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Top Not Worth Arguing Quotes

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Criss Jami

It's not about whether or not someone is a bigot, but whether or not the argument which that someone is arguing is worth being a bigot about. — Criss Jami

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

Considering the Pollyanna optimism he was showing, I wasn't sure about that, but it didn't seem worth arguing about. "All right," I said. "Then I'll check back with you later. I have a crisis at home. — Jeff Lindsay

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Criss Jami

The only truths worth arguing about are those truths that could prevent or lead to circumstances that may bite us in the rear sooner or later. — Criss Jami

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Erin Bowman

Sure, sometimes you gotta let things go, but other times you can't till you set things right. And I know darn well it ain't worth arguing with a preacher. The only truths they believe are their own words. — Erin Bowman

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Anon

Love is messy. It means arguing and making up and laughing and crying and struggling and sometimes it doesn't seem worth it. But it is. And at the end when you're in love, no matter what happens, you forgive each other. — Anon

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Willowy Whisper

Brock Sumner lifted her from her feet, kissing her in the air, turning her in gentle circles. Then he sighed, too. Very quietly. Very satisfyingly. "Yes," he whispered, "But not as much as I love you."
"Now that," she said quietly, "is a matter worth arguing. — Willowy Whisper

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Neal Stephenson

What he wasn't so good at was manipulating the internal states of other humans, getting them to see things his way, do things for him. His baseline attitude toward other humans wass that they could all just go fuck themselves and that he was not going to expend any effort whatsoever getting them to change the way they thought. This was probably rooted in a belief that hed been inculcated to him from the get-go: that there was an objective reality, which all people worth talking to could observe and understand, and that there was no point in arguing about anything that could be so observed and so understood. — Neal Stephenson

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Jose Saramago

Standing there, the doctor's wife watched the two blind men who were arguing, she noticed they made no gestures, that they barely moved their bodies, having quickly learned that only their voice and hearing now served any purpose, true, they had their arms, that they could fight, grapple, come to blows, as the saying goes, but a bed swapped by mistake was not worth so much fuss, if only all life's deceptions were like this one, and all they had to do was to come to some agreement, Number two is mine, yours is number three, let that be understood once and for all, Were it not for the fact that we're blind this mix-up would never had happened, You're right, our problem is that we're blind. The doctor's wife said to her husband, The whole world is right here. — Jose Saramago

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By A.S. Peterson

He stared at her hard and long, as if he were gauging a cloudbank that might be worth the trouble to sail around rather than through. — A.S. Peterson

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Neal Stephenson

This was probably rooted in a belief that had been inculcated to him from the get-go: that there was an objective reality, which all people worth talking to could observe and understand, and that there was no point in arguing about anything that could be so observed and so understood. As long as you made a point of hanging out exclusively with people who had the wit to see and to understand that objective reality, you didn't have to waste a lot of time talking. When a thunderstorm was headed your way across the prairie, you took the washing down from the line and closed the windows. It wasn't necessary to have a meeting about it. The sales force didn't need to get involved. — Neal Stephenson

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Susan Orlean

Writing about unknown people means I spend a lot of time arguing to the reader about why it's worth knowing about them. That's challenging, but then the piece is pure discovery. — Susan Orlean

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Courtney Turk

I picked up a lot of my arguing-with-Mom techniques from Mimsy. She always says if you state the facts, Mom won't argue with you. And it's true. I used this approach once when I was little, after I got home from a visit with Mimsy. I wanted to eat a chocolate bar for a snack but mom wanted me to have an apple. I refused, saying I have never had a bad candy bar but have had plenty of bad apples. Mom relented and let me have my chocolate. But not before saying, "All right. No bad apples for the bad apple." It was still worth it. — Courtney Turk

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Cori Dusmann

Communicate with your kids, and find out why they are so determined to be online at a certain time or what is worth arguing so strongly for. There may be people waiting for them to finish a project or go on a raid. They may have made a commitment to viewers wanting to watch them stream. They may have set a personal goal they want to meet. If you can get a sense of what their goals are, perhaps you can meet at a middle ground. I do not mean caving in to their demands, but if something is vitally important to your child, even if you can't see it yourself, it still tells you a lot about them. It isn't fair to use this information against them as punishment. Use the information to come up with a plan that will benefit everyone. — Cori Dusmann

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Rick Riordan

Nico," I said at last, "shouldn't you be sitting at the Hades table?"
He shrugged. "Technically, yes. But if I sit alone at my table, strange things happen. Cracks open in the floor. Zombies crawl out and start roaming around. It's a mood disorder. I can't control it. That's what I told Chiron."
"And is it true?" I asked.
Nico smiled thinly. "I have a note from my doctor."
Will raised his hand. "I'm his doctor."
"Chiron decided it wasn't worth arguing about," Nico said. "As long as I sit at a table with other people, like ... oh, these guys for instance ... the zombies stay away. Everybody's happier."
Will nodded serenely. "It's the strangest thing. Not that Nico would ever misuse his powers to get what he wants."
"Of course not," Nico agreed. — Rick Riordan

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By C.S. Lewis

Of course God knew what would happen if they used their freedom the wrong way: apparently He thought it worth the risk. Perhaps we feel inclined to disagree with Him. But there is a difficulty about disagreeing with God. He is the source from which all your reasoning power comes: you could not be right and He wrong any more than a stream can rise higher than its own source. When you are arguing against Him you are arguing against the very power that makes you able to argue at all: it is like cutting off the branch you are sitting on. If God thinks this state of war in the universe a price worth paying for free will - that is, for making a live world in which creatures can do real good or harm and something of real importance can happen, instead of a toy world which only moves when He pulls the strings - then we may take it it is worth paying. When — C.S. Lewis

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Humphrey Bogart

It is at least worth arguing that there is a modicum of the creative novelist in all of us, and that this absorption with how men get out of difficulties, single-handedly and alone if possible, is the stuff of which we weave the warp and woof of our own better dramatic imaginings. — Humphrey Bogart

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Bobby Jindal

It has become fashionable in Washington to argue that Obamacare cannot be reversed. That is nonsense. It's a fight worth waging, and a fight which can be won. — Bobby Jindal

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By John Taylor Gatto

Provides American business with the only reliable domestic market in the world.
Schools train individuals to respond as a mass. Boys and girls are drilled in being bored, frightened, envious, emotionally needy, generally incomplete. A successful mass production economy requires such a clientele. A small business, small farm economy like that of the Amish requires individual competence, thoughtfulness, compassion, and universal participation; our own requires a managed mass of leveled, spiritless, anxious, familyless, friendless, godless, and obedient people who believe the difference between Cheers and Seinfeld is a subject worth arguing about. — John Taylor Gatto

Not Worth Arguing Quotes By Lorraine Heath

Even arguing with you is better than not having you around to argue with."
Rafe looked over at Sebastian. "Does he always talk this much?"
"Afraid so, but every now and then he does say something worth listening to. — Lorraine Heath