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Communicate Quotes By Jerome K. Jerome

The shy man does have some slight revenge upon society for the torture it inflicts upon him. He is able, to a certain extent, to communicate his misery. He frightens other people as much as they frighten him. He acts like a damper upon the whole room, and the most jovial spirits become, in his presence, depressed and nervous. — Jerome K. Jerome

Communicate Quotes By Samuel Johnson

The ambition of superior sensibility and superior eloquence disposes the lovers of arts to receive rapture at one time, and communicate it at another; and each labors first to impose upon himself and then to propagate the imposture. — Samuel Johnson

Communicate Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

It is in vain that a man of sound mind and cool temper understands the condition of such a wretched being ... He can no more communicate his own wisdom to him than a healthy man can instil his strength into the invalid by whose bedside he is seated. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Communicate Quotes By John Ortberg

I am the God of the universe, maker of heaven and earth. I designed your body, I fashioned your world, I created your potential. I have wisdom and guidance and love that I long to communicate to you but I can't get through. Your heart and life are too noisy, and I will not scream. I love you. But you need a button for — John Ortberg

Communicate Quotes By Jeremy Stoppelman

When you read reviews on Yelp, you get a good sense of what's going to happen when you walk in the door of that business. The challenge is that there are fifteen million businesses in the U.S., and its very hard to communicate with all of them about how Yelp works, and why it works the way it does. — Jeremy Stoppelman

Communicate Quotes By Paul Watzlawick

You cannot not communicate. — Paul Watzlawick

Communicate Quotes By Russell Simmons

The reason that I have Global Grind is to communicate ideas to people who might otherwise not be listening. — Russell Simmons

Communicate Quotes By Timothy Leary

The level of intelligence has been tremendously increased, because people are thinking and communicating in terms of screens, and not in lettered books. Much of the real action is taking place in what is called cyberspace. People have learned how to boot up, activate, and transmit their brains.
Essentially, there's a universe inside your brain. The number of connections possible inside your brain is limitless. And as people have learned to have more managerial and direct creative access to their brains, they have also developed matrices or networks of people that communicate electronically. There are direct brain/computer link-ups. You can just jack yourself in and pilot your brain around in cyberspace-electronic space. — Timothy Leary

Communicate Quotes By Mark Cuban

Executives should blog if they have a vision they are trying to communicate, or if they are very visible in the media. — Mark Cuban

Communicate Quotes By Andy Biersack

I had a certain kind of disassociation from the other kids because I had more interest in sociology, ideas and trying to communicate those ideas to the kids around me. — Andy Biersack

Communicate Quotes By Vera Nazarian

Sometimes I think that wisdoms slip from my mind like drool from the lips of an idiot ...
Where's all this stuff coming from? Is it any good? Any good in, you know, the wisdom sense? Who am I to spout this stuff anyway?
Well, here's the thing. You too can find yourself shedding wisdom like cat hair if you only allow yourself the liberty of introspection.
Think about what you alone know that no one else does. That one neat wonderful profound insight. It is fully yours. No one else on this planet of about six billion people understands it like you do.
Now, see if you can share it with someone. Bestow it, a gift of yourself.
Wisdom is like gossip. Except it's the good kind. — Vera Nazarian

Communicate Quotes By Farshad Asl

Leaders don't assume. Assumptions are the termites of leadership. Communicate, communicate, and communicate, until you connect. — Farshad Asl

Communicate Quotes By Dianne Feinstein

Ninety percent of leadership is the ability to communicate something people want. — Dianne Feinstein

Communicate Quotes By Franz Bardon

It is of course quite a different matter when a seeker, no longer satisfied with materialism or dogma and yearning for spiritual nourishment, asks an initiate for advice and enlightenment. In such an instance the initiate is duty bound to enlighten the seeker in accordance with his perceptive faculties. The magician should spare neither time nor effort to communicate his spiritual treasures to the seeker and lead him towards the light. — Franz Bardon

Communicate Quotes By Julianne Moore

As an actor, all you have is what you know and what you see in other people. The more you know, and the more you've experienced, the more you're able to communicate to other people. — Julianne Moore

Communicate Quotes By Vineet Nayar

The first step of any communication is honest & consistent intentions, after this, even if you don't communicate, people will listen, hear & align — Vineet Nayar

Communicate Quotes By Jason Fried

If you are trying to decide among a few people to fill a position hire the best writer. it doesn't matter if the person is marketer, salesperson, designer, programmer, or whatever, their writing skills will pay off. That's because being a good writer is about more than writing clear writing. Clear writing is a sign of clear thinking. great writers know how to communicate. they make things easy to understand. they can put themselves in someone else's shoes. they know what to omit. And those are qualities you want in any candidate. Writing is making a comeback all over our society ... Writing is today's currency for good ideas. — Jason Fried

Communicate Quotes By Stefan Sagmeister

If you want to communicate something, you'd better make sure that your design piece is well-dressed and that its teeth are fixed. At the same time, I still believe that if it is only stylistically great and it has nothing to say, it still is not going to make a lasting impression on anybody. — Stefan Sagmeister

Communicate Quotes By Brian Tracy

Communicating is like that, because the way we communicate with our children shows how we feel about ourselves. — Brian Tracy

Communicate Quotes By Baruch Spinoza

After experience had taught me that all the usual surroundings of social life are vain and futile; seeing that none of the objects of my fears contained in themselves anything either good or bad, except in so far as the mind is affected by them, I finally resolved to inquire whether there might be some real good having power to communicate itself, which would affect the mind singly, to the exclusion of all else: whether, in fact, there might be anything of which the discovery and attainment would enable me to enjoy continuous, supreme, and unending happiness. — Baruch Spinoza

Communicate Quotes By Margaret Mead

There is no lonelier person than the one who lives with a spouse with whom he or she cannot communicate. — Margaret Mead

Communicate Quotes By John Hench

I have wanted to be a fine artist painter, and I reached the point in art schools were I'd like to understand more about images and how images communicate information to people. And I was not getting very far in that from my professors. — John Hench

Communicate Quotes By Scilla Elworthy

More and more individuals worldwide are realizing that war does not solve conflict, nor resolve long-standing cycles of violence. As more of those who have this understanding communicate it to policy-makers and more particularly, start implementing it in their own lives and localities, change will start to happen. — Scilla Elworthy

Communicate Quotes By Ashleigh Slater

View Conflict as an Adventure not a threat. — Ashleigh Slater

Communicate Quotes By Peter Sloterdijk

In the midst of the ubiquitous dealings with prostituted signs, the thing-poem was capable of opening up the prospect of returning to credible experiences of meaning. It did this by tying language to the gold standard of what things themselves communicate. Where randomness is disabled, authority should shine forth. — Peter Sloterdijk

Communicate Quotes By Richard Carmona

If you want to communicate with the American public, the literature tells you you've got to be talking at about a sixth-grade, seventh-grade level. — Richard Carmona

Communicate Quotes By Albert Speer

The communications apparatus at headquarters was remarkable...It was possible to communicate directly with all important theaters of the war...They could be directed from Hitler's table in the situation room. The more fearful the situation, the greater was the gulf modern technology created between reality and fantasies with which the man at this table operated. — Albert Speer

Communicate Quotes By William Miller

Sales managers need to be good leaders. How do they do it? Good leaders effectively communicate their goals and objectives while they focus on doing their job ProActively, and let their people focus on their job. If this is true, then the inverse must be true. — William Miller

Communicate Quotes By Anita Roddick

We communicate with passion and passion persuades. — Anita Roddick

Communicate Quotes By Alice Walker

Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored — Alice Walker

Communicate Quotes By Chris Hill

Hockey and cooking are similar in so many ways, especially if you are a player-coach, the guy in charge on the ice, a role I would closely relate to that of a chef in the kitchen - they are both contact sports.

You've gotta keep your head up, keep moving and communicate well. Even though you might be the leader in the kitchen or on the ice, you need to understand that that you're part of a working machine and that machine stops working if one of the pieces isn't working in unison with the others. I learned from a very young age the importance of being part of this team dynamic and how hard work can take you to so many different places.

(Chef Duane Keller) — Chris Hill

Communicate Quotes By Donald Miller

Most great art is created when the artist feels they are channeling something rather than trying to communicate something. — Donald Miller

Communicate Quotes By Michio Kaku

In science fiction, telepaths often communicate across language barriers, since thoughts are considered to be universal. However, this might not be true. Emotions and feelings may well be nonverbal and universal, so that one could telepathically send them to anyone, but rational thinking is so closely tied to language that it is very unlikely that complex thoughts could be sent across language barriers. Words will still be sent telepathically in their original language. — Michio Kaku

Communicate Quotes By Hermann Hesse

To nobody can you communicate in words and teachings, what happened to you in your hour of enlightenment. — Hermann Hesse

Communicate Quotes By John Wesley

God is so great that He communicates greatness to the least thing that is done for His service. — John Wesley

Communicate Quotes By Donald Wuerl

When I was a young priest in the 1960s and 1970s, there was much experimentation and confusion in the Church. Teachers and clergy were encouraged to communicate an experience of God's love, but to do it without reference to the Creed, the sacraments, or the tradition. — Donald Wuerl

Communicate Quotes By Mark Ruffalo

With social media, you have this new kind of way to communicate with people that's very immediate, sometimes alarmingly so, sometimes painfully so. If you could just hold some objectivity, a very direct, unfiltered, raw reflection of the way something is landing in the culture without any spin, or filtration, or anything, it's very raw. — Mark Ruffalo

Communicate Quotes By Etienne Gilson

God creates, not that there may be witnesses to render Him His due glory, but beings who shall rejoice in it as He rejoices in it Himself and who, participating in His being, participate at the same time in His beatitude. It is not therefore for Himself, but for us, that God seeks His glory; it is not to gain it, for He posses it already, nor to increase it, for already it is perfect, but to communicate it to us. — Etienne Gilson

Communicate Quotes By Nick Cannon

Nobody can predict the future. You just have to give your all to the relationship you're in and do your best to take care of your partner, communicate and give them every last drop of love you have. I think one of the most important things in a relationship is caring for your significant other through good times and bad. — Nick Cannon

Communicate Quotes By Aziz Ansari

Our romantic options are unprecedented and our tools to sort and communicate with them are staggering. And that raises the question: Why are so many people frustrated? — Aziz Ansari

Communicate Quotes By Criss Jami

A writer is one who communicates ideas and emotions people want to communicate but aren't quite sure how, or even if, they should communicate them. — Criss Jami

Communicate Quotes By Marc E. Platt

Good direction is often based on the ability to communicate. — Marc E. Platt

Communicate Quotes By Sylvia Plath

I would like to write a symbolic allegory about a person who would not assert her will and communicate with others, but who always believed she was unaccepted, and apart. — Sylvia Plath

Communicate Quotes By John Henrik Clarke

Had Elijah Muhammad tried to introduce an orthodox form of Arab-oriented Islam, I doubt if he would have attracted 500 people, but he introduced a form of Islam that would communicate with the people he had to deal with. He was the king to those who had no king, and he was the messiah to those some people thought unworthy of a messiah. — John Henrik Clarke

Communicate Quotes By Ivan Illich

It takes more time and effort and delicacy to learn the silence of a people than to learn its sounds. Some people have a special gift for this. Perhaps this explains why some missionaries, notwithstanding their efforts, never come to speak properly, to communicate delicately through silences. Although they 'speak with the accent of natives' they remain forever thousands of miles away. The learning of the grammar of silence is an art much more difficult to learn than the grammar of sounds. — Ivan Illich

Communicate Quotes By Andrew Stone

Dance improves your ability to concentrate because your brain has to work in so many ways. You're being stretched physically and mentally. You've got to focus on the steps and you have to communicate and interact with people. — Andrew Stone

Communicate Quotes By Thomas Metzinger

Someone who cannot stop his outer flow of words will soon be unable to communicate with other human beings at all. — Thomas Metzinger

Communicate Quotes By Angelina Jolie

The interesting thing for me is that everybody felt that I was really wild when i was unbalanced and desperate to communicate something and didn't have a sense of purpose. But I've never been so crazy and wild as I am with my son or as I am now. — Angelina Jolie

Communicate Quotes By Rick Levin

Have a vision. Communicate it clearly. Pick the right people and put them in the right jobs. — Rick Levin

Communicate Quotes By Padma Subrahmanyam

My aim is to communicate with the last man in the audience. Art minus communication is meaningless. The term 'abhinaya' is not just facial expressions. It means drawing the spectator to an idea. Look at the modern advertisements. It's contemporary abhinaya. But one who creates should know what has to be completely and what has to be suggestively portrayed. That is ethical aesthetics. The Natyasastra says a production must be such that a family should be able to watch it together. — Padma Subrahmanyam

Communicate Quotes By John C. Maxwell

The sheer act of listening speaks volumes that even a great speech can't communicate. — John C. Maxwell

Communicate Quotes By Emma Chase

. . . communicate their desires. My book club is discussing a novel this month on this very subject. Fifty Shades of Grey. Would you like to borrow my copy, Matthew?" I take a long drink of water. "No, I'm already familiar with it, thanks." The fact that my dear, sweet mother is familiar with it, however, will definitely be giving me nightmares. — Emma Chase

Communicate Quotes By Fennel Hudson

A man can never have too many books. Neither can he have too many fountain pens, hats, fishing rods, waistcoats, tea caddies, paintings or whatever helps him to feel at home in his surroundings and communicate his personality to the world. — Fennel Hudson

Communicate Quotes By Daniel Lopatin

If there is any selfish angle, then it would probably be me just knocking myself in the head, thinking "Is there anybody here? Am I still able to communicate with other musicians?" — Daniel Lopatin

Communicate Quotes By Joshua Rogers

Reading books is a way for you to communicate with and learn from the best thinkers that are writing today and that have ever lived. — Joshua Rogers

Communicate Quotes By Bernie Siegel

I believe consciousness is non-local and a big part of what we experience with near death and past lives. It's the consciousness that has come into us from other experiences and our consciousness that we remain aware of when we leave our bodies and they communicate with us through dreams, and even through drawings which I do a lot of work with myself. — Bernie Siegel

Communicate Quotes By Thomas Merton

One of the moral diseases we communicate to one another in society comes from huddling together in the pale light of an insufficient answer to a question we are afraid to ask. — Thomas Merton

Communicate Quotes By Cass McCombs

Even if I'm writing music, it's with a lyric in mind, to communicate some kind of feeling. — Cass McCombs

Communicate Quotes By Niels Bohr

What is that we human beings ultimately depend on? We depend on our words. We are suspended in language. Our task is to communicate experience and ideas to others. — Niels Bohr

Communicate Quotes By Judd Apatow

If the movie's not communicating, it's not working. — Judd Apatow

Communicate Quotes By Ben Goldacre

natural frequencies are the only sensible way to communicate risk. — Ben Goldacre

Communicate Quotes By Shunryu Suzuki

True communication depends upon our being straightforward with one another ... But the best way to communicate may be just to sit without saying anything. — Shunryu Suzuki

Communicate Quotes By John Denver

My purpose in performing is to communicate the joy I experience in living. — John Denver

Communicate Quotes By Ashley Montagu

It's by what you do that you communicate to others that you are deeply involved in their well being. — Ashley Montagu

Communicate Quotes By George Lakoff

In short, Strict Father morality requires perfect, precise, literal communication, together with a form of behaviorism. Thus, Strict Father morality requires that four conditions on the human mind and human behavior must be met: 1. Absolute categorization: Everything is either in or out of a category. 2. Literality: All moral rules must be literal. 3. Perfect communication: The hearer receives exactly the same meaning as the speaker intends to communicate. 4. Folk behaviorism: According to human nature, people normally act effectively to get rewards and avoid punishments. Cognitive — George Lakoff

Communicate Quotes By Parker J. Palmer

We think it's about little techniques and tricks, but techniques only take you so far. We need teachers who care about kids, who care about what they teach, and who can communicate with kids. — Parker J. Palmer

Communicate Quotes By Shannon Tanner

We are all creative, from the mother adding an extra pinch of garlic to her meal, to the entrepreneur launching a brand new product, to the business consultant who creates a more effective way for corporate departments to communicate. The call requires creativity. — Shannon Tanner

Communicate Quotes By Sandra Lamb

When you know what you want to communicate, ask yourself: Who is my audience and what does he know about the subject? — Sandra Lamb

Communicate Quotes By Joel Derfner

For the most part I felt nothing but scorn for an art form that required the pretense that it was natural for people to communicate with one another in rhymed song. — Joel Derfner

Communicate Quotes By Chen Shui-bian

Because we can't communicate, there's a lot of misunderstanding. — Chen Shui-bian

Communicate Quotes By Kristin Cashore

Raffin had told her she wasn't perceptive. Po was perceptive. And talkative. Perhaps that was why they got along so well. She didn't have to explain herself to Po, and he explained himself to her without her having to ask. She'd never known a person with whom she could communicate so freely - so unused was she to the phenomenon of friendship. — Kristin Cashore

Communicate Quotes By Orson Scott Card

Here's the secret that every successful software company is based on: You can domesticate programmers the way beekeepers tame bees. You can't exactly communicate with them, but you can get them to swarm in one place and when they're not looking, you can carry off the honey. — Orson Scott Card

Communicate Quotes By Tariq Ramadan

We are in a world that is connected, but is not communicating. — Tariq Ramadan

Communicate Quotes By Pope Benedict XVI

The Holy Spirit gives us joy. And he is joy. Joy is the gift in which all the other gifts are included. It is the expression of happiness, of being in harmony with ourselves, that which can only come from being in harmony with God and with his creation. It belongs to the nature of joy to be radiant; it must communicate itself. The missionary spirit of the Church is none other than the impulse to communicate the joy which has been given. — Pope Benedict XVI

Communicate Quotes By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

We communicate much more through our presence than the words. — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Communicate Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Never forget that when connections get destroyed by means of bad communication, it's good communication that resolves them. Don't be shy to say "I am sorry" and "please forgive me". That's a good communication! — Israelmore Ayivor

Communicate Quotes By Symeon The New Theologian

When your soul is pricked by compunction and gradually changed, it becomes a fountain flowing with rivers of tears and compunction. If any one of you ever happens to communicate with tears, whether you weep before the Liturgy or in the course of the Divine Liturgy, or at the very time that you receive the Divine Gifts, and does not desire to do this for the rest of his days and nights, it will avail him nothing to have wept merely once. It is not this alone that at once purifies us and makes us worthy; it is daily compunction that does not cease until death. — Symeon The New Theologian

Communicate Quotes By Pope Francis

Dear friends, sometimes we may be tempted to allow ourselves be overtaken by laziness or despondency, especially when faced with the hardships and trials of life. In these cases, do not lose heart, but invoke the Holy Spirit, so that with the gift of fortitude He can lift our hearts and communicate new vigor and enthusiasm to our lives and our following Jesus. — Pope Francis

Communicate Quotes By Donald McGavran

As Christians refine their methods, develop Church Growth eyes, feel church growth responsibility, communicate the Gospel, and educate those who are won until they become responsible Christians, the church as a whole will receive the abundant blessing God wants to give. — Donald McGavran

Communicate Quotes By J. E. H. MacDonald

It is the work of the Canadian artist to paint or play or write in such a way that life will be enlarged for himself and his fellow man. The painter will look around him ... and finding everything good, will strive to communicate that feeling through a portrayal of the essentials of sunlight, or snow, or tree or tragic cloud, or human face, according to his power and individuality. — J. E. H. MacDonald

Communicate Quotes By Isaac Of Nineveh

Draw nigh to the righteous, and through them you will draw nigh to God. Communicate with those who possess humility, and you will learn morals from them. A man who follows one who loves God becomes rich in the mysteries of God; but he who follows an unrighteous and proud man gets far away from God, and will be hated by his friends. — Isaac Of Nineveh

Communicate Quotes By Aldous Huxley

For in spite of language, in spite of intelligence and intuition and sympathy, one can never really communicate anything to anybody. — Aldous Huxley

Communicate Quotes By Oprah Winfrey

I think education is power. I think that being able to communicate with people is power. One of my main goals on the planet is to encourage people to empower themselves. — Oprah Winfrey

Communicate Quotes By Bruce Schneier

Google controls two-thirds of the US search market. Almost three-quarters of all Internet users have Facebook accounts. Amazon controls about 30% of the US book market, and 70% of the e-book market. Comcast owns about 25% of the US broadband market. These companies have enormous power and control over us simply because of their economic position. They all collect and use our data to increase their market dominance and profitability. When eBay first started, it was easy for buyers and sellers to communicate outside of the eBay system because people's e-mail addresses were largely public. In 2001, eBay started hiding e-mail addresses; in 2011, it banned e-mail addresses and links in listings; and in 2012, it banned them from user-to-user communications. All of these moves served to position eBay as a powerful intermediary by making it harder for buyers and sellers to take a relationship established inside of eBay and move it outside of eBay. — Bruce Schneier

Communicate Quotes By Demi Lovato

Don't make assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life. - MIGUEL ANGEL RUIZ It's better to take the time to ask questions and to find the words to say what you really feel. Often we leave so much room for interpretation either because we are rushing or because we are afraid to speak the whole truth, but this is where miscommunications start. So even if you aren't sure about what someone means or how they feel, just ask them. Goal: When was the last time you assumed something and were wrong? Make a point to know the truth and not assume it. — Demi Lovato

Communicate Quotes By Immanuel Kant

A man abandoned by himself on a desert island would adorn neither his hut nor his person; nor would he seek for flowers, still less would he plant them, in order to adorn himself therewith. It is only in society that it occurs to him to be not merely a man, but a refined man after his kind (the beginning of civilization). For such do we judge him to be who is both inclined and apt to communicate his pleasure to others, and who is not contented with an object if he cannot feel satisfaction in it in common with others. Again, every one expects and requires from every one else this reference to universal communication of pleasure, as it were from an original compact dictated by humanity itself. — Immanuel Kant

Communicate Quotes By Kevin Hart

The most important thing for a director is being able to communicate. — Kevin Hart

Communicate Quotes By Brooke Burke

Women communicate with all their senses. Men don't do that. — Brooke Burke

Communicate Quotes By Britt Merrick

The hope that we have in Christ is so gloriously wonderful, why would we ever keep it to ourselves? When we refuse to communicate the Gospel there is nothing more cruel or selfish in all of humanity. Because we do believe that it is the only way-Christ is the only name-by which men and women can be saved. And to withhold that name and that news because it's difficult is on par with any other atrocious thing humanity has ever seen. — Britt Merrick

Communicate Quotes By Maria Sharapova

Since I was young, the artistic expression that fashion embodies has inspired me. It's a way to communicate oneself. — Maria Sharapova

Communicate Quotes By Iccho Itoh

We invite people working for peace to span generations and national boundaries, and gather together to communicate. Let us firmly join hands and foster an even stronger network for nuclear abolition and peace. — Iccho Itoh

Communicate Quotes By Salvador De Madariaga

Liberty of thought means liberty to communicate one's thought. — Salvador De Madariaga

Communicate Quotes By Howard Rheingold

There is never going to be a substitute for face-to-face communication, but we have seen since the alphabet, to the telephone and now the Internet, that whenever people find a new way to communicate, they will flock to it. — Howard Rheingold

Communicate Quotes By Gudjon Bergmann

We have made a conscious effort to blend in with U.S. society and have done our best to develop good English skills. Today, both Johanna and I communicate in English with ease, and our children speak English at native fluency levels, but we continue to speak Icelandic at home. — Gudjon Bergmann

Communicate Quotes By Josh Radnor

My film school is making movies. But, I do think that being an actor has served me immensely, as both a writer and director, in terms of knowing what is playable and what will be fun to play, for actors, and also how to communicate to actors on set, and not screw them up and get them in their head. — Josh Radnor

Communicate Quotes By Douglas Adams

But Douglas was a genius, because he saw the world differently, and more importantly, he could communicate the world he saw. — Douglas Adams

Communicate Quotes By Nancy Lublin

The parents in the room know that texting is actually the best way to communicate with your kids. It might be the only way to communicate with your kids. — Nancy Lublin

Communicate Quotes By Paulo Coelho

And madness? Madness is the inability to communicate. — Paulo Coelho

Communicate Quotes By James Gray

The actor always must be in the scene, not above the scene. To communicate any larger ideas is my problem; it's how the narrative is constructed and directed that hopefully does it. — James Gray

Communicate Quotes By Linda Bender

Because we tend to equate intelligence with language
particularly the ability to use language to think and communicate abstractions
it is natural to conclude that animals are, on the whole, a lot less intelligent than we are. — Linda Bender