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Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Jessica Valenti

But no one wants to listen to our sad stories unless they are smoothed over with a joke or nice melody. And even then, not always. No one wants to hear a woman talking or writing about pain in a way that suggests that it doesn't end. Without a pat solution, silver lining, or happy ending we're just complainers -- downers who don't realize how good we actually have it.

Men's pain and existential angst are the stuff of myth and legends and narratives that shape everything we do, but women's pain is a backdrop- a plot development to push the story along for the real protagonists. Disrupting that story means we're needy or shellfish, or worst of all, man-haters - as if after all men have done to women over the ages the mere act of not liking them for it is most offensive. — Jessica Valenti

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Shonda Rhimes

Saying what you think and wading into the deep end don't always have a happy ending. Difficult conversations are something of a gamble and you have to be willing to be okay with the outcome. And you have to know going in, where you draw the line.
You have to know when in the conversation you are going to say no.
You have to know when you are going to say, "That doesn't work for me."
You have to know when to say, "I'm done."
You have to know when to say, "This isn't worth it."
"You are worth it."
The more I said what I thought , the more willing to dive into the difficult conversations, the more I was willing to say yes to me, the less I was willing to allow people in my life who left me emptier and unhappier and more insecure than before I saw them.
My friend who asked for all the money isn't the last person I walked away from during the Year of Yes.
No. No that friend was not.
No. — Shonda Rhimes

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Matthew Quick

Well, you have adventures. All start out with troubles, but then you admit your problems and become a better person by working really hard, which is what fertilizes the happy ending and allows it to bloom - just like the end of all the Rocky films, Rudy, The Karate Kid, the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies, and The Goonies, which are my favorite films, even though I have sworn off movies until Nikki returns, because now my own life is the movie I will watch, and well, it's always on. — Matthew Quick

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Naomi Shihab Nye

I never did understand
why the tree was still happy
at the end. The little boy
used her until she was
nothing but a stump.
She couldn't even run away.
But the ending was always the same:
And the tree was happy. — Naomi Shihab Nye

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Soman Chainani

That's the difference between Good and Evil, Clarissa,' the Evil Dean said softly. 'We know that love isn't always enough for a happy ending. — Soman Chainani

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Lauren Oliver

Liesl & Po is the embodiment of what writing has always been for me at its purest and most basic - not a paycheck, certainly; not an idea, even; and not an escape. Actually, it is the opposite of an escape; it is a way back in, a way to enter and make sense of a world that occasionally seems harsh and terrible and mystifying,
And, of course, it is a way of finding a happy ending - even, or especially, when the happy ending is denied me in real life. Let it be an escape for its readers. For me, it is a way of not letting go. — Lauren Oliver

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Cher

It's not always a happy ending when sometimes you say things that you think, and it goes against the grain of the larger group. It doesn't always turn out. — Cher

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By The Guardian

In a patriarchal society like ours, says Horley, domestic violence will always be with us. "Women don't even have equal pay. Girls are still growing up with the message that the handsome prince on the white horse is the happy ending. For as long as there's an imbalance of power between the sexes, it's inevitable that that power will be abused by some men. — The Guardian

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Jane Yolen

Fairy Tales always have a happy ending.' That depends ... on whether you are Rumpelstiltskin or the Queen. — Jane Yolen

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Jodi Picoult

We'd sit with a big bowl of popcorn, wrapped together in a queen-size blanket, and would escape to a place where magic was ours for the taking, where men rescued the people they loved instead of abandoning them. A place where, no matter how bad things looked at that moment, there would always be a happy ending. — Jodi Picoult

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Emily Watts

Let people know that you will always believe in the happy ending to the story
because the story doesn't end here. Some happy endings will never be read in this life. But the atonement of Jesus Christ promises us that our stories will all have successful conclusions one day, if we put our trust in him. — Emily Watts

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Joanne Phillips

Real life is not a love story. It's a series of tough decisions, disappointments and compromise. It ain't glamorous or fluffy, and it doesn't always have a happy ending. We live. And we learn. And sometimes that's the best we can hope for. — Joanne Phillips

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Lorna Jane Cook

Funny how you can think that the world is ending but still believe things will work out. We always think there's going to be a happy ending somewhere. — Lorna Jane Cook

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Dian Purnomo

Fairy tale doesn't always have a happy ending. But still, it's a fairy tale.
So does first love. It might not be happy, but it doesn't have always to be sad. It's just love. — Dian Purnomo

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Teresa Mummert

Reading was my only escape from reality. Through books, I could be whoever I wanted. I could fall in love with the handsome prince, travel to exotic places, and take the leap that almost always had a happy ending. — Teresa Mummert

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By L.J.Smith

Remember, no matter how dark the night, there is always a happy ending. But first, you have to make it through the night. — L.J.Smith

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Jill Davis

Happy endings aren't for cowards. I've been alive for how many years, and I've just found that one out. I learned to be unfaithful from my parents. Not infidelity in the classic sense- but I was always prepared for the unhappy ending, which made me less willing to word toward a happy one. I was unfaithful to the idea of a well-adjusted future. — Jill Davis

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Jodi Picoult

Death, to me, has always just been a word. A mention of a king I never knew, a villain whose demise led to a happy ending. Never have I seen it; never have I felt it; never have I held it in my hands.
Never has it been forever — Jodi Picoult

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By A Meredith Walters

A happy story doesn't always have a happy ending, — A Meredith Walters

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Mike Gayle

I think she did really try her hardest to get over him. You would, wouldn't you, if someone had hurt you like that? You'd make all kinds of promises to yourself not to let them do something like that again. But wouldn't a small part of you always be wondering "what if" Wouldn't some part of you - a part that you might not want to exist - still be holding out for that happy ending? It's how we're built isn't it? No matter how many times you get slapped in the face you have to believe that the next time would be different. And then in comes the guy who hurt you all those years ago, and he wants to make things better and to prove he's not all talk- this time it will be different. How could she not fall for that? How could she not think that if she chose him it would finally lift the shadow that he'd cast over her life? All that hurt, all that suffering wouldn't have been for nothing then, would it? If he'd come back to you like that, would you have taken him back? — Mike Gayle

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Gabrielle Zevin

What are you reading?" Owen asks.
"Charlotte's Web," Liz says. "It's really sad. One of the main characters just died."
"You ought to read the book from end to beginning," Owen jokes. "That way, no one dies, and it's always a happy ending. — Gabrielle Zevin

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Jessica Alba

The films I do always have a happy ending. I hope it reflects back to real life. — Jessica Alba

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Rebecca Hahn

But she always kept on until the end. She knew, as i knew, that you don't stop a story half done. You keep on going, through heartbreak and pain and fear, and times there is a happy ending, and times there isn't. Don't matter. You don't cut a flower half through and then wait and watch as it slowly shrivels to death. And you don't stop a story before you reach the end. - A Creature of Moonlight — Rebecca Hahn

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Laura Wiess

So I wait for him because I always have, because out of all the moments that went wrong, I think there were just as many that went right, just as much love and heat and want as hurt, disappointment, and cruelty. I want to believe there's a balance here, that out of this tragedy will come some good, and there will be a happy ending. — Laura Wiess

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Alan Cohen

A happy ending is always possible if you are willing to keep the story moving to get there. — Alan Cohen

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Julia Quinn

You always get more respect when you don't have a happy ending. — Julia Quinn

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Jen Lancaster

You know why I love HGTV? It's not just that I get a peek into other people's lives. It's that everyone's always thrilled with the end result, whether they're redecorating an unfortunate room, selling a house, or cleaning up another contractor's mess. I love for a happy ending, and HGTV is perpetually upbeat and optimistic. The shows are all about problem solving, not drama creating. — Jen Lancaster

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Ida Pollock

A romance is never just a romance, there's adventure, mystery and movement.

You need a grand, dramatic setting - the Swiss Alps were always an personal favourite of mine - and a chance meeting, on a train, a cruise, or perhaps the hero and heroine find themselves shipwrecked on a desert island.

The men are normally rich, well-to-do - but never vulgar with their money. Young men lack the maturity to take control so an older man is essential to provide the reassurance the heroine's needs.

There's always a fair amount of turbulence before he sweeps in to save the day. A happy ending is an absolute must. — Ida Pollock

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Adam Silvera

I've become this happiness scavenger who picks away at the ugliness of the world, because if there's happiness tucked away in my tragedies, I'll find it no matter what. If the blind can find joy in music, and the deaf can discover it with colors, I will do my best to always find the sun in the darkness because my life isn't one sad ending - it's a series of endless happy beginnings. — Adam Silvera

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By David Whitehouse

Does this story have a happy ending?" Bobby asked.
"There is no such thing as an ending," she said. "Good things come out of bad things and bad things come out of good things, but it always continues. It's as in life. Books are life. There is just the part you read. They start before that. They finish after it. Everything carries on forever. You are only in it for those pages, for a tiny window of time. — David Whitehouse

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Britney King

With us, there were always too many false starts. I believe that what's meant to be usually has a way of working out... and with us, it never did. Call it timing, call it fate, call it what you want. It is what it is. Sometimes in the end, the girl doesn't always get the boy--and that's ok. Life goes on. You know better than anyone that some love stories never get their happy ending... but it doesn't make them any less of a love story though, does it? It doesn't make the love the two shared any less relevant. — Britney King

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Patricia Highsmith

Carol raised her hand slowly and brushed her hair back, once on either side, and Therese smiled because the gesture was Carol, and it was Carol she loved and would always love. Oh, in a different way now because she was a different person, and it was like meeting Carol all over again, but it was still Carol and no one else. It would be Carol, in a thousand cities, a thousand houses, in foreign lands where they would go together, in heaven and in hell. Therese waited. Then as she was about to go to her, Carol saw her, seemed to stare at her incredulously a moment while Therese watched the slow smile growing, before her arm lifted suddenly, her hand waved a quick, eager greeting that Therese had never seen before. Therese walked toward her. — Patricia Highsmith

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Ashley Drew

Then I realize we can't feel guilty. We should be thankful we're standing here, together, because life doesn't always give you a happy ending. But it has this time - for us - and if we allowed our guilt and sorrow to dictate our lives, there'd be no point in living. People would never heal, life would never move forward, and our stories would never be told. — Ashley Drew

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Cindy Vine

In books and movies, all the loose ends are tired, things are resolved, mysteries are solved, they catch the killer, the boy gets the girl, a sick baby is miraculously healed. In reality it doesn't always work that way. The killer gets away, the girl is in love with another boy, things just get buried under new dramas and don't get resolved. Life is far more complicated than the life depicted in a book or a movie. — Cindy Vine

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Michele L. Rivera

It has been said by many that a true love story has no happy ending simply because the truest of loves never ends. It is immortal. This is the kind of love that lives forever in your heart as a feeling you will always feel, a place you can always return to. — Michele L. Rivera

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Scarlett Thomas

You tell them what a happy ending consists of, which is always individual success. You tell them that nothing irrational exists in this world, which is a lie. You tell them that conflict only exists only to be neatly resolved, and that everyone who is poor wants to be rich, and everyone who is ill wants to get better, and everyone who gets involved in crime comes to a bad end, and that love should be pure. You tell them that despite all this they are special, that the world revolves around them ... — Scarlett Thomas

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Salman Rushdie

Why is that fairy-tales always treat marriage as an ending? And always such a perfectly happy one? — Salman Rushdie

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Krzysztof Kieslowski

To tell you the truth, in my work, love is always in opposition to the elements. It creates dilemmas. It brings in suffering. We can't live with it, and we can't live without it. You'll rarely find a happy ending in my work. — Krzysztof Kieslowski

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Beth Pattillo

Heartbreak is more common than happiness. No one wants to say that, but it's true. We're taught to believe not only that everyone deserves a happy ending, but that if we try hard enough, we will get one. That's simply no the case. Happy endings, life long loves, are the products of both effort and luck. We can control them, to some extent and though our feelings always seem to have a life of their own, we can at least be open to love. But, luck, the other component, well there's nothing we can do about that one. Call it God's plan or predestination or divine intervention, but we're all at its mercy. And sometimes God isn't very merciful. Jane taught me that. — Beth Pattillo

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Jane Haseldine

I became a reporter because I never found out the ending to my own story. Thirty years after Ben's abduction, the only answers I could find were for others, the victims, or those they left behind. The crime beat was a natural for me. The people I wrote about were the most fragile, the most broken, and they needed the most answers. I pieced together the frayed strands that had once been their lives, not always happy, but better off than where they ended up. I had to tell their stories. I felt like I owed the victims at least that...Julia Gooden, THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM — Jane Haseldine

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By John Green

I always had this idea that you should never give up a happy middle in the hopes of a happy ending, because there is no such thing as a happy ending. Do you know what I mean? There is so much to lose. — John Green

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

I'm always sure of what I do," he said. "Sometimes I was just never sure there was supposed to be a happy ending. — Maggie Stiefvater

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Chip Rossetti

Life is not always about happy endings. Sometimes it's about finding happiness in the ending you get. — Chip Rossetti

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Meg Jay

How do you get the happy ending? John Irving ought to know. One of my favorite authors, Irving writes these multigenerational epics of fiction that somehow work out in the end. How does he do it? He says, 'I always begin with the last sentence ; then I work my way backwards, through the plot, to where the story should begin.' Thst sounds like a lot of work, especially compared to the fantasy that great writers sit down and just go where the story takes them. Irving lets us know that good stories and happy endings are more intentional than that.
Most 20 something's can't write the last sentence of their lives. But when pressed, they usually can identify things they want in their 30s or 40s or 60s -or things they don't want- and work backward from there. This is how you have your own multigenerational epic with a happy ending. This is how you live your life in real time. — Meg Jay

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Isaac Asimov

To all my gentle readers who have treated me with love for over 30 years, I must say farewell. It has always been my ambition to die in harness with my head face down on a keyboard and my nose caught between two of the keys, but that's not the way it worked out. I have had a long and happy life and I have no complaints about the ending, thereof, and so farewell - farewell. — Isaac Asimov

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Ruth Glick

I've always thought that, as a romance writer, I had the best job in the world. I sit around all day making up emotion-drenched, conflict-laden stories that push my heroes and heroines to the edge of sanity. Then I give them a happy ending. — Ruth Glick

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Elizabeth Scott

Wherever I go, I'll always see you. You'll always be with me. And there's no happy ending coming here, no way a story that started on a night that's burned into my heart will end the way I wish it could. You're really gone, no last words, and no matter how many letters I write to you, you're never going to reply. You're never going to say good-bye. So I will. Good-bye, Julia. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being you. — Elizabeth Scott

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Lang Leav

But when I look at you, I just know instinctively, that despite the odds against you and although life will always find a way to test you, someday you'll have everything you want. Your ending will be a happy one. — Lang Leav

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Esther Hicks

If you knew everything was really was all right, and that it always has a happy ending, then you would not feel trepidacious about your future. Everything is really so very all right! If you could believe and trust that, then, immediately everything would automatically and instantly become all right. — Esther Hicks

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Rick Riordan

THAT Perseus always won. That's why my momhad named me after him, even if he was son of Zeus ann I was son of Posidon. The original Perseus was one of the only heros in the greek myths who got a happy ending. The others died-betrayed, mauled, mutilated, poisoned, or cursed by the gods. My mom hoped i would inherit Perseus's luck. Judging by how my life was going so far, i wasn't too optimistic. — Rick Riordan

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Sharon Kay Penman

It was just like him, she thought; with him, a happy ending was always a foregone conclusion. But such was the power of his faith that when she was with him; she found herself believing in happy endings, too. — Sharon Kay Penman

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Yiyun Li

Your characters are always your children. And while you are writing, you're keeping them safe. Now they're ready to go into the world and it's sad. I'm happy with the way the novel came out but all the characters' ending really saddened me. — Yiyun Li

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By David Levithan

Now I just want it to end. I've always wanted the happy ending, but now I'll just settle for the ending. — David Levithan

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Anonymous

I always thought that we would be that couple in the movies but not all movies have a happy ending — Anonymous

Not Always A Happy Ending Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

The ultimate act of heroism shouldn't be death. You're always saying you want to give Baz the stories he deserves ... So you're going to kill him off? Isn't the best revenge supposed to be a life well-lived? The punk-rock way to end it would be to let them live happily ever after. — Rainbow Rowell