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Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Ayn Rand

She stood in a swaying, sealed chamber of metal, looking at the giant generators. She had wanted to see them, because the sense of triumph within her was bound to them, to her love for them, to the reason of the life - work she had chosen. In the abnormal clarity of a violent emotion, she felt as if she were about to grasp something she had never known and had to know. She laughed aloud, but heard no sound of it; nothing could be heard through the continuous explosion. "The John Galt Line!" she shouted, for the amusement of feeling her voice swept away from her lips. — Ayn Rand

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Anyta Sunday

We're. Lily, you, and me. We do this together." Always together. With that he sealed my words, his lips to mine. A kiss that showed our love as:

Unbelievable. — Anyta Sunday

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Charlie Cochet

If Sloane's quiet words hadn't been enough to get Dex squirming in his towel, Sloane's quick kiss to his lips sealed the deal. Oh God, he was about to get a hard-on at work, and the bastard that was the cause of it was loving every moment of it.
Think unsexy thoughts. Think unsexy thoughts.
Ash's growl echoed through the showers. "What are you two gay boys doing in there?"
Aaand done.
--Dex — Charlie Cochet

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Melissa Landers

Let me rephrase," he added, sharper than barbed steel. "I'm coming with you."
"Excuse me?" Solara came to a sudden stop, forcing him to do the same. "You'll go wherever I send you."
"I'm not - "
"Don't interrupt."
He sealed his lips shut.
"Our relationship is simple," she told him. "I say 'Jump,' and you say 'Through which window, Miss Brooks?' You don't make demands of me. Are we clear? — Melissa Landers

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Alexa Riley

One touch from her and I knew that my life had been changed. One moment a year ago and my world was forever hers. From that moment on, everything I did, every motion in my life, every beat of my heart, was for her. When her lips met mine, it sealed her fate. She didn't know it that day, but it happened. — Alexa Riley

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Sandra Jones

What have you to trade for my silence?" ...
He opened his mouth to beckon the men, but Eleri moved like lightning. With her right arm restrained, she couldn't cut him. However, her weapon of choice caught him completely off-guard.
Her lips sealed to his, cutting off his voice in a hard kiss...
Bracing his back against the gnarled tree branches, he relaxed for more, but the kiss ended as briskly as it had begun....
Blood surging through his body, Warren grinned and lowered his face over hers. "Not the price I had in mind, but...um, shall we see what else you have to offer? — Sandra Jones

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Ted Gup

I would argue that in times of war, sealed lips sink entire democracies. If we don't have access to vital information, we lose everything. — Ted Gup

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Anna Santos

If heaven existed, it surely had to be against his lips, in his kisses and his arms around me. His kisses were tender, sweet, breathtaking, and too good to be true! Time ceased to exist. Gravity was a vague idea in my mind. I couldn't let him go. I wanted more and more. I wanted his tongue and my tongue playing together, discovering and making me feel alive and happy. I wanted our lips sealed together, his arms around me, pulling me tight against his solid warm body. I wanted to melt and merge with him. They weren't normal kisses; they were mind-blowing experiences! — Anna Santos

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Nalini Singh

The two angels were both tall, but Aodhan was perhaps an inch taller, and now his eyes locked with Illium's for a long, quiet moment before he lowered his head slightly. Illium raised his hand, the movement slow, hesitant ... and then his fingers brushed Aodhan's cheek just below the cut that had almost sealed. The first ray of dawn kissed the tear that rolled down Illium's face, caressed the painful wonder on Aodhan's as he lifted his hand to clasp the wrist of his friend's hand.
That instant of contact, the power of it, stole her breath.
Then Illium smiled, said something that made Aodhan's lips curve-Elena thought it might've been "Welcome back, Sparkle"-and they were separating to sweep off the Tower in a symphony of wild silver blue and heartbreaking light.
"Raphael," she whispered, having felt him come up behind her. "Did you see?"
"Yes." His hand on her nape, his thumb brushing over her pulse. "Of course it would be Illium who reached him," he murmured. — Nalini Singh

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Theodore L. Cuyler

The Christian who will sit with sealed lips when his Master is assailed, when religion is attacked, when wickedness is broached and defended, when truth is denounced, is a denier of his Lord, as guilty as Simon Peter in Pilate's hall. — Theodore L. Cuyler

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Frank Lebby Stanton

The closed door and the sealed lips are prerequisites to tyranny. — Frank Lebby Stanton

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Pierre Courtois

My nightmares never go away, and yet my lips are sealed to the world and especially to him. — Pierre Courtois

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Lon Milo DuQuette

Religion exalts mystery as an unknowable secret that must be sealed in glass like the corpse of an enchanted princess and fearfully worshipped from afar. Initiation, on the other hand, requires direct participation and demands each of us to smash the casket and press mad lips to mystery, wooing her as a lover who will offer up her treasurers in a succession of sweet surrenders. This she will do, but only in exact ratio to our evolving ability and worthiness to receive them. — Lon Milo DuQuette

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Nellie Bly

What a mysterious thing madness is. I have watched patients whose lips are forever sealed in a perpetual silence. They live, breathe, eat; the human form is there, but that something, which the body can live without, but which cannot exist without the body, was missing. — Nellie Bly

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By John Ajvide Lindqvist

Suddenly the whole body writhed spasmodically and rolled over. His face ... He has no face ... The man's nose had completely burned away leaving only two holes in his head. The mouth had melted together, the lips sealed with the exception of a small opening in one corner. One eye had melted down over what had been his cheek, but the other ... the other was wide open. Where the rest of the face should have been there were only pieces of cartilage and bone sticking out between irregular shreds of flesh and slivers of fabric. The naked, glistening muscles contracted and relaxed, contorting as if the head had been replaced by a mass of freshly killed and butchered eels ... The skin over the collarbone on one side was gone and a piece of the bone stuck out, glowing white like a piece of chalk in a meat stew. — John Ajvide Lindqvist

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

My sympathies and my love went out to her, even as my hand had in the garden. I felt that years of the conventionalities of life could not teach me to know her sweet, brave nature as had this one day of strange experiences. Yet there were two thoughts which sealed the words of affection upon my lips. She was weak and helpless, shaken in mind and nerve. It was to take her at a disadvantage to obtrude love upon her at such a time. Worst still, she was rich. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Frank E. Peretti

The Strongman continued his mental review. "And the petty little saints in the town were . . . obscure, don't you see, far from help, far from the mainstream, alone amid the rolling farmlands . . . unknown. It was a perfect place to begin the process." His beastly face grew tight and bitter. "Until they started praying. Until they ceased being so comfortable and started weeping before God! Until they began to reclaim the power of the . . ." The Strongman sealed his lips. "The Cross?" the aide volunteered. — Frank E. Peretti

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Heber J. Grant

Good acts grow upon a person. I have sometimes thought that many men, judging from their utter lack of kindness and of a disposition to aid others, imagined that if they were to say or do a kind thing, it would destroy their capacity to perform a kind act or say a kind word in the future. If you have a granary full of grain, and you give away a sack or two, there remain that many less in your granary, but if you perform a kind act or add words of encouragement to one in distress, who is struggling along in the battle of life, the greater is your capacity to do this in the future. Don't go through life with your lips sealed against words of kindness and encouragement, nor your hearts sealed against performing labors for another. Make a motto in life: always try and assist someone else to carry his burden. — Heber J. Grant

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Natsuki Takaya

Shigure: "Sorry, Tohru-kun. My lips are sealed! — Natsuki Takaya

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Frank Beddor

Without a twich of exertion, Redd sealed his lips with glue. "Who wants to kill him?"
The Cat raised a paw. Siren and Alistare raised their hands.
"Mmmmmm mmm mmm," protested Jack. — Frank Beddor

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Sylvia Day

Panting softly, I licked my dry lips. He groaned, tilted his head, and sealed his mouth over mine. I was shocked by how soft his firm lips were and the gentleness of the pressure he exerted. I sighed and his tongue dipped inside, tasting me in long, leisurely licks. His kiss was confident, skilled, and just the right side of aggressive to turn me on wildly. — Sylvia Day

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Louise Penny

She knew that kindness kills. All her life she'd suspected this and so she'd only ever been cold and cruel. She'd faced kindness with cutting remarks. She'd curled her lips at smiling faces. She'd twisted every thoughtful, considerate act into an assault. Everyone who was nice to her, who was compassionate and loving, she rebuffed.
Because she'd loved them. Loved them with all her heart, and wouldn't see them hurt. Because she'd known all her life that the surest way to hurt someone, to maim and cripple them, was to be kind. If people were exposed, they die. Best to teach them to be armored, even if it meant she herself was forever alone. Sealed off from human touch. — Louise Penny

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Sabrina Jeffries

How can you have such faith in me?" he asked hoarsely. "How can you believe in me when I've given you no reason?"
"You've given me plenty of reasons, but there's only one that matters. I love you, Oliver. I can't help myself. That is my reason."
He began to shake, his eyes glistening with unshed tears.
"I love you," she repeated as she kissed his cheek. "I love you." She kissed the other cheek, now damp, though she wasn't sure whether from her tears or his. "I love you so much." She brushed his lips with hers.
He held her back to search her face. "God help you if that is a lie," he said in an aching voice. "Because those words have sealed your fate. I'll never let you go, now. — Sabrina Jeffries

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By NerD_Seyer

What value do I have,
If my lips are sealed ...
What value does my life have,
If my right to speak in my own point of view is taken away from me ...
I'm no less than a dead man,
Silenced forever ... — NerD_Seyer

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Larissa Ione

I'm not exactly a half-breed." Wraith said. "More of a freak of nature. But my mate is fangy, so my lips are sealed. — Larissa Ione

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Jennifer Lowery

She shifted, bringing them closer. The blanket slipped down to her waist, revealing a blue tee shirt that shouldn't have been sexy, but fit her curves like a second skin and molded her perfect breasts. Their breath mingled. The air charged around them. Their gazes met and locked.
Then Lucas sealed his fate and dropped his gaze to her parted lips.
"I don't want to be alone tonight," she whispered. — Jennifer Lowery

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Laura Kreitzer

Jules lips quivered, and I feared she was about to cry. Then she asked, "He bit off more than he could chew, didn't he?" She made a motion as if she was biting into a tough piece of steak.
Gabriella's lips sealed shut as she tried to hide her grin, though she failed at it when Andrew asked, "Was he eating?" He turned desperately to Gabriella, confused.
Jules wasn't about to cry, she was trying not to laugh! She giggled then, the sound tinkling and odd in the outlandish setting.
Andrew straightened and shook his head at Gabriella. "Did you see him eat? — Laura Kreitzer

Our Lips Are Sealed Quotes By Matthew Gregory Lewis

She sealed his lips with a wanton kiss; 'Though I forgive your breaking your vows to heaven, I expect you to keep your vows to me. — Matthew Gregory Lewis