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Top Not Backstabbing Quotes

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I told you to bring me to Alec! Backstabbing Judas. — Cassandra Clare

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Tina Fey

We should strive to make our society more like Summer Showtime: Mostly a meritocracy, despite some vicious backstabbing. Everyone gets a spot in the chorus. Bring white shorts from home. — Tina Fey

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Richard Castle

Retaliation is not the answer. You're going to have to deal with mean backstabbing girls your whole life, you need to learn to be smart enough to rise above, okay?
Did you kick her ass? Good girl! — Richard Castle

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Linus Torvalds

I'm sitting in my home office wearing a bathrobe. The same way I'm not going to start wearing ties, I'm also not going to buy into the fake politeness, the lying, the office politics and backstabbing, the passive aggressiveness, and the buzzwords. — Linus Torvalds

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Camelia C.

There are many backstabbing friends who in your hard time will ignore you, without to ask something from them. You just are filled with sadness and they don't confide in you anymore.
The downside of your hard time is being considered rude, negative, boorish and insistent. — Camelia C.

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Tennent H. Bagley

He loathed the cruelty and brutality of its leaders, who had "gained power more by bribery, backstabbing, toadyism, and favoritism than by knowledge and competence. — Tennent H. Bagley

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Lili Simmons

I don't know if I was popular in high school. My school was actually not really clique-y, which was nice. I went to a very artsy school, so everyone was kind of friends with each other. I was trying to be popular more, like, in junior high and elementary school and dealt with all that backstabbing and drama. — Lili Simmons

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Chrissy Moon

She had to be made to understand that she can't go mouthing off about people and not expect consequences from it. — Chrissy Moon

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Brooke Hampton

Personally, I don't find swearing offensive. I do find, backstabbing, lying, being a judgmental asshole, cheating and fucking people over offensive, but not swearing. — Brooke Hampton

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Molly Friedenfeld

One of the nicest things you can do is to speak kind words about someone behind his or her back. — Molly Friedenfeld

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Douglas E. Richards

But even democracies like ours are rife with corruption. The founding fathers had the right idea. They never envisioned professional politicians. They wanted citizen legislators, leaving their farms for a few years to serve their fellow man. A civic responsibility like jury duty. But under our current system, you almost have to be a megalomaniac to have interest in entering the sewer that is politics. And success in this realm requires that backstabbing, shamelessness, lying, and manipulation become an art form. — Douglas E. Richards

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Arthur Daigle

This is proof that Monday wants me dead...Wednesday wouldn't do this to me. It's laid back. Friday actually likes me! But Monday is a bitter, backstabbing treacherous day." - Thradly the Goblin. — Arthur Daigle

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Les Parrott

Backstabbing occurs when a friend agrees with you when the two of you are alone but later sides with your opponents in a social setting. — Les Parrott

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Linda Howard

[ ... ] You didn't think I'd let the backstabbing little hussy get away with it, did you? Not that I don't love Jenni, but she's the baby of the family, and she thinks she should get anything and everything she wants. Occasionally she has to be shown differently. — Linda Howard

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Rick Riordan

And if you like lots of stealing, backstabbing, and cannibalism, then read on, because it definitely was a Golden Age for all that. — Rick Riordan

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Qwana M. BabyGirl Reynolds-Frasier

A STRAIGHT-SHOOTER! — Qwana M. BabyGirl Reynolds-Frasier

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Lesley Livingston

Well. I think it's safe to say that, in my absence, the power grabbing and backstabbing and political intrigue has officially reached an all-time Otherworld high.
Lesley Livingston

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

His workplace has become a rat's nest of empire building, turf defense, careerism, backstabbing, betrayal, and snitchcraft. — Thomas Pynchon

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Kiss me, woman. I command you, the voice echoed, this time compelling her to obey. Helena's survival instincts gave her a hard kick, jarring her back into the horrific reality of the situation. But as she tried to regain control of her body, her tongue slipped from her mouth and wet her lips. Traitorous tongue. Backstabbing lips. What the hell are you doing? — Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Harry Truman

You want a friend in this city? [Washington, DC.] Get a dog! — Harry Truman

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Maya Angelou

But still, like air, I'll rise — Maya Angelou

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Les Parrott

You know that you have been stabbed when you feel the deep pain of betrayal. — Les Parrott

Not Backstabbing Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

Many times, you are the single most significant and glorious thing that has ever happened in the lives of some people; they sit around and talk about you over and over again throughout the years while you are out there living your life, every step that you take and every kiss that you make having absolutely nothing to do with them, at all! — C. JoyBell C.

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Ricardo Piglia

The idea of a small circle, of an exalted and loyal sect, except with a traitor infiltrated at its core, an informant who's not foreign to the sect, but constitutes an essential part of its structure---this was the true organizational form of any small society. One must act knowing that there's a traitor infiltrated in the ranks. — Ricardo Piglia

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Michael Grant

People are idiots, Choo. ALways remember that: people are faithless, backstabbing, weak, creepy, stupid, lazy idiots. — Michael Grant

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Chris Wooding

At least on the Ketty Jay he was surrounded by people who asked no questions, people untrained in the aristocratic arts of vicious wit and backstabbing. He rather liked that about them, actually. — Chris Wooding

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Rick Riordan

Flight 2039 to Boston is now boarding at gate 14A," a voice announced over the PA system.
Nellie sighed. "I love Irish accents." She paused. "And Australian accents. And English accents." A dreamy look came over her face. "Theo had an awesome accent."
Dan snorted. "Yeah, there was just that one tiny problem. He turned out to be a two-timing, backstabbing thief. — Rick Riordan

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Dan Lyons

A lot of these new start-up founders are somewhat unsavory people. The old tech industry was run by engineers and MBAs; the new tech industry is populated by young, amoral hustlers, the kind of young guys (and they are almost all guys) who watched The Social Network and its depiction of Mark Zuckerberg as a lying, thieving, backstabbing prick - and left the theater wanting to be just like that guy. — Dan Lyons

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Jonathan Maberry

(H)ope was like a backstabbing friend. You could trust it sometimes, and then it would turn and drive its blade deep. — Jonathan Maberry

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Lesley Livingston

This is Rome. Treachery and opportunism and backstabbing run in her veins like lifeblood, and if you've never had to live your life constantly looking over your shoulder, then you have no idea how dangerous it can be. — Lesley Livingston

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

What I don't like is what it sometimes takes to win. Backstabbing. Manipulation. Out-and-out bribery once in a while, and not always the monetary kind. — Ellen Hopkins

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Anais Nin

From the backstabbing co-worker to the meddling sister-in-law, you are in charge of how you react to the people and events in your life. You can either give negativity power over your life or you can choose happiness instead. Take control and choose to focus on what is important in your life. Those who cannot live fully often become destroyers of life. — Anais Nin

Not Backstabbing Quotes By George Saunders

What I'm primarily saying,' he says, 'is that this is a time for knowledge assimilation, not backstabbing. We learned a lesson, you and I. We personally grew. Gratitude for this growth is an appropriate response. Gratitude, and being careful never to make the same mistake twice. — George Saunders

Not Backstabbing Quotes By Nick Bostrom

A full-throttled deployment of the practices of strategic communication would kill candor and leave truth bereft to fend for herself in the backstabbing night of political bogeys. — Nick Bostrom