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Top Anger Towards Someone Quotes

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Conor McGregor

I don't feel bitterness, I don't feel anger towards anybody. Fighting is never emotional to me. — Conor McGregor

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Dalai Lama

In daily practice, reflect on the benefits of love, compassion and kindness, then reflect on the disadvantages of anger. Such continuous contemplation, the growing appreciation of love, has the effect of reducing our inclination towards hatred and increasing our respect for love. By this means even anger can be diminished. — Dalai Lama

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Cristiane Serruya

Never again mistrust me. Don't turn your anger unfairly towards me. Trust isn't something I bestow easily. It's something precious. You have it or you don't. Like faith, like love. It's blind. It has to be. If I trust, if I love, I'll always believe you; no matter the circumstances. — Cristiane Serruya

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By David O. McKay

He who harbors hatred and bitterness injures himself far more than the one towards whom he manifests these evil propensities. — David O. McKay

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Tracey Berkowitz

He mistook my frustration for anger towards him, which seemed to be typical for us lately. The longer the distance between a correct diagnosis, the greater the silence we shared. — Tracey Berkowitz

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Rebecca Donovan

My fists clenched, I fought the pain and anger coursing through me. I turned towards Emma's door and set my hands on either side of the door, bowing my head. "I don't understand. Why'd you leave with him, Emma?" I whispered, then walked toward my room at the end of the hall. — Rebecca Donovan

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Sharon Gannon

Be clear in your mind what you want the outcome of your communication to achieve. If your aim is more than just to vent your anger towards a meat eater and you sincerely want that person to be a kinder more compassionate being, then you must start by seeing them as a kind and compassionate person. If you are unable to see them as kind and compassionate, then how dare you demand them to see themselves that way. — Sharon Gannon

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya

Patience is that the heart does not feel anger towards that which is destined and that the mouth does not complain. — Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Edward T. Hall

Perhaps the most devastating and damaging thing that can happen to someone is to fail to fulfill his potential. A kind of gnawing emptiness, longing, frustration, and displaced anger overwhelms people when this occurs. Whether the anger is turned inward on the self, or outward towards others, dreadful destruction results. — Edward T. Hall

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

During anger, the parmanus (subatomic particles) are fiery and fierce and during greed, there are parmanus (subatomic particles) of attraction towards money. — Dada Bhagwan

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

Take off your damned wrapper! The old buffer ordered, looking intensely at her lower part. Comfort was on her knees, rubbing the old man's dirty feet.
All her plea and tears continually worsen the whole matter.
I want to do you harder cos you gonna be fucked by other folks who needs a large hole, said the man, moving towards her.
Comfort struggled with all her feminine might, but the old masculine but old man ripped her wrapper and slapped her on the face.
Lie here, Lie here! I'm gonna do what your old man did to your mama and its gonna sweet you.
She screamed as the man's organ prick her glory hole like a sharp needle. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Clare Short

That feeds anger, and I mean when we went and at last thank heavens got towards peace in Northern Ireland we went for justice within Northern Ireland as well as using security well, as well as a political settlement, but surely that is the lesson. — Clare Short

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Hans-Georg Gadamer

It is the universal nature of human Bildung to constitute itself as a universal intellectual being. Whoever abandons himself to his particularity is ungebildet ("unformed") - e.g., if someone gives way to blind anger without measure or sense of proportion. Hegel shows that basically such a man is lacking in the power of abstraction. He cannot turn his gaze from himself towards something universal, from which his own particular being is determined in measure and proportion. — Hans-Georg Gadamer

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Auliq Ice

Make their hate your stepping stones towards achieving something greater. This will be the best revenge you can give - by proving to people that they are wrong about you, and that you are better than they could ever imagine. — Auliq Ice

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Laura Otis

In the frequent fits of anger to which the males especially are subject, the efforts of their inner feeling cause the fluids to flow more strongly towards that part of their head; in some there is hence deposited a secretion of horny matter, and in others of bony matter mixed with horny matter, which gives rise to solid protuberances: thus we have the origin of horns and antlers, with which the head of most of these animals is armed. — Laura Otis

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Paul Auster

A canteen I remember vividly, and maybe one other thing, I can't remember. And I knew then that he had bought them in an army surplus store that day and he wanted to maybe enhance himself in my eyes, and say, "Well, yes, I have been in the army." Or [he] simply just didn't want to disappoint me. It could have been one or the other. But I knew that he had lied to me. And this filled me with a tremendous sort of anger towards him. At the same time, knowing he was trying to please me, so feeling good about him. — Paul Auster

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Primo Levi

For people condemned to death, tradition prescribes an austere ceremony, calculated to emphasize that all passions and anger have died down, and that the act of justice represents only a sad duty towards society which moves even the executioner to pity for the victim. Thus the condemned man is shielded from all external cares, he is granted solitude and, should he want it, spiritual comfort; in short, care is taken that he should feel around him neither hatred nor arbitrariness, only necessity and justice, and by means of punishment, pardon. But to us this was not granted, for we were many and time was short. And in any case, what had we to repent, for what crime did we need pardon? — Primo Levi

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Baruch Spinoza

He who lives according to the guidance of reason strives as much as possible to repay the hatred, anger, or contempt of others towards himself with love or generosity ... hatred is increased by reciprocal hatred, and, on the other hand, can be extinguished by love, so that hatred passes into love. — Baruch Spinoza

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Ais

I killed you," Sin said finally, his voice low and shaking with anger.
Emilio looked genuinely confused now and he gave Sin a bizarre look. "What the hell are you talking about?"
Sin shook his head slowly, incredulously, eyes narrowing into slits. "I fucking shot you, and you fucking died!" he shouted finally, taking a menacing step towards his father.
But Emilio didn't back down, he just shrugged calmly at the younger reflection of himself. "Oh, that. — Ais

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Samantha Young

I need space to think."
He looked stunned, almost like I'd hit him. "Space?"
I nodded, chewing my lip to hell.
And then Cam's eyes darkened, his whole expression growing taut with coming anger. I began to gnaw my lip as he took a menacing step towards me. "Space from me?"
I nodded.
"Fuck that shit," he growled. — Samantha Young

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Sharon Gannon

When you feel destructive, negative emotions like hate and anger arise within you towards the person opposing you; cultivate the opposite state of mind. — Sharon Gannon

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Jason Versey

When you maintain bitterness and contempt towards someone, you're actually binding yourself to them. You've given them a foothold in your life with an emotional connection that is stronger than any prison cell. It's a jail sentence of solitary anger and animosity. Forgiveness is the ONLY thing that breaks that emotional bond. It's the key that sets you free. ~Jason Versey — Jason Versey

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Thich Nhat Hanh

When we get angry, we suffer. If you really understand that, you also will be able to understand that when the other person is angry, it means that she is suffering. When someone insults you or behaves violently towards you, you have to be intelligent enough to see that the person suffers from his own violence and anger. But we tend to forget. We think that we are the only one that suffers, and the other person is our oppressor. This is enough to make anger arise, and to strengthen our desire to punish. We want to punish the other person because we suffer. Then, we have anger in us; we have violence in us, just as they do. When we see that our suffering and anger are no different from their suffering and anger, we will behave more compassionately. So understanding the other is understanding yourself, and understanding yourself is understanding the other person. Everything must begin with you. — Thich Nhat Hanh

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Samantha Young

Jai pointed at the car. "Get in the car. I'm pissed at you for getting out of it in the first place."
Outrage lit through her. "Hey, I'm a big girl, I can make my own decisions."
"Get in the car, Ari!" Charlie yelled now, his own eyes glittering with anger.
Her mouth fell open, her cheeks blazing with indignation as the two men in her life stared at her, their expressions implacable. She made a 'pfft' sound and whirled around, stomping like a child towards the car.
"Too much testosterone, infuriating cavemen, need someone else to boss around, stupid jerks ... " she kept muttering insults under her breath until Charlie and Jai had cleared the road. — Samantha Young

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Robert E. Kreig

They cowered in a corner as far away as they could from the sound of ripping, tearing and banging. The creature above was frantically trying to find a way through the floor to them.
The terrifying scraping noise signaled that the thing had torn its way through the clean, white woolen carpet that had neatly covered the hard wood floorboards. Now it scraped its claws along the wood trying to find a hold.
In frustration, and after many attempts, it thumped the floor in anger. Screaming a long high-pitched whistle, it smashed itself hard and heavily against the floor.
Dust drifted towards them as they looked to each other for any suggestions to the one impending question upon all of their minds.
How are we going to get out of here alive? — Robert E. Kreig

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Girdhar Joshi

If you shed all your inhibitions, your anger, your fears, and all your bitterness towards others, you will be receptive and you can recognize the signals when you come across your soulmate. — Girdhar Joshi

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Cristian Machado

Whatever happened billions of years ago, that's what were we come from. For people who have hate and anger towards each other just because they've been socially conformed or socially ... conditioned to their particular country, doesn't mean that you're not like everyone else in the rest of the world and doesn't mean you should go around hating everybody. — Cristian Machado

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Barbara De Angelis

The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present. — Barbara De Angelis

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Kim Hyesoon

If you happen to live in Korea, you might always suffer from anger towards people in power, because of political and social problems. I felt gloomy under this social dictatorship. Looking back, I feel like I never saw a sunrise in Seoul. — Kim Hyesoon

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Ben Goldacre

At this time we should take a brife moment to mention quacks: alternative therapists who sell vitamins and homeopathy sugar pills [the latter of which, by definition, contain no active ingredients], which perform no better than placebo in fair tests, and who use even cruder marketing tricks than the ones described in this book. In these people profit at all from the justified anger that people feel towards the pharmaceutical industry, then it comes at the expense of genuinely constructive activity. Selling ineffective sugar pills is not a meaningful policy response to the regulatory failure we have seen in this book — Ben Goldacre

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

She'd been conceived as a goddess of justice. But this wasn't just.
It wasn't right.
And her husband's wrongful death would not go unavenged.
Kissing cold lips Bathymaas laid him on the ground and covered his body with her cloak.
Artemis gasped and shrank away from her as she rose to her feet and turned towards Apollo and his mother.
For this, there would be hell to pay.
And hers would be the hand that gathered the payment. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Anasizi Foundation Good Buffalo Eagle

Mother Earth taught me that my anger
toward nature was unfounded.
And she therefore invited me to open my heart to this
possibility: so too may be my anger toward man. — Anasizi Foundation Good Buffalo Eagle

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Joanna Russ

The reply to this was that Three took out a small revolver, and this surprised me; for everyone knows that anger is most intense towards those you know: it is lovers and neighbors who kill each other. There's no sense, after all, in behaving that way toward a perfect stranger; where's the satisfaction? No love, no need; no need, no frustration; no frustration, no hate, right? It must have been fear. — Joanna Russ

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Helon Habila

Surprisingly, I felt no anger towards him. He was just Man. Man in his basic, rudimentary state, easily moved by powerful emotions like love, lust, anger, greed, and fear, but totally dumb to the finer, acquired emotions like pity, mercy, humour, and justice. — Helon Habila

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Michael Hanlon

It is [Simon] Wessely's often-unconcealed "derision" directed towards people with ME -- a disease from which people die and which appears on Coroners' death certificates as the cause of death -- which arouses such anger, an anger that is not confined to patients in the UK but encompasses medical scientists in other countries whose decision-makers have come under Wessely's thrall. — Michael Hanlon

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By George Eliot

Ladislaw lingering behind while Naumann had gone into the Hall of Statues where he again saw Dorothea, and saw her in that brooding abstraction which made her pose remarkable. She did not really see the streak of sunlight on the floor more than she saw the statues: she was inwardly seeing the light of years to come in her own home and over the English fields and elms and hedge-bordered highroads; and feeling that the way in which they might be filled with joyful devotedness was not so clear to her as it had been. But in Dorothea's mind there was a current into which all thought and feeling were apt sooner or later to flow - the reaching forward of the whole consciousness towards the fullest truth, the least partial good. There was clearly something better than anger and despondency. — George Eliot

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Rajneesh

Put your energies into creativity. Forget about anger as a problem, ignore it. Channelise your energy towards more creativity. Pour yourself into something that you love. Rather than making anger your problem, let creativity be your object of meditation. Shift from anger to creativity and immediately you will see a great change arising in you. And tomorrow the same things will not feel like excuses for being angry because now energy is moving, is channelised, is being sublimated, is enjoying itself, its dance. Who cares about small things? — Rajneesh

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

God is ever before my eyes. I realize his omnipotence and I fear His anger; but I also recognize his compassion, and His tenderness towards His creatures. — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Mackenzie Phillips

I've always turned my anger inwards towards self-destruction. — Mackenzie Phillips

Anger Towards Someone Quotes By Justin Trudeau

Ultimately, being open and respectful towards each other is much more powerful as a way to diffuse hatred and anger than, you know, layering on, you know, big walls and oppressive policies. — Justin Trudeau