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Nonchalance Quotes By Julia Glass

Thanks to Granna, Werner and Walter had grown up to be highly functioning, productive citizens
but if you were to ask Walter, Werner had a far easier time of it and lived his life with the sanctified nonchalance of those who will do anything to avoid dissecting their souls. — Julia Glass

Nonchalance Quotes By Marty Rubin

Relax and be free. You don't have to prove anything. — Marty Rubin

Nonchalance Quotes By Markus Zusak

Even Rudy stood completely erect, feigning nonchalance, tensing himself against the tension. — Markus Zusak

Nonchalance Quotes By Hermione Hoby

Momsen was 15 when she joined Gossip Girl. Does she feel older and wiser at 17? "You get more insight as you get older, on everything. I kind of woke up one morning and I was like, 'Oh, I see what's happening, I get everything.'"

Then she stops abruptly. So what is it she gets exactly? "Well, I kind of woke up and was like, 'Oh, I get it, I'm a product.'" Which might be the saddest words ever to pass a 17-year-old girl's lips. But, with typical Momsen nonchalance, they're delivered with a shrug. — Hermione Hoby

Nonchalance Quotes By Baldassare Castiglione

Practise in everything a certain nonchalance that shall conceal design and show that what is done and said is done without effort and almost without thought. — Baldassare Castiglione

Nonchalance Quotes By Lisa McInerney

Parents sat gloomy and still, like rows of turnips in a grocer's box. Their little criminals sat with them, tapping LOLs on their phones, or milled in the yard outside stinking of Lynx and taut nonchalance. Solicitors strode in and out in a twist of slacks and briefcases. — Lisa McInerney

Nonchalance Quotes By Jan Ellison

What happens to a marriage? A persistent failure of kindness, triggered at first, at least in my case, by the inequities of raising children, the sacrifices that take a woman by surprise and that she expects to be matched by her mate but that biology ensures cannot be. Anything could set me off. Any innocuous habit or slight or oversight. The way your father left the lights of the house blazing, day and night. The way he could become so distracted at work that sometimes when I called, he'd put me on hold and forget me, only remembering again when I'd hung up and called back. The way he wore his pain so privately, whistling around the house after we'd had a spat, pretending nonchalance, protecting you and your sisters from discord, hiding behind his good nature, inadvertently — Jan Ellison

Nonchalance Quotes By Marty Rubin

Beauty is nonchalance. — Marty Rubin

Nonchalance Quotes By Clive Barker

He spoke of both dancing and death with equal nonchalance, as though one carried as little significance as the other. It calmed her, hearing him talk that way. — Clive Barker

Nonchalance Quotes By Daniel S. Greenberg

It should be done with the same degree of alacrity and nonchalance that you would display in authorizing a highly intelligent trained bear to remove your appendix. — Daniel S. Greenberg

Nonchalance Quotes By Sherry Turkle

One of the emotional affordances of digital communication is that one can always hide behind deliberated nonchalance. — Sherry Turkle

Nonchalance Quotes By Julie Kagawa

He stood in the doorway with his hands in his pockets, the picture of nonchalance, and even as a human, he was too gorgeous for words. His dark hair had been combed back, falling softly around his face, and his mercury eyes, though they should've seemed pale against all the white, glimmered more brightly than anything. And they were fixed solely on me. — Julie Kagawa

Nonchalance Quotes By Alexandra Robbins

It was the fact that they tried so hard that doomed them. — Alexandra Robbins

Nonchalance Quotes By V.E Schwab

Lila had discovered that the hardest part of her charade was pretending that everything was old hat when it was all so new, being forced to feign the kind of nonchalance that only comes from a lifetime of knowing and taking for granted. Lila was a quick study, and she knew how to keep up a front; but behind the mask of disinterest, she took in everything. She was a sponge, soaking up the words and customs, training herself to see something once and be able to pretend she'd seen it a dozen - a hundred - times before. — V.E Schwab

Nonchalance Quotes By Aishah Madadiy

Ah, today is not really a good day, but my afterthought suggests it is, since I have had the chance to learn that life cannot be exemplary all the time. It is good to be taken aback once in a while because only then, would I value the state of being nonchalant. — Aishah Madadiy

Nonchalance Quotes By Richard Dawkins

What impresses me about Catholic mythology is partly its tasteless kitsch but mostly the airy nonchalance with which these people make up the details as they go along. It is just shamelessly invented. — Richard Dawkins

Nonchalance Quotes By A.G. Howard

My Queen," he finally speaks, and his usually strong voice holds the slightest tremor.
"My Footman." I don't even blink, playing along with his nonchalance. "You don't seem surprised that I'm here."
"Oh, I knew you would find your way. It was just a matter of when. You actually made it sooner than I expected." He gestures around him. "Thus, the deplorable state of my house."
"Good help is so hard to find," I tease. — A.G. Howard

Nonchalance Quotes By J.M. Northup

The sight of a beautiful, naked Amy sliding her finger into her mouth gave Sam a little jolt, she saw. The front of his jeans instantly appeared fuller.
"What have you got baby?" he asked, feigning nonchalance and failing. His eyes had taken on a predatory gleam.
"Chocolate sauce."
He quirked his eyebrow.
"I stole it from Janie."
Sam's mouth twisted. "That's Janie's homemade chocolate sauce?"
"She's going to kill you," he said as he crossed the threshold.
"At least I'll die happy," she responded with a devilish grin. — J.M. Northup

Nonchalance Quotes By Lisa Henry

It was fine to be mocked or disliked on his own terms. But his sexual orientation was such a naked target, unfortified by nonchalance and lacking the benefit of being a persona he'd constructed. Gay Mark wasn't sheddable like Smart-Ass Mark or Bitter-About-the-Move Mark. — Lisa Henry

Nonchalance Quotes By Anais Nin

She had acquired some of his gypsy ways, some of his nonchalance, his bohemian indiscipline. She had swung with him into the disorders of strewn clothes, spilled cigarette ashes, slipping into bed all dressed, falling asleep thus, indolence, timelessness ... A region of chaos and moonlight. She liked it there. — Anais Nin

Nonchalance Quotes By Miranda July

Collections are certainly abundant online. It's complicated, because it's not like these people didn't want computers, although there was some nonchalance about it. I would sometimes ask the people I interviewed if they wished they had a computer, and in a lot of cases, it was like they couldn't process the question. You don't know what you don't have, I guess. — Miranda July

Nonchalance Quotes By Nicholas Pileggi

Of course, no matter how Henry tried to rationalize what he had done, his survival depended upon his capacity for betrayal. He willingly turned on the world he knew and the men with whom he had been raised with the same nonchalance he had used in setting up a bookie joint or slipping a tail. For Henry Hill giving up the life was hard, but giving up his friends was easy. — Nicholas Pileggi

Nonchalance Quotes By Georg Buchner

MARIE [Alone, after apause.]
Whata bitch I am. I could stab myself. - Oh, what a world! Everything goes to hell anyhow, man and woman alike. — Georg Buchner

Nonchalance Quotes By Jessica Valenti

Because even subversive sarcasm adds a cool-girl nonchalance, an updated, sharper version of the expectation that women be forever pleasant, even as we're eating shit. — Jessica Valenti

Nonchalance Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Compassion only plagues those with hearts, much like a field of thorns only troubles those who bleed. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Nonchalance Quotes By Julie Anne Long

Nonchalance, she could have told Argosy, does not pay. — Julie Anne Long

Nonchalance Quotes By Kady Cross

What's the matter with her? [Jasper] asked Griffin.
Griffin shook his head. 'Nothing. She's just two personas struggling for dominance in one body.'
[Jasper] ... Poor little thing. — Kady Cross

Nonchalance Quotes By J.M. Darhower

There isn't a button," she said. "You choose your setting and then you pull the dial."
He glanced at her as she folded a shirt, annoyed by her nonchalance at doing laundry. "What exactly is my setting? It looks to me like the setting is the goddamn laundry room and the plot is I don't know how to fucking turn this thing on. — J.M. Darhower

Nonchalance Quotes By Earl Wilson

Nonchalance is the ability to remain down to earth when everything else is up in the air. — Earl Wilson

Nonchalance Quotes By John Steinbeck

And as a few strokes on the nose will make a puppy head shy, so a few rebuffs will make a boy shy all over. But whereas a puppy will cringe away or roll on its back, groveling, a little boy may cover his shyness with nonchalance, with bravado, or with secrecy. And once a boy has suffered rejection, he will find rejection even where it does not exist - or, worse, will draw it forth from people simply by expecting it. — John Steinbeck

Nonchalance Quotes By Kim Harrison

I plucked at my salt-stained shirt and tried to find an air of nonchalance as I prepared to introduce His Most Holy Pain in the Ass to Miss Elf Princess. — Kim Harrison

Nonchalance Quotes By Ann Demeulemeester

I want to put a soul in a garment. I don't want my clothes to be perfect, because human beings are not perfect. You can meet somebody in one of my jackets and it can all look a bit wrong, but also human and beautiful. Cutting nonchalance into a garment is difficult, because you can't just make an oversized or an asymmetric garment - it will look ugly. Making it look natural is delicate work. If it's too obvious, then it looks fake. Balancing the garment is a painstaking task, because you have to keep in mind how the clothes move. — Ann Demeulemeester

Nonchalance Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Nonchalance of boys who are sure of a dinner, and would disdain as much as a lord to do or say aught to conciliate one, is the healthy attitude of human nature. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nonchalance Quotes By Michael Lewis

The author refers to a player's affected nonchalance and comments he is, too young to realize you are what you pretend to be. — Michael Lewis

Nonchalance Quotes By Margaret Landon

The nonchalance irritated her more because it was not assumed. — Margaret Landon

Nonchalance Quotes By Michael Cunningham

There's no denying his resemblance to the Rodin bronze - the slender, effortless muscularity of youth, the extravagant nonchalance of it; that sense that beauty is in fact the natural human condition and not the rarest of mutations. — Michael Cunningham

Nonchalance Quotes By Peter Lerangis

Big Tech's nonchalance about copyright violation tramples over people like my wife and me, who strive to make a living in the great tradition of the creative realm. — Peter Lerangis

Nonchalance Quotes By Gina Damico

They had completely failed to notice Norwood and Heloise storming out of the house, Uncle Mort scaling the ladder, and the fact he was now staring at them and had been for several minutes.
"Good grief," he said. "As if I didn't have enough to worry about."
Lex and Driggs jumped apart and wiped spittle from their mouths. "What's up?" Driggs said in a terrible attempt at nonchalance.
"Hormone levels obviously. — Gina Damico

Nonchalance Quotes By Ogden Nash

I would live all my life in nonchalance and insouciance, Were it not for making a living, which is rather a nouciance. — Ogden Nash

Nonchalance Quotes By Nicole Jacquelyn

he leaned down and pressed his face to my belly.

"You're having my baby," he announced against my skin.

I felt my eyes well up and tears drip down my face. finally. He'd finally said it.

"Sure am," I replied, my hoarse voice belying the nonchalance of my words.

"I'm going to do my best, okay?" he said nervously. "I promise. I'll be a good dad to him."

"You're already a good dad."

But to this baby," he replied, lifting his face and pressing his hand to my belly. "I'm going to be a good dad to this baby."

"I never doubted that."

"I did," he confessed, his head rising to shamefully meet my eyes.

The truth of his words hit me like a ton of bricks, and I finally understood why he'd ignored the proof of our child for so long.

I nodded once, and he nodded back, as if, without words, we were making a pact then and there to take care of this baby we hadn't planned for or wanted. — Nicole Jacquelyn

Nonchalance Quotes By Charles Dickens

Dickens writes that one of his characters, listened to everything without seeming to, which showed he understood his business. — Charles Dickens

Nonchalance Quotes By Jim Butcher

One rather thick volume was titled Means of Execution Through the Ages, and was placed with an elegant balance of nonchalance and availability at the eye level of anyone entering the room. As threats went, it was nearly subliminal - and perhaps it was placed there for that very reason. — Jim Butcher

Nonchalance Quotes By Johanna Lindsey

Is there a reason you are here?" he finally demanded.
With complete nonchalance she replied, "Well,I've brought my trunks. I do believe I'm moving in."
"The hell you are!"
"Nice of you to welcome me in your usual boorish manner" was all she said to that.
A muscle ticked in his jaw. It made not a jot of difference that he'd just gone to Norford and back this morning to bring her here himself. That had been his idea.Her coming here on her own was her idea,and it make him suspicious.
"Don't start your manipulations already," he warned her. "Answer my question."
"Why am I still here? Shall we start with the obvious reason? Because I really am pregnant and once my pregnancy starts to show,I do not want to be in a position to have people ask me who my husband is and not believe me when I tell them that it's you."
"And the not-so-obvious answer?"
"Because you make me so furious that I spite myself to spite you! — Johanna Lindsey

Nonchalance Quotes By Francoise Sagan

Jazz music is an intensified feeling of nonchalance. — Francoise Sagan

Nonchalance Quotes By Gena Showalter

Never had Dallas seen the Targon more pissed. There'd been none of his usual charm, none of his nonchalance. He simply hadn't liked other men looking at Bride. And when the Mckell had staked claim on her ... shit. Bastard was probably already dead. — Gena Showalter

Nonchalance Quotes By Jennifer Vandever

Someone has broken your heart. I knew there was something about you. That's it, isn't it?'
A little," Sara said, suddenly self-conscious.
I'm sorry.'
It happens." She shrugged, straining for nonchalance.
Maybe,' he said. 'But if it's your destiny, what can you do but accept it. — Jennifer Vandever

Nonchalance Quotes By Marie Rutkoski

Why would you believe in me at all?"
He moved to lean forward on the railing, forearms folded with the blade dangling down over the river, his face in profile. Finally, he said, "I trust you."
"You shouldn't."
"I know," he muttered.
She heard the strain in his voice. His eyes cut to her, and she saw that he knew she had heard it. His body shifted into a position of determined nonchalance. "Logically speaking," he said lightly, "the idea that you hired someone to attack me doesn't make much sense. I'm not sure what your motive would be."
"I could have wanted to put an end to the rumors."
"That would be a shame. I like the rumors."
"Don't joke. — Marie Rutkoski

Nonchalance Quotes By Umberto Eco

Sir, be proud: today you came close to a happy death; and behave in the future with the same nonchalance, knowing that the soul dies with the body. Go then to death after having savored life. We are animals among animals, all children of matter, save that we are the more disarmed. But since, unlike animals, we know we must die, let us prepare for that moment by enjoying the life that has been given us by chance and for chance. — Umberto Eco

Nonchalance Quotes By H.W. Brands

He understood the code of his social class enough to affect an air of indifference about life. — H.W. Brands

Nonchalance Quotes By Ragnar Redbeard

Death and destruction are necessary to the health of the world, and therefore as natural, and lovable, as birth and life. Only priests and born cowards moan and weep over dying. Brave men face it with approving nonchalance. — Ragnar Redbeard

Nonchalance Quotes By Emmanuel Olawale

When you have been often rejected, you become traumatized and develop a kind of apathy and nonchalance to being accepted. — Emmanuel Olawale

Nonchalance Quotes By Donna Grant

Forgive our gawking," said a man with a vicious scar running down his face. "Galen is usually eating so much he has no time for speech."
Laughter filled the hall, and Reaghan glanced over to find Galen shaking his head as he smiled.
"Eating?" she asked.
"Doona pay Malcolm a bit of attention," Galen said, his gaze indifferent and his voice heavy with nonchalance. "He lies. — Donna Grant

Nonchalance Quotes By Brigid Kemmerer

Scared of storms?"
She jumped. The voice had come from behind her, and she forced her hands to her sides, ready to feign nonchalance. "No," she lied, starting to turn. "I'm just - "
Face-to-face with hotness.
Her tongue stumbled for a minute. She'd seen the Merrick twins around school, of course. But catching a glimpse down the hall wasn't the same as being six inches away from one of them, getting an eyeful of the way his long-sleeve tee clung to muscled shoulders, or of the faint shadow of stubble along his jaw, or the depth of blue in his eyes.
Eyes that studied her a little too closely just now, a spark of amusement there. — Brigid Kemmerer

Nonchalance Quotes By Walt Whitman

O joy of suffering! To struggle against great odds! to meet enemies undaunted! To be entirely alone with them! to find how much one can stand! To look strife, torture, prison, popular odium, death, face to face! To mount the scaffold! to advance to the muzzles of guns with perfect nonchalance! To be indeed a God! — Walt Whitman

Nonchalance Quotes By Baldassare Castiglione

I have discovered a universal rule which seems to apply more than any other in all human actions or words: namely, to steer away from affectation at all costs, as if it were a rough and dangerous reef, and (to use perhaps a novel word for it) to practise in all things a certain nonchalance [sprezzatura] which conceals all artistry and makes whatever one says or does seem uncontrived and effortless. — Baldassare Castiglione

Nonchalance Quotes By Marty Rubin

The rain that falls wherever it pleases. I want to be that rain. — Marty Rubin

Nonchalance Quotes By Kristan Higgins

Tried be cheerful, tried be upbeat, tried not to let my feelings show, not to blame him, not to mind when day after day, week after week, his nonchalance eroded my heart. Sometimes, being an optimist was quite the fucking effort. — Kristan Higgins

Nonchalance Quotes By Douglas Adams

What did you say, Arthur?"
"I said, how the hell did you get here?"
"I was a row of dots flowing randomly through the Universe. Have you met Thor? He makes thunder."
"Hello," said Arthur. "I expect that must be very interesting."
"Hi," said Thor, "it is. — Douglas Adams

Nonchalance Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

Young ladies have a remarkable way of letting you know that they think you a "quiz" without actually saying the words. A certain superciliousness of look, coolness of manner, nonchalance of tone, express fully their sentiments on the point, without committing them by any positive rudeness in word or deed. — Charlotte Bronte

Nonchalance Quotes By Maurice Druon

How, then, did it happen that this same France forty years later came to be crushed on the battlefield by a nation it outnumbered fivefold? Why should its noblemen be split up into factions, its bourgeoisie in revolt, its people overwhelmed by excessive taxation, its provinces lawless and plagued by roving gangs engaged in pillaging and crime, all authority flouted, the currency weakened, trade at a standstill, and poverty and violence rife everywhere? Why this collapse? What caused this reversal of fortune? It was mediocrity. The mediocrity of just a few kings, their vanity and self-importance, their frivolousness in the conduct of their affairs, their inability to attract talented advisors, their nonchalance, their presumptuousness, their failure to draw up grand designs or even to follow those already conceived. — Maurice Druon

Nonchalance Quotes By George F. Will

In this age of 'whatever,' Americans are becoming slaves to the new tyranny of nonchalance. James Morris — George F. Will

Nonchalance Quotes By William Butler Yeats

We have lit upon the gentle, sensitive mind And lost the old nonchalance of the hand; Whether we have chosen chisel, pen or brush, We are but critics, or but half create. — William Butler Yeats

Nonchalance Quotes By Elizabeth Bowen

She posed as being more indolent than she felt, for fear of finding herself less able than she could wish. — Elizabeth Bowen

Nonchalance Quotes By Eugene B. Sledge

Would the war dehumanize me so that I, too, could "field trip" enemy dead with such nonchalance? — Eugene B. Sledge

Nonchalance Quotes By H.W. Brands

He adored competing but didn't want you to know he'd ever worked at it. — H.W. Brands

Nonchalance Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

The nonchalance and dolce-far-niente air of nature and society hint at infinite periods in the progress of mankind. — Henry David Thoreau

Nonchalance Quotes By Franz Kafka

There are two cardinal human sins out of which all others derive, deviate, and dissipate: impatience and lassitude (or perhaps nonchalance). On account of impatience they are driven out of paradise; on account of lassitude or nonchalance they do not return. Perhaps, however, only one main sense of sin is given: impatience. On account of impatience they are driven out, on account of impatience they do not turn back. — Franz Kafka

Nonchalance Quotes By Mary McCarthy

For me, in fact, the mark of the historic is the nonchalance with which it picks up an individual and deposits him in a trend, like a house playfully moved by a tornado. — Mary McCarthy