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No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Ron Barrier

Atheism - Your Gain, No Pain! — Ron Barrier

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By William Wordsworth

...The happy Warrior... is he... who, doomed to go in company with pain, and fear, and bloodshed, miserable train turns his necessity to glorious gain; in face of these doth exercise a power which is our human nature's highest dower: controls them and subdues, transmutes, bereaves of their bad influence, and their good receives: by objects, which might force the soul to abate her feeling, rendered more compassionate; is placable- because occasions rise so often that demand such sacrifice; more skillful in self-knowledge, even more pure, as tempted more; more able to endure, as more exposed to suffering and distress; thence, also, more alive to tenderness. — William Wordsworth

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Samuel Chand

Leadership expert Michael Hyatt reflected on Karnazes's life and drew three conclusions about why we should embrace discomfort: 1. Comfort is overrated. It doesn't lead to happiness. It makes us lazy - and forgetful. It often leads to self-absorption, boredom, and discontent. 2. Discomfort can be a catalyst for growth. It makes us yearn for something more. It forces us to change, stretch, and adapt. 3. Discomfort is often a sign we're making progress. You've heard the expression, "no pain, no gain." It's true! When you push yourself to grow, you will experience discomfort.2 — Samuel Chand

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

We want gain without pain; we want the resurrection without going through the grave; we want life without experiencing death; we want a crown without going by way of the Cross. But in God's economy, the way up is down. — Nancy Leigh DeMoss

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Molly Harper

Vampirism: (n) 1. The condition of being a vampire, marked by the need to ingest blood and extreme vulnerability to sunlight. 2. The act of preying upon others for financial or emotional gain. 3. A gigantic pain in the butt. — Molly Harper

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Reginald Heber

The Son of God goes forth to war,A kingly crown to gain;His blood red banner streams afar:Who follows in His train?Who best can drink his cup of woe,Triumphant over pain,Who patient bears his cross below,He follows in His train. — Reginald Heber

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Cherry Adair

Duty o'er love was the choice you did make
My love you did spurn, my heart you did break
Your penance to pay, no pride you shall gain
Three sons on three sons find nothing but pain
I gift you my powers in memory of me
The joy of love no son shall ever see
When a Lifemate is chosen by the heart of a son
No protection can be given, again I have won
His pain will be deep, her death will be swift
Inside his heart a terrible rift
Only freely given will this curse be done
To break the spell, three must work as one. — Cherry Adair

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By R.v.m.

In the journey of life, we pass pleasures & pain. There will be sunshine and rain; there will be loss and gain. But we must learn to smile again and again.-RVM — R.v.m.

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

But though that place I never gain,
Herein lies comfort for my pain:
I will be worthy of it. — Ella Wheeler Wilcox

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Pema Chodron

These are four pairs of opposites - four things that we like and become attached to and four things that we don't like and try to avoid. The basic message is that when we are caught up in the eight worldly dharmas, we suffer. First, we like pleasure; we are attached to it. Conversely, we don't like pain. Second, we like and are attached to praise. We try to avoid criticism and blame. Third, we like and are attached to fame. We dislike and try to avoid disgrace. Finally, we are attached to gain, to getting what we want. We don't like losing what we have. — Pema Chodron

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

today's pain is yesterdays latent gain we did not take — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

Most of us make our minds like spoilt children, allowing them to do whatever they want. Therefore it is necessary that Kriya-yoga should be constantly practised, in order to gain control of the mind, and bring it into subjection. The obstructions to Yoga arise from lack of control, and cause us pain. They can only be removed by denying the mind, and holding it in check, through the means of Kriya-yoga. — Swami Vivekananda

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Today's pain will bring tomorrow's gain. — Debasish Mridha

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Joseph Addison

Hypocrisy itself does great honor, or rather justice, to religion, and tacitly acknowledges it to be an ornament to human nature. The hypocrite would not be at so much pains to put on the appearance of virtue, if he did not know it was the most proper and effectual means to gain the love and esteem of mankind. — Joseph Addison

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Change comes with pain ... But this pain later becomes a gain. To explain it well, "no pain, no gain"! Endure the pain and make a difference! — Israelmore Ayivor

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Sometimes you try to fly and you fall. Remember your falls are not fatal, they're just a little painful. Endure the pain, clean the blood stain, you'll surely gain! Get up and fly again! — Israelmore Ayivor

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Chilon

Prefer a loss to a dishonest gain; the one brings pain at the moment, the other for all time. — Chilon

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Chuck Wendig

Your best authorial self is always one about to ruin the story. — Chuck Wendig

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Jack Vance

Observe! I hold the magic tablet of truth! You are Monster; I am Man. Each is alone; each sees dawn and dusk; each feels pain and pain's ease. Why should one be victor and the other victim? We will never agree; never shall you know gain by the toil of man! Submit to the what-must-be! If you fail to heed, then you must taste a bitter brew and never again walk the sands of dark Sigil. — Jack Vance

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Robert Wright

Arious people had long had the feeling that gain through pain was nature's way — Robert Wright

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Deborah Pardes

Take heart now in one true thing: You will gain traction. You will grow upwards even when you think you've been slammed back down into that same dark hole. It will start looking like a different hole, one that might still have you
curled up and crying, but that crying will be more transformative than only desperate screams of despair. Your pain can be turned to good account. You're not alone. You've got
this handbook. Keep us with you. — Deborah Pardes

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Eugene H. Peterson

And so we gain hope - not from the darkness of our suffering, not from pat answers in books, but from the God who sees our suffering and shares our pain. — Eugene H. Peterson

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Jack Canfield

Be Willing to Pay the Price If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it wouldn't seem wonderful at all. MICHELANGELO Renaissance sculptor and painter who spent 4 years lying on his back painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Behind every great achievement is a story of education, training, practice, discipline, and sacrifice. You have to be willing to pay the price. Maybe that price is pursuing one single activity while putting everything else in your life on hold. Maybe it's investing all of your own personal wealth or savings. Maybe it's the willingness to walk away from the safety of your current situation. But though many things are typically required to reach a successful outcome, the willingness to do what's required adds that extra dimension to the mix that helps you persevere in the face of overwhelming challenges, setbacks, pain, and even personal — Jack Canfield

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Don't complain. It's just a way of explaining your pains for no gains. Wake up to your calling ... Wear a positive move and say your desires to God! — Israelmore Ayivor

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Franz Kafka

This afternoon the pain occasioned by my loneliness came upon me so piercingly and intensely that I became aware that the strength which I gain through this writing thus spends itself, a strength which I certainly have not intended for this purpose. — Franz Kafka

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Viktor E. Frankl

Man's main concern is not to gain pleasure or to avoid pain but rather to see a meaning in his life. — Viktor E. Frankl

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Arthur Lydiard

I have a saying 'train, don't strain.' The Americans have the saying 'no pain, no gain' and that's why they have no distance running champions. They get down to the track with a stopwatch and flog their guts out thinking that it'll make them a champion, but they'll never make a champion that way. — Arthur Lydiard

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

May the broken hearted be healed. — Lailah Gifty Akita

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Michael Lewis

Managers tend to pick a strategy that is the least likely to fail, rather then to pick a strategy that is most efficient," Said Palmer. " The pain of looking bad is worse than the gain of making the best move. — Michael Lewis

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Sometimes you must lose everything to gain it again, and the regaining is the sweeter for the pain of loss. — Cassandra Clare

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By B. Bhardwaz

I see the path
I don't fear
I walk for love
But the death was near
Everything got so much pain
In the end what did I gain — B. Bhardwaz

No Pain No Gain Best Quotes By Melody Beattie

There's a secret to get through loss, pain and grief. If we're alone we can't see who we are. When we join the club, other people become the mirror. Through them, we see ourselves and gain an understanding of what we're going through. Then slowly, real slowly, we learn to accept who we see in the mirror. Then you become the mirror for them; by being honest about who you are, you'll help them learn to love and accept themselves. — Melody Beattie