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Top Obsessing Over The Past Quotes

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By D.J. Cotrona

I spent a good amount of my time - like a lot of guys my age - obsessing and blowing things up with G.I. Joes. I know it well. — D.J. Cotrona

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Anne Hathaway

Obsessing about weight is a big old waste of time — Anne Hathaway

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Dan Pearce

I'm not saying you are jealous or insecure. I'm just saying that you obsessing over another person's accomplishments makes you look that way. — Dan Pearce

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Chris Hardwick

There are certain parts of a classic nerd's brain that can destroy that person - obsessing about things to the detriment of everything else in your life. But those are the same tools that you can use to turn everything around. — Chris Hardwick

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Thomas Mullen

Maybe you could drive yourself crazy trying to chart backward all the causes and effects, all the ends and means, tracing everything to some original sin that may or may not have actually occurred but that people accepted as true, or true enough. Maybe staring into the eyes of all that history was a dangerous thing to do, as her mother had calmly warned her. Maybe you were supposed to move forward armed with just enough history to help you figure out the present without obsessing over the past. But how much was enough? Where was the gray area between ignorance and obsession? — Thomas Mullen

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By John Hegarty

Obsessing about one medium versus another is a waste of energy - it is the cultivation and management of ideas, and the people who generate them, that is the crucial factor. — John Hegarty

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Celeste Fletcher McHale

Feed a stray dog when you get lonesome for me. Check on some of the older ladies in town that have no help when you get lonesome for me. Or better yet, go to church. I bet you haven't been twice since the funeral. I'm not in the casket, Carrigan, and I'm not at the cemetery..I never was. No, go live, and stop obsessing on this. — Celeste Fletcher McHale

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Laura Mullen

Is the professor who insists we read Ernest Hemingway again instead of Gertrude Stein "obsessing"? Because although I did a BA in English, an MFA in Poetry, and a year's worth of a PhD, Stein was an author I had to discover on my own. She wasn't on the syllabus anywhere in all that time. — Laura Mullen

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Simon Rich

I never felt ostracized or made to feel strange by obsessing over 'The Onion' or 'Calvin and Hobbes.' That was considered completely normal. — Simon Rich

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Charlotte Joko Beck

I struggle with my life because instead of just doing what needs to be done, I fight the underlying fear; I try to unlock the door. Paradoxically, the only way to unlock the door is to forget the door.
Instead of obsessing about the locked door, we need to be going about our lives, which means cleaning up the house, taking care of the baby, going to work, whatever. — Charlotte Joko Beck

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Megan McCafferty

Right now I feel guilty to be alive. Why? Because I'm wasting it. I've been given this life and all I do is mope it away.
What's worse is, I am totally aware of how ridiculous I am. It would be a lot easier if I believed I was the center of the universe, because then I wouldn't know any better NOT to make a big deal out of everything. I know how small my problems are, yet that doesn't stop me from obsessing about them.
I have to stop doing this.
How do other people get happy? I look at people laughing and smiling and enjoying themselves and try to get inside their heads. How do Bridget, Manda, and Sara do it? Or Pepe? Or EVERYONE but me?
Why does everything I see bother me? Why can't I just get over these daily wrongdoings? Why can't I just move on and make the best of what I've got?
I wish I knew. — Megan McCafferty

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Anna Sui

There are always different influences each season. It could be a person, it could be a piece of furniture; it depends on what I'm obsessing about. — Anna Sui

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Lisa Mangum

We can't live our lives obsessing about the past or mourning the future. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other to live every moment of our lives the best we can. — Lisa Mangum

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Jarett Kobek

Twitter could not be described as it was: a mechanism by which teenagers tormented each other into suicide while obsessing about ephemeral celebrities and on which Adeline argued about whether or not she hated the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory of 1911. — Jarett Kobek

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Bruce Springsteen

I've found that giving 100% to your job isn't the same as giving 100% of your life to your job. Very often when I thought I was giving 100% of my life to my job, I was simply obsessing over something. — Bruce Springsteen

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Sue Fitzmaurice

More often than not, it's better to give up thinking, worrying and obsessing, in favour of faith that things will work out fine. — Sue Fitzmaurice

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Amy Reed

But I am doing that thing I always do-the obsessing about what I don't have, the ignoring where I am now. — Amy Reed

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Obsessing over something that has jarred your world is called coping. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Demi Lovato

Make a conscious effort to live in the present today. When you catch yourself obsessing over the past or worrying about the future just remember you are exactly where you need to be right now. — Demi Lovato

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Rob Brezsny

Obsessing on evil is boring. Rousing fear is a hackneyed shtick. Wallowing is despair is a bad habit. Indulging in cynicism is akin to committing a copycat crime. — Rob Brezsny

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Cassandra Clare

As his mother said, once you started worrying about the future, you started obsessing about the past. — Cassandra Clare

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By John Cleese

It seems astounding to me now that the video games are perhaps as important as the movie themselves. And people will spend 2 or 3 years obsessing about the video game in exactly the same way that they'd be obsessing about the movie if they were working on that. — John Cleese

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Marilyn Grey

Have you ever thought for once that when you look in the mirror you are hyper aware of your flaws? When the rest of us may see something different. Like a teenager with a pimple. She doesn't focus on her beautiful eyes and cute lips, she zeros in on the one tiny flaw and goes nuts over it." He put his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling. "You need to stop obsessing over your scars. It's only a quarter of your face and I can't tell you the last time I noticed. — Marilyn Grey

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Wyndham Lewis

In a period of such obsessing political controversy as the present, I believe that I am that strange animal, the individual without any politics at all. — Wyndham Lewis

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By G.A. Aiken

She looked down at the letter she had clutched in her hand. It could wait until tomorrow.
Silently she turned and went to get something soothing to drink. Or, at the very least, some hard ale. She needed something to help her sleep because the last image she'd witnessed before turning away from the chamber would have her awake and obsessing for hours. The image of Annwyl the Bloody, known terror of the Dark Plains, lovingly running her hand down Fearghus's snout ... and Fearghus the Destroyer letting her. — G.A. Aiken

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Dan Pallotta

It's time to stop obsessing about overhead and start focusing on progress. Change charity, and charity can change the world. — Dan Pallotta

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Bill Bryson

HAD TO GO to America for a while to give some talks. Going to America always does me good. It's where I'm from, after all. There's baseball on the TV, people are friendly and upbeat, they don't obsess about the weather except when there is weather worth obsessing about, you can have all the ice cubes you want. Above all, visiting America gives me perspective. Consider — Bill Bryson

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Nic Sheff

I realize that the times I have known some sort of inner peace in my life, those have always been times when I focused on helping others more than myself ... babysitting, cooking dinner for my family, cleaning up the house, talking to a friend on the phone and just listening to them vent about something or other without offering an opinion or judging. Those have been the moments when I get to stop obsessing about myself and really feel a sense of liberation. 'Freedom from the bondage of self ... — Nic Sheff

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

The cup is both half full and half empty; it has never been one or the other. Stop obsessing over the trivial cup and drink the medicine you've been given. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Elaina Marie

We discover the vast difference between living and feeling alive when we discover inspiration." The quickest way to true happiness is not by ambling and obsessing about the limited pursuit of happiness, but by the immediate and actionable pursuit to be inspired. — Elaina Marie

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Brad Pitt

Stop being perfect, because obsessing over being perfect stops you from growing. — Brad Pitt

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Jennifer Aniston

I'm not sitting somewhere dwelling on the past. I'm not fretting or obsessing about something in the future. — Jennifer Aniston

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By James Whitfield Thomson

I lay awake long into the night, obsessing over Lucy's failings. Never mind the drugs and adultery; she seemed to lack the most basic parental instincts for keeping the children out of harm's way. The drip, drip, drip of her poor judgment and neglect was pushing me over the edge. — James Whitfield Thomson

Obsessing Over The Past Quotes By Beverly Engel

Turn down the volume of your negative inner voice and create a nurturing inner voice to take it's place. When you make a mistake, forgive yourself, learn from it, and move on instead of obsessing about it. Equally important, don't allow anyone else to dwell on your mistakes or shortcomings or to expect perfection from you. — Beverly Engel