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No One Cares About You Quotes By Karin Slaughter

She told Rick, The world stops for you when you're pretty. That's why women spend billions on crap for their faces. Their whole life, they're the center of attention. People want to be around them just because they're attractive. Their jokes are funnier. Their lives are better. And then suddenly, they get bags under their eyes or they put on a little weight and no one cares about them anymore. They cease to exist. — Karin Slaughter

No One Cares About You Quotes By Debbie Moon

When i'm older, when no one cares about what I do, i'll find you. — Debbie Moon

No One Cares About You Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

No one cares about it more than you. Give it the attention it needs. — Robert Kiyosaki

No One Cares About You Quotes By Larry Winget

Larry's short list for doing better: Stop complaining about your results. (No one really cares, anyway.) Whining about the problem only prolongs the problem. Take a realistic look at your results and think about what you have done or not done in the past that contributed to them. Go to the closest mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say, "This is all my fault." Take responsibility. Do a reality check and admit that change has been going on for a good long while and you survived. You will survive this, too. Make a list of what you are going to do differently in the future to change your results. Doing better is the result of deciding to do better and then taking action on that decision. Get — Larry Winget

No One Cares About You Quotes By Toffee

For everyone, success matters more than anything else. Whether you are a good guy or not, no one really cares. All they really care about is how successful you are. — Toffee

No One Cares About You Quotes By Eda J. Vor

No one really cares what you look like." I'm such a hypocrite, I think, and pull my shirt up over my head. I want it to be true so I decide to act like it is. If a pretty thin girl can be self-conscious about people looking at her in a bathing suit, then maybe the problem isn't what other people think so much as what we think of ourselves. — Eda J. Vor

No One Cares About You Quotes By Patrick DeWitt

There are ten in a circle and everyone wants to speak and no one cares what the other person presently speaking is talking about. Someone starts crying about having been molested as a child; someone starts crying about a dead mother; someone wants to go to Las Vegas. You slip out the side door and into your car. It is five-thirty in the morning and the sky is the color of a three-day-old bruise. It is beautiful. — Patrick DeWitt

No One Cares About You Quotes By Margaret D. Nadauld

Although there is no solution that is easy, and there is no one formula that will work for everyone with a heartache or a concern, there is One who cares very much about your situation, and He knows what you should do. That is our Father in Heaven. — Margaret D. Nadauld

No One Cares About You Quotes By Kathleen Flynn-Hui

Let me explain: There are all sorts of reasons why women pick one colorist over another. Some will go to you if you have the same kind of dog or because they like the way you look. Some will only go to a man, because they want to feel a man's hands on them. Then, of course, you have the editorial mongrels, who will go only to whoever is in this month's Elle or Allure. But no matter what brings them to you in the first place, they'll drop you cold if you're not a good colorist. Which means no mistakes. Not ever. Brain surgeons are allowed more mistakes than hair colorists. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that what I do is brain surgery or in any way important. Between you and me, it's just hair. But a certain kind of woman cares about her hair. A lot. — Kathleen Flynn-Hui

No One Cares About You Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

There are things that can break you, he'd said. I almost laughed. He had no idea the thing that had broken me most completely was my belief that Barrons was dead.
One look at Lor's eyes and I decided I would wait until Barrons was back before pressing any issues with him. "You think Barrons has a weakness for me," I said. "That's what worries you."
"It is forbidden."
"He despises me. He thinks I slept with Darroc, remember?"
"He cares that you slept with Darroc."
"He cared that I burned his rug, too. He gets a little pissy about those things he likes to think of as his property."
"You two drive me bug-fuck. — Karen Marie Moning

No One Cares About You Quotes By Gloria Steinem

Nobody cares about feminist academic writing. That's careerism. These poor women in academia have to talk this silly language that nobody can understand in order to be accepted ... But I recognize the fact that we have this ridiculous system of tenure, that the whole thrust of academia is one that values education, in my opinion, in inverse ratio to its usefulness - and what you write in inverse relationship to its understandability. [ ... ] Academics are forced to write in language no one can understand so that they get tenure. They have to say 'discourse', not 'talk'. Knowledge that is not accessible is not helpful. — Gloria Steinem

No One Cares About You Quotes By Demian Bichir

When we talk about corruption, there's corruption on both sides of the border. That's what I think is interesting. I'm from Mexico, so when I see a Mexican portrayed in the American market on TV or films, you better do it right because you won't fool me. I'm sure no one really cares on this side of the border, if they get it right or not, but all the way from Mexico, to another 120 countries where the show goes, they will be able to tell the difference. — Demian Bichir

No One Cares About You Quotes By Donovan McNabb

If you don't feel you're the best, then you shouldn't be doing your job. No one else cares if you don't care about yourself. — Donovan McNabb

No One Cares About You Quotes By Art Sobczak

No one cares what YOU want, they only care about themselves. — Art Sobczak

No One Cares About You Quotes By Matthew Morrison

You don't want to play a perfect person; no one cares about that. — Matthew Morrison

No One Cares About You Quotes By Cecelia Ahern

Rosie: I know, I'm working on it but I can't quit until I get another job and that's proving to be rather difficult. Apparently no one really cares about whether or not you work as a secretary in a paper-clip factory.
Ruby: Hmm ... how odd ... And it sounds so glamorous, you would think ... Honestly, some people ...
Ahern, Cecelia (2005-02-01). Love, Rosie (p. 87). Hachette Books. Kindle Edition. — Cecelia Ahern

No One Cares About You Quotes By Mos Def

If it's just fame for the sake of being famous, no one even cares about you - and you don't even care about yourself because you're like, "This is so ridiculous." — Mos Def

No One Cares About You Quotes By Markus Zusak

Personally, I think sex should be like math.
At school.
No one really cares if they're crap at math. They even proclaim it. They'll say to anyone, "Yeah, I don't mind science and English, but I'm absolutely shithouse at math." And other people will laugh and say,"Yeah, me too. I would have a clue about all that logarithm shit. You should be able to say that about sex too.
You should be proudly able to say, "Yeah I wouldn't have a clue about all that orgasm shit, ay. I'm okay at everything else but when it comes to that part I wouldn't have a clue. — Markus Zusak

No One Cares About You Quotes By Cassandra Clare

We want you to tell us about vampires."
Simon grinned. "What do you want to know? Scariest is Eli in Let the Right One In, cheesiest is late-era Lestat, most underrated is David Bowie in The Hunger. Sexiest is definitely Drusilla, though if you ask a girl, she'll probably say Damon Salvatore or Edward Cullen. But ... " he shrugged, "You know girls."
Julie's and Beatriz's eyes were wide. "I didn't think you'd know so many!" Beatriz exclaimed. "Are they ... are they your friends?"
"Oh, sure, Count Dracula and I are like this," Simon said, crossing his fingers to demonstrate. "Also Count Chocula. Oh, and my BFF Count Blintzula. He's a real charmer ... " He trailed off as he realized no one else was laughing. In fact, no one seemed to realize he was joking. "They're from TV," he prompted them. "Or, uh, cereal."
"What's he talking about?" Julie asked Jon, perfect nose wrinkling up in confusion.
"Who cares?" Jon said. — Cassandra Clare

No One Cares About You Quotes By Dolly Wells

There is something very freeing about being anonymous because nothing is expected of you; nothing is getting back to anyone, and no one cares. — Dolly Wells

No One Cares About You Quotes By George Carlin

Do you know why hurricanes have names instead of numbers? To keep the killing personal. No one cares about a bunch of people killed by a number. '200 Dead as Number Three Slams Ashore' is not nearly as interesting a headline as 'Charlie kills 200.' Death is much more satisfying and entertaining if you personalize it.
Me, I'm still waitin' for Hurricane Ed. Old Ed wouldn't hurt ya, would he? Sounds kinda friendly. 'Hell no, we ain't evacuatin'. Ed's comin'! — George Carlin

No One Cares About You Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

I'm a goddess of destruction. Tell me honestly that you find nothing exciting about the idea of a billion people screaming out for mercy when there's no one left who cares what befalls them. Of the entire earth being rained on by all manner of demons bent on ultimate torture and sacrifice. Them ripping and shredding human flesh as they claw in a drunken frenzy fueled by their hatred of everything. Drinking blood in an orgy of terror ... ahhh, the beauty of annihilation. There's nothing like it.(Apollymi) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

No One Cares About You Quotes By Chris Rock

Nobody's about saving anymore. No one cares about a rainy day anymore. Nobody saves up enough for even an umbrella for a rainy day. It's sad. It really is a new form of slavery. We used to work to be able to afford material things. Now we work for these things. They're the boss. That house you can't afford, that car that's out of your price range, that cellphone that drains your bank account - that's your boss. — Chris Rock

No One Cares About You Quotes By Gregory David Roberts

In the beginning we feared everything - animals, the weather, the trees, the night sky - everything except each other. Now we fear each other, and almost nothing else. No-one knows why anyone does anything. No-one tells the truth. No-one is happy. No-one is safe. In the face of all that is so wrong with the world, the very worst thing you can do is survive. And yet you must survive. It is this dilemma that makes us believe and cling to the lie that we have a soul, and that there is a God who cares about its fate. And now you have it.' He — Gregory David Roberts

No One Cares About You Quotes By Heather Matarazzo

But especially if you have the wrong people within your circle. Truthfully, at the end of the day, no one cares about you in this business whether they are your agent or your manager or your publicist. — Heather Matarazzo

No One Cares About You Quotes By Yuval Noah Harari

Homo Sapiens evolved to think of people as divided into us and them. 'Us' was the group immediately around you, whoever you were, and 'them' was everyone else. In fact, no social animal is ever guided by the interests of the entire species to which it belongs. No chimpanzee cares about the interests of the chimpanzee species, no snail will lift a tentacle for the global snail community, no lion alpha male makes a bid for becoming the king of all lions, and at the entrance of no beehive can one find the slogan: 'Worker bees of the world - unite! — Yuval Noah Harari

No One Cares About You Quotes By Dave Franco

For example, for me, my brother helped me get a manager, which I don't take for granted. It's tough getting a manager, let alone one that actually cares about you and is smart. But from there, no one's going to cast me just because I'm James Franco's little brother. — Dave Franco

No One Cares About You Quotes By Anonymous

All this is why the usual sneers about whether Aristotle is going to "come in handy on the job" are so utterly misguided. "After college," says a young woman who dropped out after all of a semester - she is quoted in one those books that advise young people to forget about higher education altogether - "no one cares how well you can talk about Hume or Kant." Maybe not, but they care how well you can talk. They care how well you can think. — Anonymous

No One Cares About You Quotes By Andreas Laurencius

Right or wrong is nonexistent in the eye of the universe. It doesn't matter who is right or who is wrong because the universe never cares for both. The universe lets both happen and the universe lets both end. A natural disaster claims all lives. Life and resources is the one that matters. No matter who you are or what you are, you must never harm life and you must never spend resources. These are what matters. I don't know about the afterlife. I don't know whether the afterlife exists, but in this existence, these are what matters. — Andreas Laurencius

No One Cares About You Quotes By Angela Thirkell

A simple love-story,' said David piously, 'about a girl that loves a man frightfully and he is married, so she goes and lives with him, and then his wife is very ill and going to die, so the girl and the man both offer themselves for blood transfusion in a very noble way without each other knowing. But only one of them has the right kind of blood and I can't decide which. Do you think it would be more pathetic if the girl gave her blood and died, and then the man went off into the desert to be a monk, or if the man died and the wife and the girl made friends over his corpse and both became nuns? One might do good business with that, because in films no one much cares if the hero lives or dies so long as there are plenty of lovely heroines.' 'How — Angela Thirkell

No One Cares About You Quotes By Stephen Leather

New York always brings out the serial killer in me. It's a great city to kill in. The best. You've got something like fifteen million people living cheek by jowl, and most of them couldn't give a damn about anyone else. No one wants to get involved. No one cares. — Stephen Leather

No One Cares About You Quotes By Leslie Pietrzyk

No one cares about the art of the lie at this point. They insist on impressing with the truth. See me! Look at me! Look at who I am! Look at who I want you to think I am! — Leslie Pietrzyk

No One Cares About You Quotes By Chelsea Sedoti

These notes are little pieces of history no one cares about, but they remind you that you're not the first person to hold that book. Someone else owned it first and read the exact same words, and one way or another, it impacted them. We're all connected. — Chelsea Sedoti

No One Cares About You Quotes By Ellen Kennedy

Scott goes to the computer and loads a chart that says something about global warming. Scott says, "See?" Judy says, "I don't think global warming is important, people shouldn't need to use global warming as an excuse to stop being wasteful." Scott says, "How can you not believe this?" Judy says, "There has been golf ball-sized hail storms and hurricanes for a long time, it didn't just start all of the sudden. In the movie Al Gore drives in an SUV." Scott leaves to have a cigarette. Cory says, "Al Gore owns his own farm." Judy stares at the TV. Judy thinks, "No one in this room cares about global warming, this is ridiculous, we are all smoking cigarettes and eating cheese, how can any one of us care about voting? No one in this room cares about anything. — Ellen Kennedy

No One Cares About You Quotes By The Eldest

What is it that you ever wanted in life?
Who cares about you?
Who laughs with you?
Who shared your hopes and dreams?
To top it all, maybe just maybe,
When you are near your death,
All that you ever wanted is to ask forgiveness to whom you have sinned,
to tell them that they should take care of themselves, wish them to be safe, and to ask mercy from God to let you enter His Kingdom.
And barely wouldn't even care what will happen with your facebook account.
Well maybe we can start with start living simple
And could stop living like a pro,
Because nothing in this world is worth of value to the One up above.
Don't you know that none of us is born perfect,
And no one else will be? — The Eldest

No One Cares About You Quotes By Tom Platz

Everyone has the ability to accomplish unique feats, everyone. You choose this. Become someone great in one other life. Forget about failing to many. Who cares? Doesn't matter when you start or finish, just start, no deviations, no excuses. — Tom Platz

No One Cares About You Quotes By Doris Lessing

But when you get down to it, it's all a lie. You sit here writing and writing, but no one can see it - that's arrogant, I told you so before. And you aren't even honest enough to let yourself be what you are - everything's divided off and split up. So what's the use of patronising me and saying: You're in a bad phase. If you're not in a bad phase, then it's because you can't be in a phase, you take care to divide yourself into compartments. If things are a chaos, then that's what they are. I don't think there's a pattern anywhere - you are just making patterns, out of cowardice. I think people aren't good at all, they are cannibals, and when you get down to it no one cares about anyone else. All the best people can be good to one other person or their families. But that's egotism, it isn't being good. We aren't any better than the animals, we just pretend to be. — Doris Lessing

No One Cares About You Quotes By Richard K. Morgan

The city you speak of will be built - will stand in all its undeserved serenity - on the bones of a billion unjust, unremembered deaths. Its foundation stones are mortared with the blood of ten thousand suffering generations that no one there recalls or cares about. Its citizens live out their safe, butterfly lives in covered gardens and brilliant halls without the slightest idea or interest in how they came to have it all. She comes abruptly back to the here and now. Turns and flashes him a hard little smile. Do you really think that you could stand to live among such people? — Richard K. Morgan

No One Cares About You Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

What difference does it make?" he says. "People can think whatever they like. I don't desire their validation."
"So you don't mind," I ask him, "that people judge you so harshly?"
"I have no one to impress," he says. "No one who cares about what happens to me. I'm not in the business of making friends, love. My job is to lead an army, and it's the only thing I'm good at. No one," he says, "would be proud of the things I've accomplished. My mother doesn't even know me anymore. My father thinks I'm weak and pathetic. My soldiers want me dead. The world is going to hell. And the conversations I have with you are the longest I've ever had. — Tahereh Mafi

No One Cares About You Quotes By Tupac Shakur

Sometimes when I'm alone
I Cry,
Cause I am on my own.
The tears I cry are bitter and warm.
They flow with life but take no form
I Cry because my heart is torn.
I find it difficult to carry on.
If I had an ear to confide in,
I would cry among my treasured friend,
but who do you know that stops that long,
to help another carry on.
The world moves fast and it would rather pass by.
Then to stop and see what makes one cry,
so painful and sad.
And sometimes...
I Cry
and no one cares about why. — Tupac Shakur

No One Cares About You Quotes By Kinley MacGregor

If you must know, I don't talk about myself because no one ever cared enough to listen. (Jack)
What do you mean? (Lorelei)
Think about it, Lorelei. How many times a day do you ask someone how they're doing? Their world may have just shattered and yet they look up and say, 'Fine, thank you, and you?' No one cares to hear other people's problems. 'Twas a lesson I learned early in life. (Jack) — Kinley MacGregor

No One Cares About You Quotes By Lauren F. Winner

God cares about our dietary choices. This should come as no surprise; you only have to read the first two chapters of Genesis to see God's concern for food. Humanity's first sin was disobedience manifested in a choice about eating. Adam and Eve were allowed to eat anything they wanted, except the one fruit they chose. And the New Testament makes clear that God cares about the most basic quotidian aspect of our lives. (Our God, after all, is the God who provides for the sparrows and numbers the hairs on our heads.) This God who is interested in how we speak, how we handle our money, how we carry our bodies - He is also interested in how we live with food. — Lauren F. Winner

No One Cares About You Quotes By Alex Webb

I mean its an obsession, you follow the obsession but at the same time you have so many doubts, you know. Why am I wasting so much money going back to this place, taking more pictures? What's the point of it? No one cares about it. I think I care about it but maybe I am deceiving myself. — Alex Webb

No One Cares About You Quotes By Gary Shteyngart

Then I celebrated my Wall of Books. I counted the volumes on my twenty-foot-long modernist bookshelf to make sure none had been misplaced or used as kindling by my subtenant. "You're my sacred ones," I told the books. "No one but me still cares about you. But I'm going to keep you with me forever. And one day I'll make you important again." I thought about that terrible calumny of the new generation: that books smell. — Gary Shteyngart

No One Cares About You Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

No one cares about the past any more," he whispered. "They don't see that you can't have a future without a past. — Joe Abercrombie

No One Cares About You Quotes By Zoe Cassavetes

If you are the writer/director especially, no one cares more about the project than you do. You know it in and out. You created it. So always listen to input but don't be afraid to veto and fight decisions that you know instinctively are wrong. — Zoe Cassavetes

No One Cares About You Quotes By Cameron Jace

Welcome to the real world," Inspector Dormouse says. "No one cares about anything. Each worker in the system only cares to lift the responsibility off his shoulders. Give them a good reason and promise it's all your fault when something goes wrong, and you're good to go. — Cameron Jace

No One Cares About You Quotes By John C. Maxwell

The position does not make you a leader. The title, the promotion, the fancy corner office do not make you a leader. No, it is relationships with people that are the foundation, the very heart of leadership. Have you ever worked for someone you didn't like? It's difficult, isn't it? On the other hand, the leader you will follow anywhere and everywhere is one you know cares about you, and values you. This person has your best interests at heart. It is the leader who comes alongside to help you improve and grow. — John C. Maxwell

No One Cares About You Quotes By Drew Goddard

I feel that in horror movies, especially, if you don't care about the characters, you've lost the audience. No one cares, and it becomes a process of watching people get killed. — Drew Goddard

No One Cares About You Quotes By Adolfo Bioy Casares

He believed he understood, for the first time, why people say life is a dream: if you live long enough, the events of a lifetime, like the events of a dream, cannot be communicated, simply because they are of no interest to anyone.
Human beings themselves, after death, become figures in a dream to the survivors , they fade away and are forgotten, like dreams that were once convincing, but which no one cares to hear about. There are parents who find in their children a receptive audience, with the result that in the child's credulous imagination they find a last semblance of life, which quickly dims out as if they had never existed ... — Adolfo Bioy Casares

No One Cares About You Quotes By Alexander McCall Smith

I worry about you a great deal, Mma. I worry that you will take all the cares of the world on your shoulders and that you will collapse under the weight. I worry that you will open your heart to so many people that eventually it will be full - crowded - and it will stop because there is no room for the blood to go round. I am worried that you will look after so many people that you will forget that there is one person who also needs looking after, and that person is you, Mma. I am worried about all these things. — Alexander McCall Smith

No One Cares About You Quotes By Frederick Lenz

No one cares about you. No one cares. You will die and be forgotten. — Frederick Lenz

No One Cares About You Quotes By Cassandra Clare

If no one in the entire world cares about you, do you really exist at all? — Cassandra Clare

No One Cares About You Quotes By Ann Spangler

Lord, sometimes I feel abandoned, as though no one understands or cares about me. Please show me that you really are near and that you see and hear everything that happens. Refresh me with your presence even when I am walking through a desert experience. And help me, in turn, to comfort others when they feel hopeless and alone. In Jesus' name. Amen. — Ann Spangler

No One Cares About You Quotes By Mark Billingham

I moved from acting to stand-up because castings are just about what you look like. It doesn't matter if you can act or not. In comedy, no one cares what you look like. — Mark Billingham

No One Cares About You Quotes By Penn Jillette

So no one cares - and that protects your personal privacy. At least most of the time no one cares. I'm not making the argument that if we're doing nothing wrong, then we shouldn't be afraid of the government monitoring us. That's a stupid, bad argument. We should always be afraid of any government monitoring us. The fact that no one cares what we're talking about is an argument for keeping it that way. We don't want the government to be able to care. Any power you give the government, the government will abuse. George Washington almost said that. — Penn Jillette