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Top Neurotic Quotes

Neurotic Quotes By Edward Abbey

Omnivorous red devils with a vicious bite, they have denuded the ground surrounding their hill, destroying everything green and living within a radius of ten feet. I cannot resist the impulse to shove my walking stick into the bowels of their hive and rowel things up. Don't actually care for ants. Neurotic little pismires. Compared to ants the hairy scorpion is a beast of charm, dignity and — Edward Abbey

Neurotic Quotes By Charles Bukowski

Parker had a young white boy with him-one of the neurotic tribe of the lost- and the kid's eyes were filled with wet layers of tears. One big tear in each eye. They did not drop out. It was fascinating. I had seen women sit and look at me with those same eyes before they got mad and started screaming about what a son of a bitch I was. — Charles Bukowski

Neurotic Quotes By Paul Auster

When I am writing, even though it's hard and I do struggle often, I am happier than when I'm not writing. I feel alive. Whereas when I'm not writing, I feel like your common every-day neurotic. — Paul Auster

Neurotic Quotes By Robert Six

"My door is always open - bring me your problems." This is guaranteed to turn on every whiner, lackey and neurotic on the property. — Robert Six

Neurotic Quotes By Anne Lamott

We can see Spirit made visible when people are kind to one another, especially when it's a really busy person, like you, taking care of a needy, annoying, neurotic person, like you. — Anne Lamott

Neurotic Quotes By Kangana Ranaut

My sister and I had jointly heard the narration of 'Revolver Rani' in Tigmanshu Dhulia's office. After hearing the narration, my sister was very scared and adamant that I should not do this film, as my character was twisted, neurotic, violent and abusive. — Kangana Ranaut

Neurotic Quotes By Mignon McLaughlin

The neurotic circles ceaselessly above a fogged-in airport. — Mignon McLaughlin

Neurotic Quotes By Anais Nin

E made me understand something very important. Whether because I am a Latin, or because I am a neurotic, I have a need of gestures. I am myself expressive, demonstrative; every feeling I have takes on expression: words, gestures, signs, letters, articulateness or action. I need this in others. — Anais Nin

Neurotic Quotes By Lewis Mumford

In short, the oppressor and the oppressed, instead of fighting it out within the city, directed their aggression toward a common goal-an attack on a rival city. Thus the greater the tensions and the harsher the daily repressions of civilization, the more useful war became as a safety valve. Finally, war performed another function that was even more indispensable, if my hypothetical connection between anxiety, human sacrifice, and war prove defensible. War provided its own justification, by displacing neurotic anxiety with rational fear in the face of real danger. Once war broke out, there was solid reason for apprehension, terror, and compensatory displays of courage. — Lewis Mumford

Neurotic Quotes By Kimora Lee Simmons

I'm very neurotic is what my closet says about me. It's always in great order. — Kimora Lee Simmons

Neurotic Quotes By Ed Bliss

The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy. The pursuit of perfection is frustrating, neurotic, and a terrible waste of time. — Ed Bliss

Neurotic Quotes By Jeremy Holmes

Bowlby uses the notion of faulty internal working models to describe different patterns of neurotic attachment. He sees the basic problem of 'anxious attachment" as that of maintaining attachment with a care-giver who is unpredictable or rejecting. Here the internal working model will be based not on accurate representation of the self and others, but on coping, in which the care-giver must be accommodated to. The two basic strategies here are those of avoidance or adherence, which lead to avoidant or ambivalent attachment. — Jeremy Holmes

Neurotic Quotes By Herb Kelleher

It takes nerves of steel to stay neurotic. — Herb Kelleher

Neurotic Quotes By Phoebe Philo

Until you go through with it yourself, you simply can't imagine it. But it is the transition of going back to work and the guilt of how much time you spend with your child that's hard. I worry about not getting back in time for bath-time. I am not a neurotic person at all, but every time the mobile rings, my stomach leaps. — Phoebe Philo

Neurotic Quotes By Renata Adler

Being neurotic seemed to be a kind of wild card, an all-purpose explanation. — Renata Adler

Neurotic Quotes By Gwen Stefani

I'm neurotic about trying not to be neurotic! — Gwen Stefani

Neurotic Quotes By Terence McKenna

Ego is a structure that is erected by a neurotic individual who is a member of a neurotic culture against the facts of the matter. And culture, which we put on like an overcoat, is the collectivized consensus about what sort of neurotic behaviors are acceptable. — Terence McKenna

Neurotic Quotes By Elisha Cuthbert

I think with comedy I get very sort of critical of myself and try and do the best I can and it doesn't come as second nature. I work at those kinds of films. It doesn't mean I can't do them - I've done two now, and I have a great time doing them, but I just find myself a little bit more neurotic. — Elisha Cuthbert

Neurotic Quotes By Dean Koontz

... Any talent - whether to write songs or to write novels...came with the obligation to use it to the fullest of one's ability, with a fierce commitment barely distinguishable from neurotic obsession. ... In fact...commitment to the point of obsession wasn't merely an obligation but a necessity... — Dean Koontz

Neurotic Quotes By Oscar De La Renta

The Council of Fashion Designers of America is a national neurotic society of creative leaders in various fields of fashion. — Oscar De La Renta

Neurotic Quotes By David Sylvian

During the lifetime of Japan I became very neurotic, very paranoid. — David Sylvian

Neurotic Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

The hours spent forming a written work can make one obsessive, distracted, compulsive, and neurotic even, especially when it comes to those rare, precious occasions of streaming pure inspiration. To have a muse moment interrupted - to watch her scuttle back into hiding with unshared insight remaining on the tip of her tongue - is a wicked irritation. When a writer's eyes glaze over, when she stares off at nothing or appears to be memorizing the lines on a blank page, when she falls asleep at the desk ... tiptoe softly. For a writer's greatest desire is to receive inspiration; her greatest nightmare, to have tossed to the wind what could've been captured in words. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Neurotic Quotes By Anthony D. Ravenscroft

We are taught to put fun and serious pursuits on a continuum as opposed extremes, when this dichotomy is entirely false, made even worse when we act as though we can instantly exchange one for the other ... Exerting yourself at a task that is serious and rewarding can still be quite fun, but doing something fun because you have a neurotic need to pack your life full of un is pretty much a guarantee that any long-term benefits you derive will be entirely happenstance. — Anthony D. Ravenscroft

Neurotic Quotes By Gene Saks

Some of us shorten our names or our noses or both ... We Jews can be extremely neurotic and are inclined to become easily depressed. Most Jews seldom say, 'Have a nice day' or even have one. To be honest, I've never heard a Jew say that. We're just not that optimistic. Life is neither a bed of roses nor a bowl of cherries. — Gene Saks

Neurotic Quotes By Carl Jung

It will seem as if you were making the visions banal - but then you need to do that - then you are freed from the power of them Then when these things are in some precious book you can go to the book and turn over the pages and for you it will be your church - your cathedral - the silent places of your spirit where you will find renewal. If anyone tells you that it is morbid or neurotic and you listen to them - then you will lose your soul - for in that book is your soul. — Carl Jung

Neurotic Quotes By Ryan Winfield

You know what 'fine' stands for, don't you?" When Jane didn't respond, Grace answered for her. "It stands for Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional. — Ryan Winfield

Neurotic Quotes By Jon Ronson

Nothing uniquely bad has happened to me in my personal life, but all the regular little bad things have accumulated to make me a neurotic person. And these adventures are my way of trying to make sense of that. — Jon Ronson

Neurotic Quotes By Joyce Carol Oates

The historical Woodrow Wilson suffered from numerous complaints which we might today label as psychosomatic. Yet, Wilson did have a stroke as a relatively young man of 39 and seemed always to be ill. He was 'high-strung' - intensely neurotic - yet a charismatic personality nonetheless. — Joyce Carol Oates

Neurotic Quotes By David Mamet

If you're neurotic and you think, I'm not where I deserve to be or my mother didn't love me, or blah, blah, blah, that lie, that neurotic vision, takes over your life and you're plagued by it 'til it's cleansed. In a play, at the end of the play, the lie is revealed. [T]he better the play is, the more surprising and inevitable the lie is, as Aristotle told us. Plays are about lies. — David Mamet

Neurotic Quotes By Rachel Weisz

I'm pretty private about my neuroses. You're not neurotic if you talk to yourself - everyone does - you're only neurotic if you hear an answer. — Rachel Weisz

Neurotic Quotes By David Mamet

All drama is about lies. All drama is about something that's hidden. A drama starts because a situation becomes imbalanced by a lie. The lie may be something we tell each other or something we think about ourselves, but the lie imbalances a situation. If you're cheating on your wife the repression of that puts things out of balance; or if you're someone you think you're not, and you think you should be further ahead in your job, that neurotic vision takes over your life and you're plagued by it until you're cleansed. At the end of a play the lie is revealed. The better the play the more surprising and inevitable the lie is. Aristotle told us this — David Mamet

Neurotic Quotes By Anais Nin

The inner chambers of the soul are like the photographer's darkroom. Like a laboratory. One cannot stay there all the time or it becomes the solitary cell of the neurotic. — Anais Nin

Neurotic Quotes By Karl Abraham

A considerable number of persons are able to protect themselves against the outbreak of serious neurotic phenomena only through intense work. — Karl Abraham

Neurotic Quotes By Joan Bauer

I had taken the photograph from afar (distance being the basic glitch in our relationship), using my Nikon and zoom lens while hiding behind a fake marble pillar. I was hiding because if he knew I'd been secretly photographing him for all these months he would think I was immature, neurotic and obsessive.
I'm not.
I'm an artist.
Artists are always misunderstood.(Thwonk) — Joan Bauer

Neurotic Quotes By Brian L. Weiss

Often we take personally the slings and arrows of our 'abusers'. But frequently we are merely the interchangeable pawns of their own neurotic dramas. Anyone else in your position would have received the same treatment. There is nothing especially noxious or negatively noteworthy about you. — Brian L. Weiss

Neurotic Quotes By A.S. Neill

I would rather see a school produce a happy street cleaner than a neurotic scholar. — A.S. Neill

Neurotic Quotes By Tom Bennett

I have the sort of temperament where I try not to over think things, I don't get flustered and I don't panic. I'm not overly neurotic. — Tom Bennett

Neurotic Quotes By Terence McKenna

Closure is a neurotic and infantile demand to make upon reality, other people, or language. — Terence McKenna

Neurotic Quotes By Marlene Winell

Neurotic guilt," like that often fostered by religion, is a different matter. It tends to be excessive and inappropriate, based on the expectations of others instead of personal values or dwelling on the error rather than using the guilt feelings to make a change. In your religious experience, committing a sin made you a sinner, a bad deed made a bad person. This global condemnation creates low self-worth and more neurotic guilt and misery. — Marlene Winell

Neurotic Quotes By Erich Fromm

Reason flows from the blending of rational thought and feeling. If the two functions are torn apart, thinking deteriorates into schizoid intellectual activity and feeling deteriorates into neurotic life-damaging passions. — Erich Fromm

Neurotic Quotes By Earle Birney

Mature art, I think, emerges when there's a certain balance
of tensions, when there's neither neurotic prostration nor
cold rationality, but an aura of energy and a drive to grasp
personal "truths" still emerging into perception.
To grasp and to shape them. — Earle Birney

Neurotic Quotes By Brian Dennehy

I remember playing John Wayne Gacy, serial killer, very sick, neurotic, screwed-up guy. You know what? There's a part of me there, too, and you explore that. — Brian Dennehy

Neurotic Quotes By Julie Delpy

I'm quite neurotic, usually. But when it comes to work, I become extremely focused. — Julie Delpy

Neurotic Quotes By Idina Menzel

Motherhood has helped me to stop overanalyzing things. It's been liberating because I used to be somewhat neurotic. I attribute that to having something bigger than myself. — Idina Menzel

Neurotic Quotes By Rollo May

But are we not at the point where we can no longer make the distinction between normal and neurotic? Do we not all have these conflicts, in greater or lesser degree? And do not all conflicts move into contradiction at some point? When all is said and done, all anxiety arises from conflicts, with its origin in the conflict between being and nonbeing, between one's existence and that which threatens it. All of us, no matter how 'neurotic' or 'normal,' experience the gap between our expectations and reality. This distinction becomes less important, and I believe we must look at all anxiety, preferably without special labels, as part of the human condition. — Rollo May

Neurotic Quotes By Rebecca Romijn

I guess I can be a little neurotic sometimes, but can't everybody? — Rebecca Romijn

Neurotic Quotes By Euny Hong

If Korea were a person, it would be diagnosed as a neurotic, with both an inferiority and a superiority complex. — Euny Hong

Neurotic Quotes By Steve Martin

Sure, I've gotten some disbelieving stares when I've tried to explain this little habit of mine to, say, a bus seatmate. I've watched a guy adjust his posture, or get up and move back several rows, even if it meant he now sat next to someone else who was clearly on the verge of some other kind of insanity. — Steve Martin

Neurotic Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

When you are calm, quiet and sensitive then you can expand. But when you are irritated, phobic, fearful, insensitive, and neurotic, you can't achieve anything. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Neurotic Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

He shook his head. The next time I hear a women going on about how neurotic men are, I'm going to remember this. You tell me you like my body, and what do I say? I say, thank you. Then I tell you I like yours and what do I hear? A long lists of grievances. — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Neurotic Quotes By Lee Simonson

An artist has been defined as a neurotic who continually cures himeself with his art — Lee Simonson

Neurotic Quotes By Anonymous

Logotherapy focuses rather on the future, that is to say, on the meanings to be fulfilled by the patient in his future. (Logotherapy, indeed, is a meaning-centered psychotherapy.) At the same time, logotherapy defocuses all the vicious-circle formations and feedback mechanisms which play such a great role in the development of neuroses. Thus, the typical self-centeredness of the neurotic is broken up instead of being continually fostered and reinforced. To be sure, this kind of statement is an oversimplification; yet in logotherapy the patient is actually confronted with and reoriented toward the meaning of his life. And to make him aware of this meaning can contribute much to his ability to overcome his neurosis. — Anonymous

Neurotic Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Know that the most neurotic, most ugly situation is simply testing you. It is testing capacity, beyond his control, your flexibility, your adjustment and your character. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Neurotic Quotes By John Stamos

People look at me and go, 'You must have it made. You have girls. You have a great life.' It's not true. I mean you pull the curtain away, and you see I'm just as insecure and neurotic and scared and vulnerable as anybody, you know. — John Stamos

Neurotic Quotes By Alfred Kinsey

There is a tendency to consider anything in human behavior that is unusual, not well known, or not well understood, as neurotic, psychopathic, immature, perverse, or the expression of some other sort of psychologic disturbance. — Alfred Kinsey

Neurotic Quotes By Doris Lessing

I was realizing something I should have known by using my intelligence, without ever having gone to their flat at all: that the ties between Nelson and his wife are bitterly close, and never to be broken in their lives. They are tied by the closest of all bonds, neurotic pain-giving; the experience of pain dealt and received; pain as an aspect of love; apprehended as a knowledge of what the world is, what growth is.
Nelson is about to leave his wife; he will never leave her. She will wail at being rejected and abandoned; she does not know she will never be rejected. — Doris Lessing

Neurotic Quotes By Jon Stewart

I think people are used to people in show business having a lot of hubris. I think I have a normal amount of self-loathing but because I'm in show business it's considered self-deprecation. In normal life I would just be considered your average neurotic. — Jon Stewart

Neurotic Quotes By Irene Cara

If something isn't working out in one aspect of my career, it's not any big neurotic, crazy phase for me, it's just something that I accept, and that's okay. I'm not going to keep banging my head against the wall. — Irene Cara

Neurotic Quotes By Robert T. Kiyosaki

Today, much of the global economy is based on debt and confidence. As long as we all keep holding hands and no one breaks ranks, everything will be fine. By the way, the word "fine" is my acronym for "Feeling Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. — Robert T. Kiyosaki

Neurotic Quotes By Ray Romano

Mike Royce and I have always had success writing what we know. What we know now is that we're middle-aged, neurotic and fat. — Ray Romano

Neurotic Quotes By Yves Saint-Laurent

I pass for a hypersensitive, reclusive neurotic, which I may well be, but I hope the year won't come when my anxieties and fatigue will destroy my love of this life, of all the things that inspire me
a line of music, a face in a Vermeer portrait, a character in an opera, or a model born in Harlem. — Yves Saint-Laurent

Neurotic Quotes By Sylvia Plath

If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I'm neurotic as hell. I'll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days. — Sylvia Plath

Neurotic Quotes By Louise Penny

FINE stood for Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Egotistical. — Louise Penny

Neurotic Quotes By Peter S. Beagle

There are people,' he said, 'who give, and there are people who take. There are people who create, people who destroy, and people who don't do anything and drive the other two kinds crazy. It's born in you, whether you give or take, and that's the way you are. Ravens bring things to people. We're like that. It's our nature. We don't like it. We'd much rather be eagles, or swans, or even one of those moronic robins, but we're ravens and there you are. Ravens don't feel right without somebody to bring things to, and when we do find somebody we realize what a silly business it was in the first place." He made a sound between a chuckle and a cough. "Ravens are pretty neurotic birds. We're closer to people than any other bird, and we're bound to them all our lives, but we don't have to like them. You think we brought Elijah food because we liked him? He was an old man with a dirty beard. — Peter S. Beagle

Neurotic Quotes By Ntozake Shange

Our society allows people to be absolutely neurotic and totally out of touch with their feelings and everyone else's feelings, and yet be very respectable. — Ntozake Shange

Neurotic Quotes By Shauna Niequist

But entertaining isn't a sport or a competition. It's an act of love, if you let it be. You can twist it and turn it into anything you want - a way to show off your house, a way to compete with your friends, a way to earn love and approval. Or you can decide that every time you open your door, it's an act of love, not performance or competition or striving. You can decide that every time people gather around your table, your goal is nourishment, not neurotic proving. You can decide. — Shauna Niequist

Neurotic Quotes By Richard Rohr

What is a normal goal to a young person becomes a neurotic hindrance in old age. - CARL JUNG No wise person ever wanted to be younger. - NATIVE AMERICAN APHORISM — Richard Rohr

Neurotic Quotes By Vera Brittain

A number of neurotic ancestors, combined with with persistent, unresolved terrors of childhood, had deprived me of the comfortable gift of natural courage. — Vera Brittain

Neurotic Quotes By Louis Kronenberger

Has there ever been an age so rife with neurotic sensibility, with that state of near shudders, or near hysteria, or near nausea, much of it induced by trifles, which used to belong to people who were at once ill-adjusted and over-civilized? — Louis Kronenberger

Neurotic Quotes By Edward St. Aubyn

How could he relax his guard when beams of neurotic energy, like searchlights weaving about a prison compound, allowed no thought to escape, no remark to go unchecked. — Edward St. Aubyn

Neurotic Quotes By Don DeLillo

He drove into the spewing smoke of acres of burning truck tires and the planes descended and the transit cranes stood in rows at the marine terminal and he saw billboards for Hertz and Avis and Chevy Blazer, for Marlboro, Continental and Goodyear, and he realized that all the things around him, the planes taking off and landing, the streaking cars, the tires on the cars, the cigarettes that the drivers of the cars were dousing in their ashtrays
all these were on the billboards around him, systematically linked in some self-referring relationship that had a kind of neurotic tightness, an inescapability, as if the billboards were generating reality ... — Don DeLillo

Neurotic Quotes By Chogyam Trungpa

Fundamental security comes from realizing that you have broken through something. You reflect back and realize that you used to be extraordinarily paranoid and neurotic, watching each step you made, thinking you might lose your sanity, that situations were always threatening in some way. Now you are free of all those fears and preconceptions. You discover that you have something to give rather than having to demand from others, having to grasp all the time. For the first time, you are a rich person, you contain basic sanity. You have something to offer, you are able to work with your fellow sentient beings, you do not have to reassure yourself anymore. Reassurance implies a mentality of poverty--you are checking yourself, "Do I have it? How could I do it?" But the bodhisattva's delight in his richness is based upon experience rather than theory or wishful thinking. It is so, directly, fundamentally. He is fundamentally rich and so can delight in generosity. — Chogyam Trungpa

Neurotic Quotes By Robert De Niro

The mind of a writer can be a truly terrifying thing. Isolated, neurotic, caffeine-addled, crippled by procrastination, consumed by feelings of panic, self-loathing, and soul-crushing inadequacy. And that's on a good day. — Robert De Niro

Neurotic Quotes By Arianna Huffington

What Women's Lib might achieve if their 'consciousness raising' - or in plain English, brainwashing - campaign succeeds is a society whose members have identical roles but are perpetually at war with themselves; a society of males made neurotic by suppressed masculinity, of females made miserable by having masculine roles thrust upon them that contradict their feminine impulses. — Arianna Huffington

Neurotic Quotes By Ruth Rendell

I am neurotic, but I live with it. I think most people are, anyway. — Ruth Rendell

Neurotic Quotes By John Bradshaw

The major problem in our lives is to decide and clarify our responsibilities. To truly be committed to a life of honesty, love and discipline, we must be willing to commit ourselves to reality. This commitment, according to Peck, "requires the willingness and the capacity to suffer continual self-examination." Such an ability requires a good relationship with oneself. This is precisely what no shame-based person has. In fact, a toxically shamed person has an adversarial relationship with himself. Toxic shame - the shame that binds us - is a core part of neurotic and character disordered syndromes of behavior. — John Bradshaw

Neurotic Quotes By Viktor E. Frankl

Not every conflict is necessarily neurotic; some amount of conflict is normal and healthy. In a similar sense suffering is not always a pathological phenomenon; rather than being a symptom of neurosis, suffering may well be a human achievement, especially if the suffering grows out of existential frustration ... Existential frustration is neither pathological or pathogenic. — Viktor E. Frankl

Neurotic Quotes By E. Lockhart

8. Fact: It is a bad idea to date a known cheater, because even if he doesn't cheat on you, you will always know he's capable of it and will never fully trust him. Then you will become even more insecure and neurotic than you already are. — E. Lockhart

Neurotic Quotes By Libba Bray

As a kid, I imagined lots of different scenarios for my life. I would be an astronaut. Maybe a cartoonist. A famous explorer or rock star. Never once did I see myself standing under the window of a house belonging to some druggie named Carbine, waiting for his yard gnome to steal his stash so I could get a cab back to a cheap motel where my friend, a neurotic, death-obsessed dwarf, was waiting for me so we could get on the road to an undefined place and a mysterious Dr. X, who would cure me of mad cow disease and stop a band of dark energy from destroying the universe. — Libba Bray

Neurotic Quotes By Martijn Benders

In a neurotic society, insane ideas can become 'normal', the current triumph of tribalism is the result of rabid global anti-intellectualism. — Martijn Benders

Neurotic Quotes By Andy Warhol

The girls in California were probably prettier in a standard sense than the New York girls
blonder and in better health, I guess; but I still preferred the way the girls in New York looked
stranger and more neurotic (a girl always looked more beautiful and fragile when she was about to have a nervous breakdown). — Andy Warhol

Neurotic Quotes By Daniel Marques

An insane person is, basically, someone that isn't true to himself and lives between the reality he understands and the distorted perspective of it that he's trying to control. And the bigger this gap is, the more you can be sure to be in front of a neurotic or psychotic individual. — Daniel Marques

Neurotic Quotes By Allen Wheelis

Neurotic suffering indicates inner conflict. Each side of the conflict is likely to be a composite of many partial forces, each one of which has been structured into behavior, attitude, perception, value. Each component asserts itself, claims priority, insists that something else yield, accommodates. The conflict therefore is fixed, stubborn, enduring. It may be impugned and dismissed without effect, imprecations and remorse are of no avail, strenuous acts of will may be futile; it causes - yet survives and continues to cause - the most intense suffering, humiliation, rending of flesh.
Such a conflict is not to be uprooted or excised. It is not an ailment, it is the patient himself. The suffering will not disappear without a change in the conflict, and a change in the conflict amounts to a change in what one is and how one lives, feels, reacts. — Allen Wheelis

Neurotic Quotes By Mignon McLaughlin

The neurotic usually obeys his own Golden Rule: Hate thy neighbor as thyself. — Mignon McLaughlin

Neurotic Quotes By Mignon McLaughlin

The neurotic's strongest fantasy is that he has no fantasies. The real is very real to him, the unreal even more so. — Mignon McLaughlin

Neurotic Quotes By Alfred Adler

The neurotic is nailed to the cross of his fiction. — Alfred Adler

Neurotic Quotes By Rollo May

Neurotic anxiety, therefore, is that which occurs when the incapacity for coping adequately with threats is not objective but subjective - I.e., is due not to objective weakness but to inner psychological patterns and conflicts which prevent the individual from using his powers. — Rollo May

Neurotic Quotes By Connie Willis

Writers are too neurotic to ever be happy. — Connie Willis

Neurotic Quotes By Rachael Wade

B-b-but who will I have cleaning marathons with?"
"Casey. I'll be there in spirit."
"She's not neurotic and cranky like you."
"You'll miss that, ay?"
"Hell yes, I'll miss that! When you're obsessive and pissy, you tell those floors who's boss. They won't shine like that when Casey scrubs them. And don't get me started on our Covenant Series discussions. The girl thinks Alex should pick Seth. Seth, Em. How can I clean with someone who isn't Team Aiden? It's like ... madness. Madness on Earth. The fucking apocalypse - "
"Whitney," I chuckled, squeezing her tighter, "I assure you, you'll survive. The second she starts running her mouth about Aiden, just spray her with bleach. That'll teach her a lesson."
-Emma and Whitney — Rachael Wade

Neurotic Quotes By Claire Danes

I would rather not work than be a neurotic mess. — Claire Danes

Neurotic Quotes By Helen Garner

I suppose there must be idiots who dream of signing deals with publishers while fully intending to drink martinis in cool bars or ride around on skateboards. But the actual writers I know are experts in neurotic self-torture. Every page of writing is the result of a thousand tiny decisions and desperate acts of will. — Helen Garner

Neurotic Quotes By Duff McKagan

Playing in (the Neurotic Outsiders) with John Taylor was great. A lot of pussy every time we played a gig. So many chicks. It was, like, 'Wow, John, really? So this is what it was like, huh?' And there would be like a couple guys with mohawks and a guy with, like, a jean jacket coming in to see me and Jonesy! — Duff McKagan

Neurotic Quotes By Candace Bushnell

As long as you're neurotic and crazy, he's great. But once he solves all your problems, he becomes the problem. — Candace Bushnell

Neurotic Quotes By Guy Vanderhaeghe

He had the neurotic's partial vision of life, and a sense of the absurdity which adheres to all effort when observed in the light of a long enough perspective. This had never made him popular. — Guy Vanderhaeghe

Neurotic Quotes By Bernard Capes

The neurotic youth of to-day renews no ante-existent type. You will look in vain for a face like Amos's amongst the busts of the recovered past. The same weakness of outline you may point to - the sheep-like features falling to a blunt prow; the lax jaw and pinched temples - but not to that which expresses a consciousness that combative effort in a world of fruitless results is a lost desire.
("The Accursed Cordonnier") — Bernard Capes

Neurotic Quotes By Greg Child

If we ever have children and they become climbers I'll tell them, Stay away from expeditions. They'll make you poor and neurotic. — Greg Child

Neurotic Quotes By Jon Stewart

My life was typical. I played a little Little League baseball. I never wanted for food. I always had shoes. I had a room. There were no great tragedies. There were the typical ups and downs but I wouldn' t say it was at all sad. We were Jewish and living in the suburbs so there was a slightly neurotic bent to it, but I can't point to anything where a boy overcame a tragedy to become a comedian. As my grandmother used to say, 'I can't complain. — Jon Stewart

Neurotic Quotes By Michael Brooks

Studies show that neurotic and psychiatric disorders are more common among those who attempt to keep conscious control of life and suppress its unwelcome quirks. Sanity, paradoxically, may lie in accepting that you are not in control. — Michael Brooks

Neurotic Quotes By Maria Semple

Americans are pushy, obnoxious, neurotic, crass - anything and everything - the full catastrophe as our friend Zorba might say. Canadians are none of that. The way you might fear a cow sitting down in the middle of the street during rush hour, that's how I fear Canadians. To Canadians, everyone is equal. Joni Mitchell is interchangeable with a secretary at open-mic night. Frank Gehry is no greater than a hack pumping out McMansions on AutoCAD. John Candy is no funnier than Uncle Lou when he gets a couple of beers in him. No wonder the only Canadians anyone's ever heard of are the ones who have gotten the hell out. Anyone with talent who stayed would be flattened under an avalanche of equality. The thing Canadians don't understand is that some people are extraordinary and should be treated as such. — Maria Semple

Neurotic Quotes By Wayne Dyer

Healthy thinking is a habit, just like neurotic thinking is a habit. — Wayne Dyer