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On Liners Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Thanks to April," she whispered, "you have the wedding you've dreamed about ever since you were a little girl."
Dean's boom of laughter was one more reason she loved this man with all her heart. — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

On Liners Quotes By Sylvia Day

Endeavors that help me satisfy you, my goddess of desire, pleasure, and corny one-liners. — Sylvia Day

On Liners Quotes By Mark Batterson

I think you often say more by saying less. And interestingly enough, I mean, Jesus really set the standard. I mean, he could say more with fewer words than anybody. Most of the parables were less than 250 words. And, boy, did he have some one-liners just packed with truth. — Mark Batterson

On Liners Quotes By Cherrie Lynn

I want to bury myself so deep inside you, you'll think you won't ever get me out — Cherrie Lynn

On Liners Quotes By Richelle Mead

Are you in a suit?' I managed at last, my voice choking up. 'You didn't have to dress up for me.'
'Quiet, Sage,' he said. 'I'll make the hilarious one-liners during this daring rescue. — Richelle Mead

On Liners Quotes By Anthony Jeselnik

I think brilliant stuff comes out of working with limitations. One liners are very limiting, but that's what drew me to them in the first place. — Anthony Jeselnik

On Liners Quotes By Olivia Cunning

God, you made me come hard.
No need to call me God, he teased. — Olivia Cunning

On Liners Quotes By Tarryn Fisher

I tried to break her before. Now, I just wanted her as she was. I wanted every last beautiful flaw. I wanted the witty one-liners and the coldness that only I knew how to warm. I wanted the fight and the friction and the make-up sex. I wanted her to wake up in my bed every morning. I wanted her shitty cooking and her beautiful, complex mind. — Tarryn Fisher

On Liners Quotes By Charles Kingsley

So give me the political economist, the sanitary reformer, the engineer; and take your saints and virgins, relics and miracles. The spinning-jenny and the railroad, Cunard's liners and the electric telegraph, are to me, if not to you, signs that we are, on some points at least, in harmony with the universe; that there is a mighty spirit working among us, who cannot be your anarchic and destroying Devil, and therefore may be the Ordering and Creating God. — Charles Kingsley

On Liners Quotes By Louis Aragon

Geniuses are like ocean liners: they should never meet. — Louis Aragon

On Liners Quotes By Jeff Baena

If you're playing things sincere in a really absurd, heightened situation, you'll achieve comedy as opposed to just saying funny lines and one-liners and stuff. — Jeff Baena

On Liners Quotes By Wayne Clark

Relationships weren't ocean liners with stabilizers. They were flimsy affairs. No, they were more dangerous than canoes. They were kayaks, two-seaters that overturned with every careless comment, each intimation of indifference. You spend half the time upside down, under water. It takes a lot of skill to get right-side up before the relationship drowns. — Wayne Clark

On Liners Quotes By Todd Farmer

The actors come in and they make characters their own and so Patrick and I have never been the kind to think that our script is the bible. We want to make sure that the story is told, that you stick to the story but if you have to make changes to the character then that's fine. A lot of times there are some funny one-liners, funny things that happen that are out of the ordinary. I like it. — Todd Farmer

On Liners Quotes By Rex Stout

You know, that idea could be developed into a first-rate little article. Six hundred to seven hundred words, about. The Tyranny of the Wheel, you could call it, with a colored margin of trains and airplanes and ocean liners at top speed - of course liners don't have wheels, but you could do something about that - if I could persuade you, Mr. Wolfe - — Rex Stout

On Liners Quotes By A.J. Rose

No matter how dire a situation may be, I can always find the humor in it somewhere. If I was ever in a horror movie I would be the goofy one who doesn't seem to know quite what's going on but survives to the end with witty one-liners. — A.J. Rose

On Liners Quotes By Dinesh D'Souza

In my view, the pro-life movement at this point should focus on seeking to reduce the number of abortions. At times it will require political education and legal fights, at times it will require education and the establishment of alternatives to abortion, such as adoption centers. Unfortunately, such measures are sometimes opposed by so-called hard-liners in the pro-life movement. These hard-liners are fools. Because they want to outlaw all abortions, they refuse to settle for stopping some abortions; the consequence is that they end up preventing no abortions. — Dinesh D'Souza

On Liners Quotes By Benedict Cumberbatch

I want to do it all. I want to climb mountains, go through jungles, fight wars in space, get the girl, shoot the bad-guy full of lead, have all the zippy one liners, bulge muscles out of a singlet, drip sweat and blood on screen, all of that. — Benedict Cumberbatch

On Liners Quotes By James Ellroy

Howard got sex-crazy in the winter and probably wanted to send him out on a poontang prowl: Schwab's Drugstore, the extra huts at Fox and Universal, Brownie snapshots of well-lunged girls naked from the waist up. His Majesty's yes or no, then standard gash contracts to the yes's
one-liners in RKO turkeys in exchange for room and board at Hughes Enterprises' fuck pads and frequent nighttime visits from The Man himself. — James Ellroy

On Liners Quotes By Jeb Bush

Donald [Trump], is great at - at the one-liners, but he's a chaos candidate. — Jeb Bush

On Liners Quotes By Richelle Mead

Rowena Clark and I had met on the first day of our mixed media class. I'd sat down at her table and said, "Mind if I join you? Figure the best way to learn about art is to sit with a masterpiece." Maybe I was in love, but I was still Adrian Ivashkov.
Rowena had fixed me with a flat look. "Let's get one thing straight. I can see through crap a mile away, and I like girls, not guys, so if you can't handle me telling you what's what, then you'd better take your one-liners and hair gel somewhere else. I don't go to this school to put up with pretty boys like you. I'm here to face dubious employment options with a painting degree and then go get a Guinness after class."
I'd scooted my chair closer to the table. "You and I are going to get along just fine. — Richelle Mead

On Liners Quotes By Tim Vine

If you do weave one-liners into a story, you have to have an overall story as well, otherwise it doesn't really count as narrative. — Tim Vine

On Liners Quotes By Jack Cafferty

It occurs to me that John McCain is as intellectually shallow as our current President ... Bush goes bumbling along, grinning and spewing moronic one-liners, as though nobody understands what a colossal failure he has been ... I fear to the depth of my being that John McCain is just like him. — Jack Cafferty

On Liners Quotes By Randy Lerner

Winning supporters over can only really be achieved by what you do, not what you say. It's no use just smiling and shaking hands and getting quoted with witty one-liners. — Randy Lerner

On Liners Quotes By Adhish Mazumder

Tragedy is actually untimely comedy — Adhish Mazumder

On Liners Quotes By Pierce Brosnan

It never felt real to me. I never felt I had complete ownership over Bond. Because you'd have these stupid one-liners - which I loathed - and I always felt phony doing them. — Pierce Brosnan

On Liners Quotes By Arthur Smith

Comedy ages quicker than tragedy, to the extent that we can't know if the 10 commandments may originally have been 10 hilarious one-liners. — Arthur Smith

On Liners Quotes By Olivia Wilde

I love eye makeup. I really like doing a cat eye, playing with liquid liners and different colors of liners, like emerald and deep blues, combining them with black. — Olivia Wilde

On Liners Quotes By Lynne Truss

Everyday, you get home from the shops with a bag of cat food and bin-liners and realise that, yet again, you failed to have cosmetic surgery, book a cheap weekend in Paris, change your name to something more glamorous, but the fifth series of The Sopranos, divorce your spouse, sell up and move to Devon, or adopt a child from Guatemala. — Lynne Truss

On Liners Quotes By Don Feder

Must the mistakes of history be endlessly repeated? Granting PNTR to China will strengthen the hand of hard-liners, by telling the regime that America will never do anything meaningful to counter its aggression. — Don Feder

On Liners Quotes By Avery Aster

Your quick 'no' is because I refused to say 'yes' to sex. They say men think with their dicks. I hope you do not run Easton with your - — Avery Aster

On Liners Quotes By Fred Allen

The S.S. Sierra was a ten-thousand-ton vessel. Today, lifeboats bigger than the Sierra are found on the Queen Mary and other luxury liners. — Fred Allen

On Liners Quotes By Jasmine Haynes

You tell me your fantasies, and I will make everything we do so good for you, you won't be able to get enough — Jasmine Haynes

On Liners Quotes By Ravi Zacharias

The resulting inability or even desire to reason and think through an idea logically is demonstrated by one-liners such as "I'm not into 'isms. — Ravi Zacharias

On Liners Quotes By Barack Obama

I think there are hard-liners inside of Iran that think it is the right thing to do to oppose us, to seek to destroy Israel, to cause havoc in places like Syria or Yemen or Lebanon, if they don't change at all, we're still better off having the deal. — Barack Obama

On Liners Quotes By Patrick Dempsey

I did a play called 'On Golden Pond' in a dinner theater in Maine and then went to New York for a talent competition having put together a three-man juggling routine and some one-liners and I got myself an agent from that. — Patrick Dempsey

On Liners Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

I suspect the soviets never did want to use those bombs. The most Stalinist of Soviet hard-liners - Stalin, for example - must have realized a nuclear war would be a hard thing to clean up after. — P. J. O'Rourke

On Liners Quotes By Karl Kesel

Impersonating a quiet, gentle librarian like Barbara Gordon
You deserve to be taken out of circulation! — Karl Kesel

On Liners Quotes By Jasmine Haynes

thrilled by the dark look of desire. She thrived on men's desire for her. It made the sexual high that much greater — Jasmine Haynes

On Liners Quotes By Marguerite Duras

People were used to those slow human speeds on both land and sea, to those delays, those waitings on the wind or fair weather, to those expectations of shipwreck, sun, and death. The liners the little white girl knew were among the last mailboats in the world. It was while she was young that the first airlines were started, which were gradually to deprive mankind of journeys across the sea. (The Lover) — Marguerite Duras

On Liners Quotes By Holly Black

Val and Ruth had been friends forever, for so long that Val was used to being the overshadowed one, the "normal" one, the one who set up the witty one-liners, not the one who delivered them. She liked that role; it made her feel safe. Robin to Ruth's Batman. Chewbaca to her Han Solo. — Holly Black

On Liners Quotes By Lucy Robinson

I was going to write a sharp witty email full of devastating one-liners but I suspect you want something nicer than that — Lucy Robinson

On Liners Quotes By Mike Birbiglia

When I was in high school I saw Steven Wright, a brilliant one-liner comedian, and I thought: 'That's what I should do; I should write one-liners.' And I did. My first album is mostly one-liners. — Mike Birbiglia

On Liners Quotes By Lorenzo Carcaterra

I was now well prepared to be a career criminal. I had the proper training and a natural feel for the business. I had a respect for the old-liners like Angelo and Don Frederico. I had been a witness to both murder and betrayal and had my appetite whetted for acts of revenge.
I just didn't have the stomach for any of it.
I didn't want my life to be a lonely and sinister on, where even the closest of friends could overnight turn into an enemy who needed to be eliminated. If I went the way Angelo had paved, I would earn millions, but would never be allowed to taste the happiness and enjoyment such wealth often brings. I would rule over a dark world, a place where treachery and deceit would be at my side and never know the simple pleasures of an ordinary life. p368. — Lorenzo Carcaterra

On Liners Quotes By Anthony Marra

Sometimes it bursts from your imagination fully formed, sometimes you absorb from nonfiction, sometimes you're able to imprint your own autobiographical experiences on a world you never yourself were a part of. A decent number of the one-liners in the title story originally came up in conversations with my girlfriend or my neighbor. — Anthony Marra

On Liners Quotes By Brian D'Ambrosio

She lives in a town of sorry history,
indifferent to ethical perspectives,
apathetic to female attributes,
cargo and trunk liners,
spilled oil in the garage,
telephone poles shaped like liquor bottles,
sustaining burly weather,
cardiac distressing cold,
tobacco and mortality,
lying face-up on the bar's concrete floor,
no one can waste a life
faster than a Montana redneck. — Brian D'Ambrosio

On Liners Quotes By Hillary Rodham Clinton

But despite the direct engagement with Cuban officials and numerous efforts by third parties, the Cubans refused to release him unless the United States released five convicted Cuban spies serving time in prison. It is possible that hard-liners within the regime exploited the Gross case as an opportunity to put the brakes on any possible rapprochement with the United States and the domestic reforms that would require. If so, it is a double tragedy, consigning millions of Cubans to a kind of continued imprisonment as well. — Hillary Rodham Clinton

On Liners Quotes By Robert F. Kennedy

One of the ironic things," Kennedy observed to Norman Cousins in the spring of 1963, " ... is that Mr. Khrushchev and I occupy approximately the same political positions inside our governments. He would like to prevent a nuclear war but is under severe pressure from his hard-line crowd, which interprets every move in that direction as appeasement. I've got similar problems ... . The hard-liners in the Soviet Union and the United States feed on one another."8 — Robert F. Kennedy

On Liners Quotes By Bridget Golightly

* Get one of those marvellous pink rabbit hand blenders. Like the ones I've seen on the late-night shopping channel. — Bridget Golightly

On Liners Quotes By Seth Czerepak

My dog hasn't said a word all day, he must have a lot on his mind — Seth Czerepak

On Liners Quotes By Carlos Wallace

As millions use social media as a primary source of information, the risk of falling victim to being misinformed is high. Readers who quickly scan newsfeeds tend to only read (and share information about) a headline: focusing on "the hook." Whether due to complacency or lack of time, few explore the content. This allows bogus media outlets to descend on the unsuspecting (and unprepared) seekers of instant information, creating false stories with dazzling one-liners, secure in the knowledge that there will be little effort to pursue confirmation or research an entire story. — Carlos Wallace

On Liners Quotes By Anthony Jeselnik

I'm a comedian and there are a lot of things I'm still learning. I love one liners because I love smart jokes. I also don't like complaining about society or whining about my life on stage. — Anthony Jeselnik

On Liners Quotes By Hilary Mantel

You come to this place, mid-life. You don't know how you got here, but suddenly you're staring fifty in the face. When you turn and look back down the years, you glimpse the ghosts of other lives you might have led; all houses are haunted. The wraiths and phantoms creep under your carpets and between the warp and weft of fabric, they lurk in wardrobes and lie flat under drawer-liners. You think of the children you might have had but didn't. When the midwife says, 'It's a boy,' where does the girl go? When you think you're pregnant, and you're not, what happens to the child that has already formed in your mind? You keep it filed in a drawer of your consciousness, like a short story that never worked after the opening lines. — Hilary Mantel

On Liners Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

People are clever, but almost no one ever devises an optimal quip precisely at the needed moment. Therefore, virtually all great one-liners are later inventions - words that people wished they had spouted, but failed to manufacture at the truly opportune instant. — Stephen Jay Gould

On Liners Quotes By Nicki Minaj

People's expectations of what I'm capable of doing are very low. People have been used to hearing little one-liners and me play around. — Nicki Minaj

On Liners Quotes By Dave Eggers

The discovery of oil occurred shortly after the Addis Ababa agreement, the pact that ended the first civil war, that first one lasting almost seventeen years. In 1972, the north and south of Sudan met in Ethiopia, and the peace agreement was signed, including, among other things, provisions to share any of the natural resources of the south, fifty-fifty. Khartoum had agreed to this, but at the time, they believed the primary natural resource in the south was uranium. But at Addis Ababa, no one knew about oil, so when the oil was found, Khartoum was concerned. They had signed this agreement, and the agreement insisted that all resources be split evenly ... But not with oil! To share oil with blacks? This would not do! It was terrible for them, I think, and that is when much of the hard-liners in Khartoum began thinking about canceling Addis Ababa and keeping the oil for themselves. — Dave Eggers

On Liners Quotes By Chelsea Martin

I have hundreds of Word documents filled with pages of one-liners. If I begin to write a story, or if one of my thoughts leads to more than a couple paragraphs of writing, I'll go into these documents and pull out lines that I think would work with it. — Chelsea Martin

On Liners Quotes By Bill Bryson

I suppose because I grew up a thousand miles from the sea and missed the great age of passenger liners, I have always been subject to a romantic longing for ocean travel. — Bill Bryson

On Liners Quotes By G. Harry Stine

Market studies suggest space tourism-a rubbernecker's trip to earth orbit-is likely to draw 50,000 passengers a year if the ticket can be pushed below $25,000. That's what tens of thousands of people spend each year on competing trips, such as round-the-world cruises on luxury liners and adventure tours to Antarctica or Mount Everest. — G. Harry Stine

On Liners Quotes By Nicolas Cage

Mike Myers as Austin Powers makes me laugh - that was genius - and Daffy Duck makes me laugh, but I like odd behavior. I don't like hip dialogue and one-liners and all that sort of cool, sophomoric comedy. It's just not for me. — Nicolas Cage

On Liners Quotes By Francine Scott

Introduction to Jane. - Jane removed the last of the unfamiliar, silk bra-cup pads and panty liners from within the clothes she was unpacking and placed them in her top lingerie drawer. Her discovery of their illicit presence was a bombshell with which her disbelief was still struggling. The shock was enough for her to call the office, cancel her appointments and tell the studio she would be off all day. — Francine Scott

On Liners Quotes By Philippe Falardeau

I'm not too keen on jokes that are one-liners. I want the situation to be funny. — Philippe Falardeau

On Liners Quotes By Jeffrey Gitomer

Home Depot knows 'the more they help, the more they sell'-oh by the way, for the 'bottom liners' who disagree-it's also vice-versa. — Jeffrey Gitomer

On Liners Quotes By Marie F. Crow

Why is it we always have the best one-liners for times when they are not needed, but never for when they are? — Marie F. Crow

On Liners Quotes By Richard Pryor

I can't just say the words, do a lot of one-liners. I love each person I play; I have to be that person. I have to do him true. — Richard Pryor

On Liners Quotes By Halldor Laxness

Well, well, it's enough to make the lice drop dead from my head! Condescend to enter the house. — Halldor Laxness

On Liners Quotes By Geraldine Ferraro

President Reagan's one-liners were terrific. — Geraldine Ferraro

On Liners Quotes By Ian Rankin

Tell me, Francis, do you buy your one-liners wholesale? Only they're well past their sell-by. — Ian Rankin

On Liners Quotes By Carl F. H. Henry

Evangelical agencies with ready funding may have too little depth and vision to cope with the current conflict. God's kingdom is built not on perpetual motion, one-liners, and flashbulbs but on Christ. — Carl F. H. Henry

On Liners Quotes By Rowan Atkinson

Lord, thy one-liners are as good as thy tricks. Thou art indeed an all-round family entertainer. — Rowan Atkinson

On Liners Quotes By George Carlin

Writing books isn't a drastic departure from writing for the stage. I've always written in the long format, five, eight, 10-minute pieces rather than one-liners, so since writing books, the process hasn't changed much. A piece in my live routine can end up as part of one of my HBO specials, and it can also end up in one of the books. — George Carlin

On Liners Quotes By C.G. Faulkner

Shut it, right there, or I'll give you a hole that won't shut." He pointed the Colt at Clinton, clicking back the hammer. — C.G. Faulkner

On Liners Quotes By Vince Cable

No, and in fact I get a bit frustrated, because I'm actually quite good at one-liners, and I've had hundreds of them over the years, and they sink without trace, and I get very frustrated. Every party conference I really work on the speeches, and I always have two or three things I'm quite proud of, and no one ever remembers them. — Vince Cable

On Liners Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Make-up? What happened? You look almost female."
"Thanks. You look almost straight. — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

On Liners Quotes By Trevor Noah

I'm not a confrontational person or comedian. I think we can explore more things if one of us is not fighting with the other. I take it easy. But I do like comedians who are very different from myself: I love dry comics with deadpan one-liners. I look on and think, 'That's amazing; why didn't I think of that?' — Trevor Noah

On Liners Quotes By W. H. Auden

Cathedrals, luxury liners laden with souls, Holding to the east their hulls of stone. — W. H. Auden

On Liners Quotes By Olivia Cunning

My vagina has just found a new best friend — Olivia Cunning

On Liners Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The engineer and historian of engineering Henry Petroski presents a very elegant point. Had the Titanic not had that famous accident, as fatal as it was, we would have kept building larger and larger ocean liners and the next disaster would have been even more tragic. So the people who perished were sacrificed for the greater good; they unarguably saved more lives than were lost. The story of the Titanic illustrates the difference between gains for the system and harm to some of its individual parts. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

On Liners Quotes By Shubham Choudhary

Appreciation is always appreciated. — Shubham Choudhary