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Mina penned the jubilant words into her blue spiral notebook with her favorite ballpoint pen. She faithfully used the same pen when writing all of her entries in the hope that — Chanda Hahn

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jeans; otherwise, her dressing time would have doubled. Next, she shoved her feet into her favorite — Chanda Hahn

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Sloppy script and felt a pang of guilt. She started to close the notebook but paused in thought. It didn't feel right. It didn't seem ... truthful. With a heavy hand and a heavy heart, she added in parentheses — Chanda Hahn

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She looked up and caught Jared's eye. He had watched the whole exchange, and he looked amused by Mina's actions. He pointed down at the apple that had come to rest against his shoe, the apple she had smacked out of Savannah's hand. He laughed as he reached down and picked up the apple. Mina frowned. Dusting it off against his shirt, Jared took a bite out of it and chewed slowly, taunting her. — Chanda Hahn

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The dragon flew up and settled in the crook of Mina's hood, and quickly became invisible again.
"I don't trust that thing," Jared shot back.
"Relax, I find him quite cute. Isn't that right, Ander?" She held up a finger and felt the invisible dragon rub its face against her.
"Great, you've named it, now you're gonna want to keep it. But I'm telling you that thing better be house-trained." He turned to the bookshelf and began to pull open the book to open the hidden exit door.
Mina felt Ander leave her shoulder but didn't let Jared know he was missing. She saw Constance's teacup float mysteriously above Jared's head. She clapped her hand over her mouth to contain the laughter. A second later the cup turned over, spilling lukewarm tea on Jared's unsuspecting head.
"Oh, it better not have just peed on me!" he screamed. — Chanda Hahn

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Nan was shocked. "What a jerk! Mina, you must feel awful. He didn't try to take advantage of you, did he? I'm so mad- I want to go searching for him and give him a piece of my mind, and a kick in the rear. And Brody, why did you bring such a loser for Mina to date? — Chanda Hahn

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Mina's own life was already a reality show; why would she want to watch someone else's? — Chanda Hahn

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One day her Prince will come, and it will be her worst nightmare. — Chanda Hahn

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Even a pawn can take down a queen. — Chanda Hahn

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Not every tale has a happy ending. In fact, many of them are grim. — Chanda Hahn

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I'm sorry that you are hurting. It's because of me that you are even here in the first place. I offered to get those passes so I could get to know you. There is something about you that feels so comforting and familiar, and I'm not sure why. — Chanda Hahn

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You and I are lifemates. — Chanda Hahn

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Uh, no! This is your dreamy stalker moment, not mine. You do it. — Chanda Hahn

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Tomorrow we would reach Skyfell, and I slept soundly that night. I wasn't sure if it was because I had a full stomach or because a certain SwordBrother slept closer to my bedroll than normal. — Chanda Hahn

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Kael did not have a singer's voice. The humming was terribly off-key. I "That sounds like cat's howling in pain. It's disturbing," I whispered. The noise from inside stopped. "Exactly!" Alek said. "He never hummed before he left." Kael pushed the white curtain aside and spoke up as he stepped out onto the porch fully dressed, "I do not sound like a cat in pain. Dog, maybe. Cat no. — Chanda Hahn

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Brody spun, and Mina stared over his shoulder to see an impossibly large black wolf only feet away. The wolf's mouth was opened wide, teeth glaring as he lunged for Brody's throat. — Chanda Hahn

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She held up the arrow again and threatened the bird. You do anything, ignite a single spark, and I'm having Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. — Chanda Hahn

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Nan, I'm cursed."
"Yeah, I know. We all are." Nan kicked her legs back and forth and grabbed a magazine from Mina's nightstand. "It's called being a teenager. — Chanda Hahn

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You there is such a thing as a door," I whispered. "You should try it some time. — Chanda Hahn

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Mina, trust me, it's better if we don't discuss this anymore. Words have power and it makes it that much easier for the Story to find you. — Chanda Hahn

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Darren stayed way past visiting hours and Healer Prentiss, not swayed by Darren's good looks, kicked them both out. — Chanda Hahn

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You've spent two years at the same school as Mina, hardly talking to her, never even realizing she is alive. Then she goes and does something crazy, against my wishes. She placed her own life in danger to save yours." Her face became very still. "Now, because of those actions, our whole family has to live with the consequences. You now feel obligated to help her, like she did you. I get that, I really do. But what gives you the right to question our actions and lifestyle?" Silence filled the kitchen. Mina held her breath, afraid to move. Brody straightened in his seat and swallowed slowly. Sara brushed her hands over her forehead in defeat. "You're enamored. That's it. In another week or so, you will wake up, and this will all be a dream. You will forget that Mina ever even saved your life. She will go back to being my clumsy, forgotten, outcast teen daughter, and you will go back to ruling the school and dating the head cheerleader. — Chanda Hahn

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Ever flipped out and began to dance around in excitement when she saw that the theater also sold packages of Pixie Stix. — Chanda Hahn

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It didn't feel right. — Chanda Hahn

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I'm sorry if I have the emotional stability of a teeter-totter right now, but that's better than you, who has the emotional maturity of a rock. — Chanda Hahn

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And what do you look like on the next plane?" "Imagine me now, except twice as handsome." "Yeah, right. — Chanda Hahn

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Oh, aren't you the cutest? Yes, you are! You're the sweetest thing since cotton candy, Nan was saying. The pups yipped and crawled over each other in an attempt to lick the glass window where her hand rested. Before long, a cute red-haired employee named Greg, spotted Nan's interest and offered to bring the puppies to the viewing pen. — Chanda Hahn

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I want to be more. — Chanda Hahn

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I'm strong, fight to deat, ja?' I almost laughed at hearing a wolf accent through mindspeech. — Chanda Hahn

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The day your prince comes will be your worst nightmare. — Chanda Hahn

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So I heard on the news that the Tard died and your house burnt down. I bet secretly you're relieved you don't have to live with him anymore in that dump."
The whole commotion in the hallway immediately stopped, as if her words had been spoken over the intercom. It became so quiet that you could hear Mina's and Nan's sharp intakes of breath. Mina wasn't prone to violence and was about to think of something mean to say back to Savannah, but she didn't have the chance to, because Nan Taylor, perky, happy-go-lucky Nan Taylor, pulled back her fist and punched Savannah in the face.
Savannah wasn't prepared, and fell to the floor. Nan stood over her shocked face and yelled, "No way was he handicapped, or different. He was the most special, coolest and smartest kid ever. And the world is a much sadder place because he's not here. And don't you ever, EVER, insult him again!" Nan shook with anger.
The hall was full of students and teachers, and one by one they started to clap. — Chanda Hahn

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His eyes darkened in frustration.
"I'm tired of waiting, Thalia. I'm not a patient person. You have to know."
"What do you mean, Keal? You know I like Joss." I tried to move away again, but his hands on either side of me pinned me in. Keal's determination scared me.
"You know what we share is infinitely more powerful than ... that. And you feel this between us, too," he growled. "You melt when I kiss you. You watch me when you think I'm unaware. You can't sleep unless I'm near. Tell me none of that is true."
I swallowed nervously and licked my lips. "No, that's all true."
"I promised your father I'd give you time, but I'm tired of waiting. Tired of watching Joss try and win your heart from me."
"Keal, I don't understand. Ho is joss keeping you from me, when you and I don't think of one another that way?
"Don't think
Thalia! You and I are lifemates. — Chanda Hahn

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No, I guess I don't see the point of pretending and putting on airs. I'm not ashamed of who I am. At one point, yes, I was embarrassed about who I was, and the clothes that I wore, and where I lived. But I learned that those things weren't important. What's most important to me is family and being proud of the person I am. I'm not going to pretend I'm someone I'm not. — Chanda Hahn

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There's nothing or no one here that could possibly hurt the Fates - right, Mina? — Chanda Hahn

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Are you implying that he's lying? You low-level son of a pig. I wouldn't have brought you here if I'd known you were going to insult us. Joss' fist pounded the table, hard. — Chanda Hahn

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So I have to add this to my cereal, huh? — Chanda Hahn

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A few minutes of silence filled the car, and then Mina turned on Brody. "What were you doing on this side of town this morning? I know for a fact that you live on the other side of town." Brody chuckled and smiled at Mina. "Looking for you." "For me? Why?" Mina was numb with disbelief. "I felt bad about what happened and wanted to find you. — Chanda Hahn

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I, uh, didn't mean to upset everyone."
"Didn't you though?" he spoke softly. "You seem to have a habit of coming in like a storm and leaving a path of destruction and confusion in your wake. — Chanda Hahn

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I promise to love you forever," Teague said when he put her back on the ground. He reached down and kissed her knuckles. Mina smiled and spoke softly, "Forever isn't long enough. — Chanda Hahn

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His lips formed a cruel smile as he leaned forward to whisper into her ear. "I could have let you die up there. In fact, I'm not altogether of one mind why I didn't ... Oh, that's right. You have something I want." He took his free hand and gently stroked the side of her cheek, running his fingers over her lips. The move sent an unwilling shiver through her until his fingers moved under her chin. "I want that dagger. — Chanda Hahn

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Company, and were by far the richest family in the state. Yet Brody never let it get — Chanda Hahn

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It's too late for you Wilhelmina Grimm, great great great granddaughter of Wilhelm Grimm. — Chanda Hahn

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Our path dictates how strong we will be and how tall we will grow. Will our life grow into something beautiful, or will we develop thorns for protection. — Chanda Hahn

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from inside stopped. "Exactly! — Chanda Hahn

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Jared's gray eyes bore into hers. His face filled with emotion, and his eyes looked to be just as tear-filled. Do you really not know the reason why I came? I came back for you. I'll always come back for you. — Chanda Hahn

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Mina stopped and stared at Jared in disbelief. "If you knew that already, why in the world did you have me climb the tree?" Jared looked at her, his eyes widening in innocence. "I didn't ask you to climb the tree. I knew which way we were heading. I just asked you if you liked to climb trees in an attempt to start a conversation. You were the one who wanted to try to climb the stupid tree. — Chanda Hahn

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Love is blind."
"Love is Grim. — Chanda Hahn

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Ladies first"
Mina Hesitated. "Uh, age before beauty."
"Grimms never win."
"Prince before pauper."
"Oh, fine. Just don't say chivalry is dead. 'Cause you had your chance. — Chanda Hahn

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Mina felt as if she were on cloud nine and three-quarters, — Chanda Hahn

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Sight. He was trying to speak to her. She leaned in — Chanda Hahn

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The Fae book was definitely filled with the same stories as hers, but this one was filled with picture after picture of Jared. She couldn't help but flip backward a few pages and see magical images come to life: of Jared defending her in an alley. Sitting in art class with Mina, spinning on the pottery wheel. There was another one of Jared by the lake, teaching her to fight. Jared and her in the storage room, laughing, before their tickling fight. She flipped forward and saw the last page filled with a motion-captured image of Jared and her sharing a kiss. — Chanda Hahn

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A thousand sweet words can never disguise the rattle of a viper about to strike. — Chanda Hahn

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Was I betraying Joss? — Chanda Hahn

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Thalia, if you don't want to be the prey anymore, then you can only do one thing. Become the hunter. — Chanda Hahn

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The Silver Siren By Chanda Hahn — Chanda Hahn

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Uh-uh, I would rather got hrough the front door and tackle the giants than have to life-saving-suck-kiss you for five minutes. — Chanda Hahn

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She didn't watch a lot of TV, and she spent more time reading than socializing, — Chanda Hahn

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It was every teenage girl's dream to have a retreat of her own. — Chanda Hahn

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Fae can't lie, you know. But they can, and do, manipulate the truth." "What's the difference?" Mina asked. "Like, if you asked me if you were ugly, I couldn't say yes, but I might tell you that you'll probably never be prom queen." "Pfft. Like I'd want to be." "Only if Brody Carmichael were king." Mina threw a stick at him, feeling the heat rush into her face. — Chanda Hahn

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She created the beast, and now she'd have to destroy him. — Chanda Hahn

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Wow, that's huge, Mina thought. How am I supposed to carry that around? She watched in amazement when the book, as if hearing her thoughts, slowly began to shrink into a smaller, thinner book. — Chanda Hahn

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Sometimes love is worth fighting for. And if you don't fight for it, then it slips through your fingers. — Chanda Hahn

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Mina held her breath as Jared's eyes flickered between them, the longest pause in the history of long pauses. — Chanda Hahn

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Don't be distressed, Elle, about the other girls and who made it. With you here, I'm not sure there is much competition. — Chanda Hahn

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Mina's stomach sank. "About what?" She had a feeling she already knew the answer. She'd seen something in Nan's hand when she had previously opened the window and leaned out. "Oh, nothing much. I'm just tweeting the picture of you running like a madman after the bus to all of my followers." "Followers" made it sound like some sort of cult. "Nan, — Chanda Hahn

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, show me the one who thinks Sir Nomer is a dumb name for a doll. — Chanda Hahn

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I'm plotting my own demise," she teased, keeping her eyes closed. "Because I know that falling for you will be the death of me. — Chanda Hahn

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When I look in the mirror I see my face, my blue eyes, black hair, and strong jaw. But I don't recognize the figures staring back at me. Something inside me has changed, grown darker, colder. My wolf rages inside, constantly fighting me for control. I know I mustn't give in. For if I do, chaos will come crashing down around us, along with lifeless bodies. — Chanda Hahn