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One Step Forward Quotes By Leon Spinks

To experience the agony of defeat makes you stronger. It's like taking one step back and two steps forward. To experience the agony of defeat makes you appreciate the experience of winning. That's what makes a champion. — Leon Spinks

One Step Forward Quotes By Marissa Meyer

She was the one hallucinating now. She took a stumbling, uncertain step forward. Wanting to run toward him, but terrified it was a trick. — Marissa Meyer

One Step Forward Quotes By Jury Nel

Winning = adaptation and one step forward to take the prize — Jury Nel

One Step Forward Quotes By J.D. Robb

You can't go back. Can't fix what broke. But you can go forward. And every step matters. Every one makes a difference." She pushed away from the desk, cupped his face in her hands. "From where I'm standing, you're the best step I ever took. — J.D. Robb

One Step Forward Quotes By Tito Colliander

As soon as you direct such a question outward to your fellow man and not inward to yourself, you have set yourself on a judgment seat and thereby judged yourself. You have robbed yourself of what you had won by your own continence; you have taken one step forward but ten backward: and then you have reason to weep over your obstinacy, your failure to improve, and your pride. — Tito Colliander

One Step Forward Quotes By Barack Obama

Boston is a tough and resilient town. So are its people. I'm supremely confident that Bostonians will pull together, take care of each other, and move forward as one proud city. And as they do, the American people will be with them every single step of the way. — Barack Obama

One Step Forward Quotes By Michael J. Fox

Sure, it may be one step forward and two steps back, but after a time with Parkinson's, I've learned that what is important is making that step count; always looking up. — Michael J. Fox

One Step Forward Quotes By Robin Bielman

He took in the bubbles covering her and smiled. "I think that's enough."
"To get me clean." Taking one step forward, he slipped and slided up and down the length of her body. — Robin Bielman

One Step Forward Quotes By Anonymous

At moments when other people could only stare, he wanted to be the one to step forward. — Anonymous

One Step Forward Quotes By Markus Zusak

As she watched all of this, Liesel was certain that these were the poorest souls alive. That's what she wrote about them ... Some looked appealingly at those who had come to observe their humiliation, this prelude to their deaths. Others pleaded for someone, anyone to step forward and catch them in their arms.
No one did. — Markus Zusak

One Step Forward Quotes By Martha Beck

If a problem looks difficult, relax. If it looks impossible, relax even more. Then begin encouraging small changes, putting just enough pressure on yourself to move one turtle step forward. Then rest, savor, celebrate. Then step again. You'll find that slow is fast, gentle is powerful, and stillness moves mountains. — Martha Beck

One Step Forward Quotes By Nina LaCour

Dylan, in her skintight black jeans, safety-pinned shirt, and bulky armbands, with her hair sticking out in every direction and that black freshly smeared around her eyes, doesn't just smile, doesn't just walk toward Maddy and put her arms around her. No. Instead, every muscle in her whole body seems to lose all tension, her step forward resembles a skip, and she lets out a hey that might as well say, I love you, you are so beautiful, no one in the world is as amazing as you are. — Nina LaCour

One Step Forward Quotes By Haruki Murakami

In the course of this one day, several things have taken a decisive step forward. The gears have turned forward with a click. And gears that have turned forward never turn back. That is one of the world's rules. — Haruki Murakami

One Step Forward Quotes By Blaine Lee Pardoe

Courage is holding on one minute longer than everyone else. Courage is stepping forward when every fiber of your being says step back. Courage is being willing to do the impossible because it is the right thing to do. — Blaine Lee Pardoe

One Step Forward Quotes By Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

As time passes, the system becomes less and less well-ordered. Sooner or later the fixing cease to gain any ground. Each forward step is matched by a backward one. Although in principle usable forever, the system has worn out as a base for progress ... A brand-new, from-the-ground-up redesign is necessary. — Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

One Step Forward Quotes By Os Guinness

No one should take away the wrong lessons from the Jewish and Christian plight in the face of the modern world. Can others presume to step forward blithely to take over the baton? Hardly. The modern world's challenge to religion is not escaped so easily. The sorry state of these two biblical faiths under the impact of modernity is actually a compliment to them and a caution to others. Those first hit by modernity are those worst hit, but this is a backhanded acknowledgement of their leadership. Similarly, those farther behind may appear to be better off, but only so long as they stay farther behind and don't engage with the challenges of the modern word. — Os Guinness

One Step Forward Quotes By Karl Mannheim

As long as one does not call his own position into question but regards it as absolute, while interpreting his opponents' ideas as a mere function of the social positions they occupy, the decisive step forward has not yet been taken. — Karl Mannheim

One Step Forward Quotes By CLAMP

I can't do much yet, but even if I can do a little to help ... I want to give it all I have! If a person doesn't do anything, they never get any better. Doing one little thing, taking one little step forward ... I gotta believe it will help build a better future! — CLAMP

One Step Forward Quotes By Anna Wintour

One doesn't want fashion to look ridiculous, silly, or out of step with the times - but you do want designers that make you think, that make you look at fashion differently. That's how fashion changes. If it doesn't change, it's not looking forward. And that's important to me. — Anna Wintour

One Step Forward Quotes By Jessica Sorensen

I remember when I was little the ocean was one of the most amazing things I'd ever seen. I was fascinated by the way the waves rolled up and washed away the sand, leaving their imprint on the world. Sometimes I would stand right at the edge and let it crash against my feet as I considered taking one more step and my feet would eventually move forward. One more step and it'd take me away - — Jessica Sorensen

One Step Forward Quotes By Amar Bose

No one ever won a chess game by betting on each move. Sometimes you have to move backward to get a step forward. — Amar Bose

One Step Forward Quotes By Kyung-Sook Shin

The future rushes in and all we can do is take our memories and move forward with them. Memory keeps only what it wants. Images from memories are sprinkled throughout our lives, but that does not mean we must believe that our own or other people's memories are of things that really happened. When someone stubbornly insists that they saw something with their own eyes, I take it as a statement mixed with wishful thinking. As what they want to believe. Yet as imperfect as memories are, whenever I am faced with one, I cannot help getting lost in thought. Especially when that memory reminds me of what it felt like to be always out of place and always a step behind. Why was it so hard for me to open my eyes every morning, why was I so afraid to form a relationship with anyone, and why was I nevertheless able to break down my walls and find him? — Kyung-Sook Shin

One Step Forward Quotes By Gretchen Rubin

Step by step, you make your way forward. That's why practices such as daily writing exercises or keeping a daily blog can be so helpful. You see yourself do the work, which shows you that you can do the work. Progress is reassuring and inspiring; panic and then despair set in when you find yourself getting nothing done day after day. One of the painful ironies of work life is that the anxiety of procrastination often makes people even less likely to buckle down in the future. — Gretchen Rubin

One Step Forward Quotes By Winston Churchill

When you feel you cannot continue in your position for another minute, and all that is in human power has been done, that is the moment when the enemy is most exhausted, and when one step forward will give you the fruits of the struggle you have borne — Winston Churchill

One Step Forward Quotes By Danko Antolovic

The enlightened rational man is not unlike the title character in Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni": a likeable rake, intelligent and enterprising, free to do as he pleases, outmaneuvering his honorable, tradition-bound adversaries at every step. One cannot begrudge him his liberty and pursuit of happiness, but looming large above him is his fatal flaw: his mind's maturity does not match his freedom. His pursuits are frivolous, tawdry and destructive. And this, we maintain, is the historical moment of our techno-scientific world: like some allegorical alien race in a science fiction story, we have placed broad freedoms and enormous power in the hands of a flawed creature: ourselves. Empirical reason has brought us here, and by its light we will have to find a way forward. — Danko Antolovic

One Step Forward Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Before you take that first curious, coerced, spiteful, or vengeful step forward, remember this: it's a thousand times easier to slip into a muddy pit than it is to climb out of one. — Richelle E. Goodrich

One Step Forward Quotes By Narendra Modi

Let us together serve the Nation. If each citizen takes one step forward, the country takes 125 crore steps forward. — Narendra Modi

One Step Forward Quotes By Margaret Atwood

Was this a betrayal, or was it an act of courage? Perhaps both. Neither one involves forethought: such things take place in an instant, in an eyeblink. This can only be because they have been rehearsed by us already, over and over, in silence and darkness; in such silence, such darkness, that we are ignorant of them ourselves. Blind but sure-footed, we step forward as if into a remembered dance. — Margaret Atwood

One Step Forward Quotes By Ryan Holiday

It's a huge step forward to realize that the worst thing to happen is never the event, but the event and losing your head. Because then you'll have two problems (one of them unnecessary and post hoc). The — Ryan Holiday

One Step Forward Quotes By Seth Rogen

When I was 13 and 14, there were a lot of jokes about my bar mitzvah and my grandparents, and then when I got older, it became more about touching boobs and trying to get liquor. I kind of ran the gamut of infantile behavior and I haven't moved one step forward since. — Seth Rogen

One Step Forward Quotes By Anne Morrow Lindbergh

One cannot dance well unless one is completely in time with the music, not leaning back to the last step or pressing forward to the next one, but poised directly on the present step as it comes. — Anne Morrow Lindbergh

One Step Forward Quotes By Rachel E. Carter

I know exactly who you are." I took a step forward, and another, until I was standing right in front of him. Then my words turned to ice. "You are the selfish, spineless son of a king who is too afraid to be his own man. You would rather hide behind your status than fight for something that could actually mean something." There, that felt good. "And it's a shame, really it is, because, according to you, I was the one true friend you had. — Rachel E. Carter

One Step Forward Quotes By Adolf Hitler

From millions of men ... one man must step forward who with apodictic force will form granite principles from the wavering idea-world of the broad masses and take up the struggle for their sole correctness, until from the shifting waves of a fre thought-world there will arise a brazen cliff of solid unity in faith and will. — Adolf Hitler

One Step Forward Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

No one stands at the beginning of a race and then finds himself at the end having never taken a step forward. And if that were to happen - the sweat and struggle avoided - what stories would he have to tell? The goal includes the journey; it's all part of the dream. — Richelle E. Goodrich

One Step Forward Quotes By Alexandre Dumas

It was a strange thing: one never appeared to take a step forward int he heart or mind of this man. Those who wished, so to speak, to force their way into intimacy with him found the path blocked. — Alexandre Dumas

One Step Forward Quotes By Sabine Baring-Gould

Mankind progresses not smoothly, as by a sliding carpet ascent, but by rugged steps broken by gaps. He halts long on one stage before taking the next. Often he remains stationary, unable to form resolution to step forward - sometimes even has turned round and retrograded. — Sabine Baring-Gould

One Step Forward Quotes By Victoria Moran

I have to strive to go two steps forward and realize that, sometimes, there will be one step back. — Victoria Moran

One Step Forward Quotes By Will Barnes

When the world turns and and we operate at our own personal vibration, it is in our power to withhold our dignity and integrity at the highest possible frequency, with this as an active force, we can command our reality in the physical realm. Justly, we shall take all the opportunity that manifests itself in arms reach. To be one, and to have and do what we dream is concurrent only on a high wavelength, and operative to those who seek a higher sense of self. Are you ready to expand to these levels of operation? Have you taken the steps? Step forward and release all your fears. — Will Barnes

One Step Forward Quotes By Veronique Olmi

You struggle to live the best you can but soon the whole lot disappears. We get up in the morning, but that morning doesn't actually exist any more than the night before, which everyone's already forgotten. We're all walking on the edge of a precipice, I've known that for a long time. One step forward, one step in the void. Over and over again. Going where? No one knows. No one gives a damn. — Veronique Olmi

One Step Forward Quotes By Jeff Brown

I look forward to the day when we can meet one another in our true nakedness, stripped free of unresolved emotions, pain-induced projections, the distortions of duality. For too long we have been on opposite sides of the river, the bridge between our hearts washed away by a flood of pain. But the time has come to construct a new bridge, one that comes into being with each step we take, one that is fortified with benevolent intentions and authentic self-revealing. As we walk toward one — Jeff Brown

One Step Forward Quotes By Lauren Oliver

We are always being pushed and squeezed down one road or another. We have no choice but to step forward, and then step forward again, and then step forward again; suddenly we find ourselves on a road we haven't chosen at all. — Lauren Oliver

One Step Forward Quotes By Stanley B. Prusiner

In science, each new result, sometimes quite surprising, heralds a step forward and allows one to discard some hypotheses, even though one or two of these might have been highly favored. — Stanley B. Prusiner

One Step Forward Quotes By Dane Hatchell

Why is it so important for me to forgive that son-of-a-bitch? I'm not the one at fault here. It shouldn't be about me. He's the one that did wrong. Screw his feelings. He should feel like he's hated for what he did." Lisa added another used tissue to the growing pile on the table.
Lyn warmly smiled. "Forgiving Byron isn't for his sake, it's for yours. The block in your life's road can only be removed if you forgive him for what he did. If you don't, you'll just keep bumping into that block again and again. The life you live will be miserable. You'll never be able to break the chains of the past."
Lisa listened and let the words sink into her subconscious. She realized the only way to get to the end of the road was to take the first step. There was a block preventing her from moving forward in life. She had to find a way past it. — Dane Hatchell

One Step Forward Quotes By Scott Tracey

He's putting a lot of cards down on the table," Trey said thoughtfully, taking a step forward. "And Matthias is never one to share something for free if he could charge for it."
"And you're not normally one to think for himself," Matthias said pleasantly. "I suppose we're all growing as people. — Scott Tracey

One Step Forward Quotes By John Henrik Clarke

We will have taken one giant step forward when we face this reality: Powerful people never teach powerless people how to take their power away from them. — John Henrik Clarke

One Step Forward Quotes By Luke F.D. Marsden

Travelling the dusty highways in the early evenings, just as the light began to fade, I would look out along the perpendicular dirt tracks that joined the road at intervals. They undulated away gently into the distance; slow streams of people in twos and threes and fours walked them, through the haze, talking easily, making their way back from wherever lay beyond. I longed to take every one of these turnings, to step out along every track in the morning, to return at dusk, to see what lay over each of these horizons and to share in the stories of those that returned from them. My trajectory, and that of each one of us, was that of a meteor, shedding millions of tiny sparks of possibility with every passing second, each with the capacity to ignite a flash of experience, but nearly all of which quickly burned up and vanished as it was left behind. The fire that moved forward was the flame of our lives. — Luke F.D. Marsden

One Step Forward Quotes By Rama Swami

The law of life is to leave behind the ground one is standing on and then step forward. — Rama Swami

One Step Forward Quotes By Jeff Talarigo

A small step forward is better than one back. — Jeff Talarigo

One Step Forward Quotes By Ife Oshun

we are stronger today than we ever have been. We are united. And we are moving forward through this thing one step at a time. Patriots Day now has a new level of significance; Patriots Day 2013 showed the world that they can never kill our Spirit. — Ife Oshun

One Step Forward Quotes By Mark Pesce

Cognitive liberty begins at home, behind your eyes and between your ears. The first act of liberation is to step forward, and be counted as one of us. — Mark Pesce

One Step Forward Quotes By Chang-rae Lee

If she possessed a genius - and a growing number of us think she did - it was a capacity for understanding and trusting the improvisational nature of her will. This might seem a contradictory state, and for most of us it would be. We have hopes and make plans, and if they are dashed or waylaid, we naturally rationalize and redraw the map to locate ourselves anew. Or else we brood and too firmly root. Very few can step forward again and again in what amounts to veritable leaps into the void, where there are no ready holds, where little is familiar, where you get constantly stuck in the thickets of your uncertainties and fears. Fan was different. As we have come to realize, she was not one to hold herself back. Or to be fettered. In this way she startles us, inspires us. She was someone who pursued her project as a genuine artist might, following with focus and intensity as well as an enduring innocence a goal she could not quite yet understand or see but wholly believed. — Chang-rae Lee

One Step Forward Quotes By Ibrahim Babangida

With each new book, the march of our national history takes a step forward. When one is present at a book launch, one is bearing witness to the birth of a new body of ideas, to the coming into being of another testimony of history. — Ibrahim Babangida

One Step Forward Quotes By Jacqueline Simon Gunn

I step outside, easy at first... there is noise; I don't hear it. There are people; I don't see them... I see the water; I am alongside it. There is a big hill; I conquer it. A mile of grass; I fly across it. With each step I am stronger, and then faster. My body engages; I am really flying; I am one with the road, but I no longer feel it. With every step forward I am faster and freer. Nothing can touch me; no one can find me. What I find is the truth. I find myself... I am a runner. — Jacqueline Simon Gunn

One Step Forward Quotes By Julie Kagawa

I'll be able to forget you after that." A bald-faced lie. Even if I turned ninety, lost my mind and forgot everything else, the memory of the Winter prince would be a shining beacon that would never fade.
Ash still wavered, looking torn. His eyes flicked to the door, and for a moment I thought he would walk away, leaving me to shrivel into a mortified heap. But then he let out a quiet sigh, and his shoulders slumped in resignation.
Meeting my gaze, he took one step forward, drew me into his arms, and brushed his lips to mine.
I think our last kiss was meant to be quick and chaste, but ... There was nothing sweet or gentle in our last kiss; it was filled with sorrow and desperation, of the bitter knowledge that we could've had something perfect, but it just wasn't meant to be.
"Don't ask me this again," he rasped, and I was too breathless to answer. — Julie Kagawa

One Step Forward Quotes By Nikki Rowe

Some won't stay but thank them for stopping by. — Nikki Rowe

One Step Forward Quotes By Joseph Epstein

Meanwhile, things continue to slide: standards slip, curricula are politicized and watered down, and, despite all the emphasis on schooling at every level of society, the dance of education remains locked into the dreary choreography of one step forward, two steps back. Education remains education, which is to say a fairly private affair. No matter how much more widespread so-called higher education has become, only a small - one is inclined to say an infinitesimal - minority seems capable of taking serious advantage of it, at any rate during the standard years of schooling. — Joseph Epstein

One Step Forward Quotes By Stephen Gardiner

The greater the step forward in knowledge, the greater is the one taken backward in search of wisdom. — Stephen Gardiner

One Step Forward Quotes By Jamie McGuire

For people who had struggled for every step forward, we didn't have one regret, and we wouldn't change a thing. Every wrong turn had led us to this moment, proving that every choice we'd made was right. We had cried and hurt and bled our way to happiness, the kind that couldn't be stopped by fire or wind. However it had happened and whatever it was, we were something beautiful. — Jamie McGuire

One Step Forward Quotes By Nick Vujicic

As hard as it may seem, move forward one step at a time, day by day, knowing that there will be valuable lessons learned and strength gained in each trial. There is a certain peace to be found in knowing that there is a master plan for your life and that your value, purpose, and destiny are not determined by what happens to you but by how you respond. — Nick Vujicic

One Step Forward Quotes By Ann Hood

Grief is not linear. People kept telling me that once this happened or that passed, everything would be better. Some people gave me one year to grieve. They saw grief as a straight line, with a beginning, middle, and end. But it is not linear. It is disjointed. One day you are acting almost like a normal person. You maybe even manage to take a shower. Your clothes match. You think the autumn leaves look pretty, or enjoy the sound of snow crunching under your feet. Then a song, a glimpse of something, or maybe even nothing sends you back into the hole of grief. It is not one step forward, two steps back. It is a jumble. It is hours that are all right, and weeks that aren't. Or it is good days and bad days. Or it is the weight of sadness making you look different to others and nothing helps. — Ann Hood

One Step Forward Quotes By Solange Nicole

Sometimes I fear that even as a People when we take one step forward, we reel backwards ten times fold. I don't even think on the Precipice of Change will we truly move forward ... It will most definitely take a Miracle. — Solange Nicole

One Step Forward Quotes By Lish McBride

I stared at the pictogram of a burger nestled between similar representations of shakes, sodas, and fries, on the front of my register. I wondered why humankind seemed so dead set on destroying all of its accomplishments. We draw on cave walls, spend thousands of years developing complex language systems, the printing press, computers, and what do we do with it? Create a cash register with the picture of a burger on it, just in case the cashier didn't finish the second grade. One step forward, two steps back
like an evolutionary cha-cha. Working here just proved that the only thing separating me from a monkey was pants. — Lish McBride

One Step Forward Quotes By Rob Reiner

It's a very slow process - two steps forward, one step back - but I'm inching in the right direction. — Rob Reiner

One Step Forward Quotes By Antonio Dias

He managed the ten feet to the water a few inches at a time. He grabbed the gunnel amidships and lifted with his legs; taking a step forward and starting the bow around so it faced the harbor. Three more times got the boat turned around. That was the easy part. It's not just that he was weak. The dory was too. If he pulled too hard, or in the wrong place, it would break; just as he might bust a gut, or worse. A patient dance ensued. Today the tide was coming in. It was worse when it was going out. Then the water receded almost at the same pace as his advance. A heartbreaking race if anyone was watching. No one ever did. — Antonio Dias

One Step Forward Quotes By Mother Angelica

You want to do something for the Lord ... do it. Whatever you feel needs to be done, even though youre shaking in your boots, youre scared to death
take the first step forward. The grace comes with that one step and you get the grace as you step. Being afraid is not a problem; its doing nothing when you feel afraid. — Mother Angelica

One Step Forward Quotes By Emil Cioran

A great step forward was made the day men understood that in order to torment one another more efficiently they would have to gather together, to organize themselves into a society — Emil Cioran

One Step Forward Quotes By Henry Eyring

Death is not the end; it is but one more step in a great forward march made possible by the redemption wrought by the Savior. This is the spirit of true science - constant and eternal seeking. — Henry Eyring

One Step Forward Quotes By Denzel Washington

Fall forward. Here's what I mean: Reggie Jackson struck out 2,600 times in his career - the most in the history of baseball. But you don't hear about the strikeouts. People remember the home runs. Fall forward. Thomas Edison conducted 1,000 failed experiments. Did you know that? I didn't either - because number 1,001 was the light bulb. Fall forward. Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. — Denzel Washington

One Step Forward Quotes By Christine Caine

One packed lunch. A meager amount of food. It was all the boy had, but he offered it all. If the boy had kept his little lunch, it would have remained little. If you keep your little, it will remain little as well. But if you step into the exchange zone ready to offer what little you have to be used by God in moving the baton forward, your little will be multiplied as you run. When the boy gave his little to Jesus, Jesus blessed it, and it became much in his hands. It is never about how little we have. It is about what our little has the potential to become in the hands of a miracle-working God. Don't focus on what you don't have, what you can't do, what isn't enough. Just offer your "not enough" to God, and he will multiply it into more than enough. — Christine Caine

One Step Forward Quotes By John Hagel

In order to survive, all systems must evolve by providing greater and greater access to the currents that flow through them. This applies to all physical, biological and social systems that survive and thrive ... But let's take that one step forward ... the systems just described are ... constantly evolving. This suggests another design principle: ... design for evolution rather than creating a static design optimizing for the present. — John Hagel

One Step Forward Quotes By Karina Halle

Life isn't a linear journey. Sometimes it's one step backwards, two steps forward and then a jump out to the side. It's kind of like the "Time Warp", when you think about it.
Life follows many directions and hopefully, eventually, your mind and body and life and love, all catch up with each other. — Karina Halle

One Step Forward Quotes By Catherine Carrigan

Just by asking for your one next step you can give yourself permission to be divinely led to the people, places and resources that will allow you to move forward. — Catherine Carrigan

One Step Forward Quotes By Darynda Jones

As I look back at what I could have accomplished if I'd had the courage, I wish I could tell you to go for it. Whatever it is, just go for it. You ARE smart enough to write. You ARE personable enough to step forward and make friends. And you AREN'T too skinny. You'll miss that someday. Trust me on this one. — Darynda Jones

One Step Forward Quotes By Bryant McGill

I kept taking one step forward and two back. Then I went all the way around backwards and arrived where I had dreamed of going. — Bryant McGill

One Step Forward Quotes By Pamela Sparkman

Setting the guitar down, I stood and took a step forward to close the gap she'd created. "You need to get used to it. I don't want to be just someone to you. I want to be the only one. And I promise you, Maggie Malone, if you let me, I'll earn all of the pieces of you before I take a single one. — Pamela Sparkman

One Step Forward Quotes By Sarah Brianne

The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow Everyone suffers from one bad day. Others suffer for months on end. Just know that the sun will rise tomorrow, And then the wind can blow in your hair again. Giving up is easy, But living life is well worth the reward. So wake up tomorrow. It's another day closer, another step forward to feel the wind. It's worth waking up tomorrow to see your suffering end. -Sarah Brianne — Sarah Brianne

One Step Forward Quotes By Marshall Ulrich

Keep going, one foot in front of the other, millions of times. Face forward and take the next step. Don't flinch when the road or gets rough, you fall down, you miss a turn, or the bridge you planned to cross has collapsed. Do what you say you'll do, and don't let anything or anyone stop you. Deal with the obstacles as they come. Move on. Keep going, no matter what, one foot in front of the other, millions of times. — Marshall Ulrich

One Step Forward Quotes By C. G. Jung

In studying the history of the human mind one is impressed again and again by the fact that the growth of the mind is the widening of the range of consciousness, and that each step forward has been a most painful and laborious achievement. One could almost say that nothing is more hateful to man than to give up even a particle of his unconsciousness. Ask those who have tried to introduce a new idea! — C. G. Jung

One Step Forward Quotes By Timothy Olyphant

Honestly, I feel like I spent the last 10 years just trying to work, just get my hands on the best material I could. I'd like to say that it was quite calculated and genius, my ability to take one step forward and two steps back. — Timothy Olyphant

One Step Forward Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I had thought we were friends," he said.
"I cannot be your friend."
He took a step forward. "What if I were to ask you - "
"Gideon!" It was Henry, at the open door, breathless, wearing one of his terrible green-and-orange-striped waistcoats. "Your brother's here. Downstairs - "
Gideon's eyes widened. "Gabriel's here?"
"Yes. Shouting something about your father, but he won't tell us anything more unless you're there. He swears it. Come along."
Gideon hesitated, his eyes moving from Henry to Sophie, who tried to look invisible. "I ... "
"Come now, Gideon." Henry rarely spoke sharply, and when he did, the effect was startling. "He's covered in blood. — Cassandra Clare

One Step Forward Quotes By George H. W. Bush

It was just one year ago that the world saw this new, invigorated United Nations in action as this Council stood fast against aggression and stood for the sacred principles enshrined in the U.N. Charter. And now it's time to step forward again, make the internal reforms, accelerate the revitalization, accept the responsibilities necessary for a vigorous and effective United Nations. I want to assure the members of this Council and the Secretary-General, the United Nations can count on our full support in this task. — George H. W. Bush

One Step Forward Quotes By Henry Miller

It would be a grand thing for any community, large or small, to set aside even five minutes of the day for serious contemplation. If nothing more were to result than the recognition of such a feeling as "community" it would be a great step forward. If it be true that we have not yet accepted the fact that we are members of "one world," or even of one nation, how much more true it is that we are not even members of the little communities to which we belong. We become more and more atomized, more and more separate and isolate. We hand our problems over to our respective governments, absolving ourselves of duty, conscience, and initiative. We do not believe in personal example, though we profess to worship that great exemplar Jesus the Christ. We hide from the face of reality: it is too terrible, we think. Yet it is we, only we, who have created this hideous world. And it is we who will change it - by changing our own inner vision. — Henry Miller

One Step Forward Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

I stood for a while the way I had the first time they left, letting all the knots of fear unclench. Nothing had happened, I told myself. I am perfectly okay. He was just a creepy, horny, not-nice man, and now he's gone. But then I shoved my tent back into my pack, turned off my stove, dumped the almost-boiling water out into the grass, and swished the pot in the pond so it cooled. I took a swig of my iodine water and crammed my water bottle and my damp T-shirt, bra, and shorts back into my pack. I lifted Monster, buckled it on, stepped onto the trail, and started walking northward in the fading light. I walked and I walked, my mind shifting into a primal gear that was void of anything but forward motion, and I walked until walking became unbearable, until I believed I couldn't walk even one more step. And then I ran. — Cheryl Strayed

One Step Forward Quotes By Daphne Du Maurier

They were all fitting into place, the jig-saw pieces. The odd strained shapes that I had tried to piece together with my fumbling fingers and they had never fitted. Frank's odd manner when I spoke about Rebecca. Beatrice and her rather diffident negative attitude. The silence that I had always taken for sympathy and regret was a silence born of shame and embarrassment. It seemed incredible to me now that I had never understood. I wondered how many people there were in the world who suffered, and continued to suffer, because they could not break out from their own web of shyness and reserve, and in their blindness and folly built up a great wall in front of them that hid the truth. This was what I had done. I had built up false pictures in my mind and sat before them. I had never had the courage to demand the truth. Had I made one step forward out of my own shyness Maxim would have told these things four months, five months ago. — Daphne Du Maurier

One Step Forward Quotes By Elif Shafak

Doubts are good. It means you are alive and searching. One does not become a believer overnight. He thinks he is a believer; then something happens in his life and he becomes an unbeliever, after that, he becomes a believer again and then an unbeliever again, and so on. Until we reach a certain stage, we constantly waver. This is the only way forward. At each new step, we come closer to the Truth. — Elif Shafak

One Step Forward Quotes By Clifford Riley

Hi!" she said, a bit louder than she meant to. Ian raised one eyebrow and Amy felt the beginnings of a blush. She started to give Ian a hug, but he had already bent forward to kiss her on the cheek. Her sudden movement three him off, and they ended up bumping foreheads.
"Sorry," Amy said, turning away so Ian wouldn't see that her face had turned bright red.
"Quite all right. I had forgotten you do things differently across the pond." He took a step back to look at Amy. "I take it jeans are the latest in evening wear here in the wild west?" He made an exaggerated show of narrowing her eyes. "Is that a juice stain on your blouse? How fetching. — Clifford Riley

One Step Forward Quotes By Kiera Cass

One of the things that I've learned from the Selection so far is that moving forward means joining your life before coming to the palace with the future that lies in front of you. I'm hoping to make another step in joining those two worlds today. — Kiera Cass

One Step Forward Quotes By Friedrich Engels

People think they have taken quite an extraordinarily bold step forward when they have rid themselves of belief in hereditary monarchy and swear by the democratic republic. In reality, however, the state is nothing but a machine for the oppression of one class by another, and indeed in the democratic republic no less than in the monarchy. — Friedrich Engels

One Step Forward Quotes By Susan Forward

Yet if there's one thing I know with absolute certainty, both personally and professionally, it is this: Nothing will change in our lives until we change our own behavior. Insight won't do it. Understanding why we do the self-defeating things we do won't make us stop doing them. Nagging and pleading with the other person to change won't do it. We have to act. We have to take the first step down a new road. — Susan Forward

One Step Forward Quotes By David Robinson

There is a mysterious dance that happens in the family between privilege and responsibility, between trust and accountability. One step forward of responsibility allows for a step forward of privilege. The weight of trust requires the counterweight of accountability. Cloistered parents allow space between themselves and their children for this dance to take place. We don't smother our kids. Neither do we abandon them. We dance together with them. — David Robinson

One Step Forward Quotes By Kevin Hearne

I pushed myself forward and rose cautiously to my feet. A draft from the aft signaled that my dressing gown was open, but I didn't care. The nurses could take shots with their camera phones and upload them to their Flickr stream for all I cared, just so long as my face wasn't in it.
A wave of dizziness rolled over me when I took a step, but it was one of those gentle rocking swells and not a thirty-foot-tall fist of Poseidon. I could do this. I shuffled over carefully and leaned against the nightstand for support as I opened the drawer. Then I nearly fell over when Granuaile spoke from behind me.
"Nom nom nom!" she said.
I looked around for the cookies she must be referring to and then realized, belatedly, that the room was bereft of delicious baked goods. The only thing on display was my backside, and apparently she thought it looked tasty. — Kevin Hearne

One Step Forward Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

Aelin took a step forward.
One step, as if in a daze.
She loosed a shuddering breath, and a small, whimpering noise came out of her - a sob.
And then she was sprinting down the alley, flying as though the winds themselves pushed at her heels.
She flung herself on the male, crashing into him hard enough that anyone else might have gone rocking back into the stone wall.
But the male grabbed her to him, his massive arms wrapping around her tightly and lifting her up. Nesryn made to approach, but Aedion stopped her with a hand on her arm.
Aelin was laughing as she cried, and the male was just holding her, his hooded head buried in her neck. As if he were breathing her in.
"Who is that?" Nesryn asked.
Aedion smiled. "Rowan. — Sarah J. Maas

One Step Forward Quotes By Cressida Cowell

History is a set of repeating circles, like the tide. The wind does blow through the ruins of tomorrow. But it is more a question of two steps forward, one step back. Humans and dragons make the same mistakes, again and again, but things do get better over time — Cressida Cowell

One Step Forward Quotes By Margot James

I believe my party should never flinch from the requirement that we must continue this progression, otherwise we may end up like the Republican party who lost an election last year that they could have won were it not for their socially conservative agenda. We may have gone two steps forward, but I fear we may have gone one step backwards. The modernisation of the Conservative party is not yet complete. — Margot James

One Step Forward Quotes By David S. Baxter

Admittedly, repentance is not always easy; I suppose it would not be true repentance if it were. It can also take a longer time than we think or hope. There can be missteps along the way, when we falter or lose heart, but we can reset our course and move forward again, even if it is only one small step at a time. As well as praying for forgiveness, we can also plead for courage, and it will come. If we do so, steady but surely, we will rise from the miry depths of sin and emerge into the sunny uplands of forgiveness and hope. — David S. Baxter

One Step Forward Quotes By Nichelle Nichols

Some people view Gene as a man with a wild futuristic utopian fantasy, but that's too simple. Star Trek did not promise that people would magically become inherently "better," but that they would progress, always reaching for their highest potential and noblest goals, even if it took centuries of taking two steps forward and one step back. Ideally, humankind would be guided in its quest by reason and justice. The ultimate futility of armed conflict, terrorism, dictatorial rule, prejudice, disregard for the environment, and exercising power for its own sake was demonstrated time and again — Nichelle Nichols

One Step Forward Quotes By Alice Walker

The longer I am a writer
so long now that my writing finger is periodically numb
the better I understand what writing is; what its function is; what it is supposed to do. I learn that the writer's pen is a microphone held up to the mouths of ancestors and even stones of long ago. That once given permission by the writer
a fool, and so why should one fear?
horses, dogs, rivers, and, yes, chickens can step forward and expound on their lives. The magic of this is not so much in the power of the microphone as in the ability of the nonhuman object or animal to BE and the human animal to PERCEIVE ITS BEING. — Alice Walker

One Step Forward Quotes By Edna St. Vincent Millay

In this unlighted cave, one step forward
That step can be the down-step into the Abyss.
But we, we have no sense of direction; impetus
Is all we have; we do not proceed, we only
Roll down the mountain,
Like disbalanced boulders, crushing before us many
Delicate springing things, whose plan it was to grow. — Edna St. Vincent Millay

One Step Forward Quotes By Anton Chekhov

So it is in life ... In search of the truth, people make two steps forward and one step back. Sufferings, mistakes, and the tedium of life throw them back, but the thirst for truth and a stubborn will drive them on and on. And who knows? Maybe they'll row their way to the real truth ... — Anton Chekhov

One Step Forward Quotes By Euginia Herlihy

To take one step forward is the way to the finishing line, it doesn't matter how long it takes as long you'll get there eventually. — Euginia Herlihy