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Top Old Fart Quotes

Old Fart Quotes By Tim Dorsey

We don't simply say something that's untrue. We make statements so insane that there's no possible intelligent response. Like arguing with some old fart in a rocking chair who claims we never landed on the moon. Any educated person can only laugh. Meanwhile, we've just won over all the non-moon-landing votes. — Tim Dorsey

Old Fart Quotes By Richard Corliss

In the movies, every crazy old fart needs a cool old car. Jack Nicholson drove a spiffy yellow 1970 Dodge Challenger two-door in 'The Bucket List.' In 'Gran Torino,' the cranky pensioner played by Clint Eastwood not only owned a 1972 GT Sport, he also used to build cars like that at the Ford plant. — Richard Corliss

Old Fart Quotes By Debra Anastasia

He shrugged and laughed a little. "It was a stupid idea. Who takes a girl to a funeral as their first date?"
Dove fought through her gown so she could find his hand and hold it. She wanted to lick it, too, but restrained herself. "You do. It would be my honor to go to this old fart's funeral with you. Except pretend I said that like a person with a heart. — Debra Anastasia

Old Fart Quotes By Sherman Alexie

And nostalgia is a cancer. Nostalgia will fill your heart up with tumors. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what you are. You're just an old fart dying of terminal nostalgia. — Sherman Alexie

Old Fart Quotes By Steve Almond

Music has become more pervasive and portable than ever. But it feels less previous in the bargain. I don't want to confuse artistic and commercial value, but it's just a fact that some kid who rips an album for free isn't going to give it the same attention he would if it cost him ten bucks. At what point does convenience become spiritual indolence? I realize this makes me sound like an old fart, but sometimes I get nostalgic for the days when the universe of recorded sound wasn't at our fingertips, when we had to hunt and wait and - horror of horrors - do without, when our longing for a particular record or song made it feel sacred. — Steve Almond

Old Fart Quotes By Edward Abbey

The dead man's nephew, excused from this duty, walks far ahead out of earshot. We are free as we go stumbling and sweating along to say exactly what we please, without fear of offending. "Heavy son of a bitch. ... " "All blown up like he is, you'd think he'd float like a balloon." "Let's just hope he don't explode." "He won't. We let the gas out." "What about lunch?" somebody asks; "I'm hungry." "Eat this." "Why'd the bastard have to go so far from the road?" "There's something leaking out that zipper." "Never mind, let's try to get in step here," the sheriff says. "Goddamnit, Floyd, you got big feet." "Are we going in the right direction?" "I wonder if the old fart would walk part way if we let him out of that bag?" "He won't even say thank you for the ride." "Well I hope this learned him a lesson, goddamn him. I guess he'll stay put after this. ... " Thus we meditate upon the stranger's death. — Edward Abbey

Old Fart Quotes By Roger Angell

I don't read Scripture and cling to no life precepts, except perhaps to Walter Cronkite's rules for old men, which he did not deliver over the air: Never trust a fart. Never pass up a drink. Never ignore an erection. — Roger Angell

Old Fart Quotes By Mena Suvari

Though I've turned 21, I don't drink. I'm an old hag now. I'm just an old fart. — Mena Suvari

Old Fart Quotes By Gwyneth Paltrow

[When] you're dying laughing because your three-year-old made a fart joke, it doesn't matter what else is going on. That's real happiness. — Gwyneth Paltrow

Old Fart Quotes By Jason Hightman

They don't talk to me much; I don't feel like i know them." Simon said.
You're not supposed to. It's a members-only club."
Simon accepted this. "So Akira is the angry one, Kisho is the crazy one, Toyo is the old fart ... — Jason Hightman

Old Fart Quotes By Al Jourgensen

Rock n' roll is for the young idiots, not an old fart like me. — Al Jourgensen

Old Fart Quotes By Mark Haddon

People say that you always have to tell the truth. But they do not mean this because you are not allowed to tell old people that they are old and you are not allowed to tell people if they smell funny or if a grown-up has made a fart. And you are not allowed to say, 'I don't like you,' unless that person has been horrible to you. — Mark Haddon

Old Fart Quotes By DJ Quik

You never want to look like an old fart doing young rap music. — DJ Quik

Old Fart Quotes By Bill Maher

Old Testament, is really one of the most wickedest books you'll ever come across. God is an insecure, rage-filled hybrid of Bobby Knight and Suge Knight. He's got these anger issues that you can't believe. He's like John McCain if McCain could fart hail. He's pro-slavery, he's pro-polygamy, he's homophobic, he'll kill you for masturbating. — Bill Maher

Old Fart Quotes By Robert Gottlieb

At a certain point, you have to face the fact that you've turned into an old fart. — Robert Gottlieb

Old Fart Quotes By Rick Riordan

Since moving to Valhalla, I'd learned an impressive number of Old Norse cusswords. Meinfretr translated as something like stinkfart, which was, naturally, the worse kind of fart — Rick Riordan

Old Fart Quotes By Micalea Smeltzer

You're like a big kid, aren't you?" I laugh. "Eh, yeah, I guess so. I don't see the point in acting like a stuffy old fart. Might as well have some fun with life. You're only here once. — Micalea Smeltzer

Old Fart Quotes By Allan Dare Pearce

We need to bring out the rabble-rousing nature of people. We are gonna need un-repression. We need hundreds of people farting up a storm. We need a big-time, old-fashioned, furious, fart storm. — Allan Dare Pearce

Old Fart Quotes By Rafael Yglesias

You see, I'm not the hack. God is. And the Old Fart doesn't know how to write a conclusion that'll satisfy his audience. He leaves that to us, his lost children, doing his dirty work, inventing uplifting endings to erase his mistakes. — Rafael Yglesias

Old Fart Quotes By Terry Pratchett

It seems that when you have cancer you are a brave battler against the disease, but when you have Alzheimer's you are an old fart. That's how people see you. It makes you feel quite alone. — Terry Pratchett

Old Fart Quotes By Alex Lifeson

People are getting away from the whole album experience, it's true. I think that's sad. Maybe I'm just saying that because I'm an old fart. But I can't help it - albums are what I grew up with, and I still love them. — Alex Lifeson

Old Fart Quotes By Nina Malkin

This is an old house. Among the oldest in the area, a white clapboard former farmhouse built in 1748. Fart on the porch and it rattles a floor board in the attic. -Dice (Swoon) — Nina Malkin

Old Fart Quotes By Tom Peters

I wrote the book based on a blog that I keep. I also tweet. I don't think that for an incredibly old fart I'm totally behind the power curve. I really believe that the essentials of human relationships remain the same. — Tom Peters

Old Fart Quotes By George Lois

I'm sounding like an old fart talking about how bad advertising is today, but it's true. Advertising sucks. Guys like me and Bob Gage and certainly Bill Bernbach and two or three other guys, we exemplified and led the creative revolution. — George Lois

Old Fart Quotes By Ellen Byron

Some nasty old fart and his weird wife died, but the airboat swamp tour was awesome." She — Ellen Byron

Old Fart Quotes By John Le Carre

I've studied the disease, I've lived in the swamp. It is my informed conclusion that we are suffering, as an ex-great nation, from top-down corporate rot. And that's not just the judgement of an ailing old fart. A lot of people in my Service make a profession of not seeing things in black and white. Do not confuse me with them. I'm a late-onset, red-toothed radical with balls. Still with me? — John Le Carre

Old Fart Quotes By Robin Schone

A woman's got one life: She's got to reach out and grab it with both hands, or it'll pass her by and leave nothing but a smelly old fart in her face. — Robin Schone

Old Fart Quotes By Irvine Welsh

Skinners guts were in turmoil from the beer and curry at the weekend and a viscous, silent eye-stinging killer of a fart slipped out of him, as poignantly weeping as a lover's last farewell, just as the lift stopped at the next floor to let in two men wearing overalls. Everybody suffered in silence. As the workmen got off at the following level, Skinner seized the opportunity, announcing, - That is minging, looking towards the departing workers. He knew that when it came to farting everybody turned into Old Etonian High Court Judges. Men would always be suspected before women and men in working clothes would always be blamed before men in suits. Those were the rules.

From "The Bedroom Secrets Of The Master Chefs — Irvine Welsh

Old Fart Quotes By Benedict Cumberbatch

Cumberbatch - it sounds like a fart in a bath, doesn't it? What a fluffy old name. I can never say it on a Monday morning. When I became an actor, Mum wasn't keen on me keeping it. — Benedict Cumberbatch

Old Fart Quotes By Jason Bateman

I play around with my Japanese Garden. Since Im half way to 70 today I need to start pruning trees and sharpening plants like an old fart. — Jason Bateman

Old Fart Quotes By R.K. Lilley

These young folks, with that twerking, I thought, just like an old fart. — R.K. Lilley