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One Goal One Vision Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

The one who has won over duality is adwait (non-duality; state of oneness, free from duality-state). With a transparent inner vision one can attain a state beyond duality. — Dada Bhagwan

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Russell Wilson

In terms of professionally what I want to do, I want to play 15-plus more years, get to the Hall of Fame, and win a lot of championships and all that. I'd love to be the owner of a team one day. But it's way bigger than that. For me, my vision is how can I affect somebody positively every day? When you focus on other people, somehow good things happen to you. I think that's my goal. That's my vision. — Russell Wilson

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Leadership is a process where a leader has a purpose oriented destination and lets the followers find the best way to get there with a common vision and goal. — Debasish Mridha

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Warren G. Bennis

Leadership (according to John Sculley) revolves around vision, ideas, direction, and has more to do with inspiring people as to direction and goals than with day-to-day implementation. A leader must be able to leverage more than his own capabilities. He must be capable of inspiring other people to do things without actually sitting on top of them with a checklist. — Warren G. Bennis

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Ann M. Dibb

From Lehi's vision we learn that we must take hold of this safety railing-this iron rod, found alongside our individual straight and narrow path-and hold tight until we reach our ultimate goal of eternal life with our Heavenly Father. Nephi promises that those who hold fast to the iron rod"would never perish; neither could the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary overpower them unto blindness, to lead them away to destruction" — Ann M. Dibb

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Josh Bezoni

Develop a vision, not a goal. Visions are much more powerful. 98% of what's going on in your brain is subconscious. Developing a vision requires the use of more of your brain than just developing a thought, which suggests we are tapping into subconscious brain power. — Josh Bezoni

One Goal One Vision Quotes By John Jackson Miller

Hello, Master. I'm running now - but I've had time to reflect on your teachings. You say the living sometimes have to suffer to serve a larger goal. I've seen how you live by that. Well, I have a goal now, too. Justice. For myself, for my friends, for the people sacrificed to the plans of the so-called infallible. And it will definitely involve some suffering. Because, you see, I've had a vision of my own. One day, one of you is going to confess and clear my name. And to make sure, I'm going to hunt down each and every one of you. The one that confesses, lives. I don't care which one of you does it. It doesn't matter where they send you. You have a death mark, same as me. Don't look for me, Lucien. Because I'll find you. And if I do end up collapsing the Jedi Order, just remember one thing. You started it."

-Zayne Carrick, KOTR comics — John Jackson Miller

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

People may laugh at what I do but am not perturbed. My work is to add value to lives. I will keep living my dreams so that by the time my mortal body may stop working, I will remain immortally relevant to generations to come. — Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

One Goal One Vision Quotes By August Kubizek

Hitherto I had been convinced that my friend wanted to become an artist, a painter, or perhaps an architect. Now this was no longer the case. Now he aspired to something higher, which I could not yet fully grasp. It rather surprised me, as I thought that the vocation of the artist was for him the highest, most desirable goal. But now he was talking of a mandate which, one day, he would receive from the people, to lead them out of servitude to the heights of freedom.
It was an unknown youth who spoke to me in that strange hour. He spoke of a special mission which one day would be entrusted to him, and I, his only listener, could hardly understand what he meant. Many years had to pass before I realized the significance of this enraptured hour for my friend. — August Kubizek

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Brian Tracy

All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose. — Brian Tracy

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Farshad Asl

Life is a moving target. So your vision needs to be an accurate objective, to give you direction for your actions. As you move toward your goal, the vision becomes even more substantive, more palpable. It becomes something you can't wait to share with others continually. The excitement is infectious. — Farshad Asl

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Niccolo Machiavelli

Concerning New Principalities Which Are Acquired By One's Own Arms And Ability
LET no one be surprised if, in speaking of entirely new principalities as I shall do, I adduce the highest examples both of prince and of state; because men, walking almost always in paths beaten by others, and following by imitation their deeds, are yet unable to keep entirely to the ways of others or attain to the power of those they imitate. A wise man ought always to follow the paths beaten by great men, and to imitate those who have been supreme, so that if his ability does not equal theirs, at least it will savour of it. Let him act like the clever archers who, designing to hit the mark which yet appears too far distant, and knowing the limits to which the strength of their bow attains, take aim much higher than the mark, not to reach by their strength or arrow to so great a height, but to be able with the aid of so high an aim to hit the mark they wish to reach. — Niccolo Machiavelli

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Stephen Covey

All things are created twice. All things. Vision is the first creation. For a house it's called the blueprint. For a life it's called a mission. For a day it's called a goal and a plan. For a parent it's called a belief in the unseen potential of a child. For all, it is the mental creation which always precedes the physical, or second, creation. — Stephen Covey

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

Wisdom has two wings. One wing is the ability to see the final goal and the ways of reaching it. The second wing is working unsparingly to fulfill that vision. — Sunday Adelaja

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Ilchi Lee

You can think of your life as being a little like knitting. When you first begin, there is no shape to it, but you keep knitting with some goal in mind - to make a sweater, a sock, or whatever. Every stitch is like a thought that you add to the overall shape of your life. Eventually, thoughts lead to action and the form will emerge, if you can only keep your intent in mind. If you have no clear vision, however, you will end up with a random pile of knotted yarn — Ilchi Lee

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Lorde

If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough. — Lorde

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Mel Lawrenz

There is only one line of sight that will bring order to all our life and work: a vision of Christ seated at the right hand of God the Father, ruling with all justice and mercy. Our influence only means something if it is plotted along that trajectory, and our work ultimately leads people to that same goal. — Mel Lawrenz

One Goal One Vision Quotes By James R. Schlesinger

The notion of a defense that will protect American cities is one that will not be achieved, but it is that goal that supplies the political magic, as it were, in the president's vision. — James R. Schlesinger

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Sereda Aleta Dailey

Life is open to us all. No one will ever see life exactly the same as another. Some folks will argue that one who is on a focused path to expanding into the best they can be has changed or is changing.
To that I say: I haven't changed I'm just growing better and more confident about moving towards my vision.. I feel ready. Since I'm ready everything has opened to me. Beyond that, just remember that- No one can see the goal like you can. No one will, ever. But team work still works!
People can feel the passion in your movement. Help comes when we free ourselves from fearing success. Call out your dream and move on it. Step by step. Yes, you can. Just keep striving! Much love and honor. — Sereda Aleta Dailey

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

A single-minded purpose gives sacred strength to achieve the dream. — Lailah Gifty Akita

One Goal One Vision Quotes By William Coperthwaite

Apprentices Needed, Not Disciples
For many, the knowledge of a Jesus, a Lao-tzu, a Buddha, or a Gandhi is complete and unassailable. But we do them and their vision a disservice when we follow them rather than using what they have taught to build upon as we strive toward our goal of a better society. — William Coperthwaite

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

A paycheck is a sufficient impetus to motivate some employees to do the minimum amount to get by, and for others, the challenge of getting ahead in the organization provides a satisfactory focus for a while. But these incentives alone are rarely strong enough to inspire workers to give their best to their work. For this a vision is needed, an overarching goal that gives meaning to the job, so that an individual can forget himself in the task and experience flow without doubts or regrets. The most important component of such a vision is an ingredient we call soul. — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Rebecca McNutt

So many people spend years (and money) studying to be doctors, lawyers, actors, dancers, business executives and scientists - when you're an author, you can be any of these things, and you don't need a degree or certificate; all you need is an imagination, a dream and an open mind. — Rebecca McNutt

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Nathaniel Branden

Moved by a passion they do not understand for a goal they seldom reach, men and women are haunted by the vision of a distant possibility that refuses to be extinguished. — Nathaniel Branden

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

My life's work is to help people step into their God-given abilities and make a positive difference in their community. — Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Mitchell Joachim

I like to use the analogy of going to the gym. If you go to the gym and your goal is, 'I want to look just like David Beckham,' then that drives you to do certain things. You may never look like Beckham, but it is a goal. Cities need the same thing. They need a vision and a plan for their ideal physique. — Mitchell Joachim

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Stop existing and start living! — Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

If it's possible in the mind, then it's possible anywhere. — Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Steven Haines

Storytellers need their stories to resonate with their listeners. So when you envision a goal and describe the action needed to reach that goal, you transform your vision into a portrayal that depicts what's truly possible to move people to action. While you need enough material (data and reasoned analysis) to flesh out the tale, you don't want to bombard people with charts and tables. — Steven Haines

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Eugene H. Peterson

The end is where we start from. T.S. Eliot — Eugene H. Peterson

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Ayn Rand

Joy is the goal of existence, and joy is not to be stumbled upon, but to be achieved, and the act of treason is to let its vision drown in the swamp of the moment's torture. — Ayn Rand

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Paramahansa Yogananda

Thoughts are universally and not individually rooted; a truth cannot be created, but only perceived. The erroneous thoughts of man result from imperfections in his discernment. The goal of Yoga Science is to calm the mind, that without distortion it may mirror the Divine vision in the Universe. — Paramahansa Yogananda

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Kenichi Fukui

Japanese universities have a chair system that is a fixed hierarchy. This has its merits when trying to work as a laboratory on one theme. But if you want to do original work you must start young, and young people are limited by the chair system. Even if students cannot become assistant professors at an early age they should be encouraged to do original work.
... Industry is more likely to put its research effort into its daily business. It is very difficult for it to become involved in pure chemistry. There is a need to encourage long-range research, even if we don't know its goal and if its application is unknown. — Kenichi Fukui

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Ellen MacArthur

When I circumnavigated the globe the outcome didn't really matter, it was about a goal I'd set myself, but sustainability is part of all our lives — Ellen MacArthur

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Bruce Lee

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. — Bruce Lee

One Goal One Vision Quotes By John Piper

The great end of all study--all theology--is a heart for God and a life of holiness. The great goal of all Edwards's work was the glory of God. And the greatest thing I have ever learned from Edwards, and the driving vision of this book, is that God is glorified most not merely by being known, nor by merely being dutifully obeyed, but by being enjoyed in the knowing and the obeying. — John Piper

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Charles F. Glassman

I believe having a vision in mind, a goal let's say, is a good thing. Unfortunately, so many of us are blinded by the greatness of our vision that paralysis and inaction sets in. What I try to do is focus on the individual steps, the moments if you will, and let them lead one to the next. The vision that eventually appears may not be exactly what you had in mind, but it will be the right one for you, because you did the work and you took the necessary action. — Charles F. Glassman

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Guy Kawasaki

Great leaders are paradoxical. They catalyze, rather control, the work of their teams. They have an overarching vision for the team but are not autocratic in the realization of this vision. Their eyes are open to whatever results occur-not just planned goals, because serendipity is a great innovator. — Guy Kawasaki

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Robert Herjavec

Successful businesspeople retain a quality most others not only lack but often fail to comprehend, and that's the unrelenting drive to convert a vision into reality. They are driven to realize this goal in a manner that appears to defy logic among others who lack this drive. — Robert Herjavec

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Robert Johnson

Leadership is the ability to influence people and motivate them to do what needs to be done to accomplish a goal, vision, or mission. — Robert Johnson

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Kcat Yarza

35 "Everyone has a dream, a vision, a goal and a desire. Just because we have bigger dreams than others doesn't mean they don't have one. Sometimes we just too lazy to make it happen or are scared of failing."

But trying is better than not doing anything at all. — Kcat Yarza

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Henrietta Newton Martin

A visionary company is one which is seen growing in a consistent pattern by being goal oriented driven by a vision and a mission — Henrietta Newton Martin

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Janna Cachola

If you have a vision and there is no job title for it yet. That's a vision right there! — Janna Cachola

One Goal One Vision Quotes By John Templeton

When we have no goal, or when our vision of the goal is obscured, we may lose our sense of purpose. Even when we've prepared ourselves well and have an aptitude for a given activity, poorly directed efforts can rob us of vital energy. We can spend a great deal of our time, money, and other resources running around in circles. Unless we create specific goals that match our purpose in life and unless we keep a clear vision of these goals, we may eventually falter and fail. — John Templeton

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Launa Rissadia

Life without dreams or goals such as life without vision. — Launa Rissadia

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Phil Pringle

Goal setting is another integral part of achieving any dream. It is what takes a supernatural vision into the material realm where we can see it being accomplished. — Phil Pringle

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Zig Ziglar

A goal casually set and lightly taken is freely abandoned at the first obstacle. — Zig Ziglar

One Goal One Vision Quotes By James C. Collins

People need BHAGs - big hairy audacious goals. — James C. Collins

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Earl Nightingale

Achievement requires more than a vision - it takes courage, resolve and tenacity. All you have got to do is plant that seed in your mind, care for it, work steadily toward your goal, and it will become a reality — Earl Nightingale

One Goal One Vision Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

As long as the vision of heaven is always changing, the vision of earth will be exactly the same. No ideal will remain long enough to be realized, or even partly realized. The modern young man will never change his environment; for he will always change his mind. — G.K. Chesterton

One Goal One Vision Quotes By John Patrick Hickey

The big thinking gives us vision, power and direction, but it is the small steps that are the action of the process. — John Patrick Hickey

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Nido R. Qubein

Goals are simply a way of breaking a vision into smaller, workable units. — Nido R. Qubein

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Reza Aslan

The choice between James's vision of a Jewish religion anchored in the Law of Moses and derived from a Jewish nationalist who fought against Rome, and Paul's vision of a Roman religion that divorced itself from Jewish provincialism and required nothing for salvation save belief in Christ, was not a difficult one for the second and third generations of Jesus's followers to make.
Two thousand years later, the Christ of Paul's creation has utterly subsumed the Jesus of history. The memory of the revolutionary zealot who walked across Galilee gathering an army of disciples with the goal of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth, the magnetic preacher who defied the authority of the Temple priesthood in Jerusalem, the radical Jewish nationalist who challenged the Roman occupation and lost, has been almost completely lost to history. — Reza Aslan

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Gregory Peck

You have to dream, you have to have a vision, and you have to set a goal for yourself that might even scare you a little because sometimes that seems far beyond your reach. Then I think you have to develop a kind of resistance to rejection, and to the disappointments that are sure to come your way. — Gregory Peck

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Kathleen Norris

Before you begin a thing, remind yourself that difficulties and delays quite impossible to foresee are ahead. If you could see them clearly, naturally you could do a great deal to get rid of them but you can't. You can only see one thing clearly and that is your goal. Form a mental vision of that and cling to it through thick and thin. — Kathleen Norris

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Philip Yancey

Prayer, and only prayer, restores my vision to one that more resembles God's. i awake from blindness to see that wealth lurks as a terrible danger, not a goal worth striving for; that value depends not on race or status but on the image of God every person bears; that no amount of effort to improve physical beauty has much relevance for the world beyond. — Philip Yancey

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

We underestimate ourselves, we do not believe in our strength, abilities, and talents and we have a distorted vision of ourselves — Sunday Adelaja

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Bert Dodson

I believe that most of us, students and artists alike, ought to concern ourselves less with what we think is the right way to draw and more with letting our feelings flow through our hand. In this way, we stretch our dynamic nature. Our larger goal should be to draw in a way that expresses our vision. — Bert Dodson

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Steve Maraboli

If you can see the vision of your goal clearly, you can plan and map effectively, and navigate efficiently. — Steve Maraboli

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Scott Turow

The law, for all its failings, has a noble goal - to make the little bit of life that people can actually control more just. We can't end disease or natural disasters, but we can devise rules for our dealings with one another that fairly weigh the rights and needs of evreyone, and withich, therefore, reflect our best vision of ourselves. — Scott Turow

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Dan Pearce

I was receiving at least ninety-nine incredible, positive, and life-changing responses for every negative or abusive one, yet I couldn't stop looking at the one percent. I couldn't get them out of my mind. I let them kill my excitement. I let them destroy my love for what I was doing. I let them shut me down. I let them bully me into changing the way I did things around here.
I almost stopped. I almost gave up. I almost quit writing.
But every time, I remembered my dad.
He taught me better than that.
And I forced myself to be excited again. I forced myself to see the goal and vision of why I was excited in the first place. I forced myself to start skipping over the negative replies and start diving into the loving ones. — Dan Pearce

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Cade Courtley

During mission planning, we had intelligence concerning dogs that might impede our goal and were part of the target's contingencies. The exact method used to neutralize aggressive dogs in the field is classified information. However, Special Ops has some really incredible dogs. In fact, during the raid to kill Osama bin Laden, the highly trained men of SEAL Team Six had with them a uniquely trained dog as part of the mission. SEAL canines are not your standard bomb-sniffing dogs. The dog on the bin Laden mission was specially trained to jump from planes and rappel from helicopters while attached to its handler. The dog wore ballistic body armor, had a head-mounted infrared (night-vision) camera, and wore earpieces to take commands from the handler. The dog also had reinforced teeth, capped with titanium. I would not want to try the techniques this book recommends on this dog. Thank God he's on our side. — Cade Courtley

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Larry Flynt

You will encounter many distractions and many temptations to put your goal aside: The security of a job, a wife who wants kids, whatever. But if you hang in there, always following your vision, I have no doubt you will succeed. — Larry Flynt

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

What is an adventure, I might ask? And in the asking, I might begin to understand that my adventures are sorely limited to the confines of my lackluster imagination. Therefore, an adventure of the most robust and wild sort must be constructed by an unlimited imagination. And unless I am mistaken, only God has an imagination like that. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

The goal is achievable. — Lailah Gifty Akita

One Goal One Vision Quotes By Jean Stapleton

The goal of the World Federalists is peace through unity of government. We must support their vision of oneness in diversity, for it is the salvation of mankind. — Jean Stapleton