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Top Operational Performance Quotes

Operational Performance Quotes By Lawrence A. Cunningham

Valuation premiums of quality companies often reflect some degree of expected operational outperformance, but actual performance tends to exceed expectations over time. Stock prices thus tend to undervalue quality companies. — Lawrence A. Cunningham

Operational Performance Quotes By Neelesh V. Sakhardande

where there is a Will, there is a Way; else EXCUSES Rule ! — Neelesh V. Sakhardande

Operational Performance Quotes By Pearl Zhu

The goals of applying scoreboard are to translate the vision and strategic planning into operational goals; communicate strategy and link it to individual performance. — Pearl Zhu

Operational Performance Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Strategic-operational KPIs alignment gives the organization a powerful tool to use when implementing change. — Pearl Zhu

Operational Performance Quotes By Pearl Zhu

A scorecard assesses progress to strategic goals whereas a dashboard assesses performance to operational goals. — Pearl Zhu

Operational Performance Quotes By Michael Porter

Operational effectiveness and strategy are both essential to superior performance. — Michael Porter

Operational Performance Quotes By Efraim Karsh

This mixture of political and geographical considerations compounded Saddam's failure to grasp the operational requirements of such a campaign. Rather than allowing his forces to advance until their momentum was exhausted, he voluntarily halted their advance within a week of the onset of hostilities and then announced his willingness to negotiate a settlement. This decision not to capitalise on Iraq's early military successes by applying increased pressure had a number of dire consequences which, in turn, led to the reversal of the course of the war. It saved the Iranian army from a decisive defeat and gave Tehran precious time to re-organise and regroup; and it had a devastating impact on the morale of the Iraqi army and hence on its combat performance. Above all, the limited Iraqi invasion did nothing to endanger the revolutionary regime, nor to drive Ayatollah Khomeini towards moderation. — Efraim Karsh