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Who is this brave woman," he said softly between gasps, "who has pierced my heart?" Rivka smiled, at peace, and held him. She was still wearing her sword. — Shira Glassman

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When we put his kippah into the museum, everyone was talking about how much money it was worth and the embroidery by some famous artist and how it was a national relic, and all this -- but I was just thinking of Shabbat, and seders, and -- and it didn't mean any of those things to me. It meant lighting candles. It meant he'd hid the afikomen in the palace for me and joking with his advisors as he waited around for me to find it so he could give me a new book. National treasure? I--' She blinked away new tears, but this time the look on her face was one of indignation. — Shira Glassman

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You have to believe in your authority if you want anyone else to," Rivka commented. — Shira Glassman

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replied. "Back to that first moment I knew I loved you, the first time you beat me during our sword fighting lessons." "It was raining," she remembered. "You stood there, hair wet, water dripping everywhere, staring at me, confused and triumphant... You were an avalanche." After five years they had grown used to kissing with the cloth mask in the way. He smelled the sweat of her busy afternoon on it. "I remember those old days..." His fingers were in her hair now. "I, bored and frustrated in the countryside, and you, proud and eager, but rough around the edges..." "I — Shira Glassman

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Jeweled stars, pearl stars, silver coins in olive jars... glittering deep within the dark, see them flicker, see them spark... — Shira Glassman

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When someone loves a remarkable woman..." Isaac sat down on her right side and caressed the firm line of her biceps with his left hand. It stirred his blood. "...her feats should captivate him, just as her eyes do." "Do — Shira Glassman