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Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Karin Slaughter

The reason the middle class had it so good was because they expected things to be better. They wouldn't settle for less than they were worth. They'd just get into their shiny cars and go where they were appreciated. Poor people, on the other hand, were used to just taking what was given to them and being grateful for it. — Karin Slaughter

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Marko Phiri

Yet Nathan appreciated being alone as he sipped his cold glass of beer. It gave him time to think. In the next thirty minutes or so, the flight he was waiting for would land and his day would begin. It was autumn in the capital, and the clear skies created an illusion of a city that was at peace with itself. — Marko Phiri

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Yoko Ono

Not being appreciated for 40 years or something ... It feels like I was accused of something that I didn't do, which was breaking up the Beatles. That was like being somebody who is in prison without having done anything wrong. — Yoko Ono

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Lisa Shearin

Sir, come quick. They've found a body in the canal.
I blew out my breath. Saved by the corpse.
... The corpse in question was Nigel Nicabar.
The watchers had collected the bodies found in Nigel's house, garden, and canal, and put them in the greenhouse located at the back of the garden. The necromancer's talents weren't with living things, so the greenhouse's tables were pretty much empty - at least of plants. Dead goblins lay under sheets and tarps. I couldn't help feeling that Nigel would have approved. What he wouldn't have approved of was being included among them. Nigel wouldn't have been caught dead surrounded by goblins, yet that's exactly how and where he was. I don't think he would have appreciated the irony. — Lisa Shearin

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Ogwo David Emenike

Developing your unique thought to the level of being appreciated and adopted by the world - that's genius. — Ogwo David Emenike

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Mitch Hedberg

I don't think stand-up is being appreciated as much as it could be and I don't think it has for a long time. There's some great stand-up comics who come to a town and if they're not a name, they don't attract a crowd but in reality there are brilliant people out there. — Mitch Hedberg

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Jim Carrey

I got a lot of support from my parents. That's the one thing I always appreciated. They didn't tell me I was being stupid; they told me I was being funny. — Jim Carrey

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal- that is your success. All nature is your congratulation, and you have cause momentarily to bless yourself. The greatest gains and values are farthest from being appreciated. We easily come to doubt if they exist. We soon forget them. They are the highest reality. Perhaps the facts most astounding and most real are never communicated by man to man. The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched. — Henry David Thoreau

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Sanjay Dutt

As an actor, I've grown considerably. For example, it's taken me years to get comfortable doing a romantic scene and dancing on stage in front of a live audience. I do it a lot better than I ever did. I've really opened up a lot. And I'm glad I have because I'm being appreciated for it. — Sanjay Dutt

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Agatha Christie

Yes, he is intelligent. But we must be more intelligent. We must be so intelligent that he does not suspect us of being intelligent at all."
I acquiesced.
"There, mon ami, you will be of great assistance to me."
I was pleased with the compliment. There had been times when I hardly thought that Poirot appreciated me at my true worth.
"Yes" he continued staring at me thoughtfully, "you will be invaluable — Agatha Christie

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Wallace Stegner

Some of our superiors were indeed men of brains and learning and disinterested goodwill, but some were stuffed shirts, and some incompetents, and some timid souls escaping the fray, and some climbers, and some as bitter and jealous as some of us were at being inadequately appreciated. But still there they were, up in the sunshine above the smoke, a patch-elbowed tweedy elite that we might improve when we joined it, but that we never questioned. Especially during the Depression, when every frog of us was lustful for a lily pad. — Wallace Stegner

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Dale Carnegie

Psychiatrists declare that most of our fatigue derives from our mental and emotional attitudes ... What kinds of emotional factors tire the sedentary (or sitting) worker? Joy? Contentment? No! Never! Boredom, resentment, a feeling of not being appreciated, a feeling of futility, hurry, anxiety, worry-those are the emotional factors that exhaust the sitting worker, make him susceptible to colds, reduce his output, and send him home with a nervous headache. Yes, we get tired because our emotions produce nervous tensions in the body. — Dale Carnegie

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Anupam Kher

You are never too old for applause. What's satisfying is that I'm being appreciated for what I was trained for. — Anupam Kher

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Anne Rice

Being a vampire for him meant revenge. Revenge against life itself. Every time he took a life it was revenge. It was no wonder, then, that he appreciated nothing. The nuances of vampire existence weren't even available to him because he was focused with a maniacal vengeance upon the mortal life he'd left. Consumed with hatred, he looked back. Consumed with envy, nothing pleased him unless he could take it from others; and once having it, he grew cold and dissatisfied, not loving the thing for itself; and so he went after something else. Vengeance, blind and sterile and contemptible. — Anne Rice

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Wayne Dyer

Every person you interact with should feel the inner glow that comes from being appreciated, particularly for the ways in which they express their creativity. A core theme, which strengthens the flow of the power of intention, is wanting for others as much as you intend for yourself. — Wayne Dyer

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Garret Freymann-Weyr

Still I think about him more than I don't. I'm I'm careful, I think about him all the time. What would it take to return to the ease of feeling safe and appreciated? The way I did with him. It would take, I decide, being 20. Better to think about my dead sister than a man whose kiss I will remember forever. Even if he vanishes as completely as Rebecca has. — Garret Freymann-Weyr

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Stephen Hunter

The worst moment was always taps. It didn't matter if the bugler played it well or poorly, in tune or out; there was something in the mournful ache of the music, and how it spoke of men dying before their time for something they only vaguely understood and being only vaguely appreciated by the people on whose behalf they died, that made it hurt so much. — Stephen Hunter

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Esther Hicks

While it does, and should, feel good to be appreciated by another person, if you are dependent upon their appreciation to feel good, you will not be able to consistently feel good, because no other person has the ability, or a responsibility, to hold you as their singular, positive object of attention. Your Inner Being, however, the Source within you, always holds you, with no exceptions, as a constant object of appreciation. So if you will tune your thoughts and actions to that consistent Vibration of Well-Being flowing forth from your Inner Being - you will thrive under any and all conditions. — Esther Hicks

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Kate Brown

I've seen so many of my friends and collaborators struggle and face the challenge of feeling like what they're working so hard to create and put into the world isn't important or appreciated ... it's like being in love with someone who won't give you the time of day. — Kate Brown

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Alberto Del Rio

I do not care that the people is for or against me. The important thing is that I am appreciated by a response of boos or cheers. This is the important thing. it is important that people see me as a superstar talent that they want to see. I enjoy being heel. — Alberto Del Rio

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Stephen Fry

We all know that drugs, alcohol and tobacco are Bad, but work, we are brought up to believe, is Good. As a result the world is full of families who are angry at being abandoned and breadwinners who are even more angry because their hours of labour are not sufficiently appreciated. — Stephen Fry

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Burnell Taylor

One day I'll be appreciated for what I do instead being held back for what I don't do. — Burnell Taylor

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Marcel Proust

At first he had appreciated only the material quality of the sounds which those instruments secreted. And it had been a source of keen pleasure when, below the narrow ribbon the violin part, delicate, unyielding, substantial and governing the whole, he had suddenly perceived, where it was trying to surge upwards in a flowing tide of sound, the mass of the piano-part, multiform, coherent, level, and breaking everywhere in melody like the deep blue tumult of the sea, silvered and charmed into a minor key by the moonlight. But at a given moment, without being able to distinguish any clear outline, or to give a name to what was pleasing him, suddenly enraptured, he had tried to collect, to treasure in his memory the phrase or harmony - he knew not which - that had just been played, and had opened and expanded his soul, just as the fragrance of certain roses, wafted upon the moist air of evening, has the power of dilating our nostrils. — Marcel Proust

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Steven Erikson

Gifts are rarely appreciated,' Arathan said, and in his mind he was remembering his first night with Feren. 'And the one who receives knows only confusion. At first. And then hunger... for more. And in that hunger, there is expectation, and so the gift ceases being a gift, and becomes payment, and to give itself becomes a privilege and to receive it a right. By this all sentiment sours. — Steven Erikson

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Rick Owens

I like things pretty reduced. I don't understand how people live with so much stuff around them, because you can't focus on it, and after a while it ends up becoming absorbed. It's not as if anything's really being appreciated. To me all that stuff is some desperate message to everyone about who you are, like bumper stickers. — Rick Owens

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Lucinda Creighton

I've always been infuriated by Bertie, I have to say. I never appreciated his style of politics. I thought it was very superficial, running around the country opening crisp packets, as they say, never really engaging with the substance of what was being debated and it clearly had a hugely negative impact on this country. — Lucinda Creighton

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Lauren Dane

Reading, like other types of art appreciation, is intensely personal. So what appeals to people is going to depend on who they are. It depends on what is happening in their life at any given moment. On what has happened to them over the course of their personal history and what makes them feel any number of things. The value of art, when it comes to being appreciated by the beholder makes the person consuming it part of that process. Failing to appreciate that integral part of the process is done at your own peril.
[*Pulls Ranty Pants Up* In Which Lauren Dane Discusses Art, Publishing, Trash and Writing What you Want, Blog Post, May 16, 2013] — Lauren Dane

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Claire Hamelin Manning

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Claire — Claire Hamelin Manning

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Marissa Meyer

I appreciated everything you gave me." He picked up the can of olives and sniffed at them, wary of being tricked again. "Although I didn't deserve any of it. — Marissa Meyer

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Ruth Ozeki

Together we'll make magic ...
Who had conjured whom?
She seemed to remember Oliver suggesting this once before, but she hadn't really appreciated the importance of his question. Was she the dream? Was Nao the one writing her into being? Agency is a tricky business, Muriel had said. Ruth had always felt substantial enough, but maybe she wasn't. Maybe she was as absent as her name indicated, a homeless and ghostly composite of words that the girl had assembled. She'd never had any cause to doubt her senses. Her empirical experience of herself, seemed trustworthy enough, but now in the dark, at four in the morning, she wasn't so sure. — Ruth Ozeki

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Lance Greenfield

Everyone appreciates being appreciated. — Lance Greenfield

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

The greatest gains and values are farthest from being appreciated. — Henry David Thoreau

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Harvey MacKay

You can win more friends with your ears than with your mouth. People who feel like they're being listened to feel accepted and appreciated. They feel like they're being taken seriously and what they say really matters. — Harvey MacKay

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Dwayne Johnson

Why being involved in social media has had such a tremendous impact on me, is deeply connecting me with fans in ways that I never had before. I was connected with fans and I always appreciated the relationship I had with fans, but, through social media, it allowed a deeper connection. — Dwayne Johnson

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By J.D. Robb

There's one more reason I opted against sleeping with Julian."
"He's not like Roarke, but he gives the illusion of being a lot like him when he's in the mode. So the idea of sleeping with him felt disloyal - and just, well, icky."
Eve started to laugh it off, then realized Nadine was perfectly serious. "Really?"
"Yes, really."
"All right, not completely understood, but appreciated anyway."
"I hear he bangs like a turbohammer."
"I thought you said he wasn't like Roarke."
"Oh, that was cruel. Maybe I'll give him a spin after all. — J.D. Robb

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Stephen Covey

Satisfied needs do not motivate. It's only the unsatisfied need that motivates. Next to physical survival, the greatest need of a human being is psychological survival - to be understood, to be affirmed, to be validated, to be appreciated. — Stephen Covey

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Jack Donovan

For instance, while writing this, I was summoned to attend jury duty. Throughout the jury selection process, coordinators and judges reminded us how important our presence was, and how deeply they and the State of Oregon appreciated our service. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Oregon and several judges who may or may not have been actors thanked us via video. The big joke of it was that attending jury service is mandatory and my summons threatened me with the possibility of being held in contempt of court for non-compliance. That pretty much sums up how the state "appreciates" its citizens. "We — Jack Donovan

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Derek Jeter

I always appreciated the ex-players. Being a Yankee, you get spoiled. Old-Timers Day, all these guys coming back, spring training, being around them, you get a chance to get to know them. So I always think you learn a lot by listening. — Derek Jeter

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Sascha Radetsky

It's an unfortunate reality of being a male dancer that it's not really looked upon ... it's not appreciated. — Sascha Radetsky

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Chris Squire

Being called a 'music legend' is a very funny thing. It's nice to know that my work has been appreciated and that people have given me that status. On a personal level, however, I can't think about it too much. It means a lot ... but then it doesn't. — Chris Squire

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Andrew Luck

I always appreciated my dad coming outside and playing with us - or my mom - and being a part of the game we were playing or refereeing it or just being outside. That was fun for us, and it was very encouraging. — Andrew Luck

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Suzanne Berne

Where do you get your ideas?' people are always asking authors they admire, which I've always thought was another way of asking, 'How did you get my ideas, which I didn't know I had until you put words to them?' We are known, appreciated, even cherished by our favorite writers; every word of our favorite books seems to have been written for us. Within their sentences and paragraphs, those writers are forever available, forever patient, including us in their compassionate recognition of the impossible, exhausting complexity of being human (those "many thousand" selves), never ignoring us or abandoning us or finding us dull. It's you, they whisper, as we turn their pages, you are the one I've been waiting to tell everything to. — Suzanne Berne

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By John Muir

Fresh beauty opens one's eyes wherever it is really seen, but the very abundance and completeness of the common beauty that besets our steps prevents its being absorbed and appreciated. It is a good thing, therefore, to make short excursions now and then to the bottom of the sea among dulse and coral, or up among the clouds on mountain-tops, or in balloons, or even to creep like worms into dark holes and caverns underground, not only to learn something of what is going on in those out-of-the-way places, but to see better what the sun sees on our return to common every-day beauty. — John Muir

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

A man wants his virility regarded. A woman wants her femininity appreciated, however indirect and subtle the indications of regard and appreciation. [Here] one is respected and judged only as a human being. It is an appalling experience. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

Poor Fa'a, I said, although my answer was more reflexive than anything else. He was a good, kind person, and although I thought he was being melodramatic, I appreciated his compassion. In the absence of action, Poor Fa'a seemed to be the only thing to say. — Hanya Yanagihara

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By John Kendrew

I appreciated being rich because it allowed me to study in Paris and Geneva. — John Kendrew

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Gary Chapman

What is emotional intimacy? It is that depp sense of being connected to one another. It is feeling loved, respected and appreciated, while at the same time seeking to reciprocate. To feel loved is to have the sense that the other person genuinely cares about your well-being. Respect has to do with feeling that your potential spouse has positive regard for your personhood, intellect, abilities and personality. Appreciation is that inner sense that your partner values your contribution to the relationship. — Gary Chapman

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Ruben Blades

There was a lot of stuff happening in Havana that was being heard and appreciated by New Orleans musicians because of this situation. And vice versa. — Ruben Blades

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Fiona Wood

I don't think I fully appreciated how relaxing it is having someone I can be really mean to. It's going to be so hard being nice all the time. — Fiona Wood

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Milos Forman

So, thanks God, our films, our first films were suddenly being appreciated by the Western media; especially France was very good, and Switzerland was very good. — Milos Forman

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

I'm so tired of being appreciated for my intellect." She leaned back and stretched her arms over her head. "When will I be able to find a nice boy who just wants me for my body? — Patrick Rothfuss

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Demi Lovato

Growing up in America, I never really appreciated my culture. I knew what being Hispanic was, but I thought that since I didn't look Hispanic, I was white. — Demi Lovato

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Dan Pearce

So you want to be famous? You want to inspire large groups of people? You want to be recognized and appreciated by thousands or even millions? Stop trying to do it by speaking to the masses. Do it by speaking to individuals. If what you have is truly amazing and unique and worth sharing, individuals will share it. It is always about the individual, no matter how big you get. Remember that. — Dan Pearce

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Being married does not necessarily mean being appreciated; some men treat their girlfriends, and some treat their mistresses, way better than some treat their wives. (What's more, some men treat their mistresses way better than they treat their wives) — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Jada Pinkett Smith

We have to nurture our young women and understand the beauty and the strength of being a woman. It's kind of a catch-22: Strength in women isn't appreciated, and vulnerability in women isn't appreciated. It's like, 'What the hell do you do?' What you do is you don't allow anyone to dictate who you are. — Jada Pinkett Smith

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Peter Nichols

The likelihood of meeting anyone who wouldn't make him feel even lonelier seemed increasingly remote. Life was a dwindling process now, not a building proposition. He couldn't imagine being with someone new, opening up, feeling appreciated and understood, without having to explain his dubious non sequiturs and increasingly arcane or redundant frame of reference. — Peter Nichols

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Obie Trice

I think I learned the most from Eminem because I spent the most time with him in the studio. Going to L.A. with Dre was a learning experience, just seeing how the dude works and being up-close and personal with a dude whose music I appreciated growing up. — Obie Trice

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By John Grisham

Dear Miss Sam: Thanks so much for your lovely epistle. You've gotten so soft in only three months. Must be all those cookies. If I read you right, you want some assurances that you'll be (1) adored by your bosses, (2) worshipped by your colleagues, (3) appreciated by your clients, (4) virtually guaranteed a partnership which will lead to a long, full, happy life, and (5) given enough office space to make you happy, in spite of the obscene prices per square foot now being demanded by Manhattan landlords (our clients), recession or not. — John Grisham

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Holly Black

I think Bob appreciated my outfit. He made me buy the more expensive pendant. You might think that was to my disadvantage, but I accept that status comes with a price."
"Not usually so immediately." I shake my head. "You better not be hitting on federal agent ladies. They'll arrest you."
His grin widens. "I like handcuffs."
I groan. "There is something seriously wrong with you."
"Nothing that a night being worked over by a hot representative of justice couldn't fix. — Holly Black

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Maria Montessori

Joy, feeling one's own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable of production are all factors of enormous value for the human soul. — Maria Montessori

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By S.L. Morgan

I would have appreciated the option of joining you and Reece instead of being left with the three bickering hens. I thought you were more compassionate, Levi. -Harrison Oxley — S.L. Morgan

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

In order for your wit to be appreciated, the people around you need to be witty, too. In order for your lightness of being to be appreciated, those around you must be vibrating towards the same weightlessness. In order for your beauty to be appreciated, those around you must have eyes that see beauty. For your authenticity to be appreciated, those who see it must also be authentic. For your humility to be appreciated, those you are dealing with must first know humility in their hearts. You see, you have spent too much time trying to be appreciated by those who are not good enough to appreciate you. That's the truth. Those who are better than they, will see you for the beauty that you are. — C. JoyBell C.

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Eric Nylund

This was the problem of being a narcissist: No one appreciated you as much as you knew you deserved." Louis Piper, Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, The Morning Star. — Eric Nylund

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Mayim Bialik

It's wonderful to be appreciated for being quirky, and to see Zooey Deschanel and the quirky, indie film types get mainstream play is amazing for women, because women are much more complicated than what we've see on TV in the past. — Mayim Bialik

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Virat Kohli

It undoubtedly feels nice when you are being appreciated and you get complimented by girls. Who doesn't like that? Having said that, I don't take it as any pressure. — Virat Kohli

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Jodee Blanco

The hardest thing about being an outcast isn't the love you don't receive. It's the love you long to give that nobody wants. After a while, it backs up into your system like stagnant water and turns toxic, poisoning your spirit. When this happens, you don't have many choices available. You can become a bitter loner who goes through life being pissed off at the world; you can fester with rage until one day you murder your classmates. Or, you can find another outlet for your love, where it will be appreciated and maybe even returned. — Jodee Blanco

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Patricia Briggs

Pack is for comfort when you hurt, I thought, putting my head back down. And for the first time in a long time, maybe the first time ever, I appreciated being a part of one. — Patricia Briggs

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Dwyane Wade

I've stuck by being modest, honest and humble, because I think you'll get more appreciated that way and we all want to be appreciated in this world. — Dwyane Wade

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Wildbow

Ruins. Places built up by man, painstaking, sometimes over centuries. Layer upon layer of human experience, history, and art, represented in stone and wood and glass. Every single building had been put together with the idea of meeting some specific goal, a specific individual's tastes, filling a purpose as an institution, or being built to cater to society's tastes as a whole. Virtually every building had been a familiar place to someone, a home, a place of business. Roads had once been a part of people's daily routines, bridges a convenience that was appreciated, if rarely acknowledged. — Wildbow

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Gay Talese

Men admitted to being endlessly fascinated with the naked female form; they appreciated women in a detached, impersonal way that women, even those women who were flattered by such attention, rarely understood. — Gay Talese

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Cameron Diaz

I do feel like there's a spirit and a tone you can set that lets people know that they're appreciated for being there. It's a sense of spirit that I think every film should have. — Cameron Diaz

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Sereda Aleta Dailey

It's a rare gift to be appreciated by even one person. In life, the majority may not ever notice you. Know You're still relevant. You're always great. There will always be countless varieties of energies on earth. Not just anyone- Nor will everyone see or hear the other, so its not at all personal. Nor is it even necessary for the majority to see you. Find time to appreciate and see yourself. Inside you will find your strength. It's in there. Stay true, Stay encouraged! If one person can make it then so can you. Oneness is what you are. If one gets there we all do. Say it again and again! Let the words echo throughout your being. Stay true to your dreams. — Sereda Aleta Dailey

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

The power of our thoughts may never be measured or appreciated, but it became obvious to me as a young boy that there was value and power in being aware of my thoughts and how I expressed myself. — Robert Kiyosaki

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Saul Leiter

I've never been overwhelmed with a desire to become famous. It's not that I didn't want to have my work appreciated, but for some reason - maybe it's because my father disapproved of almost everything I did - in some secret place in my being was a desire to avoid success. — Saul Leiter

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Anthony Powell

For a brief second, for an inexpressibly curtailed efflux of time, so short that its duration could be appreciated only in recollection, being immediately engulfed at the moment of birth, I was conscious of a sensation I had never before encountered: an awareness that Stringham was perhaps a trifle embarrassed. — Anthony Powell

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Robert Henri

There has never been a painting that was more beautiful than nature. The model does not unfold herself to you, you must rise to her. She should be the inspiration for your painting. No man has ever over-appreciated a human being. — Robert Henri

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Lionel Fisher

I don't believe in funerals.

Funerals aren't for the dead. The dead are gone. They couldn't care less.

Funerals are for the living.

They're for the people trying to feel better about the things they could have said, the things they could have done for the dead while they were still alive.

The dead don't give a damn.

The dead couldn't care less about what's being said to them, about them.

Hell, they're dead.

The dead know the living aren't there for them, but for themselves. To feel better, to feel less guilty, less regretful, to feel loved, better appreciated by all the other living people who, like them, should have paid attention to the dead while it still mattered, while they were still alive.

So screw funerals.

Forget the dead.

Tend to the living.

Before it's too late.

Before they're dead — Lionel Fisher

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Timothy Keller

The gospel, if it is really believed, removes neediness - the need to be constantly respected, appreciated, and well regarded; the need to have everything in your life go well; the need to have power over others. All of these great, deep needs continue to control you only because the concept of the glorious God delighting in you with all His being is just that - a concept and nothing more. Our hearts don't believe it, so they operate in default mode. Paul is saying that if you want to really change, you must let the gospel teach you - that is to train, discipline, coach you - over a period of time. You must let the gospel argue with you. You must let the gospel sink down deeply into your heart, until it changes your motivation and views and attitudes. — Timothy Keller

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Henry James

Her aunt seemed to her aggressive and foolish, and to see it so clearly - to judge Mrs. Penniman so positively - made her feel old and grave. She did not resent the imputation of weakness; it made no impression on her, for she had not the sense of weakness, and she was not hurt at not being appreciated. She had an immense respect for her father, and she felt that to displease him would be a misdemeanour analogous to an act of profanity in a great temple; but her purpose had slowly ripened, and she believed that her prayers had purified it of its violence. — Henry James

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Elle Casey

I try not to look at him, but it's impossible not to. His presence is totally commanding. I've heard that expression before, but until being around him I never really appreciated what it meant. He's like the boss of my eyeballs or something.
Do not look at his package, Candice. Do not look at his package. My eyes move of their own accord. Oh dammit , you looked at his package! And ... oh my ... Oh my, my, my ... There's a giant bulge! Hooray for giant bulges and the jeans that let me see them! — Elle Casey

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By Emmanuel Goldstein

Dear 2600: I think my girlfriend has been cheating on me and I wanted to know if I could get her password to Hotmail and AOL. I am so desperate to find out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
And this is yet another popular category of letter we get. You say any help would be appreciated? Let's find out if thats true. Do you think someone who is cheating on you might also be capable of having a mailbox you don't know about? Do you think that even if you could get into the mailbox she uses that she would be discussing her deception there, especially if we live in a world where Hotmail and AOL passwords are so easily obtained? Finally, would you feel better if you invaded her privacy and found out that she was being totally honest with you? Whatever problems are going on in this relationship are not going to be solved with subterfuge. If you can't communicate openly, there's not much there to salvage. — Emmanuel Goldstein

Not Being Appreciated Quotes By RZA

One of the greatest things that ever taught me a super lesson was when I seen a baby come out of my woman's womb. Seeing this war that could end with both lives being lost, or both lives being made, gave me an enlightenment of life itself. It sparked my whole mind to a whole other level of living. And if I never would have seen it, I never would have understood life. I never would have appreciated life. — RZA