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Top Fashion Photography Quotes

Fashion Photography Quotes By Ellen Von Unwerth

I love beautiful women. I love to show their personality, their sexuality. There's a fashion side to my erotic pictures: I love beautiful shoes and jewellery. But the erotic work I do is too daring and provocative for a fashion magazine. It's more fun, and if you have the right girl who likes it, more exciting, too. It's fashion photography, but with fewer clothes. — Ellen Von Unwerth

Fashion Photography Quotes By Gia Coppola

I enjoy fashion photography and textiles, that whole aspect of it. As more of an art form, I like Proenza Schouler. Those guys are really cool because they seem to have an interesting approach to it all. — Gia Coppola

Fashion Photography Quotes By Heston Blumenthal

I was born in the '60s and grew up in the '70s - not exactly the best decade for food in British history. It was horrendous. It was a time when, as a nation, we excelled in art and music and acting and photography and fashion - all creative skills ... all apart from cooking. — Heston Blumenthal

Fashion Photography Quotes By Hedi Slimane

Just like zillions of children, album covers educated and informed me, and certainly did I later transpose organically, rather than by intent, those principles both in fashion design and photography. — Hedi Slimane

Fashion Photography Quotes By Stella McCartney

When you think of fashion photography, it's a dream. It's like we all want to be those women. We want to wear those dresses. — Stella McCartney

Fashion Photography Quotes By Peter Beard

Photography should be redefined. It's largely technical ... Photography is just unbelievably limiting. I always think of David Bailey and all the fashion photographers - they overlap, you can't always tell who did it. I don't really even like photography all that much. I just think it's so overdone. — Peter Beard

Fashion Photography Quotes By Bill Cunningham

The main thing I love about street photography is that you find the answers you don't see at the fashion shows. You find information for readers so they can visualize themselves. — Bill Cunningham

Fashion Photography Quotes By Peter Lindbergh

In 1990 I did a story with Helena Christensen about a woman who lives in a trailer in the middle of the desert and finds a little crushed UFO with a martian who has survived the crash. She takes him home, and they fall in love. Later he has to meet with his fellow martians who have arrived to rescue him. It's a sad ending. This was my first truly narrative story and apparently the first narrative story in fashion photography. — Peter Lindbergh

Fashion Photography Quotes By Peter Lindbergh

Fashion photography should say something about the stability of a certain time you live in or what kind of women you like. The most interesting thing is not what they're wearing but who they are. — Peter Lindbergh

Fashion Photography Quotes By Giles Duley

When I worked as a music and fashion photographer, I always had the nagging feeling that there was something missing, that I wasn't using my skills productively. I gave up photography - I walked away from it completely - and started doing care work. — Giles Duley

Fashion Photography Quotes By Daria Werbowy

I've been taking photographs since I was a teenager, and fashion has taught me a lot more about photography. It's definitely inspired me. — Daria Werbowy

Fashion Photography Quotes By Stephanie Seymour

I love all of these new products that are coming out, things like headphones with cute, catchy names. There is also so much going on with the marketing of fashion. And then, I still love the classic stuff, like great dresses and wonderful photography. — Stephanie Seymour

Fashion Photography Quotes By Emily Osment

I love to play the guitar. I also love photography and fashion. — Emily Osment

Fashion Photography Quotes By Chantal Joffe

I like the stories. I like the narratives that you get in fashion photography. And I like what the clothes do to the body - the patterns and stripes and all of that. — Chantal Joffe

Fashion Photography Quotes By William A. Ewing

This prolific and inventive photographer (Edward Steichen) must be given credit for virtually inventing modern fashion photography, and as the tohousands of high-quality original prints in the Conde Nast archives prove, only Irving Penn and Richard Avedon have since emerged as serious historical rivals. — William A. Ewing

Fashion Photography Quotes By Patrick Demarchelier

Fashion is the opposite of the real, its worst enemy. Fashion photography is subversive; it makes you believe everything is true, whereas this could not be more false. It is the opposite of a mirror, a deformation. — Patrick Demarchelier

Fashion Photography Quotes By Juan Enriquez

People thought this was a computer IT gig, and that will flow through those nerdy departments and it won't come into fashion photography, it won't come into television, it won't come into my daily communications, it won't come into my telephone, my microphone, my light control, my microwave radio, my - I mean, just name it. — Juan Enriquez

Fashion Photography Quotes By Tim Walker

The point of fashion is that you take the picture you want. And fashion is the only photography that allows fantasy, and I'm a fantasist. — Tim Walker

Fashion Photography Quotes By Tim Walker

When I was at college, the idea of fashion was more immediate to me, whereas art photography, the depth of it, was a different thing. Storytelling - fanciful storytelling - can only be told through fashion photography. It's the perfect way to play with fantasy and dreams. — Tim Walker

Fashion Photography Quotes By Bill Cunningham

He who seeks beauty will find it. — Bill Cunningham

Fashion Photography Quotes By Karl Lagerfeld

I'm not a social person. Not that I'm not at ease. I'm pretty good, but it bores me. Not the people, but the whole thing. What for? It's not very productive. I only want to do what I have to do: fashion, photography, books. And that's all. — Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion Photography Quotes By Stephanie Seymour

I really learned a lot from collecting clothes because I got to go back into the history of fashion and fashion photography and jewelry. It changed how I felt about fashion and about what I did forever because I used to look a little bit down on myself for it. — Stephanie Seymour

Fashion Photography Quotes By Peter Lindbergh

The most important part of fashion photography, for me, is not the models; it's not the clothes. It's that you are responsible for defining what a woman today is. That, I think, is my job. — Peter Lindbergh

Fashion Photography Quotes By Elizabeth Ross

In taking that photograph, I understood something I will never forget: how I wished to arrest all the beauty that came before me. Not the classical beauty of symmetry and exact proportions or the fancy of fashion, which is ever-changing with the seasons, but the beauty of a soul, that inner life that reveals itself so seldom, just for an instant, and only if you look closely and learn to see with an open heart. — Elizabeth Ross

Fashion Photography Quotes By Philip K. Dick

Everything is destined to reappear as simulation. Landscapes as photography, woman as the sexual scenario, thoughts as writing, terrorism as fashion and the media, events as television. Things seem only to exist by virtue of this strange destiny. You wonder whether the world itself isn't just here to serve as advertising copy in some other world.' Jean Baudrillard, — Philip K. Dick

Fashion Photography Quotes By Mario Testino

The way men are seen in photography, in fashion, and the way that men look at pictures of themselves has changed in recent years. It is a subject that has come into focus: The masculine image, a man's personal style, changing attitudes to the male face and body, — Mario Testino

Fashion Photography Quotes By Lindsey Kelk

Why you like photography so much? Because it's just the camera and me showing everyone else what we can see. It's telling stories. — Lindsey Kelk

Fashion Photography Quotes By Karl Lagerfeld

What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce. — Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion Photography Quotes By Mario Testino

Most photographers go and photograph something that they see, that exists, and that somebody else has created - they document it. But fashion photographers have to create what they're going to photograph. We have to go into the thought and build it up, get a girl, get a guy, get a situation, get the house, get the decor. It's the meaning of the word photography: "writing with light." — Mario Testino

Fashion Photography Quotes By Helmut Newton

What I find interesting is working in a society with certain taboos and fashion photography is about that kind of society. To have taboos, then to get around them that is interesting. — Helmut Newton

Fashion Photography Quotes By Patti Smith

My introduction to photography and a lot of how I developed aesthetically was through '50s and early-'60s fashion magazines like Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. — Patti Smith

Fashion Photography Quotes By Camille Paglia

Computer enhancement has spread to still photography in advertisements, fashion pictorials, and magazine covers, where the human figure and face are subtly elongated or remodeled at will. Caricature is our ruling mode. — Camille Paglia

Fashion Photography Quotes By Charlotte Rampling

The '60s in London obviously brought about the explosion of music, the 'Beatles' especially, and then the 'Rolling Stones' and other forms of music, and then fashion and photography and films - kitchen-sink dramas we called them at that time, which was our 'nouvelle vague' in Britain, films that talk about real life. — Charlotte Rampling

Fashion Photography Quotes By Georgina Chapman

Photography obviously lends itself so well towards fashion. It's capturing that moment and that inspiration, and as a designer you are constantly walking through the world assimilating those visual references you have and so being able to solidify that into a photograph and keep it on your mood board is essential to creating a collection. — Georgina Chapman

Fashion Photography Quotes By Jaime King

It was around the age of 18 when I started to feel like I had learned everything I could learn from being a model - modeling is a really incredible form of expression, but I got into modeling because I loved fashion so much and I really loved photography. — Jaime King

Fashion Photography Quotes By Mario Testino

I like getting my ideas from the things of now. I am very conscious of the moment, of images that belong to this moment instead of another period. Fashion is really a reflection of our lives. You see women today and they don't do their hair up; they all wear their hair undone. So you have to reflect that in your photography . — Mario Testino

Fashion Photography Quotes By Hedi Slimane

Music defines decades, and quite clearly shapes the rhythm, vitality of fashion, attitude and social behaviors. The anthology, just like most of my work, from photography to fashion design, is about and around music. — Hedi Slimane

Fashion Photography Quotes By Susie Bright

Here was the real scandal of On Our Backs photography: We were women shooting other women - our names, faces, and bodies on the line - and we all brought our sexual agenda to the lens. Each pictorial was a memoir. That is quite the opposite of a fashion shoot at Vogue or Playboy, where the talent is a prop ...
When we began our magazine, female fashion and portrait models - all of them - were shot the same way kittens and puppies are photographed for holiday calendars: in fetching poses, with no intentions of their own. — Susie Bright

Fashion Photography Quotes By Karen Rodwill Solomon

Some people are lucky enough to find their passion and spend their life pursuing it. Whether it is photography, accounting, sports, or law enforcement, they immerse themselves in the occupation that suits them. They refine their craft and look forward to a lifetime of going to the office knowing they love what they do and there are no regrets. When a life is irreversibly altered in a way that prohibits a person from continuing along their beloved path, they may feel depressed, angry, or like the shell of the person they once were. When the life is intentionally altered by someone else, the person can be left in a purgatory of sorts, hoping in a child-like fashion that things may somehow reverse themselves and they can return to the profession they loved so much. Mario is the epitome of a man whose dream was stolen, and he hasn't quite found a way to accept or believe it. — Karen Rodwill Solomon