him and [said that] if I would like to visit, he would put me on his visitor list ... I was just really struck by the letter from Todd. It was very polite; it was very kind. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Pal Quotes By Kushal Pal Singh

If it was not for Rajiv Gandhi, urbanization in India would have been history. — Kushal Pal Singh

Pal Quotes By Daniel Gillies

Kevin Smith is so great in 'Kingdom Come,' isn't he? He's kind of this very earthy poet. He just has this immediate gregariousness, like, you kind of just want to be his pal. — Daniel Gillies

Pal Quotes By Joshua Harris

The common error today is to bring God so close that we strip Him of His "godness." We think we have him figured out. So God becomes our pal, our buddy, our Divine Butler."
from "Dug Down Deep — Joshua Harris

Pal Quotes By Libba Bray

Cash or check?" he said cheekily. Even the dullest Ohio girls knew that bit of lingo: Kiss now or kiss later?
"Bank's closed, pal. — Libba Bray

Pal Quotes By J.D. Robb

Are you gonna arrest a robber?"
"Know any?"
"My friend Everet stoled a candy bar from the store, but his ma found out and made him go pay for it out of his 'lowance, and he couldn't have candy or nothing for a whole month. You could arrest him. He's over there."
He pointed, cheerfully ratting out his pal.
"It sounds like he's paid his debt to society. — J.D. Robb

Pal Quotes By Kushal Pal Singh

Urban development in India ... will be the biggest sunrise industry that any country has seen in any part of the world. — Kushal Pal Singh

Pal Quotes By Toni Blake

You're just ... too high-maintenance. Too self-absorbed. And you talk too much - usually about things
that don't matter - and it drives me absolutely nuts. What it comes down to is - you're just not the
woman I need on my arm to get me where I want to go.
Okay, pal, don't sugarcoat it or anything. — Toni Blake

Pal Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

So," Jesper said, adding sugar to his coffee. "Other than Inej making a new pal, what the hell happened out there?"
"Let's see," said Nina. "Inej fell twenty stories."
"We put a serious hole in my father's dining room ceiling," Wylan offered.
"Nina can raise the dead," said Inej.
Matthias' cup clattered against his saucer. It looked ridiculous in his huge hand. "I can't raise them. I mean, they get up, but it's not like they come back to life. I don't think. I'm not totally sure. — Leigh Bardugo

Pal Quotes By Epictetus

Why are you pestering me, pal? My own evils are enough for me. — Epictetus

Pal Quotes By Jim Kraft

Garfield took Odie's paw. "Old pal, if anything happens to us, there's one thing you should know."

"It's going to happen to you first. — Jim Kraft

Pal Quotes By Anuj Tiwari

Rah chalta hun toh yeh manzilein kho jati hain,
Har mod par bas tu nazar aati hai;
Kya hai zindgi tere bna, ek pal sochta hu,
Agle he pal yeh zindgi bhi maut nazar aati hai. — Anuj Tiwari

Pal Quotes By Clark Gable

The things a man has to have are hope and confidence in himself against odds, and sometimes he needs somebody, his pal or his mother or his wife or God, to give him that confidence. He's got to have some inner standards worth fighting for or there won't be any way to bring him into conflict. And he must be ready to choose death before dishonor without making too much song and dance about it. That's all there is to it. — Clark Gable

Pal Quotes By P.B. Kerr

Nothing perplexes us quite like our best pal's choice in a partner. — P.B. Kerr

Pal Quotes By Ethlie Ann Vare

A frequent exchange of text messages is not a relationship. It's not even a pen-pal. — Ethlie Ann Vare

Pal Quotes By Junot Diaz

You don't know what it's like to grow up with a mother who never said a positive thing in her life, not about her children or the world, who was always suspicious, always tearing you down and splitting your dreams straight down the seams. When my first pen pal, Tomoko, stopped writing me after three letters she was the one who laughed: You think someone's going to lose life writing to you? Of course I cried; I was eight and I had already planned that Tomoko and her family would adopt me. My mother of course saw clean into the marrow of those dreams, and laughed. I wouldn't write to you either, she said. She was that kind of mother: who makes you doubt yourself, who would wipe you out if you let her. But I'm not going to pretend either. For a long time I let her say what she wanted about me, and what was worse, for a long time I believed her. — Junot Diaz

Pal Quotes By Amy A. Bartol

I slump against the cushion. "How am I going to protect him, if I've completely alienated him? He thinks I'm creepy ... " I say sadly.
"You are not creepy," Reed says soothingly, taking my hand.
"You're not a good judge of creepy, Reed, since you're creepier than I am," I say warily, looking over at Zephyr when I hear him laughing at my comment. "I wouldn't laugh too hard, pal, because you're the creepiest one of us all. — Amy A. Bartol

Pal Quotes By Mindy Kaling

In the Shakespearean comedies, the wedding is the end, and there isn't much indication of what happily ever after will look like day to day. In real life, shouldn't a wedding be an awesome party you throw with your great pal, in the presence of a bunch of your other friends? A great day, for sure, but not the beginning and certainly not the end of your friendship with a person you can't wait to talk about gardening with for the next forty years. — Mindy Kaling

Pal Quotes By Steve Biddulph

The biggest single problem of American parents today is the foolish idea that you just have to be a friend to your children. Kids need parents, not just another pal. This means being able and willing to say no, to challenge faulty thinking, and to expect accountability. — Steve Biddulph

Pal Quotes By Kushal Pal Singh

In urbanization, you think big because you are thinking decades ahead. — Kushal Pal Singh

Pal Quotes By Janey Mack

Move along, pal. I haven't upgraded to misery yet. — Janey Mack

Pal Quotes By Nora Roberts

That's a lot of vegetables. "It is, yes, and if you eat them like a good girl ... " He lifted the silver lid on another plate, revealed a small pizza, with pepperoni arranged into a smiley face. She tried to give him a stony stare, but the laugh won out. "You think you're cute, don't you, pal?" "Adorable." "In this case, you can have adorable. Ow!" She managed the stony stare when he slapped her hand away from the pizza. "Vegetables first. — Nora Roberts

Pal Quotes By Pal Benko

I had a slightly inferior endgame that probably should have been drawn, but Kortchnoi kept torturing me with little threats until finally, exhausted and exasperated, I made a losing mistake. — Pal Benko

Pal Quotes By Ernest Cline

Somebody set up us the bomb,' pal," he quoted. "Now it's time to take off every zig for great justice. — Ernest Cline

Pal Quotes By Ann Patchett

Being a childless woman of childbearing age, I am a walking target for people's concerned analysis. No one looks at a single man with a Labrador retriever and says, "Will you look at the way he throws the tennis ball to that dog? Now there's a guy who wants to have a son." A dog, after all, is man's best friend, a comrade, a pal. But give a dog to a woman and people will say she is sublimating. If she says that she, in fact, doesn't want children, they will nod understandingly and say, "You just wait." For the record, I do not speak to my dog in baby talk, nor when calling her do I say, "Come to Mama. — Ann Patchett

Pal Quotes By PewDiePie

What I and other YouTubers do is a very different thing; it's almost like hanging around and watching your pal play games. — PewDiePie

Pal Quotes By Wil Wheaton

One of Geordi's first stops is to visit his good pal Wesley Crusher, who shows off one of his science projects (a mini tractor beam) and one of his toys, a device that lets Wesley recreate speech from anyone on the ship. Any doubt that Wesley is a complete weenie is removed when we learn that he uses this device to have Captain Picard say things like, "Welcome to the bridge, Wesley," instead of having Counselor Troi say things like, "Smack my ass, Wesley, I'm a naughty, naughty bitch. — Wil Wheaton

Pal Quotes By Nick Hornby

Listen, pal. I came here because I knew how worried you must be. But if you're going to talk to me like that, I'll fuck off home. The word racist brightened a little: the Anglo- Saxon was striking back against the Roman invader. — Nick Hornby

Pal Quotes By Clifton Fadiman

My son is 7 years old. I am 54. It has taken me a great many years to reach that age. I am more respected in the community, I am stronger, I am more intelligent and I think I am better than he is. I don't want to be a pal, I want to be a father. — Clifton Fadiman

Pal Quotes By M.T. Bass

After all, which would you rather do, pal, screw Bridget Bardot's brains out or read reviews of her movies? — M.T. Bass

Pal Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

And you call yourself a pal of mine!"
"Yes, I know; but there are limits."
"Bertie," said Bingo reproachfully, "I saved your life once."
"Didn't I? It must have been some other fellow then. Well, anyway, we were boys together and all that. You can't let me down."
"Oh, all right," I said. "But, when you say you haven't nerve enough for any dashed thing in the world, you misjudge yourself. — P.G. Wodehouse

Pal Quotes By Les Paul

This guitar is such a pal. It's a psychiatrist. It's a doggone bartender. It's a housewife. This guy is everything. Whenever I find that I've got a problem, I'll go pick my guitar up and play. It's the greatest pal in the whole world. — Les Paul

Pal Quotes By Barry Dougherty

A guy is sitting in a bar getting bored, looking to strike up a conversation. He turns to the bartender and says, "Hey, about those Democrats in Congress..." "STOP pal - I don't allow talk about politics in my bar!" interrupted the bartender. A few minutes later the guy tries again: "You know what some people say about the pope?" "NO religion talk, either," the bartender cuts in. One more try to break the boredom: "This year, I really thought the Yankees would..." "NO sports talk. That's how fights start in bars!" the barman says. "Look, how about sex. Can I talk to you about sex?" "Sure, that we can talk about any time," replies the barkeep. "GREAT... GO FUCK YOURSELF! — Barry Dougherty

Pal Quotes By Pal Benko

When you defend, try not to worry or become upset. Keep your cool and trust your position - it's all you've got. — Pal Benko

Pal Quotes By Ann Robinson

Oddly enough, George Pal always began and ended something with The Bible. All his pictures had a religious undertone. God was always there, protecting us. — Ann Robinson

Pal Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

I am pitching it feebly," said young Bingo earnestly. "You haven't heard the thing. I have. Rosie shoved the cylinder on the dictating-machine last night before dinner, and it was grisly to hear the instrument croaking out those awful sentences. If that article appears I shall be kidded to death by every pal I've got. Bertie," he said, his voice sinking to a hoarse whisper, "you have about as much imagination as a warthog, but surely even you can picture to yourself what Jimmy Bowles and Tuppy Rogers, to name only tow, will say when they see me referred to in print as "half god, half prattling, mischievous child"?"
I jolly well could
"She doesn't say that?"I gasped.
"She certainly does. And when I tell you that I selected that particular quotation because it's about the only one I can stand hearing spoken, you will realise what I'm up against. — P.G. Wodehouse

Pal Quotes By Jean-Luc Godard

ALPHA-60: Your name is written "Ivan Johnson," but it is pronounced "Lemmy Caution," Secret Agent Zero Zero Three of the Outlands. You are a threat to the security of Alphaville.
CAUTION: I refuse to become what you call "normal."
ALPHA-60: You cannot escape. The door is locked.
CAUTION: Try to stop me, pal. — Jean-Luc Godard

Pal Quotes By Mindy Kaling

In real life, shouldn't a wedding be an awesome party you throw with your great pal, in the presence of a bunch of your other friends? A great day, for sure, but not the beginning and certainly not the end of your friendship with a person you can't wait to talk about gardening with the for the next forty years. — Mindy Kaling

Pal Quotes By Buddy Lester

I'd been doing the Chicago theatre thing for years. The money was kinda good - thanks to a push by my old pal Capone, who, let's say, persuaded theatre owners to book me. — Buddy Lester

Pal Quotes By Rob Thomas

And she'd also found Logan again. Now he was her ... what? New-old boyfriend? Lover? Skype buddy? Pen pal with benefits? Whatever his title, his e-mails filled her inbox. Sometimes he sent five a day, short and quipping. Other times he sent longer, more serious ones. She kept her tone light when she replied. That'd always been her MO - a joke, a jab. A way to deflect from what she was really feeling. A way to keep the nonstop ache of missing him from becoming too painful to survive. And honestly, what was there to say that would come close to what she felt? The moments they'd spent together before he'd shipped out on his latest naval tour had been the most peaceful she could remember - even with her anxiety about her dad. It'd been the first time she'd felt complete in a long time. And then, just like that, he was gone again. — Rob Thomas

Pal Quotes By Tove Jansson

All men have parties and are pals who never let each other down. A pal can say terrible things which are forgotten the next day. A pal never forgives, he just forgets, and a woman forgives but never forgets. That's how it is. That's why women aren't allowed to have parties. Being forgiven is very unpleasant. — Tove Jansson

Pal Quotes By Michael Jan Friedman

The Romulans may rip this base in half, pal. They may even kill me. But I'll be damned if they're going to keep me from enjoying a refreshing beverage. — Michael Jan Friedman

Pal Quotes By Fannie Flagg

Hello ... is this Mrs. Fritzi Bevins?'
'Yes, it is.'
'From Pulaski, Wisconsin?'
'Uh ... you don't know me, but I recently received some papers. From Texas. And, well ... I think I might be your daughter?'
There was a long silence on the other end, and then after a moment, the woman in a softer voice said, 'Hiya, pal. I've been waiting for this call for a long time. — Fannie Flagg

Pal Quotes By Steven Poore

Look pal, I'm a superhero, not a liability. — Steven Poore

Pal Quotes By June Whyte

Now I had a mate and a pal. All I needed to complete the Kat Friendship Club was a buddy! — June Whyte

Pal Quotes By Don Johnson

People in the business will stay with you through drugs and alcohol and divorces and insanity and everything else, but you have a failure, pal, and they don't want to know nothing about you! — Don Johnson

Pal Quotes By Gary Sinise

I have a band that I started with a buddy of mine, a Vietnam veteran pal named Kimo Williams from Chicago. — Gary Sinise

Pal Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

So long, old pal. You're going to a different world now. It's sure to be a better one, since no other world could be as bad as this one is. — Kurt Vonnegut

Pal Quotes By Russell Banks

It's a landscape that controls you, sits you down and says, Shut up, pal, I'm in charge here. — Russell Banks

Pal Quotes By Langston Hughes

Good morning, Revolution: You're the very best friend I ever had. We gonna pal around together from now on — Langston Hughes

Pal Quotes By Dawn French

Get a move on, pal, life goes on happening while you're hiding ... — Dawn French

Pal Quotes By Mark Frost

Why am I telling you this?" he went on. "A secret's only a secret as long as you keep it. Once you tell someone it loses all its power--for good or for ill--like that, it's just another piece of information. But a real mystery can't be solved, not completely. It's always just out of reach, like a light around the corner; you might catch a glimpse of what it reveals, feel its warmth, but you can't know the heart of it, not really. That's what gives it value: It can't be cracked, it's bigger than you and me, bigger than everything we know. Those tight-ass suits can keep their secrets, they don't add up to anything. This deep in the game, pal, I'll take mystery every time. — Mark Frost

Pal Quotes By M T Anderson

You know who you should ask about this? My pal Ray, who works with me. He could tell you all about this." Lily's dad nodded. "Except he was taken out of the office a few days ago with his hands tied behind his back and a bandanna tied as a gag on his mouth." Her father thought for a second. "Huh. He hasn't been in to work since. I wonder if he has the flu. — M T Anderson

Pal Quotes By Dipayan Pal

If you are not doing what you love , then what are you here for — Dipayan Pal

Pal Quotes By Nicola Sturgeon

If your pal or neighbour is in the SNP, you're more likely to listen to them than if you just turn on the telly and see me or Alex. The growth of membership is building a politically engaged community base that hasn't been there in my lifetime. — Nicola Sturgeon

Pal Quotes By George Herman

To my sick little pal. I will try to knock you another homer, maybe two today. — George Herman

Pal Quotes By Katie MacAlister

Ophelia moaned as I patted her cheeks in the approved "vague assistance to woman who has fainted" manner.

"Perdy?" she mumbled, her eyelashes fluttering.

"No, it's just me," I said, looking up when the door opened. "And Drake and Fiat, and Pal and Istvan, and I think that's Renaldo and another one of Fiat's bullies in the hall, although it's a little hard to see with everyone in the way. — Katie MacAlister

Pal Quotes By Nora Roberts

Nodding, Parker ate. "He's an exceptional kisser."
"He really is. He ... How do you know?" When Parker just smiled, Emma's jaw dropped. "You? You and Jack? When? How?"
"I think it's disgusting," Mac muttered. "Yet another best pal moving on my imaginary ex."
"Two kisses, my first year at Yale, after we ran into each other at a party and he walked me back to the dorm. It was nice. Very nice. But as exceptional a kisser as he is, it was too much like kissing my brother. And as exceptional a kisser as I am, I believe he felt it was too much like kissing his sister. And that's how we left it. I gather that wasn't an issue for you and Jack. — Nora Roberts

Pal Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

The boys like me as a pal but I don't believe anyone will ever really fall in love with me."
"Nonsense," said Emily reassuringly. "Nine out of ten men will fall in love with you."
"But it will be the tenth I'll want," persisted Ilse gloomily. — L.M. Montgomery

Pal Quotes By Pal Benko

Sometimes players need to gain time on the clock by repeating the position, but most often its purpose is to wear down the opponent psychologically. — Pal Benko

Pal Quotes By Pal Benko

I always urge players to study composed problems and endgames. — Pal Benko