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Top Nutcases Quotes

Nutcases Quotes By Ken Follett

You'd be surprised. Look, most Republicans are decent men who simply have a view of the world that is different from ours. But there is a hard core of fucking nutcases. — Ken Follett

Nutcases Quotes By Max Cannon

We're going to have the same demographic spread of nutcases and the same spread of everybody in between. — Max Cannon

Nutcases Quotes By David Bailey

It's only a few nutcases who do art for themselves, like Van Gogh. — David Bailey

Nutcases Quotes By Jimmy Carter

I would say the biggest handicap we have right now is some nutcases in our country that don't believe in global warming. I think they are going to change their position because of pressure from individuals, because the evidence of the ravages of global warming is already there. — Jimmy Carter

Nutcases Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

The only funny part about Colonial Dunsboro is maybe it's too authentic, but for all the wrong reasons. This whole crowd of losers and nutcases who hide out here because they can't make it in the real world, in real jobs - isn't this why we left England in the first place? To establish our own alternate reality. Weren't the Pilgrims pretty much the crackpots of their time? For sure, instead of just wanting to believe something different about God's love, the losers I work with want to find salvation through compulsive behaviors. — Chuck Palahniuk

Nutcases Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I don't want to talk about it!"
"Fin!" he shouted back. "I'll do the talking. I love you, and by damn I'm not ashamed of it, and you may not have as much baggage as I do, but don't pretend you don't have some with all those losers you attached yourself to."
"Only two!"
"And only two for me, so we're even!"
"Not even close!" They were fifteen feet apart and she was still screaming. "My two were self-centered assholes! Yours were homicidal nutcases!"
"Kenley wasn't homicidal!"
"Close enough. And all I did after my breakups was watch Big Bang reruns and gain five pounds! That's not the same as doing penance for the rest of your life." — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Nutcases Quotes By Patrick O'Keefe

You'll notice that I said guidelines and not rules. Guidelines allow for some flexibility, some discretion. Rules are more likely to be enforced in a hard and fast manner, which can leave little room for interpretation and will probably lead to you having to deal with more nutcases who insist on reading them fifty times backward and forward in hopes of finding an angle where they think you are being inconsistent. Your user guidelines are a key communication tool for you. They are a type of vision statement for your community. By putting your expectations of users in writing, you are letting everyone know what your vision is for your community. By communicating this, people will know what they are in for and will either get behind you (and participate) or get away from you. Either way, they will at least know what your community is all about, and having this level of communication is vital to your success. — Patrick O'Keefe

Nutcases Quotes By Vinko Vrbanic

A good storyteller minces words to entertain or inspire the audience. The politicians and religious leaders do much the same, but for a different purpose - to turn otherwise normal people to nutcases. — Vinko Vrbanic

Nutcases Quotes By Dave Grohl

To women, drummers seem like these adorable, sexy Neanderthals, and lead singers seem mysterious and dangerous. So while the lead singers all want to be David Bowie, floating into parties and being the center of attention, it's the drummers who are in the corner doing keg stands and breaking tables. Usually it's the drummers who get the fun-loving ladies and the singers who get the nutcases. — Dave Grohl

Nutcases Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

only nutcases want to be president. — Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Nutcases Quotes By Ben Bova

As long as we're tied to Middle Eastern oil we're tied to Middle Eastern politics. We're hostages to the terrorists and nutcases who want to wipe out Israel and the United States because we support Israel. — Ben Bova

Nutcases Quotes By Pat Conroy

And yet again, I was beginning the long process of coming undone in the hundred vestibules of my own soul. Breakdowns were common to me by then, and I attributed them to that sour Irish gene. But I could cast plenty of blame on my washed in the blood of the lamb Southern roots also. Taken together, it looked like a wicked combination of destinies, Irish and Southern, forming a comfortable birthplace for lunatics, nutcases, borderlines, and psychos. I could not blame everything on a bar fight in Galway when I also had these smoldering fires of white lightning smoking in a copper coil ... — Pat Conroy

Nutcases Quotes By Svetlana Alexievich

I told you. There's nothing heroic here, nothing for the writer's pen. I had thoughts like, It's not wartime, why should I have to risk myself while someone else is sleeping with my wife? Why me again, and not him? To be honest, I didn't see any heroes there. I saw nutcases, who didn't care about their own lives, and I had enough craziness myself, but it wasn't necessary. I also have medals and awards - but that's because I wasn't afraid of dying. I didn't care! It was even something of an out. They'd have buried me with honors. And the government would have paid for it. — Svetlana Alexievich