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Option For The Poor Quotes By Craig Detweiler

For people who cannot get to church for various reasons, this is a great option. But it will always be a poor substitute for joining the faith community in person. Surely, the church experience is about more than a message. We are always better off together than flying solo. Godcasting is a supplement, not a substitute for weekly worship. — Craig Detweiler

Option For The Poor Quotes By Tracy Kidder

[Farmer] went to dozens of American and Canadian universities and colleges, preaching his O for the P [Preferential Option for the Poor] gospel, and to South Africa, where he debated a World Bank official at an international AIDS conference. "Africans must learn to curb their sexual appetites," the banker remarked, and Farmer replied, "I want to talk about other bankers, not the World Bankers, but bankers in general. My suspicion is they're not getting a lot of sex, because they spend a lot of time screwing the poor. — Tracy Kidder

Option For The Poor Quotes By K.J. Bishop

You see yourself as something of a champion of the poor, don't you?" "No, just their doctor. — K.J. Bishop

Option For The Poor Quotes By Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Ron Paul is crazy, the guardians of respectable opinion assured us. What they really meant was that Ron Paul defied traditional political categories and advanced positions outside the Clinton-to-Romney continuum. People whose minds have been formed in ideological prison camps for 12 years have learned to confine themselves within an approved range of possibilities. Tax me 35 percent or tax me 40 percent, but don't raise the possibility that taxation itself may be a moral issue rather than just a matter of numbers. Either bomb or starve that poor country, but don't tell me there might be a third option. The Fed should loosen or the Fed should tighten, but don't tell me our money supply doesn't need to be supervised by a central planner. As always, confine yourself to the three square inches of intellectual terrain the New York Times has graciously allotted to you. — Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Option For The Poor Quotes By Damien Hirst

Art is the closest you can get to immortality, though it's a poor substitute - you're working for people not yet born - and people want it because it is brilliant. It ends up in museums anyway; the rich have to give it back to the people, it's their only option. There are no pockets in a shroud. — Damien Hirst

Option For The Poor Quotes By Dan Geer

The Heartbleed problem can be blamed on complexity; all Internet standards become festooned with complicating option sets that no one person can know in their entirety. The Heartbleed problem can be blamed on insufficient investment; safety review for open source code is rarely funded, nor sustainable when it is. The Heartbleed problem can be blamed on poor planning; wide deployment within critical functions but without any repair regime. — Dan Geer

Option For The Poor Quotes By Paul Farmer

The basis of our preferential option for the poor to say: I accompany them not because they are all good, or because I am all good, but because God is good. — Paul Farmer

Option For The Poor Quotes By Olaotan Fawehinmi

A man protects his fish from rats by keeping it under a cat's watch. How wise!
Another buys a gun for security reasons, but decides to kill a ghost with it. How smart!
One prays to God for safety, as he climbs a palm tree with sewing thread. How intelligent!
Man does not want the truth, and God does not want lies, yet there is no third option.
One pretends to be rich, yet has nothing. That's pride. Another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth. Humility!
Not all that glitters is gold, and not all gold glitters. Watch, with the eyes, and also with the heart.
Just because all things are lawful, don't make them expedient. And because a thing is right doesn't mean it edifies.
With Faith, Wisdom comes highly recommended! — Olaotan Fawehinmi

Option For The Poor Quotes By Peter Yarrow

I can't help but react to the painful realities of the two-tiered society we live in, where the signs of poverty and inequity are everywhere. Almost twenty five percent of our children live at or below the poverty line. We expect the no-option life cycle of the poor to be interrupted by the weak social safety net and then wonder why building more jails doesn't solve the problems. — Peter Yarrow

Option For The Poor Quotes By Holly Bodger

This was the part the president left out of her speech this morning. She said that everyone in the old country got rid of their baby girls, but this is a lie. The rich could afford to pay the steep fines and the poor weren't afraid to hide them in places the officials didn't want to look. The president doesn't want to remind people of this. She wants them to believe that obedience is the only option. Like all leaders, her reign depends on it. — Holly Bodger

Option For The Poor Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Try to be "good", you'll be judged. Try to be yourself, you'll be criticized. Therefore, choose the second option. Evil uses the "nice good people" as puppets. It appears dressed as a poor guy, telling them that he needs help ... When these people realize they have been used, it is already too late. — Paulo Coelho

Option For The Poor Quotes By Michael Monroe

If the only option you leave poor people with is to resort to violence in order to survive, they'll do just that. And there are lots more poor people in this world than there are rich ones. — Michael Monroe

Option For The Poor Quotes By Philip Kerr

Scotland is the only case in the world where the poor part of a territory wants to separate from the rich part. If independence came, one option is to keep the pound as its currency, so that all economic decisions will continue to be taken by the Bank of England. — Philip Kerr

Option For The Poor Quotes By Jaachynma N.E. Agu

Being poor in the Spirit means you are humble, gentle, meek, God-fearing,kind and exhibit the fruits of the Spirit but being Spiritually poor is lacking in every thing that pertains to life and godliness. — Jaachynma N.E. Agu

Option For The Poor Quotes By Simon Critchley

There are two forms of disappointment that interest me: religious and political disappointment. Religious disappointment flows from the realization that religious belief is not an option for us. Political disappointment flows from the fact that there is injustice - that we live in a world that is radically unjust and violent, where might seems to equal right, where the poor are exploited by the rich, etc. — Simon Critchley

Option For The Poor Quotes By Kiran Desai

His lines had been honed over centuries, passed down through generations, for poor people needed certain lines; the script was always the same, and they had no option but to beg for mercy. — Kiran Desai

Option For The Poor Quotes By Stephen Hawking

Everyone can enjoy a life of luxurious leisure if the machine-produced [robots] wealth is shared, or most people can end up miserably poor if the machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution. So far, the trend seems to be toward the second option, with technology driving ever-increasing inequality. — Stephen Hawking