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Top Niggardly Quotes

Niggardly Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

Be not niggardly of what costs thee nothing, as courtesy, counsel, & countenance. — Benjamin Franklin

Niggardly Quotes By Honore De Balzac

Let passion reach a catastrophe and it submits us to an intoxicating force far more powerful than the niggardly irritation of wine or of opium. The lucidity our ideas then achieve, and the delicacy of our overly exalted sensations, produce the strangest and most unexpected effects. — Honore De Balzac

Niggardly Quotes By Sylvia Townsend Warner

Elizabeth ... had the prerogative of the rich that she could be generous with large sums and niggardly over small ones ... — Sylvia Townsend Warner

Niggardly Quotes By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

He was the lover who never showed his face, the man most avid for love as well as most niggardly with it, the man who gave nothing and wanted everything, the man who did not allow anyone to leave a trace of her passing in his heart, the hunter lying in ambush. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Niggardly Quotes By Immanuel Kant

Even if, by some especially unfortunate fate or by the niggardly provision of stepmotherly nature, [the good will] should be wholly lacking in the power to accomplish its purpose; if with the greatest effort it should yet achieve nothing, and only the good will should remain (not, to be sure, as a mere wish but as the summoning of all the means in our power), yet would it, like a jewel, still shine by its own light as something which has its full value in itself. — Immanuel Kant

Niggardly Quotes By George R R Martin

(Amongst those thus enslaved was Lady Johanna Swann, a fifteen-year-old niece of the Lord of Stonehelm. When her infamously niggardly uncle refused to pay the ransom, she was sold to a pillow house, where she rose to become the celebrated courtesan known as the Black Swan, and ruler of Lys in all but name. Alas, her tale, however fascinating, has no bearing upon our present history.) — George R R Martin

Niggardly Quotes By Richard Dawkins

Religions are not imaginative, not poetic, not soulful. On the contrary, they are parochial, small-minded, niggardly with the human imagination, precisely where science is generous. — Richard Dawkins

Niggardly Quotes By Jan Karon

Oh, Timothy, how could you not have loved someone all these years? Loving absolutely seeps from you, like a spring that bubbles up in a meadow." "Maybe you can convince me of that, but I doubt it. I find myself niggardly and self-seeking, hard as stone somewhere inside. Look how I've treated you." "Yes, but you could never deceive me into thinking you were hard as stone. You've always betrayed your tenderness to me, something in your face, your eyes, your voice ..." "Then I have no cover with you?" "Very little." " 'Violet only wanted a friend,' " he quoted, " 'but every time she tried to have one, she did something that chased them away. — Jan Karon

Niggardly Quotes By Brother Andrew

God really is a Father, as displeased with a cramped, niggardly attitude of lack as with its opposite. — Brother Andrew

Niggardly Quotes By Charles Caleb Colton

We should not be too niggardly in our praise, for men will do more to support a character than to raise one. — Charles Caleb Colton

Niggardly Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Art can never match the luxury and superfluity of Nature. In the former all is seen; it cannot afford concealed wealth, and is niggardly in comparison; but Nature, even when she is scant and thin outwardly, satisfies us still by the assurance of a certain generosity at the roots. — Henry David Thoreau

Niggardly Quotes By Elizabeth Borton De Trevino

Now I had lived long enough and had heard enough from urchins my age and from other slaves, to distrust the person who calls himself merciful, or just, or kindly. Usually these are the most cruel, niggardly and selfish people, and slaves learn to fear the master who prefaces his remarks with tributes to his own virtues. — Elizabeth Borton De Trevino

Niggardly Quotes By Hermann Hesse

But things are not so simple in life as in our thoughts, nor so rough and ready as in our poor idiotic language; and Harry lies about himself twice over when he employs this niggardly wolf-theory. — Hermann Hesse

Niggardly Quotes By Jack London

No one knew his first name, and in general he was known in the country as Beauty Smith. But he was anything save a beauty. To antithesis was due his naming. He was preeminently unbeautiful. Nature had been niggardly with him. — Jack London

Niggardly Quotes By Jane Smiley

In truth Mr Jonas Silk was as niggardly as he was jealous, and my sister Beatrice had as much interest in Kansas as she did in the czar of all the Russias, and so my brother Mr. Horace Silk worked out his plans in a white heat of frustrated eagerness. — Jane Smiley

Niggardly Quotes By Gunnar Myrdal

America is the one rich country with the biggest slums, the least democratic and least developed health system, and the most niggardly attitude against its old people. — Gunnar Myrdal

Niggardly Quotes By Eleanor Roosevelt

No matter how avid they themselves may be for praise and appreciation, people are often niggardly in giving it to others, however merited it is. — Eleanor Roosevelt

Niggardly Quotes By Mark Twain

How lovely is death; and how niggardly it is doled out. — Mark Twain

Niggardly Quotes By John Derbyshire

As a result of these news stories, millions of people must have become aware of "niggardly," who otherwise would never have heard it, let alone thought to use it. If this is right, and the word has a new currency, it is probably not the currency I would wish for. The word's new lease of life is probably among manufacturers and retailers of sophomoric humor. I bet that even as I write, some adolescent boys, in the stairwell of some high school somewhere in America, are accusing each other of being niggardly, and sniggering at their own outrageous wit. I bet ... Wait a minute. Sniggering? Oh, my God ... — John Derbyshire

Niggardly Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

It is foolish to be lavish in words and niggardly in truth. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Niggardly Quotes By James A. Michener

Of all the men who were photographed that day, the chief's life had come closest to the American ideal, closest in observing the principles on which this nation had been founded. He was immeasurably greater than Chester Arthur, the hack politician from New York, incomparably finer than Robert Lincoln, a niggardly man of no stature who inherited from his father only his name, and a better warrior, considering his troops and ordnance, than Phil Sheridan. His only close competitor was Senator Vest, who shared with him a love of land and a joy in seeing it used constructively. — James A. Michener