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Obstacle Course Quotes By Thomas E. Mann

Today's Republican Party ... is an insurgent outlier. It has become ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence, and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition, all but declaring war on the government. The Democratic Party, while no paragon of civic virtue, is more ideologically centered and diverse, protective of the government's role as it developed over the course of the last century, open to incremental changes in policy fashioned through bargaining with the Republicans, and less disposed to or adept at take-no-prisoners conflict between the parties. This asymmetry between the parties, which journalists and scholars often brush aside or whitewash in a quest for "balance," constitutes a huge obstacle to effective governance. — Thomas E. Mann

Obstacle Course Quotes By Robert Downey Jr.

In the marathon obstacle course of a career, it's just good to have all the stats on paper for why you're not only a team player but also why it makes sense to support you in the projects you want to do - because you've made so much damned money for the studio. — Robert Downey Jr.

Obstacle Course Quotes By Sophie Kinsella

I honestly feel as though I've run an obstacle course to get here. In fact, I think, they should list shopping as a cardiovascular activity. My heart never beats as fast as it does when I see a "reduced by 50 percent" sign. — Sophie Kinsella

Obstacle Course Quotes By Jana Oliver

The witch reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a light brown chamois bag about the size of a playing card. "Maybe this will help you. It'll boost your self-esteem."
Now we're getting somewhere. Riley took the bag and opened it. She looked to the bottom to find ... nothing.
"Ah, it's empty."
"Of course," Ayden replied. "It's up to you to fill it. Find things that mean something to you, that represent times where you've overcome an obstacle, learned something important. Put those items in the bag and they'll help you find your strength. — Jana Oliver

Obstacle Course Quotes By Davis Miller

Ali, of course, hasn't whipped every obstacle in his life. Only enough of them that we remember him as having done so. — Davis Miller

Obstacle Course Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

Have never been one of those people - I know you aren't, either - who feels that the love one has for a child is somehow a superior love, one more meaningful, more significant, and grander than any other. I didn't feel that before Jacob, and I didn't feel that after. But it is a singular love, because it is a love whose foundation is not physical attraction, or pleasure, or intellect, but fear. You have never known fear until you have a child, and maybe that is what tricks us into thinking that it is more magnificent, because the fear itself is more magnificent. Every day, your first thought is not "I love him" but "How is he?" The world, overnight, rearranges itself into an obstacle course of terrors. I would hold him in my arms and wait to cross the street and would think how absurd it was that my child, that any child, could expect to survive this life. — Hanya Yanagihara

Obstacle Course Quotes By John Michael Greer

When people insist, as so many of them do, that of course we'll overcome the limits to growth and every other obstacle to our allegedly preordained destiny out there among the stars, all that means is that they have a single story wedged into their imagination so tightly that mere reality can't shake it loose. — John Michael Greer

Obstacle Course Quotes By Kate Atkinson

Why is everything an 'adventure' with you?" Sylvie said irritably to Izzie."
"Because life is an adventure, of course."
"I would say it was more of an endurance race," Sylvie said. "Or an obstacle course. — Kate Atkinson

Obstacle Course Quotes By Anna Cruise

Am I picking you up tonight?" he asked. "Or do you still think I'm an ax murderer who might break into your house and off you and your family?"
"Pretty sure you'd go all parkour on us. Instead of using an ax."
"Parkour? You think I'd use your family as an obstacle course?"
"What?" I asked.
He smothered a laugh. "Parkour is non-contact."
I felt my face redden. How was I supposed to know all that guy crap? — Anna Cruise

Obstacle Course Quotes By Andrea Gibson

Baby, I have no idea how this will end. Maybe the equator will fall like a hula hoop from the earth's hips and our mouths will freeze mid-kiss on our 80th anniversary or maybe tomorrow my absolute insanity combined with the absolute obstacle course of your communication skills will leave us like a love letter in a landfill. But whatever, however, whenever this ends I want you to know that right now, I love you forever. — Andrea Gibson

Obstacle Course Quotes By Christine Manzari

We run for an hour and a half?"
"Five miles."
"Every morning?"
"Every morning."
"Even Saturdays and Sunday."
"Yes, but you don't have to do the obstacle course on the weekend."
Obstacle course? Sterling didn't say anything about an obstacle course did he? I'd never run five miles in my entire life and now i was going to have to do it every day? And with obstacles on most of those days? I am going to die, I thought, I am literally going to have a heart attack and die the very first day.
Well, that's one way to get out of being a mandate." — Christine Manzari

Obstacle Course Quotes By Eric Butterworth

Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment. — Eric Butterworth

Obstacle Course Quotes By Erin Beresini

Racing is an escape from society. From symbols of status, and self-perception. A chance to just be. For everyone to just be, with each other. — Erin Beresini

Obstacle Course Quotes By Steven Pinker

An aspiring writer could be forgiven for thinking that learning to write is like negotiating an obstacle course in boot camp, with a sergeant barking at you for every errant footfall. Why not think of it instead as a form of pleasurable mastery, like cooking or photography? Perfecting the craft is a lifelong calling, and mistakes are part of the game. Though the quest for improvement may be informed by lessons and honed by practice, it must first be kindled by a delight in the best work of the masters and a desire to approach their excellence. — Steven Pinker

Obstacle Course Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

But it is a singular love, because it is a love whose foundation is not physical attraction, or pleasure, or intellect, but fear. You have never known fear until you have a child, and maybe that is what tricks us into thinking that it is more magnificent, because the fear itself is more magnificent. Every day, your first thought is not "I love him" but "How is he?" The world, overnight, rearranges itself into an obstacle course of terrors. I would hold him in my arms and wait to cross the street and would think how absurd it was that my child, that any child, could expect to survive this life. It seemed as improbable — Hanya Yanagihara

Obstacle Course Quotes By Jack Paar

As I look back on my life, I see it as one long obstacle course with myself as the main obstacle. — Jack Paar

Obstacle Course Quotes By Miklos Banffy

He felt that he had just quaffed an enchanted potion whose venom fanned flickering flames in his veins that burned away all sense of caution and for ever freed him of that restraint which his inner voice so often told him he must obey. Now he was once again that primeval being who knows only how to follow his instincts, the predator who seeks his mate and for whom no obstacle, law or convention will be allowed to obstruct the natural course of his desire, that animal in whom passion rages unchecked and who, if need be, will kill to achieve his object. — Miklos Banffy

Obstacle Course Quotes By Criss Jami

Honesty is not the same as truth. That is the obstacle of the notion of relative truths. I would like to put my trust in the lunatic. He is the one least concerned of what I think of him, the mark of an honest man. I can always depend on him to be completely honest in what he thinks and feels, about anything, no matter the consequences laid before him, however with no course of rationale, I cannot necessarily take his word for even the well-being of him in his own reality. — Criss Jami

Obstacle Course Quotes By Greg Egan

No wonder most fleshers had stampeded into the polises, once they had the chance: if disease and aging weren't reason enough, there was gravity, friction, and inertia. The physical world was one vast, tangled obstacle course of pointless, arbitrary restrictions. — Greg Egan

Obstacle Course Quotes By Anita Diamant

The boardwalk was mobbed like downtown at Christmas, only with the roller coaster roaring overhead. The beach was even worse. It was like an obstacle course of blankets and people. It was hard for him to walk on sand and the cane didn't help at all. — Anita Diamant

Obstacle Course Quotes By Robin McKinley

One of the biggest, and possibly the biggest, obstacle to becoming a writer ... is learning to live with the fact that the wonderful story in your head is infinitely better, truer, more moving, more fascinating, more perceptive, than anything you're going to manage to get down on paper. (And if you ever think otherwise, then you've turned into an arrogant self-satisfied prat, and should look for another job or another avocation or another weekend activity.) So you have to learn to live with the fact that you're never going to write well enough. Of course that's what keeps you trying
trying as hard as you can
which is a good thing. — Robin McKinley

Obstacle Course Quotes By Joanne Harris

At17, balanced on that precarious walkway between adolescence and adulthood, the world is a crazy obstacle course paved one day with broken glass, the next with apple blossom. — Joanne Harris

Obstacle Course Quotes By Greg Egan

The physical world was one vast, tangled obstacle course of pointless, arbitrary restrictions. We'd — Greg Egan

Obstacle Course Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

We hold within ourselves the medicinal materials to mend self-inflicted injuries sustained while traversing the thorny obstacle course of life. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Obstacle Course Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

Evolution is an obstacle course not a freeway; the correct analogue for long-term success is a distant punt receiver evading legions of would-be tacklers in an oddly zigzagged path toward a goal, not a horse thundering down the flat. — Stephen Jay Gould

Obstacle Course Quotes By Arthur Stanley Eddington

When we encounter unexpected obstacles in finding out something which we wish to know, there are two possible courses to take. It may be that the right course is to treat the obstacle as a spur to further efforts; but there is a second possibility - that we have been trying to find something which does not exist. You will remember that that was how the relativity theory accounted for the apparent concealment of our velocity through the aether. — Arthur Stanley Eddington

Obstacle Course Quotes By Bethenny Frankel

Life is an obstacle course. You succeed at one thing and then you move on to the next. When an obstacle is tough, you try harder. When an obstacle is insurmountable, you change course. But you never sit down and refuse to finish. — Bethenny Frankel

Obstacle Course Quotes By Arthur Golden

Since the day I'd left Yoroido, I'd done nothing but worry that every turn of life's wheel would bring yet another obstacle into my path; and of course, it was the worrying and the struggle that had always made life so vividly real to me. — Arthur Golden

Obstacle Course Quotes By Jack Paar

My life is one long obstacle course with me as the chief obstacle. — Jack Paar

Obstacle Course Quotes By Gary Henry

In this world, the only easy path is the course of least resistance. This is the path always taken by a stream of water as it seeks lower and lower ground. It will never go over an obstacle, and even when it has to go around one, water will always find the easiest way around, the way that requires as little work as possible. This, you have have noticed, is what makes rivers crooked, and it makes men and women crooked too. The easy path never goes anywhere but downward, and spiritually, that is not the direction we want to go. Worthwhile destinations always take extra effort. — Gary Henry

Obstacle Course Quotes By Jill Wagner

'Wipeout' is a giant obstacle course for adults of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Whoever wins takes home $50,000 and gets to brag to all of their coworkers that they made it out alive! — Jill Wagner

Obstacle Course Quotes By Henry A. Kissinger

Of course, in principle, they're against it. We are the ones that keep asking them what they think about it. I think their basic concern is a land-based missile defense of Taiwan hooked into the American communications and other systems, which in effect would make Taiwan then an outpost of the United States. That is a concern they frequently express. A missile defense shield of the United States, while they may not like it, it is not a big obstacle to our relationship. — Henry A. Kissinger

Obstacle Course Quotes By Max Boot

It was not always the case, of course, that navies paid for themselves. In wartime, costs often exceeded revenues, and those deficits grew over time as fleets and armies got bigger. But this was hardly an insurmountable obstacle for the most dynamic economies in the world. The United Provinces and England were able to borrow all they needed to underwrite their defense budgets. The pressures of war gave a powerful impetus to the growth of stocks, bonds, loans, and paper currencies during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries and helped to turn Amsterdam and then London into international financial centers. To take one example, the Bank of England was established in 1694 to raise funds to allow England to wage war against France. — Max Boot

Obstacle Course Quotes By Elisabeth Rohm

The business is a very tricky obstacle course, and you should be very clear about work begetting work. If you're not working, you're not interesting. — Elisabeth Rohm

Obstacle Course Quotes By Stephanie McMahon

I've never felt my gender was an obstacle. There have of course been moments in my career when it has slapped me in the face but the reason I felt it slapped me in the face was because it wasn't something that I had contemplated before. — Stephanie McMahon

Obstacle Course Quotes By Tom Bissell

The way games are designed is you create a story, and then you create an obstacle course inside that story, and the player has to endure it to see more. So it's artificial. Game designers are so intensely worried about people getting bored that they pile on busy work for players to do. — Tom Bissell

Obstacle Course Quotes By Foster Friess

Would-be adoptive parents have to struggle for years through a bureaucratic obstacle course at an average cost of $30,000. — Foster Friess

Obstacle Course Quotes By Johnny Depp

I've played English a number of times, and used an English accent a number of times, so it becomes a little bit of an obstacle course to go, "Oh, that's teetering into Captain Jack-ville," or "This is teetering into Chocolat or Wonka." You've got to really pay attention to the places you've been. But, that's part of it. That's the great challenge. You may get it wrong. There's a very good possibility that you can fall flat on your face, but that's a healthy thing for an actor. — Johnny Depp

Obstacle Course Quotes By Neal Stephenson

He finds an open boulevard of water that leads inward to the Core. It has a
sort of pedestrian catwalk running along one side of it, pieced together
haphazardly, a seemingly endless procession of gangplanks, pontoons, logs,
abandoned skiffs, aluminum canoes, oil drums. Anywhere else in the world, it
would be an obstacle course; here in the Fifth World, it's a superhighway. — Neal Stephenson

Obstacle Course Quotes By Seanan McGuire

Running through an unfamiliar forest filled with thorns is half an exercise in masochism, and half an obstacle course from the deepest reaches of Hell. — Seanan McGuire

Obstacle Course Quotes By Jane Hamilton

We're only passers-by, and all you can do is love what you have in your life. A person has to fight the meanness that sometimes comes with you when you're born, sometimes grows if you aren't in lucky surroundings. It's our challenge to fend it off, leave it behind us choking and gasping for breath in the mud. It's our task to seek out something with truth for us, no matter if there is a hundred-mile obstacle course in the way, or a ramshackle old farmhouse that binds and binds. — Jane Hamilton

Obstacle Course Quotes By Bill Maher

New Rule: Stop putting all those pillows on the bed. Attention, interior designers, hotel maids, and real housewives of New Jersey: It's a bed, not an obstacle course. I'm sorry, baby, I'd like to make sweet love to you all night long, but by the time I get all that crap off your bed, I'm exhausted. A bed needs only two pillows: one to put my head on, and one to cuddle with and pretend it's Robert Pattinson. — Bill Maher

Obstacle Course Quotes By Henry Moseley

We have now got what seems to be definite proof that an X ray which spreads out in a spherical form from a source as a wave through the aether can when it meets an atom collect up all its energy from all round and concentrate it on the atom. It is as if when a circular wave on water met an obstacle, the wave were all suddenly to travel round the circle and disappear all round and concentrate its energy on attacking the obstacle. Mechanically of course this is absurd, but mechanics have in this direction been for some time a broken reed. — Henry Moseley

Obstacle Course Quotes By Pravin Agarwal

Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve one's condition. — Pravin Agarwal

Obstacle Course Quotes By Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

Days are like years in the love of the young, when no bar, no obstacle, is between their hearts,
when the sun shines, and the course runs smooth
when their love is prosperous and confessed. — Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

Obstacle Course Quotes By Nancy Rue

We do learn and get stronger through the hard stuff, but that's because God is love, not because God's putting us through some kind of obstacle course. — Nancy Rue

Obstacle Course Quotes By Rashmi Rathi

If one looks at it with his bare eyes then one can only see a stream of running water coming down the mountain. But, if one can verily perceive it through the eyes of wisdom then this tiny stream of water has the might of taking on any obstacles; big boulders, trees, anything that comes within its course. And why does it have the might? Because it adjusts its course when faced with any obstacles. Water just flows, naturally. It doesn't see a challenge in the obstacles. It doesn't say to the obstacle "You are in my way. Please move aside so that I can proceed further." No! When faced with an obstacle, it changes its course slightly, but, never stops flowing. Its primary aim is to flow to its destination and not to get embroiled with obstacles. And all this is possible because it has been endowed with this wonderful ability to change course. — Rashmi Rathi

Obstacle Course Quotes By Tamar Jacoby

The most important obstacle to speed and ease of assimilation, however, is race. In the nineteenth century, swarthy Jews, "black" Irish, and Italian "guineas" - a not so subtle euphemism borrowed from the African country of Guinea - were all seen as what we today call "people of color." These immigrants terrified lighter-skinned native-born Americans, who accepted the newcomers as "white" only when they - actually, their descendants - began to earn middle-class incomes. Of course, skin color does not affect an immigrant's ability to absorb American culture. But color can play a large part in hindering economic and social assimilation: today's black newcomers, from the Caribbean and elsewhere, are often treated as part of the African-American population, with all the associated disadvantages. — Tamar Jacoby

Obstacle Course Quotes By Elizabeth Kolbert

The whole new layer on top of what I was thinking about in the nineteen-seventies is climate change," Lovejoy told me. He has written that "in the face of climatic change, even natural climatic change, human activity has created an obstacle course for the dispersal of biodiversity," the result of which could be "one of the greatest biotic crises of all time. — Elizabeth Kolbert

Obstacle Course Quotes By Anne Lamott

You should not bring more items and hurdles to the obstacle course. — Anne Lamott

Obstacle Course Quotes By Alistair Cooke

It is a wonderful tribute to the game or to the dottiness of the people who play it that for some people somewhere there is no such thing as an insurmountable obstacle, an unplayable course, the wrong time of the day or year. — Alistair Cooke

Obstacle Course Quotes By Erin Beresini

I have to race because racing is a part of me. But I had to learn to race from a place of joy. Not pain. Not sorrow. Not anger. Not to fix things I can't control. But for a connection with other people. With the wilderness. With myself. — Erin Beresini